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Trixie Midmorning in a place named Paradise finds Trixie walking into a bar that was clearly built with tourists in mind. It's a bit early for the real crowds, though the place seems to be open very nearly 24 hours a day, and likely is almost never totally empty. Taking a seat at the bar, she waves to the barkeep, halfheartedly trying to figure out what the song playing over the speakers might be. It sounds somehow familiar...
Ria     "So I end up on this beach," Ria is telling some tourist in a Hawaiian shirt as she leans against the bar with a cup full of rum in her hand. "And while I'm trying to figure out if there's a phone or somethin', I see some guy out in the water. Turns out the loco bastardo was fishing in a goddamn storm." She leans closer, with the air of one who has a secret to tell. "And you know who it is? Buck Rogers. You know, the famous Americano."

    The tourist, who is busy eating a sandwich, gives a nod of recognition.

    "Ugh, I hate this fucking song. You spend too much time in the islands and Jimmy Buffett starts driving you crazy," she mutters as her eyes turn up toward the speakers.
Alisha Alisha is standing behind the bar, polishing a glass with a vibrant pink tea towel. Her denim clad hips are swaying in time to the music that's playing and when the chorus kicks in, she starts to sing along. She may not have the best voice, but she performs with enthusiasm and appears by all accounts, to be in a very good mood. She gives a little wave to Trixie, in response to the redhead's greeting and as she spots Ria, she breaks off the sing-along to greet her, apparently not caring she is already in conversation. "Hey, girl. You're looking as gorgeous as ever. You been keeping out of trouble?" Her question is asked with a quirked eyebrow, suggesting she probably knows that this is unlikely.
Trixie Trixie smiles halfheartedly at the bartender's little wave. "Just an orange soda," is her order. She glances over at Ria as Alisha greets her, just in time to catch the business end of the story. She laughs, shaking her head. "Why does that not surprise me? He hasn't changed a bit."
Ria     In an attempt to salve the pain of hearing 'Margaritaville' yet again, Ria knocks back her cup of rum like it were water on a thirsty day, finally setting it down on the bartop and sliding it away toward Alisha. "Not yet, 'lisha," she says to the bartender. "You know I wouldn't be here if I were trying to stay out of trouble." She winks before turning her head toward Trixie. "Oh, hey. You know Buck Rogers? To be honest, I never heard of him till I met him in person," she remarks.

    "Mmrrr knrr brrrk rrrggrrrm," the tourist chips in through his sandwich.
Alisha Alisha is apparently satisfied with how clean the glass is and puts it away, before fetching Trixie her order. The drink comes complete with an orange slice, crushed ice and a plastic lime green ornament, in the shape of a parrot. Ria's reply gets a cackle of delight and she returns her wink, before starting to wipe down the counter of the bar, listening in to the conversations going on around her.
PrestigeAndrei A rather loud voice of what sounds like an American. A Tourist no doubt sounds out through the doorway to the bar as he moves to step inside. "Listen, Jerry, Never trust anything or anyone who is wearing a string Bikini, basic stuff man!" This sound ad voice is accompanied by the sight of Andrei Kirov who pushes his way through the door on his cellphone, walking to the bar and just generally being loud and annoying as he moves.

"What? Not my fault you got into a tonti-" A pause then as Andrei sits at the bar and rolls his eyes. "Well you asked me for advice! Not my fault you weren't spe-"

"Listen, Jerry. Jerry! Buddy, I, Reception, Terrible, Fuck, Y-" Beep Andrei hits the hang up button on his clamshell phone and finally takes a momment to compose himself as he loosk down the bar then to those about.

"So, Booze? What do we got!?"
Trixie "Thanks so much," Trixie says sincerely to Alisha, turning her smile back on to the barkeep and passing over the required money. It's not quite exact change, but close enough to be easy to deal with. Ria's question brings that smile back to the brunette. "I do, yes. I guess you'd call us friends, though we didn't always get along. But we had to work together, so we mostly put our differences aside to make sure the job got done, like it was supposed to. And yeah, he /definitely/ was known for doing crazy stuff."

