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Jon     Jon. Ah.. Jon Jon Jon. What was he doing there? Oh what indeed?

    He was enjoying the beach!
    Having found a more reclusive section of the beach, Jon in a set of swim trunks had just gotten done swimming in the brackish water and was moving to his towel to lay down on it. After a good swim? It was time for a good rest and relaxation! How little did he truly know of what was coming for him..
Videl Videl walks alongside the edge of the water with both hands placed into her pockets, kicking absent mindedly at whatever small pieces of rock or litter she might come across as she shakes her head negatively from left to right.
     She comes to an abrupt stop before turning to face the sea, removing her hands from her pockets and raising them slowly up toward the horizon, eyes shut as she takes a deep whiff of the ocean air.
Richard Stadler A beach was a beach, certainly. Just because it was on a lake wasn't that big of a deal; Rick had grown up in Michigan, so the only beach he normally saw was on a lake. That was freshwater, though, This had the scent of salt on it, which was a diffrence experience. And it was nice to be in shorts and a hawaiian shirt to play the tourist these days; most importantly because it was /hot/ for the most part.

He rolled out the towel he was carrying, laying it across the grass. Laying down was outside the question, but he could at least sit down, flipping open a trash of a science fiction book and flipping through it.
Jon     And.. of course people show up. Jon would sigh softly, watching Richard roll out a towel to sit down. Then there was Videl. Then again.. she didnt' seem that bad to look at. All the proper curves anyways. Jon muses, then shrugs slightly and would settle back, arms under his head as he'd look up at the sky. "Travel.. to see a beach.. that I could of gone to in the US.. what's up with that anyways?"
Videl Videl      lowers both hands back down to her sides with a cheery smile slowly curving its way onto her face, hazel pupils glimmering vibrantly as they stare over the water. She crouches down onto a knee and quickly unlaces both of her boots, tugging them off of her feet one after the other and setting them down close behind herself.

     She develops a dreamy gaze out to sea, one of her feet testing the water as the tide sends waves of it closer and closer toward her before she finally steps inside of it. A playful pout is seen just briefly on her face as the saltwater crawls up her discoloured black skinny jeans, broken by a relaxed sigh as she revels in the environment about her. Almost stepping further into the water before she snaps back to reality, feeling for her weapon hidden within her leather jacket.
Videl Videl places her hand within her jacket and feels around inside of it for a few seconds, grasping onto the holster of her pistol before she quickly turns away from the water. After grabbing her boots off of the sand nearby she retreats away from the sea, a silly grin on her face as she murmurs to herself, "Surely not thinking clearly right now, no...-not at all."
Richard Stadler Stadler flips through another page of the book, running through it with the sort of distraction you really didn't have to think about. His eyes keep looking at the two people around him. Jon gets a bit o fa look as he mumbles, and then a shake of her head. Videl gets one two, and a little bit of a smile as she walks down into the sea, clearly enjoying herself. The smile remains on his face even as he sees that hand go into the jacket, his own quickly moving to the small of his back, as he raises his voice. "Stop."
Jon     Jon hears splashing in the water and that gets him to sit up slightly to peer over at Videl. He'd watch her curiously as she'd head into that water, then suddenly grab.. something.. in her jacket and go to leave. Well.. he couldn't complain about seeing her coming or going, so she'd get a curious look, but that's about it. When RIchard calls out, Jon cranks his head around to look over at the other guy, raising both brows in curiousity. Huh.. what's up now?
Videl Videl turns around dead slow to come face to face with Stadler, still some distance away from him. She issues him a snide smirk as her hand falls to her hip, grabbing at the denim of her jeans as she juts her butt out to the side, tilting her head to the side slightly as her body language positively screams out how annoyed she is.

