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Eve Popcorn. Check. Soda. Check. Cheesy movie? Check. A giggling blonde Swede in sweatpants, a loose t-shirt with hair piled on her head? Check. Now all that is needed is Trixie for a girl's night in! Eve waits on the couch, her eye on the door as she bounces around. She might have already got a head start on the soda, and the sugar is making her bouncy.
Trixie Trixie arrives, announcing herself with a knock on the door. Her khaki shorts and white tee aren't quite as college-dorm chic as Eve's sweats and loose tee, much like her twin ponytails held with delicate steel chains, but she has brought a compact duffel bag with her, its contents a mystery to this point. "I don't see this house a-rockin', so I'm a-knockin'!" she calls through the door. "And hopin' I got the right address..." she adds, just a bit nervously.
Eve Eve pulls open the door, bouncing on her feet as she spots Trixie. "You're here!" She says, pulling the other woman inside. "I'm glad you were able to come, can you stay the night?" She asks, dancing towards the couch. "I got a few movies, they're all romantic movies, so you pick which one you wanna watch and we'll get started!"
Trixie "Eeep!" Trixie squeaks as she's tugged inside by a platinum-blonde whirlwind, nearly dropping her bag in the process. "Whoa! You weren't kidding when you said you wanted company! And sure! I came prepared," she says, giggling as she begins to recover, catching Eve's hand and pull-twirling her into a hug. Fred Astaire might recognize the move as a slightly less polished version of one of his better ballroom moves.
Eve Eve looks abashed for a moment and then she shrugs it off. "I needed to see another happy face, or I swear by all that is holy, I was going to fly back to Paris." She hugs Trixie back, squeezing her hard and giggling as they twirl together. "You're good at that, so how long have you danced?" She asks, her lip caught between her bottom teeth.
Trixie "Take me with you?" Trixie half-begs impishly. Then she grins and hugs Eve tighter. "Years, now. I was a cheerleader from back in junior high, but Mom insisted on ballet lessons for four years before that... I didn't think much of it at the time, but it really helped me out with everything that came after. Also learned a few moves from Fred and Ginger movies. Mom and Dad sure loved the classics."

She gives Eve a last little squeeze and releases her from the hug. "Just surprise me, sweetie. It's been months since I've seen a movie."
Eve Eve walks towards the television and picks up a DVD, gazing at it for a few moments. "Alright, we're watching One for the Money." She decides, slipping it into the DVD player. She walks back towards Trixie, takes her hand and pulls her to the large couch. She sits on one side of the popcorn and holds up gobstoppers and mike and ike's. "I went absolutely crazy at the store. I wanted it to seem like a real movie."
Trixie Trixie lets Eve lead her to the couch, taking the offered seat on the opposite side of the popcorn. "You are too awesome for my poor mind to process. Remind me to spend more time here, so I can be sure I'm getting my recommended daily allowance of awesome," she says, setting aside her duffel and grinning at her hostess. "One for the Money... who's in it?" she asks, taking a Gobstopper and popping it into her mouth.
Eve Eve blushes a bit and then she leans in, bumping shoulders with Trixie. "Uhm, that chick from..that one hospital show?" Eve squints and tries to think of the name and then shakes her head. "Hell if I can remember." She pulls her legs up, folds them indian style and points at the television. "I do know that there are some wicked accents on this movie, which is one of the things I love. You Americans always sound charming."
Trixie "We don't have an accent... /you/ do!" Trixie teases warmly, gently returning the shoulder bump and adding a quick one-armed hug. "I'll see if I recognize anyone. If not, I've just learned about some actors I've never heard of." She leans forward to pour half a cup of soda and takes a sip. "Mmmmmm... I've missed sugar and fizz."
Eve Eve leans into Trixie when she squeezes her, the bowl of popcorn between them tilting slightly, but not spilling. "I don't think I've an accent. I guess it depends on what side of the pond you're on." She says, reaching in to get a handful of popcorn. "I honestly was thinking of taking a trip back to Paris, just so..I could feel some normal weather and maybe a breeze. I miss that more than soda."
