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Kitten It had only been a day since all contact with Raccoon City had been cut-off and all ways out of the city were seemingly sealed off. There were rumors of a National Guard Evacuation set to take place tomorrow night but just getting there was going to be hard for many people.

Those remaining in the city had stripped the shelves bare of supplies and scrounged weapons from everywhere and anywhere that they could.

On the night Raccoon City fell, so did the main RPD Precinct to a large group of rioters and looters composed mostly of City Workers who felt like the RPD were only protecting themselves. When the Precinct fell, so did semblance of law and order throughout the city for good.

The sun is beginning to set in the horizon and the smell of death hangs in the air.

The streets near the police station have large groups of roaming undead that shuffle between crashed cars mindlessly.

The main entrance to the police station had a group of non-undead looking men and women all huddled over something; appearing to be eating it on the steps of the police station; the smashed in door wide open with any number of possible terrors inside.

The stairwell access leading to the roof was devoid of any threats and likewise, the parking garage entrance seemed to be relatively empty from the outside and presented another way into the RPD Precinct.

Inside was the Holy Grail of weapons remaining in Raccoon City, the S.T.A.R.S. Armory.
Rebecca Chambers Pursing her lips in a frown, Rebecca "Bo-Becca" Chambers peers around the edge of the building, her trusty Samurai Edge held before her person, the barrel pointing downwards. "I hope the Commander's plan works..." she whispers harshly, sounding a bit annoyed. But she trusted in Wesker. If he wasn't here, he was doing something equally or more importants.

"Follow me - I know a different way in," she says, trotting gamely down an walk.

Where was Becca heading? The garages - and hopefully Andrei would be following.
Tobias Hunter     A man alone creeps through the back alleys around the Raccoon City Police Department. Jeans, sneakers, black leather jacket, and a gun in his hands would usually mean he was up to no good - since they blew the bridges and the streets have gone to hell, only God knows what it means. Tobias Hunter pauses at the mouth of his own chosen safe haven, probably the last place anybody would hide, the first place they'd expect to run into something horrific, and he looks out over the open streets and lawns between him and the prize he's heard people talk about around the safe havens. Going through the front door probably wasn't his plan to begin with, but seeing the little Christmas feast going down on the steps shouldn't encourage him.

    Kneeling there in the dark, rifle in his hands, Tobias scans the police department looking for a good way to get close and maybe even inside without being seen. Maybe even without being smelled.
PrestigeAndrei Kirov for his part is just following along behind Rebecca, he'll shift the leather strap that he had died to his loaned submachine gun quite awkwardly, his eyes shifting to look over and down the street. When he had been hired to guide some supposed egghead survivor.. he had no idea what sort of trouble he had gotten himself into. Of course with this situation he knew exactly what sorts of problems he'd be getting into, and yet here he was, walking behind this crazy woman who thought they could break into the armory, and Kirov is as tense as ever as he goes.

"Right. If I have to pull the trigger on this thing.." He'll offer aside as he steps behind her, "Something probably has gone very wrong." He'll mutter out, his voice muffled by the gaskmask on his face. "So get in, get out. Do not get caught."
James Scott "Oh fuck." James mutters to himself, on the verge of a panic attack as he nears the Police Department, "Oh fuck." Sure he'd shot meth zombies and done battle with other small time dealers. But at no point did he ever imagine he'd be fighting zombies. On top of all that, something is wrong. He can't put his finger on it, but he's just felt.. wrong.

"This can't be a good idea."
Nick Fox Things has decended into chaos faster than Nick had a chance to do anything. He was a cop, couldn't get out of the city since he had a job to do, but the RPD was, as far as he could tell, completely broken down, all but disbanded.

He was still in what's left of his uniform, he hadn't even been living in Raccoon City long enough to have anywhere else to go. The time being he was lurking around near the RPD building, he was not happy, this idea was stupid. The guns and ammo in there, they weren't going to help him anyway. He'd need to try to figure out what else to do, those guns aren't worth throwing his life away over, are they? He doesn't think so, especially with so many potential hostiles around.
Ada Wong It has only been a short while since the city went into lockdown. However, unlike those who were attempting to flee, others were taking their time to prepare to move further into the fray.
    Ada Wong is certainly one of those people. Having arrived shortly before the lockdown occurred, the agent has been taking precautions by studying the layout she intends to follow for her mission and attempting to monitor the routes by the occasional reports coming over the radio by other survivors. Her target this time: The Raccoon Police Department itself. Rumor has it the place has calmed from being a hostile target but who is to say without confirmation. Still, it remains one of the better options she has at the moment.

    However, it seems even the most prepared folks can be caught off guard by unforeseen circumstances. Ada remains upon a nearby rooftop across from where the RPD is, attempting to survey the best place to slip in unnoticed though she does occasionally reach up to touch her head, allowing the pain of a headache to pass.

    First day of action and you have to get a fever. Not the best of odds but we'll have to make due.

    The agent obviously had choice as tonight seemed to be one of her best opportunities. Taking a deep breath as she closes her eyes, Ada takes a moment to center herself before continuing her surveillance. The sound of a nearby scream catches her attention, leading her to move closer to the area to see exactly what is happening.
Kitten ADA: The scream in the distance heard by Ada will lead her at least a block away from the Police Station (another round of travel by rooftop); but the screams grow louder. It's a young woman, she can be heard clearly calling, "SOMEONE HELP ME!" at the top of her lungs.


REBECCA/ANDREI/WESKER?: The parking garage was dark as Rebecca and Andre proceeded further inside, the sound of water dripping could be heard and ahead loomed pure darkness as there was no power.7


The situation outside of the police station remains unchanged. The zombies in the street continue to shuffle around. The group of men and women on the stairs continue to huddle over whatever they were eating.

So far nobody had been noticed by anything unseemly.

The front door remained smashed open. The fire escape leading to the roof remained empty and Andrei, & Rebecca could be spotted heading into the parking garage.
Albert Wesker Among those with more concern about what's left in the city than -how- they might escape it (and fast!) is Captain Wesker. The siren song of the untouched S.T.A.R.S. armoury his clearances couldn't open while Irons was missing and shit was hitting the fan is fresh in his mind. After a quick recon of the building from an adjacent building's window, Wesker wipes and sheathes his fighting knife and swaps back to his own M92F, keeping his back oriented to the wall as he slips back down a staircase and out onto the street-- after checking, he'll cross surreptitiously to that garage entrance, and catch up with the pair on-site. At least, with any luck.
Prestige William Caldwell Sneaking into the parking garage himself after arriving on scene was one William Caldwell. The giant man wasn't the most inconspicuous thing in the world but he certainly made an effort to try and sneak his way through what could possibly be a very bad situation. He could almost taste the delicious amount of supplies in the STARS Armory. He knew they were untouched, or so rumor has it. And he wanted to get in on that action before anyone else could get their grubby little hands on them. And so sneak he did.
James Scott James Scott nods a few times, "Alright. Now or never." He gives the bat from his baseball days, Lucille, a few practice swings. Once he's managed to calm himself he starts towards the garage himself, doing his best to stay low and slow.
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca was starting to regret this course of action. Deep into the darkness she moves - her booted feet kinda tromping on the ground with each step. Once she hits the darkness though... she stops, reaching to her belt for her...