     She calls out to him, her voice sweet in the air as it sails in his direction, spanish overtones heard in each of her syllables, "Okay, you got me! Now what?"
Richard Stadler Jon gets another quick look, just to see what exactly he'll do about it; he was the only one here that was in view, and perhaps the one other person that might be doing something supicious. God, he was paranoid. But eyes on the probably threat. "Keep at your position. Slowly reach into that jacket. Draw the weapon, and place it on the sand, then approch slowly with your hands above you and visable. Without sudden moves. Clear?" He says. Well, she didn't look the military type. This /could/ be a misunderstanding, certainly, but he really didn't take the chances these days.
Jon     The.. heck? Jon stares over at Richard, frowning. He'd get up then, dusting his hands off on his pants as he'd eye Richard. "Now see here. Why are you bugging her? She wasn't doing anything. There's no reason to be telling her crap like that."
Videl Videl has the grinding of her teeth broken by a fit of compulsive chuckling, sardonically snickering at Richard as her eyes widen, tunnel vision ensuing as she begins radiating rage from her formerly joyful expression.

     She straightens up and places both hands at her sides, not quite complying with Richard's orders as yet as she says to him almost cynically, "I'm just here to enjoy myself, hombre, relax...-look at the water, pretty isn't it? Let's please not do this right now.

     She finishes off with the most sincere smile she can possibly force in Richard's direction, palms clenching repeatedly into fists at her sides as she scrutinizes his appearance, watching closely over his movements.
Richard Stadler Stadler looks over to Jon as he walks over. "I'm bugging her because, honestly, I am a paranoid man who stopped beleiving in coincidences a long time ago, even if it would be a benefit to everyone involved. Call it a disorder. And relaxing." RIck ays, turning over to Videl at the expression of rage she gives. "So am I, ma'am. Don't get too many chances to relax these days. I'm afraid I find it hard to when I suspect with reasonable certainity you're wearing a shoulder holster and I don't know who the hell you are. But, fine, fine, fair enough. I'm curious. You want to talk, let's talk. You want to sit down right over there as I keep half an eye on you and half a hand somewhere where it might do some good if things get bad, be my guest." His hand doesn't move from his position at the small of his back.
Jon     Jon stares at Richard for a moment, then glances over at Videl. He'd look confused as he'd look back to Richard. "What the hell are you talkin about?? Leave the woman alone, she's not bugging anyone. Yeesh. Can't believe some people." Jon would turn his back on Richard, walking over closer to Videl with a frown. "If he's bothering you, Miss, I can probably run him off, hm?"
Videl Videl immediately breaks out in a wide grin as Rich begins speaking to her, listening attentively and nodding in agreement with his words when he is finished. She looks over to Jon just briefly and says to him with a slight hint of sarcasm in her voice, "It's okay, he's probably just looking for a friend." A wink follows her words at Jon before she plops herself down onto the sand, gazing at Richard with a joyful sparkle seen within her eyes, almost playful in nature.

     She inhales deeply and exhales long and hard, chuckling before she mutters, "Oh mierda, I thought you were going to try to shoot me or something for a moment there. Woe is me, papi...Oh, my name is Elizabeth, by the way, pleased to meet you."
Richard Stadler Jon gets one more look as he approches, and walks over to Videl. "No, really, I can't beleive some people either. And I have enough friends." He says, before looking over both of them, esspecially Videl as she decides to sit down. And his hand still hasn't moved, even as he holds his book with the other. "Haven't ruled it out, but so long as I don't get shot, I think we can come to an equitable arrangement. Name's Rick. A pleasure to meet you. What takes both to Maricaibo. I'm sure a civil war makes for cheap hotels, but not the best tourist destination."
Jon     Jon suddenly has that click of understanding and he'd nod in agreement with Videl, then eyes Richard with a small shake of his head. He'd walk back over to his blanket. "I won a trip. I know, I know. Should of asked where. Didn't know it'd get dropped off in this.. mess. Now? I can't get back. Something about some super special flight coming in. So everyone's grounded. But hey.. free room food and drinks courtesy of the airline. I'm not complaining too much. It's a nice vaccation, when you don't have to pay anything."