And then she looks up at that loud voice, just in time to see the bearer walk in, still talking on a cell phone. Wincing faintly as she recognizes him, she looks back to her drink, taking a long sip. "Maybe I should've ordered something stronger after all..."
Ria     "No shit?" Ria sas as she swivels on her barstool toward Trixie. "You worked with Buck? You don't look old enough to be a cop, chica," she remarks, tilting her head a little to the side. "Hey, 'lisha, why isn't my drink refilled yet?" she calls over to Alisha, interrupting herself to do so. Then she glances back at the loud American-sounding speaker behind her, before looking back at Trixie. "I don't blame you. Obnoxious Americans are most of the reason I drink so much when I come around places like this."
Alisha Alisha accepts payment from Trixie, with a bright smile and then fetches Ria's refill. "I presume this one is on the tab too, huh?" she teases. She can't help but stare, as Andrei makes his rather vocal entrance to the bar. She wears an amused expression, as he chats away on the phone and by the time he enquires after the booze, she is ready with a response for him. "We got whatever you can dream of." Stepping back so he can view the extensive collection of drinks available at the bar, she then nods her head in the direction of the petite bartender to her left. "I will have to leave it for Cassie here to serve you though, because I got to see a man about a pineapple." She pauses, before adding "Just for the record though, not all people in string bikinis are untrustworthy." Emerging from behind the counter, she starts to make her way out, pausing to place her hand on Ria's shoulder. "See you soon, no doubt."
PrestigeAndrei "I like that enthusasim" Andrei responds to Trixie as he oints at her from his spot from the bar, giving her a little point with his finger then a quick thumbsup. "Alright lets see what we got here." Andrei will then offer aloud as he tries to peer over the bar for a second, leaning against it. "Gotta watch out for em though, never know when their faces might split open. Try and eat you." Andrei mutters even as he tries to point at something that looks avugley interesting in terms of alcholol content before settling back into his seat, no doubt waiting patiently for his drink.

"Obnoxious people are the most trust worthy people there are. Not gonna stab you in the back. IF they are loud? Ain't dead either! Great stuff." Andrei mutters before he glances aside to Trixie. "So, hows it going Cheerleader? Still radiant and personable as ever, no doubt. Makes my heart stop just thinking about all these missed momments." A glance to Ria, "Hello! Names McAlister, friends just call me Sparky."
Trixie Trixie unsnaps the cross-strap of her slingpack and drags it around to her side, then unzips a small side pocket and fishes through it for a few moments before producing a small stack of cards of all sorts. Taking one from the middle of the stack, she passes it to Ria. "Look for yourself, Ma'am," she says warmly. "He was Charlie Team Leader, and I was on Delta Team. We weren't on the same team, but all four teams worked together a lot of times, especially toward the end. Once I thought he was gonna get us killed, but we got lucky enough to live through it, thank goodness."

She rolls her eyes at Andrei's greeting. "Nice to see you too, Sir Robin. Thought you'd still be in Bolivar. On leave or something?"
Ria     "You know me, 'lisha. I'm good for it. 'My tab at the Eden tiki bar' is the first recipient in my will." The fresh cup of rum - a cheap local specialty - is swirled a little by the petite Bolivarian as she turns her back against the bar, leaning against it to look between Trixie and Andrei. "You'd be surprised how often I've had obnoxious people try to stab me in the back," she comments before raising her rum to her lips for a long sip, closing her eyes as she does. One cracks open to look sidelong at he card Trixie's offering to her when she hears the instruction to look for herself. She takes it between two fingers of her free hand, holds it up to the sunlight and opens both eyes to read. "STARS, huh? So you all worked for Raccoon before they glassed it?" She offers the card back to Trixie. "I'm Ria. Nice to meet you." She turns her head to look over her shoulder at Andrei, "And you, Robin Sparky McAlister."
PrestigeAndrei "I'm right where I need to be, here in good company, and let's do away with the formality, just cal me Sir." Andrei responds as he listens to the conversation between Trixie and Ria then, his left brow lifting ever so slightly in response though he doesn't comment on the matter even as he drinks from his glass.