Rebecca rolls her eyes. "I left... I left my goggles at the base," she hisses. "Andrei, did you bring them? Did you wanna take..."

It took everything she could not to squeak at the sound of someone rapidly approaching, Rebecca lifting her Samurai Edge up at the noise. "Who's there!?" she demands of Caldwell, her gun aimed in his general direction.
Ada Wong     Ada continues along her path away towards the scream in question, the sound obviously getting louder the closer she approaches. She figures the screaming woman would obviously attract attention of the unaware undead around her though this could move to her advantage.
    As she continues along, Ada remains at a cautious pace as she approaches the source of the scream, attempting to keep her eye out for a couple of things: The Undead and their present path and any particular vehicles with little shimmering lights within them in serious attempt to identify any with car alarms.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei for his part just stands quietly behind Rebecca, listening to her speak before there is a heavy sigh of exhaustion, his eyes shifting then as he moves his hand up to slowly switch on his goggles, moving to slide them over his eyes as he looks down at Rebecca then and over the parking garage. "I can lead. I suppose. The problem is that I suspect we will not be alone."

This becomes all the more apparent with some clodding near the entrance of the parking garage which cuases Andrei's attention to shift behind him for a second before he steps back slightly, instead of trying to confront Caldwell as Rebecca is clearly doing so, Andrei instead just tries to fade into the darkness and background, moving to slide behind a parked car or the like. All this sound clearly spooking the man to taking to hiding himself.
Tobias Hunter     Out in the alley across the way, Tobias Hunter carefully unslings his wood ax from where it's been riding across his back and he slings his rifle in its place. The melee weapon's sling is wrapped firmly around his forearm until it'd be all but impossible to drop, then adjusted so it's still comfortable and easy to use, and finally the Blackfoot gets halfway up to crouch-run from the alley mouth toward the parking structure Rebecca and her team already disappeared into. He doesn't seem as intent on joining them as the last guy to pull that move, though, stopping just outside to listen through the big garage door.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell whispers towards Rebecca "Rebecca? Is that you?" he asks, recognizing the voice. "Don't shoot. It's Caldwell. I'm here for the same reason you are I think. Don't make any loud noises or you'll attract the things outside this place, or worse something that can actually hold a gun." he hopes to god Becca doesn't shoot him in the face, his concussion wouldn't allow him to do much in the way of outmanuevering Rebecca if she had turned into a looter.
Nick Fox Spotting the two heading for the parking garrage, Nick decides he might want to follow them. He recognizes Rebecca as a S.T.A.R.S. member he trained with a couple of weeks after his arrival in Raccoon City, so if she's still alive in the city, he might be able to help her. Or vice versa.

He moves to try to see if he can catch up with them, though hopefully he won't make a ton of noise and wind up getting shot by them or eaten by one of the zombies around.
Kitten An ancient Chinese ninja had once said that it was better to try and walk as you would normally if you were not a master of stealth, because one who knew how to walk could not fail at walking without serious injury; but one could fail at the art of stealth and draw further attention to themselves.

That ninja was later eaten by a dragon when he failed to sneak past it and stepped on a twig. He should have taken his own advice.

As William Caldwell attempts to make his stealthy approach he does the exact opposite. He steps on some broken glasses and echoes a large crunching sound through the tunnel leading into the parking garage.

Those nearest the entrance to the tunnel would notice a shift in movement from the undead outside but they didn't appear to be making a bee-line for the parking garage.


Ada is able to navigate a safe path and sees at least a dozen undead killed on the street as six men in biker gear surround a woman who is huddled up on top of a car. They're swatting at her and trying to pull her down as she screams out again, "SOMEONE HELP ME!"

One man laughs and says darkly, "Ain't nobody to help you now sweetheart. Make it easy."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei now huddled in the darkness, perhaps behind a car that is parked or has been lost near the entrance of the parking garage will look up and across the darkness, not at Rebecca and Caldwell, who both now seem to be in a tense standoff, but at what he can only assume is the entrance to the police station. He'll remain stationary at this point in time as he carefully moves to unshoulder the gun around his body, sliding it infront of himself and carefully checking the magazine for a second. A quick saftey check and then he'll turn to look at Rebecca and then Caldwell, possibly Wesker too if he ever manages to actually make it inside. He'll whisper aloud then in a hushed tone. "Find a damn Rock... and keep the lights off."
Tobias Hunter     Right outside the garage door, Tobias Hunter hears that noise of cracking and grating glass and is already craning his neck to look around the front when he hears the shuffling masses out front do their, "Arrruh?-huh? Mmm-huh?" zombie routine. He closes his eyes, draws a deep, slow breath, and lets it out just as slowly. Calmed, he bounces a bit on his already bent knees and crouch-runs into the garage, keeping close to a concrete wall and seeking a vehicle to hunker behind or between in the darkness as quickly as he can.

    Ballsy, trying to run right past a bunch of trained and armed cops like that with nothing but the darkness and a little duct tape to keep your sneaker soles from squeaking on the cement floor, but he seems to feel like getting shot would be better than being in the path to the lunch room if this bunch starts ringing the dinner bell.
Rebecca Chambers "Quiet!" Rebecca hisses towards the others. "Do you wanna get us all killed?"

Not that she can see much there in the darkness. Lowering her pistol, Becca takes a handful of steps back - backing up into a car. Groping blindly, she orients herself to the car, trying to remember her mental map of the place. "Okay," she tells Andrei - her lips pursing. "If I recall right, we're gonna go in a little bit, then there should be a doorway that's unmarked except with a police badge. That's going to be the way we'll enter the station..."

Chewing on her lower lip, she lowers her voice as well. "Do you see anything, Andrei?" she asks, her voice softened.

Lifting her pistol, she orients in the direction of where she thinks the right direction is, biting her lower lip.