Trixie "Probably." Trixie glances down at the popcorn bowl as she feels it brush against her thigh. "I'll try not to say anything bad about this place, 'cause I might not be able to stop. But I miss normal weather and an occasional breeze, too. At least I can take a movie break with you now and again." With an impish little smirk, she shifts the bowl into Eve's lap and scooches closer to her, giving her friend an easier lean-in without the bowl between them. "You're about as sweet as sugar anyway."
Eve "Only when I'm in a good mood, you ought to see me during a business meeting. You have to put the steel gaze on and stare them down sometimes." Eve says, scooting towards Trixie until their outer thighs are touching. "You're welcome to come watch movies anytime, or play video games...or just hang out. Moving out of the TerraSave house has limited the amount of girl time I'm able to have."
Trixie "And you didn't see me running patrols in the Quarantine Zone... some of the regulars thought I was a cast-iron bitch. Their words, not mine. That hurt," Trixie muses, pouting a little. "But if me being what they thought I was kept them and the civilians alive and well, I guess I can bite that bullet."

She smiles at Eve. "Sounds like a dietary deficiency... can't have you getting sick. I'd be glad to. Just be careful... you might have a hard time getting rid of me," she teases.
Eve Eve leans in and kisses Trixie on the cheek. "You're not cast iron, nor are you a bitch. I find you to be absolutely delightful." She shakes her head and adds. "Of course, there are times when that's what you've got to be, you have to let the dark out." She gazes at woman next to her and gently digs an elbow into her ribs. "I don't want to get rid of you so it all works out, right?"
Trixie "Awwwww... thank you," Trixie murmurs, blushing faintly at the kiss to her cheek. Then she yelps softly and flinches a bit at that elbow to her ribs. "Those are /bony/ little elbows you've got! Good thing I like you so much," she adds impishly, giving Eve another shoulder bump. And a kiss on the cheek, possibly so that they are even now.
Eve Eve holds out an arm and an impish grin curves her lips up. "Look at that, I do have bony elbows." She giggles and then gives Trixie a mock solemn look. "I swear, I will never dig these weapons into your gentle ribs again." She manages to keep a straight face, right up until the end and she starts to laugh again. The movie starts and a woman in a red car is driving through a Jersey neighborhood, when she speaks her first words, Eve makes a soft squealing noise. "See? Now *that* is an accent!"
Trixie "Knew you'd never be able to keep a straight face," Trixie retorts, failing to force down giggles. "My gentle ribs thank you anyway." She can't help another giggle at that little squeal. "It definitely is. Sometimes I think the East Coast is like a whole separate country. Or planet," she adds impishly. "They'd probably say I speak fluent Valley Girl... and to them, I say 'What-/ever/'!"
Eve Eve screws her face up and when she answers Trixie it's in a mimicry of the accent on the movie. "Valley girl, eh? Is that from California?" She does a good Jersey sneer, her little nose wrinkling, as she sticks her tongue out. "I've always wanted to go to America. That is one country my parents have made absolutely off limits."
Trixie Trixie fails once more to stifle giggles. "Yeah... that's a /different/ separate planet," she replies, still impishly. "I wonder why your parents forbade you America... was it after Raccoon City happened?" she asks thoughtfully. "Or some other reason?"
Eve "It was after Raccoon City, but even before then..." Eve shakes her head and sighs softly. "You all have a lot of freedom over there, but it comes with a healthy amount of danger. We do things completely different in Sweden, and they were very afraid that I would be out of my league, and possibly get into trouble."
Trixie "Oh, yeah... guess we /would/ be kind of scary on the six o'clock news," Trixie muses, nodding to herself. She absently rolls the half-gone Gobstopper into her cheek before kissing Eve's cheek again. "Sounds like you'd need a guide, to keep you on the right track and safe from all us savage Americans. Mind if I volunteer?" she asks, half-impishly, hugging her hostess warmly.