"Good to meet you to, Ria. They were just pretending. Me? I'm truly insufferable! Probably." He'll respond even as his eyes seem to focus more intently on Trixie for the time being, leaning against the bar as he grunts softly. "Sounds like fun stuff."
Trixie Trixie nods to Ria, accepting the card and returning it to her slingpack, which is shifted back to her back once more. "Likewise. I'm Trixie. And we did. Some days, I'm still not sure how we lived through that one," she says, more softly, her smile fading for a moment. "He was there, too, though I don't know anything more than that. He wasn't working with me at the time."

Glancing at Andrei, she shrugs nonchalantly. "I'll keep that in mind, Sir Robin. In town long, or is this just a layover between flights?"
Ria "Interesting times," Ria comments as she drapes one arm across her lap while the other holds her booze. She's nursing this one a bit more slowly than the previous, perhaps for some reason pertaining to the changing of the guard behind the bar.

    "So, you were both there? When the outbreak happened?" She looks between Trixie and Andrei, one eyebrow creeping upward. Then, slowly, her eyes start to narrow with suspicion. "Is there something going on around here that I should be knowing about?"
PrestigeAndrei "Going where the money is taking me Cheerleader. Or the fun. Forget sometimes, you know how it goes." Andrei responds cheerfully enough even as he resumes his drinking with gusto, though he'll pause then to wince before looking down at the glass. "Strong stuff.. Don't know if I'll be able to walk home with this eh?" He'll grunt out before glancing back and aside to Ria again, still enjoying his place at the bar far too much to truly join them.

"I feel a bit upon upon by that accusation! The undead don't follow me around! They follow her. Shes the.. what is the word.." Andrei snaps his finger before pointing ot Trixie. "The dangerous one? No.. uh... innocent? Thats the word. I'm just here to drink, relax, enjoy the sights.. the people, the sounds, you know, the simple things in life."
Trixie "Lord, I hope not. I prefer my vacations /without/ dead people, thank you with gestures," Trixie replies, hugging her elbows against a sudden shiver. "Raccoon City was more than enough for /ten/ lifetimes, let alone one." Andrei's evasive answers are met with a slow shake of her head. "Are you /sure/ that hasn't already gone to your head?" she asks, indicating his drink with an abrupt wave of one hand.
Ria Ria reaches up to rub her cheek thoughtfully - or perhaps mindlessly, it's hard to tell. She sets the rum down on the bartop as she leans forward against her knees, propping her forearm against them. "Eh, mierda. If the muertos start tryin' to eat people here in the Islands, at least business would pick up," she remarks half to herself, a sentiment that might have been private where it not for the rum in her already. "You know, your American might be worse than mine. Dangerous and innocent are opposite words, are they not?" she says to Andrei.
PrestigeAndrei "Nah, thats just my general sunny disposition." Andrei responds with a small smile then as he waves off Trixie's observation with a grin then as he turns to look down at his drink again. "I should probably not drink too much right. In response to Ria's oberervation however, Andrei just lifts his shoulders. "Amusingly enough, it'salways the innocent ones who get targeted. President's Daughters, Protest movement leaders, the sort of pure and the like? Those who don't lift a gun? They get attacked first and then everyone has to deal with it. So uh.. by being dangerous Trixie isn't going to lure any bad sorts around!"
Trixie "Somehow I don't think dead people trying to eat the living will be good for business, but I'm not an economist, either. So what do I know about stuff like that? But if it happens, I'll be looking for someplace to fort up before you can say 'brains'." Trixie rolls her eyes at Andrei's reply to Ria. "Geez, make up your mind... am I innocent or dangerous? 'Cause I've been both inside of a minute, according to you."

She takes a last sip of her drink, then stands. "Somehow I think you two will have more fun without me. See you around, Ria. Probably here. Try not to break anything when you dive behind the bar, Andrei," she says, offering a fingertip wave before walking toward the door.
Ria "Some businesses get better when shit goes bad. See you later, chica," the Bolivarian calls after Trixie as she departs. "But personally, I think more is always more fun." Ria turns toward Andrei, eyeing him speculatively.