And trying not to shiver.
Albert Wesker Navigating the darkness with entirely more ease and grace than might be appropriate is Wesker-- but then, he -does- know this building. Catching up with the alarmed Rebecca and Andrei proves little exertion, and there's a crimson laser that darts out from the flanks to join Rebecca's firearm in training on the newcomers. "This is Captain Wesker of S.T.A.R.S." said Commander intones evenly, articulating clearly, carefully... but quietly indeed. Even as Caldwell forms up, he makes a wider offer, "Whoever else is in here..." Wesker's gaze scans the shadows, as he repositions himself for a proper firing angle on the entrance and a greater expanse of the garage, "Come out and cooperate. There's enough in here for all of us." Or IS THERE? Finding a chunk of something around here, if not a rock? Probably not a huge scavenger hunt, but Wesker doesn't immediately undertake it.
James Scott The head of the bat is seen before James peeks around the corner, hands up. "Don't want no trouble. Ain't worth killing another person for a little gear." His burning red eyes settle on Wesker, but he keeps moving in. After all, somebody did crush glass underfoot. "Don't wanna get shot, but I don't want to get eaten either."
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell breaths a sigh of relief as Rebecca lowers the gun on him, drawing his own firearm and keeping it at the ready. "Thank god you're safe, Captain. You too Rebecca. I assume you're both here to raid the armory too, yeah?" he asks, keeping his flashlight off for the time being so he doesn't aggro any undead SCUM. He looks around towards the others "Dear many people heard this rumor? Must be pretty widespread at this point."
Ada Wong     As she comes across the rather unfortunate scene before her, Ada takes a moment to study the situation: six men, one woman, and multiple corpses. Given the results, odds are most certainly not in her favor, even with having the advantage of height on the rooftops. Her professional side certainly pulling her in direction of leaving the woman but her inner-humanity is telling her to help her.

So, you want help, do you? Ok, I'll grant you it and free you from your pain.

    Attempting to keeping herself to the shadows, Ada takes careful aim towards the woman, dropping to one knee and taking a few deep breaths to steady herself, looking for an opportune time to strike. One woman isn't worth exposing herself but neither is it right to leave someone to such a fate.
PrestigeAndrei "Corpses. On the ground." Andrei responds simply enough as he once again checks the clip in his mag, his eyes drifting up and across, always checking to make things are working.. Better then being tense and accidently pulling the trigger. "Options are lure them out, sneak up and remove them as a threat just in case.. or of course go loud. I do not suggest the latter, too soon to get so risky. Also unclear if they are actually undead." He'll continue to mutter out in his muffled tones as he continues to watch the door into the police station.

Of course Wesker just standing and announcing doesn't help with the trying to figure everything else out.. nor Caldwell.. nor Scott, nor.. listen this just isn't really a good situation all around.
Tobias Hunter     Rather than show himself, Tobias Hunter speaks quietly from the darkness he's hiding in. It's a voice Rebecca Chambers has heard before, one that travels only as far as it needs to, spoken by a man who knows that a whisper carries further than a barely-heard baritone, one that wouldn't go much further than where Wesker stands with Chambers. "If any one of you fires a shot, it will kill us all. I imagine the scrape and snap every time that fool slips his mag out to count brass and pops it back in isn't doing us any favors either."
Nick Fox Nick doesn't have any weapons drawn, as he approaches the group, "Friendly!" He calls out, trying to be loud enough for them to hear him and quiet enough to not draw the attention of all the angry undead outside, "I'm with the RPD, don't fire!"
Albert Wesker His nature and position -might- keep a firefight amongst looters from breaking out and complicating the situation further-- but overall, Wesker has a clear preference, which is firmly whispered. "Go quiet, move in pairs, watch each others' backs. We need to be in and out quickly." It's a simple mandate to those who've formed up around them, as Wesker slips his M92F loosely into its holster and his knife finds its way back into his grasp. Creeping along, the Captain doesn't intend to chance it, he'll methodically 'test' the bodies with the tip of that blade, driving sharpened point for vulnerable brain.
Rebecca Chambers With a little bit of a quiet sound, Rebecca tucks her pistol away - drawing her blade in one smooth motion. Biting her lower lip, she doesn't decide to go nearer to the corpses, but more near to the car that Andrei was hiding behind, her eyes flickering towards the entrance of the garage anxiously. And... there was light there, so bonus.
Kitten For Ada there is any moment she likes for her 'mercy kill' upon the woman. She was unseen and unheard of on the rooftops like a modern ninja, the distracted men not scanning the horizon for threats to themselves or their prize.

She was at no risk of revealing herself provided she didn't continue to fire after the first shot.


Outside of the police station, something was slowly happening out of sight of everyone now in the darkened tunnel.

The car Becca is groping against luckily doesn't have an alarm but the sun has continued to set over the horizon outside and what little illumination was filtering into the parking garage is gone.

Wesker can probably see in the dark cause of his freaky mutations, so the dark doesn't bug a monster like him. None of the disturbed corpses thus far by his intrusions seem to do much in reaction except remain dead.

Becca was correct in her assessment of the direction to head and her and Andrei will arrive there first as they were the furthest in the parking garage and Becca is able to open the door if she wishes.

Wesker and the others are still a round away if they follow the girl and her partner further in.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell doesn't intend on shooting any uninfected if he can help it. He keeps his weapon at the ready though, looking around and nodding to the Captain. "I got your back, sir." he whispers. moving towards the entrance of the PD with Becca and Andrei, following along behind them and trying not to make TOO much noise, god forbid he tried sneaking again though.
Tobias Hunter     Tobias Hunter rather deliberately brings up the rear, trailing the team by what little he can see and hear of them, moving slowly enough to manage not to trip over or step on anything in the dark, and holding his ax close to his chest like it's the most precious thing in the world.
James Scott James Scott starts to tap out a salute, but pauses to grimace and grab at the side of his head. "Yeah, let's go." He gives his head a slight shake and follows everyone in.
Ada Wong     With a cold and emotionless stare, Ada seizes the moment provided to her and takes her shot, letting loose one of her bolts with a silent swoosh. She watches as the bolt slings silently towards her target, keeping her aim steady in case she needs to release another shot to ensure the kill. At the very least, she still holds the advantage here.
PrestigeAndrei For his part, Andrei will lead the way after Wesker, who has now been nominated to be the lead man. He'll keep his weapon at the ready as he moves in through the door then, his eyes drifting closed, if only for a second to get a feel for the place before his head swiftly turns to look about the station itself.. once the eventually make it in through he parking garage of course. Always trying to keep an eye out for danger once they get inside.
Rebecca Chambers Once the light of the building inside is seen, Rebecca slips her knife back into its scabbard - but she doesn't quite draw her pistol just yet, instead focused upon leaning against the door, trying to open it as ~quietly~ as possible, hoping against hope that there is light on the other side.

And not, you know, monsters of some kind.

