Umbrella Surveillance System
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Markus Berger Markus Bergers office has had been locked for a good while since the man himself had disappeared into the countryside a while ago, although today there is a difference as the office is not only locked, but also barred and has two guards standing in front of it as apparently someone just rushed into it about a hour ago. Likely Markus Berger himself, although something seemed a bit... off.
Silent Night Archene, who seemed to have something to do as -someone- came into Markus office, came by. He didn't even bother to exactly enter, just standing outside before the guards, tilting his head a bit to glance in... pulling a cellphone and calling Markus.
Markus Berger The sound of a Queen song in Smartphone quality suddenly being heard out off the office, followed by the door quickly being unlocked from the inside and the guards quickly shuffling away from the door after glancing at each other for a moment pretty much confirms that the Doctor is in his office.
Silent Night Clicking the end call button, Archene pocketed his mobile before making his way into the office, "Glad to see you are back Markus," he spoke as he looked for Markus, "What brings you back, Markus?"
Markus Berger Markus sits at his desk and looks dead tired while his high-tech laptop in front of him, his assault rifle in a corner, the pistol on the desk and his coat that looks like it has half a jungle clinging onto it drapped over the office chair the doctor sits at. He barely even manages to force himself to look at Archene. "I'm on several different drugs, have been poisoned lethaly several times over and I'm sick of seeing anything that is remotely green. Unfortunately our Logo is also green. Very green. Needed a break."
Silent Night "That seems rather bothersome, sadly, I don't have the authority to change the company's logos for now." Archene noted before taking a better look at the rifle and pistol, "Though it does seem like you've had a rather though time, it seems like I will need to bother you with needless things at another date. Be sure to spunge yourself from the drugs and be sure that there is nothing remaining from the poisons."
Markus Berger "Not needed. You may or may not remember that due to Umbrellas tinkering my biology is a bit unique. I developed full immunity against toxins, viruses and so on a couple of months ago in addition to increased skin density and other quirks which my trip pretty much confirmed." The Doctor smirks slightly as he says that and turns the laptop around, showing a map of the country and a red line across a good part of it. "To summarise, I did go on a trip into the countryside after handling my work around here and getting normal development back on track to check some possible locations where Umbrella could've hidden something. Didn't go particularly well and ended up with no results as you can see."
Silent Night "I do remember, but being poisoned can still leave a bitter taste in the mouth." Archene grins before taking a good look at the map, "That is saddening, I had hopes that we found any number of hidden facilities. I've contacted some people to see if I can obtain a device that I'd hope that you can further study in the future."
Markus Berger The doctor nods briefly before turning the laptop around again to have it face himself again. "Good, anything interesting to do is appreciated. With day to day activities being restored to 'pre-executive treason' levels I got way too much freetime now. Otherwise I wouldn't have been touring half the jungle. Besides, the work on the database is dormant now aswell due to lack of data."
Silent Night Archene nods, "I will see a bit more on the data collection side. Hopefully you will be able to make a proper database in the future. The matters concerning our areas here have been relatively calm. Though that may change in the future."
Markus Berger "Experience tells me that the moment it changes the situation will switch from calm to completely FUBAR." With a sigh the Doctor picks up the pistol from his desk and holsters it again as he returns to typing at the laptop. "Lets hope it won't, but I'll be making sure to be prepared for it. Even have another experiment lined up for myself as well, since you have proven quite well that it works by not dying from it."
Silent Night "And I know I can trust you to be fully ready to whatever happens," Archene then grins, "Making use of the data from Project Perfection?" He grins, "Soon enough we might have more on it to expand on it. There is so much more that can be done." He grins suggestively, "But we can leave that for another time, I should also make preparations."
Markus Berger "Well, off you go then. I'll have to handle some more paperwork before I'll convince myself to faint. Just send me a message if you need me for anything." With that said, the doctor returns his attention fully back to the laptop, although he does glance briefly towards the door. "Oh, and tell those two dolts outside to get back to keeping an eye on it."