Umbrella Surveillance System
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Owner Pose
Esscast Esscast walked up to the bar to order some booze "thank god the war is nearly over" he decides to look around the room for any new faces.
Aidan Aidan is sitting at the bar a pint of lager set down in front of him as he sips on it and people watches the folks that come and go in the pub.
Esscast looking to aidan "so whats your story" he asked simply curios.
Aidan Aidan glances over at Esscast as they walk up towards him and raises an eyebrow, "I'm a paid assassin here to kill everybody who asks me what my story is.." He grins and winks, "Kiddin. I'm a doc at the clinic and work with doctor's without boarders. What's your deal?"
Esscast Esscast sips his beer "i was a drill instruckter,befor the cease fire"
Aidan Aidan hmms as he takes a drink from his beer, "A drill instructor eh? I served in the US Army back in the day. I was an 18D."
Esscast "sorry but im not american i was a rebel" esscast said with no hint of remorse
Aidan Aidan looks at the man and raises an eyebrow, "You know that could still possibly get you locked up bud. Careful who you tell that you were a rebel to."
Esscast "right ill keep that in mind" Esscast says with a shprt bow.