Pulling the door open, she takes a step back, away from it, glancing in the dimness towards the others. With squinty eyes.
Albert Wesker The path Wesker picks through the darkness is, indeed, a miraculously clear path-- aside from a dead body here, a dead body there, now with a new knife wound to the head. He continues at a smooth but patient pace, unhesitating between movements but unhurried in making them-- swift, quiet, deadly. If, you know, his targets weren't all already dead. But in this situation, it's better safe than sorry. Once 'safe' outbalances 'sorry' the Captain moves up along the wall, preparing to flank Rebecca and the doorway onward...
Prestige William Caldwell The smart thing to do was not shoot your gun unless you absolutely had to. /ESPECIALLY/ without a silencer. So Caldwell is very careful with his bullets. He hasn't fired a single shot yet and doesn't plan to if he can help it. He silently moves with his knife in one hand and his gun in another, moving as quietly as one can go without actually sneaking. Needless to say the giant isn't exactly a pro at sneaking, but he is a hell of a shot. He simply lets the Captain and Rebecca handle the monsters and if he needed to pitch in he would do so. He wasn't the best at being sneaky after all and did not want to blow their cover.
Nick Fox Nick doesn't have any kind of melee weapon. Maybe he'll be able to find a fireaxe that hasn't been looted yet as they make their way through. He hangs to the back for the time being, Glock drawn and at the ready but he'll hold off on firing it unless he absolutely has to do so. He's clearly nervous, but is trying to maintain his composure.
Kitten The woman dies with a crossbow bolt that kills her in a single blow in her wounded state and the men begin to look around with confusion, the biggest among them calling out, "Come out!" They didn't seem afraid but rather ready for a fight, fortunately for Ada however they had no clue whereabouts she was or even where the sudden killing blow had come from.

They did spot something else that caught their attention and suddenly they were turning and running away from the corpse. Ada would see it to in a moment..


Rebecca and Andrei are able to make it inside if they choose, Rebecca finding the hallway that the door led to relatively clear of anyone at all. Even the slightest bit of noise could change that however.

The rest of you, still in the parking garage can hear the shuffling and moaning as some of the undead that were hanging around outside begin to make their way into the parking garage; no doubt drawn by the sound earlier.

Unfortunately for those still inside of the parking garage there was already something, or rather multiple somethings inside there with them.

From the darkness, a crazed man with half of his face torn off leapt towards James Scott without warning and howled loudly like a madman. In the darkness, the sounds of more infected rising to their feet could be heard.

Note: 2 Actions to get to the door. 3 Actions to get inside (Except Rebecca and Andrei)
Ada Wong Target eliminated.

    Ada says nothing following her shot though the sight of the frustrated bikers does at least bring some amusement to her. Their prey was taken from them though at the expense of another's life. Oddly ironic yet tragic.
    The agent remains still for the moment, about ready to take her leave when she sees the men leave in a rather swift panic from their prey. Figuring this might be useful, Ada takes a little time to study what is occurring at the moment, keeping out of sight for now.
Tobias Hunter     Things moving in the dark, door's open, then something lunges at the guy next to him. Tobias Hunter doesn't even see who or what he's defending, doesn't really see who or what he's attacking, he just knows which one is probably on his side and which one probably isn't. He turns and raises his axe, giving it a heft and a sharp downstroke that rings out against the concrete garage floor. Really? The look on his face says in the darkness as he brings the axe up, this time to one side for a wide, arcing swing that TINGs into a cinder-block wall a bit past the target. Yeah, blame the close quarters, not the lack of real melee combat experience.

    Now he's tired, drawing the ax back up to his hands, getting his bearings, unable to act again until his breath catches up to his heartbeat.
Albert Wesker The infected working on tearing James' leg off is the target of Wesker's ire, as well. Rather than a wild, powerful swing, however, Wesker grabs a handfull of the wiry, half-missing head of hair and yanks upwards, leveraging pressure away from the bite even as his right hand drives the cruel tip of his fighting knife through the back of the creature's neck. It's a precision stroke, singular, surgical-- deceptively simple. He goes in through the brainstem with alarming ease, up into the brain, and nearly tears the Infected's head halfway from its neck with the twist and violent, blood-spattering yank that frees his blade again, as Wesker backs towards the open door...
Rebecca Chambers Breathing deeply, Rebecca Chambers stands at the door. With a hiss as the zambies all start to wake up and go crazy, she draws her pistol. "Andrei, get ready to slam this thing closed!" she says to the man, nodding her head to him. Pursing her lips tighter, Rebecca waves with her pistol holding hand to the others. "Guys! Here! Run run run!"
PrestigeAndrei It doesn't take a genius to see where the safest place is right this second, and thus Andrei Kirov is there, he steps through the doorway, does a quick sweep with his Submachine gun, glancing about quickly before he posts up to the side of the door, holding the gun in his left hand.. an turning about then to look out into the pandemonium around them, and without even a second beat he'll see the approaching back of Albert Wesker.. and while it isn't a glorious or graceful, a gloved hand will reach out to grab Wesker by the back of his cooat.. and pull HARD.. and hopefully the man will stumble or be dragged inside.. and overlook the indignity of being forced to move like that.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell watches as his commander shoves a knife into an infecteds throat hole...or well..a hole he had just made with said knife. He isn't complaining though. As such he is OUT OF HERE towards Rebecca and Andrei, trying to quickly get out of there as soon as possible. He doesn't stop for anyone else. If this were a track race he'd be on World Star right about now.
James Scott James Scott lets out a pained holler, not that he can be blamed. Just like the dogs all over again. His eyes glow violently and he starts limping towards the door. "I should have stayed at home." he hisses, leaving a rather easy to track blood trail down with everyone else.
Nick Fox As the zombie comes out of nowhere, Nick turns around towards it..But his reaction times seem slowed as everyone else seems to get to attacking it before him. Not wanting to attract any more, he doesn't fire a shot at it and instead makes for the door, intent on securing the otherside of it for them once they finish saving James.
Kitten Everyone but Tobias makes it to the doorway as the zombies are getting louder and the infected are rushing towards the wilderness enthusiast.

Lucky for Tobias he makes it to the door just in time, and even luckier that the others didn't opt to just lock him out. As the door is closed to seal the parking garage everyone can hear the sounds of scratching and banging as the three infected that had been rushing the door tried to get in.

At least half the group knows the way to the armory and they are able to make their way there without too much problem only to find that there is a group of zombies shuffling around the entrance to the armory.

The armory doors have also been broken open.

Stumbling out of the armory is a zombie larger than the rest with a jackhammer in his hand but it isn't turned on. It turns out there is just enough zombies that everyone will have to make a kill or try to in order to get in.
Tobias Hunter     Everything felt like rush-rush-rush after getting through that door. Tobias Hunter's heart never quit pounding in his ears. He thought he'd known excitement from bar fights, running from the cops, but this? This was something new. Not really fun. As the team rounds a corner and finds a group of shambling undead in front of the armory door, he drops his ax which he's already found out he's no damn good with and sticks his hands in his jacket pockets. They emerge with thick brass knuckles clutched in his hands, looped over each finger, and he wades into the new batch with a rageful right swing at a zombie's skull.