"Not sure if I would use amusing quite the same way," Ria remarks, though her expression actually does look rather amused, the corners of her lips turning upward. "But I'm starting to think that contradictions are to be expected." She peers a bit more closely at Andrei as she picks up her drink. "So, you were in Raccoon City. What kind of money brings you here to the Islands? Or was it fun?"
PrestigeAndrei "I stand by my position!" Andrei responds to Trixie as he lifts a fingger to point at her. "You can do.. whatever. Point remains. Dangerous people." He'll mutter then even as he shakes his head and takes a momment to compose himself and glances over to Ria. "So, your a local then? Thats uh, pretty cool, any cool places you'd recommend a young, happening dude to spend his time?" AN annoying american as well it sounds like.

"As for money? Depends on whose paying and what the job is for. Got sick of working for the man and other people. Do you know what they do? Send you to dangerous places filled with death. Then you get slapped on the wrists for saving your hide and it's all a bloody waste of time!" Andrei cheerfully responds, yes cheerfully. "So, I had this bright idea, do the same job, get paid for it. Seems to work out. If I got paid in Raccoon City, I'd be a wealthy man! With a beautiful woman at my side, like you.. and in the middle of the Carribean drinking.. Wait." A beat as he looks about. "This is weird."
Ria "Oh, a young, happening dude? You didn't mention that you had a friend here," Ria says with a wink from behind her cup as she tilts it back to let the rum flow more freely once again. Draining the liquor, she sets the empty vessel down and slides it across to Cassie the barkeep, who doesn't seem to pay much attention. Ria wipes the back of her hand across her mouth.

"I feel like I understand even less what it is you do now," she says with a smirk. "I don't know if that's because of how much I've been drinking, or how much you've been drinking." Now that her hands are free, she uses one to prop her cheek up while she leans sideways against the counter.

"Dangerous places filled with death sounds like my home country. Not exactly the same thing as Raccoon, but with El Presidente in office..." She shrugs her shoulders, her body shifting a little as she does. "It's a good time to not be at home."
PrestigeAndrei "That... stung a little bit, not gonna lie." Andrei responds as he chuckles and leans into the bar still as he turns his head to glance beyond her towards the doroway for a few seconds before shaking his head. "Listen, Half of the time I don't even know what I am doing. Ussually I am just sleeping around, or hanging out and maybe you know.. imibing or paratking of things, and then BAM!" Andrei slaps his hand against the bar causing his glass to rattle slightly. "Nothing happens. But then some other times things do happen and I get paid money to shoot them, or do nothing. All the same to me."

Andrei will then finally truly look at Ria again for a long period of time. "Oh that Civil War Business is rather messy stuff, and the only people willing to pay are those who want me to actually do things and get my hands dirty. Right horrible stuff that."
Ria "Nothing a little more of that won't cure," Ria replies, eyes flitting indicatively toward Andrei's drink before rising back up to Andrei's face. The shaking of the bartop rattles her cup, but doesn't seem to especially perturb her. "Careful you don't break the bar, . They'll make you pay for it. Trust me, I would know," she says as her eyes drift lazily toward the bar.

"A lot of foreigners on every side. It's funny. Doesn't especially bother me which one ends up in charge, it'll still be a shithole when it's all over." Ria pushes herself off of her stool and tries to straighten up, succeeding only in part as she stretches her arms up over her head. "I'm supposed to be doing something, I think," she says, brow scrunching in thought. "...Oh, right. Shipwright. Got to convince him to come out and... anyway," she offers a salute to Andrei with an open hand. "I've done enough drinking for the morning. Be seeing you around, amigo."

She starts to saunter away from the bar, but looks over her her shoulder at Andrei. "If you're looking for a place for young, happening dudes, there's a club across the boardwalk you might try."
PrestigeAndrei "Can't Dance, so that ones out! THank you anyway Hippity Hoppity." Andrei respondsa as he snaps his fingers in response to Ria and gives her a quick point before returning to his careless and solemn drinking, not at all aout to stop her it seems.