    When the weakened bone collapses under the blow, black blood gouts from the thin-skinned temple and sprays his face, and the undead thing just slumps to the ground, Tobias mutters, "What the fuuuck," and looks down at it in disbelief. Whatever infected this one turned it into construction paper, says the look on his face.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell works his way up to the zombie closest to him and proceeds to swing a poorly aimed knife chop at the zombie. He however, obviously forgot to read "KNIFE FIGHTING FOR DUMMIES" which was packed safely at home. He misses his knife shot and proceeds to stand there dumbly, confused how he missed his single knife swipe. The giant was clearly a slow man.
PrestigeAndrei The instant things look to be going into the toilet, Andrei has bolted off to the side, immeaditly sliding under one of the nearby desks, not even knocking over the chair nearby as he slides underneath and then takes a momment to compose himself and slowly peak around the corner, bringing up his cute little submachine gun to slowly and carefully line up a shot on the big guy in the room. While all the while taking quick glances around himself.
Albert Wesker Wesker maintains position near point as the group advances through the RPD swiftly and quietly, drawing little attention but running into trouble readily. A nod directs some of the other melee-capable combatants to other zombies, as the Captain cuts across the nearest one towards the biggest one. The former zombie turns towards Wesker and forms half a snarl on his dessicated lips before the S.T.A.R.S. combat knife is plunged fiercely into one eye socket, a spatter of blackened blood spraying out to one side as Wesker leverages the weapon into splintering bone and a rather fatal-looking hole, the creature falling away from him as he twists, flips his grip on the knife, and plunges it into the big fellow's midsection, raking a brutal gash along one side of the burly zombie's ribcage as the Commander steps in along his flank...
Rebecca Chambers Jogging through the RPD with the group, Rebecca draws out a little breath - her eyes flickering over the space. This place - she was once proud of it. But... now it was like the city decided to take its rage out on this alone. She wasn't sure she liked that. Although, admittedly, her eyes flicker towards James' leg. She didn't know the man, but her eyes lift towards James' face. "Hey - are you okay? That looks bad," she asks. They weren't stopping, she she didn't have time to really sit and treat him.

Bursting into the hallway - the zombies show up.

If she was a swearing sort, she would have sworn - but instead, Becca lifts her pistol up and sidesteps - just a little bit, more for bracing purposes - trying to keep herself calm as she draws a bead on one of the zombies to one side, running her tongue over her lips as she squeezes the pistol trigger gently.
Nick Fox When the shamblers come into the newfound combat arena, Nick breaks for cover of the door. He leans out from the doorway and takes a look at the oncoming group. Using the light from the door, he aims his weapon at the closest zombie, taking a moment to square his shot.

He takes a moment and then squeezes the trigger, letting a shot fly as he blasts the zombie, sending it down to the groud with a single shot. That wasn't so hard! He hopes..
James Scott "Hurts like a sonuvabitch." James informs Rebecca. "Pretty fucked if anything shows up." You should know that speaking of the devil almost always ends poorly. Because then there's a whole mess of infected waiting on them.

         "Fuck me." the teen growls, limping forward to meet one of the shamblers. There's a disguisting wet thunk as the bat comes down square atop the thing's head, it's eyeball bulging from the socket.
Kitten Everyone with the exception of William Caldwell manages to take care of their zombie, with the aforementioned Zombie still trying to bite the young man's face off which would be an unpleasant way to die. Andrei's zombie is also still alive since it couldn't find him and has instead opted to attack Tobias even as the Jackhammer Big Boy Zombie is trying to smash Wesker with his jackhammer!

No doubt the gunshots would draw attention, so there was no point in holding back. You were on a timer and it was ticking.


Ada catches sight of what made the bikers ran. It fills her with dread but doesn't unnerve her entirely, it is more grotesque then anything she has witnessed in her life.
Tobias Hunter     After that first showing, Tobias is pretty confident. Cocky, even. The zombie that comes running up, he bobs and weaves out of its way and looks at it like it's a rational person who must be crazy to pick a fight with anybody, much less him after what he did to it's friend. He smirks. He makes that little, "Ooooowaaaa," sound Bruce Lee is famous for in classic kung-fu cinema as he winds up and gives the walking dead a full-on blast to the forehead with his brass knuckled fist. He blinks a little bit when the thing keeps snarling and drooling, he takes a step back and frantically swings with his left hand for the second time, this one a wide uppercut to the side of the head.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell raises up his handgun and decides screw it, if the zombies were gonna come they'd have come from all the commotion. He fires a shot towards the zambie and pops a cap in that foo, yo. He readies himself again in case more zambies were gonna come and looks around for anyone in particular needs help.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei, still crouched behind his spot at the desk will hold up his gun then, now fully steadied upon the beast that was attacking Wesker. First there is a quick pull of the trigger. A quick pull and release that unleashes one single solitary bullet into the creatures head. No doubt if it were actually alive it would of cuased serious brain damadge, yet the beast was still going. However, a more pressing issue at hand was the other.. more easily killable zombie on Tobias.. which gets a slightly less stellar performance when it comes to tracking the beasts movements.. Tobias is after all sort of in the way, but the popped off shot does its job and now there was one less Zombie to worry about, and Andrei it seems is more than happy to just crouch down again behind his desk, not hiding so much as watching.
Albert Wesker The jackhammer is slammed down, shattering the floor where it hits, but Wesker no longer stands there. He feints to the side, and plunges his knife into the zombie's side once more, a bit higher than the first time. The jackhammer is brought around in a wild, bone-shattering arc-- but the Captain weaves beneath it in a fluid, graceful motion, coming up in the same instant that he slashes his blade across the creature's throat, spilling blood, severing flesh, but still not felling the beast.... Wesker does a good job of angling his assault to be at least partially out of the line of fire, dancing around on the beast's flanks to keep from obscuring the line of fire.
Rebecca Chambers With her zombie down, Rebecca releases a sigh, drawing her hand through her hair. "Alright," she says. Moving towards James, she ducks a hand into her first aid kit, drawing out a familiar spray can with the Umbrella logo prominently on it. "Just stand still a moment - gonna hit you with this... spray..." she says, sounding distracted. Flicking the safety off of the can, she does a broad sweep of the spray, her eyes flickering over the characterization of the wound beneath. Standing up, she tucks the can away and redraws her pistol as she observes James for reactions.
Nick Fox     Things have rather rapidly gotten out of hand, and with that zombie with the jackhammer running wild, they have to put it down before it kills somebody. Nick takes a moment to steady his aim after the first shot took out his last target. Wesker is too close, Nick doesn't want to hit him, so he opts to go for the riskier headshot.

    A much higher chance he might miss, so he's going to need to make sure it counts. He takes a deep breath, exhales, and then squeezes the trigger. The glock roars out with it's second shot of the night, the round sailing through the air and entering the jackhammer wielding zombie's head just below his left eye socket. The hole it leaves in the back of the head is enough to send the massive monster tumbling to the ground, the jackhammer out of commission.
James Scott "Thanls." James says to Rebecca, his strange red eyes still glowing in discomfort. "At least I got one." With the zombies taken care of he flips Lucille over, using the bat as a makeshift cane for the moment. "Everyone else alright?"
Tobias Hunter     Just when his heart started hammering in his ears again and Tobias Hunter felt that thrill of excitement turn into a cold knot of fear, Kirov's shots rang out and one of them opened up a pretty little hole in the face of the zombie the Blackfoot had been trying to beat to death with his brass knuckles. "Motherfucker," he grunts as the zombie falls to the ground, tugging the knucks off his fingers and finally swiping the black, fetid blood from the undead off his face. He turns halfway around, looking at where the shots came from even though the guy who fired them went back into hiding and says, "Thanks," before he goes to collect his ax.

    With shots already fired he slings the ax across his back and readies up his rifle again, then creeps closer to the bashed open armory door to peek in at what made everybody here risk their ass tonight.
Ada Wong     Upon seeing what resides in the distance, Ada is certainly taken back by the sight in the distance. Even with her years of experience in the field, Raccoon City is something new, completely different. Her enemies have been human, alive, and capable of expressing themselves.
    It was apparent these monstrosities were something beyond the norm. The living dead who were capable of turning people like herself into complete opposites of their character. Ones capable of testing people's sanity to their limits and beyond, changing them and that was if they were lucky. Many of them simply became one of them.

    However, what lied in the distance was something else entirely. Something her intel either did not include or wasn't able to advise her about. Dread did not even begin to sum it up.
    The agent manages to stand her ground but to even think something might be able to unnerve her was embarrassing enough to consider.

A thin line was drawn between professionalism and simply fleeing out of the need to survive. Mustering the courage through digging deep, Ada takes a deep breath and murmurs her motto quietly to herself.

    "It is important to remain calm and collected, even in the most extreme situations."

Verbalizing those words soothes her fear and she manages to regain her composure. Upon doing her one good deed for the night, she decides it best to keep her distance and move closer to her objective, heading back to towards the Raccoon Police Department.
Kitten Even as the Jackhammer Zombie and his former comrades both in life and death are dispatched it becomes apparent to everyone that attention has been drawn to them whether they wanted it or not. From the hallways on all sides the sounds of moaning can be heard as zombies began to approach from various points in the police station.

The armory was directly in front of you though and based on the way the door was slightly ajar, it was likely someone else had gotten there first. More than likely one of the unaccounted for S.T.A.R.S. members or a Quartermaster (Why did Cecily have so much guns that claim to be police issue idk).

A quick sweep of the room reveals it is clear and full of prizes ranging from some boxes of ammo to multiple assault weapons including rifles, smgs, and shotguns.
Tobias Hunter     Seeing what he wants just laying there, a piece here and a piece there, Tobias nimbly crawls over the broken armory doors and collects the arm and leg and torso pieces of a STARS body armor kit. He looks around at the others warily as he starts putting it on, watching what they're picking up and watching just as carefully to see if anybody's going to argue over whether he has any right to wear the police and special unit symbols printed all over the armor.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell, after clearing his zombie from the group. Is ready to rock and roll. Heading to the armory on the captains order. Or just taking a social que from everyone else and walking into the armory with them. He holsters his handgun and proceeds to pick up a M4 Carbine, looking it over then slinging it on his person.
Rebecca Chambers     Entering the armory - Rebecca Chambers casts her eyes around the place. "...this place is almost empty - who got in here? And who didn't get everything?" she asks, glancing over her shoulder towards the others. Most specifically, the commander, though. Dashing over to pick up one of the first things she finds - an assault rifle, she pulls back the action and checks the chamber, running her tongue over her lips.

    A beat, and she kinda glances over towards Tobias as he starts putting on the armor. Opening her mouth as if to object, she pauses a moment, giving her chin a flick. "I guess there isn't really many S.T.A.R.S. anymore," she says, rolling her shoulders.

"Just don't... try to fool anyone with that, hey?" she says.
Nick Fox     Nick quickly slips into the armory, looking around at all the equipment S.T.A.R.S. left when they bugged out. He's digging through a couple of things when something that glints in the light catches his eye. He holsters his glock and then digs in and grabs the custom M92F from the rack it was resting on, "Aw hell yeah."
James Scott James Scott had the same idea in mind as Tobias. "Figured I could use it to commandeer a cheeseburger. Wait, shit, I forgot about the zombies." He does shoot Rebecca good natured wink though, to show he isn't being an ass. Don't piss off the medic. "Imagine we're probably find out why they didn't take everything if we don't hurry. Though you just have to be faster than me on this leg."
Tobias Hunter     "Hey," Tobias says as he picks and prods at his new armor suit. Rebecca's admonishment had gotten a straight, black-eyed stare and a curt nod but no other answer. "Anybody want a big fuckin' knife? Been hauling this thing around since last time I rolled through Georgia, guess I'm no damn good with it anyway. Seems like a shame to just dump it here."
Albert Wesker Stepping over the fallen zombies and pools of gore along the floor, Wesker pauses to stoop and pluck up a STEYR-AUG assault rifle, slinging it by the attached strap over his shoulder and seating it securely along his back. "I'm not sure who's left who'd be fooled." Wesker notes with some dour note of Rebecca's concern with Tobias. "RPD isn't what it once was." To put it mildly. "That gunfire will bring attention; we don't have long." To put it mildly.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei as he walks in from the armory, and back, will soon be sporting two new large firearms, both carried by their stocks in his hands. The smg slung over his shoulder, his breathing labored and heavy as he moves about. It seems during the rush he was able to snatch these rather two large weapons and secured them.. but actually carting al that plus his kit already is going to be rather.. difficult
Nick Fox Nick raises his hand, "I'll take that if you don't want it." He says to Tobias, as he motions in his direction, "I could use a melee weapon anyway."
Tobias Hunter     Tobias unslings the Arkansas Toothpick from his belt, then unties it where it's secured above his knee, and tosses the whole big knife, sheath, and piggin strings to Nick. "Use it well," he suggests, or maybe blesses the gift.
Kitten The bikers happened to be fleeing in the same direction as the police station, which unfortunately for them was the same direction whatever Ada had observed was heading. Thanks to the parking garage incident, the street is relatively clear of zombies.

Thanks to the gunshots? The infected out front and everything else inside the RPD Station was headed towards the armory.

The bikers start to head towards the entrance to the police station only to be obliterated in an explosion that shakes the entire police station.


Through the armory door you can see zombies shuffling towards you, if you didn't take the chance to escape now they were going to likely trap you in here and you would have to fight your way out with no quarter given on either side.

Anyone having second doubts would have heard and felt the explosion.

Things were about to get ugly.
Tobias Hunter     The explosion gets everybody's attention, and it makes Tobias dart back into the armory to dig for boxes of rifle ammo he'd seen the last time he was inside.
James Scott "We-" James starts to speak, but then that explosion rocks the RCPD, and he finds himself almost falling onto his ass. "Alright, it's time for us to get the fuck out of here." And then Tobias is darting back into the armory, and he lowers his voice. "Want I should, you know," he gives a practice swing with Lucille, "give us a little extra time?"
Rebecca Chambers     The explosion causes Rebecca to kinda duck down, casting her gaze over her shoulder. Eyes widening, the sounds of the undead spark a tingle of fear up Rebecca's spine. "We gotta get out of here," says Rebecca to the others - her eyes flickering from person to person - as she spies Toby running back into the armory. "Don't!" she calls out towards him.

    "We can't - we gotta get out!" says Rebecca - following Andrei on his path.
Albert Wesker Noting the overburdened Kirov, Wesker slips a pair of dark shades over his eyes and steps to his associate, reaching out to pluck the assault rifle from Andrei's grasp and rig it up over the opposite shoulder, forging a makeshift backpack of automatic rifles. "Where did that come from? Alley beyond the fire escape, right?" There's a pause for confirmation before Wesker selects his course, glancing amongst those gathered, "Watch your backs, and stick together. We'll need to move fast or they'll adapt to our path." Even if they do choose wisely.
Rebecca Chambers     The explosion causes Rebecca to kinda duck down, casting her gaze over her shoulder. Eyes widening, the sounds of the undead spark a tingle of fear up Rebecca's spine. "We gotta get out of here," says Rebecca to the others - her eyes flickering from person to person - as she spies Toby running back into the armory. "Don't!" she calls out towards him.

    "We can't - we gotta get out!" says Rebecca - running towards the front door of the place.
Prestige William Caldwell Caldwell with his new M4 quickly looks at his STARS companions. He raises his handgun and proceeds to rush through the front door of the entrance to the RPD, trying to get out ASAP with his remaining STARS friends. Probably some citizens too, who knows. But he was NOT staying here.
James Scott James Scott nods, "Alright." With that he starts running, well, hobbling, with the STARS. Presumably out the front.
PrestigeAndrei With now a great deal less bulk to deal with, Andrei will start making his way out the doorway. "The explosion occured out front." He'll state rather cooly then as he looks back at the man. "The explosion came from out front. I can feel it in my bones.. that way is death.. and even if it didn't, anyone and everything will be converging at the front door thinking we fought our way in that way.. So lets head out some other way, Wesker. Chambers." Andrei offers then as he looks down at the Shotgun in his hand and nods
Kitten Tobias is able to locate the rifle ammo in the armory just as the first zombie stumbles through the door. The poor man was on his own now, but it was a choice he had made willingly. It was a choice he would have to live or die with as he tried to make his escape. That zombie was one of many.


Rebecca Chambers and William Caldwell burst through the front door to find the charred remains and body parts of the group of bikers. Bits and pieces of their gear remain, among the 'wreckage' is the visible stamped handle of what was once a Samurai Edge handgun; likely looted.


As Wesker, Andrei, Nick, and James exit the police station to the fire escape stairwell they see something waiting for them outside. It was about eight feet tall, it had a deformed grotesque face with tubes and wires coming out of its neck.

It was armored.

It had a minigun strapped to one arm and a rocket launcher in the other.

The target computers installed in the creatures brain locked on to the targets it had been tracking from inside of the building.

Nemesis cried out, "STAAAAAARRRRRRS." It opened fire with the minigun and all hell broke loose.
Ada Wong     Ada makes her way back towards the Precinct of the RPD, keeping her eye on the now fleeing bikers as she passed across the rooftops. The one thing she did not expect was the oncoming explosive that now turned her former aggressors into a now bloody mess. Once more, talk about Irony and Karma!
    The object appeared out of the corner of her eye, causing her to move out the way at the last possible minute before the explosion hit!

    As the smoke cleared, Ada's ears ringed, being disoriented and taking her a few moments for her to regain her orientation.
    She manages to move herself to her feet and glances over the top of the rooftops to see the horrible monstrosity she witnessed earlier now take on new targets. These new targets appear to be better equipped than its last victims for sure but still it appears they are in for a rough fight.
    Nevertheless, this gives the young woman her chance. Seeing how the beast is focused on them, Ada takes the opportunity to slip across amidst the chaos by firing her hookshot and attempting to zip across the RPD rooftops on the other side.
Rebecca Chambers Out the front door of the station, Rebecca Chambers goes.

Drawing out to the side of the station, she glances around - seeing the occasional zombie running around. There was a cry from around the corner of the building, and Rebecca presses herself against the building. /"STAAAAARS."/ she hears, the sound of the creatures cry reverberating in her heart.

Twisting around to look around the corner, /right/ when the creature opens up with gunfire.

Rebecca pauses a moment, her breath catching in her throat, and she takes a step away from the wall, her eyes widening. She had to... get help - get others? Get Wesker?

Breathing deeper, a random zombie spies her from across the road, lifting his hands as he stumbles towards her. Glancing from the ringing hail of gunfire to the zombie, Rebecca takes a moment, her breathing growing deeper...

And it was a moment she would feel bad about for quite some time. She runs. Commander Wesker would be safe. He had to be safe. And Andrei was sneaky enough to get away from anything, even... whatever that was. She... she might not be. She had to run while it was still safe!

So she runs.
Prestige William Caldwell William sees the broken down Samurai Edge and kneels down, grabbing it before running the fuck away after hearing "STAAAAAARS" he didn't like that and the explosion. HE WAS STARS. He definately wasn't ready to die today. Captain Wesker had allies with him, and his ally just dabbed her way out of there like it was nothing. He follows suit and gets the hell out of dodge, avoiding everything he can on the way out.
Kitten The minigun fire tears apart some of the support railings and gives the group very little to do but try and avoid the torrent of firepower headed in their direction. Nick takes several rounds in the chest but his trusty police-issue bulletproof vest saves him from any major harm, James on the other hand takes some rather deadly shots in a sensitive area.

If Nemesis had a sense of humor, it might have laughed.
PrestigeAndrei It doesn't take a genius to see what is going on now.. and well to be honest, Andrei doesn't exactly know what to do, so he'll quickly bolt inside the door and stand near the entrance, hunkering down against the wallk for a momment as he slowly switches the saftey off on his gun and carefully watches whatever is going on outsie.. expecting and hoping whomever is there to.. well.. come in after him right?
Albert Wesker "Move!" Wesker calls to the others, with little concern for volume in this moment, versus being heard. "This foe is beyond you all!" The Captain even heeds his own advice, dropping a heavy boot to the last of the platform he climbs down onto beneath the first, and as Andrei and James withdraw into the building, Wesker voluntarily rides the metal shield to the ground, landing gracefully, if harshly, despite the jarring crash and screams of protesting metal. As soon as his feet find the purchase of solid ground, Wesker is in motion, rushing down the alleyway towards the end -not- occupied by a T-Type, in a serpentine pattern.

The Captain's eyes, now turned away from the rest, flare red, distort, warp unnaturally behind his shades-- and a burst of speed brings his zig-zag flight to an end, perhaps surprisingly, a short distance before that exit point. Behind a vent in the street gasping gouts of steam into the air, the cloud suddenly obscuring a crouching Wesker.
Tobias Hunter     Inside the armory, face to face with a snarling carnivore that used to be something like a human being, maybe not, maybe a lawyer or something, Tobias Hunter has just had it. He looks down at the rifle in his hands, that old rifle that belonged to his father and his grandfather and his grandfather's father. The rifle that fed the family back in the day, the rifle that killed a reservation cop who had it coming but still sent Two Bears Hunting Deer running from home and landed him right here, where he was going to get eaten alive in a shitty little room in a police department that wasn't even a jail cell. Very slowly, staring black-eyed at the zombie confronting him, he reaches up to hook his thumb under the sling holding his axe on his back and he lifts it over his shoulder and drops it to the floor.

    The zombie reaches for him and snaps at him with its teeth, and Tobias just weaves out of the way. They're not too bright, these things. The ax hits the floor with a dull clatter.
James Scott Some mistakes are bad. Then some are terrible. For James coming here was a terrible mistake. Once outside that.. thing, opened fire. One bullet ripped through his thigh, the other, well the other popped his testicle and ripped his scrotum open.

White faced and in shock the teen can do nothing but hold his shredded package, "I-it got m-me. Oh fuck." He can do nothing but drag himself inside, but he's losing a lot of blood.
Nick Fox     "Okay what the hell is that?! What the fuck is that?!" Nick clearly looks like he thinks he should have just stayed in the zombie infested police station at this point. The massive creature opens up, and Nick gets hit square in the chest with one of the minigun rounds. If he hadn't put on his vest, he'd be pretty well boned.

Despite having the air knocked out of him...It wasn't the first time he'd taken a round in the plate. He managed to get back up to his feet and book it back through the door and back inside. Maybe the front entrance was still viable.
PrestigeAndrei "Listen Testicles grow back buddy!" Andrei tries to console the man, "What doesn't are bullets and I'm not wasting anymore. Come on Solo-Act, You too Poppins! We are going out the front door!" Hopefully with Tobias still in the armory.. and Wesker making a run for it on the same floor as it- aka the ground, they might actually have a chance of slipping out.
Ada Wong     Due to the distraction in the surrounding area, Ada makes it over and across to the rooftops of the RPD with relative ease. She lands gracefully and with the flick of her wrist, pops the hook from its secure landing before glancing back to the chaos down below. With a small smile, the agent comments quietly, "Preciate the in, everyone. Good luck. Have a feeling you'll need it."

With that said, Ada clips her hookshot to her belt and reloads the crossbow. Due to the multiude of howls that were resonating around, she figures it best she find some sort of base firearm to supplement the trifecta she needs before proceeding into the building.

In either case, she's one step closer to her next goal: Find Ben.
Kitten Nemesis does not relent even as most of his targets scatter. The behemoth stops for a moment to consider tactical options and a small flaw in the current programming becomes apparent as it tries to prioritize targets.

Since James Scott happened to be on the liquidation list and there was no specification of living or dead, just testing sample; Nemesis kicked in its programming and aimed a rocket launcher at the police station before firing.

It wouldn't hit James and Andrei but it would blow a whole in the wall and expose them. On one side they had Nemesis, on the other they had a hallway of zombies blocking the armor.

They were about to be saved though by two guardian angels in disguse.

From one side of the hallway rapid fire submachine gun bursts could be heard clearing a path out of the armory. The zombies near the other side of the hallway were being taken down far more silently.
PrestigeAndrei Will eventually 'lead' or more likley have to drag and prod and make his way through an assortment of corpses... beyond that though, everything is good!
Nick Fox     Maybe somewhere down the line, Nick will be able to thank his unlikely saviors, but this won't be tonight because he's going to book his happy butt back to where he's been hiding out and deal with the massive bruise from the minigun round to the vest.
James Scott "N-not helping." James coughs, producing a bit of blood. He does manage to get onto his feet with the help of Lucille, but he's slow. Should be fun making his way back to the lab.
Albert Wesker For the moment, Wesker pauses where he is, using the cover provided against the T-Types perceptions by vent and dumpster to monitor the creature as it blasts open the side of RPD. If they're smart, the people still inside are quickly working to evacuate the -opposite- side of the building. Still, it's quite the show, isn't it? The concealed commander smiles, to himself, darkly.
Tobias Hunter     Tobias Hunter was keeping an eye on that monster in front of him, just about to slowly step over the mess in the armory room toward the rack of shotguns, when a little harpoon squicked its way in the back of the thing's skull poked out its eyesocket to squirt him in the eyes and mouth with blackish arterial spray and yellow zombie eyeball jelly. He gags, rubs his wrists into his eyes to clear the muck out, and spits the rest on the zombie's back. He eyes the shotguns, still not really willing to give up on the idea, but when he hears and -feels- the station take that massive blast that opens it up from the outside he decides not to risk it. He peeks out the armory door, both ways up the hall, then makes a fast crouch-run for the nearest desk that provides partial cover from anything like, well, fuck it. Cover from every direction? He just gets up and hauls ass with his old rifle in his hands for the remains of a staircase where he can jump off into a rubble-strewn bit of parking lot, and then sprints for the shadowy mouth of an alley across the nearest street.
Ada Wong     Ada makes it into the RPD building with relative ease, passing through the corridors and checking her corners. The super spy manages to make it out towards one of outer layers of the building. A large explosion from Nemesis causes one of the areas of the RPD to begin to crumble. Once the smoke begins to clear, Ada notices a trio of unfortunate victims and how they may soon be served to the horde on a silver platter.
    With a loud sigh, Ada shakes her head. She glances to the sky and while not religious advises to whoever, "This is two for tonight. Maybe four depending on how this pans out."
    Ada takes the opportunity to start carefully taking out key zombies in the crowd, enough that other corpses cause their brethren to stumble over themselves, giving others time to escape.
    The Agent smiles and comments as she moves to reload her next set, "Maybe this hero-business has something to it. Not that it will be a common occurrence, however. Just not my style."
PrestigeAndrei Once they reach the doorway.. and the way is cleared out for Andrei, he'll cast a look aside at Scott and chuckles softly, again the sound muffled under his gasmask as his gaze shifts to look down the rather clear street before he slaps his back. "considering I'm alive, and you somehow are, and that guy there? FUcking Great! Now! Split up! He can't kill all three of us if we are in three diffirent places at one time. Just pray he doesn't follow you!" And with that Andrei makes his way across the street to a certain familiar building, finding a way to climb up the fire escape as he did before.. all to find his proper hiding spot
Alice     It becomes clear who had gotten to the S.T.A.R.S. Armory first when a heavily armed woman with blonde hair wearing what might he described as 'tactically fashionable' clothing steps over the corpse of one of the last zombies in the hallway just as Ada is rounding the corner.
    A pair of pistols are dropped to the ground and she says to Tobias, Andrei, and James, "If you're smart, you'll keep running and you won't look back."
    Alice nodded to Ada, a faint sense of recognition crossing her features before she headed in the direction of Nemesis.