Eve "You're welcome to volunteer." Eve says, reaching out to hug Trixie again. "Now that I'm older, I wager that I can go wherever I please, and eventually you might end up back in America, right? I can stuff myself in on of your suitcases." She says, grinning impishly as she takes Trixie's hand in hers. "We're missing the movie."
Trixie "Hopefully a lot sooner than 'eventually'..." Trixie murmurs, but she gives Eve's hand a little squeeze anyway and looks back to the film. "I could /so/ get used to this..."
Eve "When is the last time you were allowed leave?" Eve asks, a frown on her face as she gazes at Trixie. "That is a morale issue, you shouldn't have to be in a stressful situation for more than so many months. Isn't that why your military does tours?" She gives Trixie's hand a light kiss and shakes her head. "This is how accidents happen."
Trixie "A month ago... but all leave is in-country, not back home. And I have a feeling we're going to be here until the Senate decides we've been punished enough, or something like that. That's why we're here. It's not on paper, but everyone knows it," Trixie replies, pressing the back of her kissed hand to her cheek. "Anyway, most tours last six months to a year, and we're not there yet. But we're not regular Army or Guard, so we're not always using the same rules they do. For better or for worse."
Eve "That is a damn shame, Trixie." Eve murmurs, squeezing her hand gently. "I have a few lawyers in my family if you need me to yank at some strings until something falls out. I don't want to see you get like one of those soldiers, lost in a cycle of violence." She clears her throat and gazes back to the television. "Look at me, breaking the mood and getting heavy."
Trixie "I don't like to go that route, but I'm beginning to think that's what it's going to take to get out of this mess. We can discuss it sometime soon, maybe," Trixie murmurs, giving Eve's hand a gentle squeeze and lightly pressing it to her cheek. "The mood will be fine. Even if I have to jump-start it somehow." She finds herself snuggling against Eve's side, and moves to rest their clasped hands on her thigh.
Eve Eve lets her attention drift to the movie, and she laughs occasionally, but is very aware of the woman cuddled next to her. She turns as the action in the film dies down a bit and gently grazes her lips against Trixie's temple.
Trixie Trixie glances at Eve as her temple is kissed. Blushing a little, she turns her head to brush her lips against Eve's before she turns away, half by accident. "Um, I was aiming for your cheek... I think..." she whispers.
Eve Eve places both hands on Trixie's jaw and turns the woman's face so that their eyes meet. She leans in slowly and gently kisses Trixie, lingering for a moment or two before she pulls back and smiles at her. "I wasn't aiming for your cheek, I'm sorry to say."
Trixie Trixie smiles faintly, still blushing. "I bet you're not a /bit/ sorry. Which is fine... neither am I," she replies, pressing her lips to Eve's in a long and very deliberate kiss.
Eve Eve wraps her arms around Trixie's neck and pulls her close as she reacts to the kiss. The popcorn gets spilled, but Eve doesn't notice until she's pulled back, her cheeks pink. "Oh dear..I'm sorry.."
Trixie "Oh, geez... all over your lap," Trixie murmurs, blushing a bit more deeply. "I'm so sorry... I forgot you were holding it. Here, let me pause this..." she adds, reaching for the remote.
Eve Eve gets to her feet and starts to dust the popcorn back into the bowl, her cheeks red. "I am such a klutz sometimes, I hope you'll forgive me." She murmurs, setting the cleaned up bits aside.
Trixie The film freezes, and Trixie sets the remote down, brushing a few loose kernels off of the couch cushions into her hand, then dropping them back into the bowl. "You're /totally/ forgiven. Accidents happen, that's all," she says warmly. "Besides, it was at least half my fault, and probably more. Do you need any help? As much as I need your forgiveness?"
Eve Eve takes Trixie's hand and gives it a squeeze. "Well lets both forgive each other, after all, there is no use crying over spilled popcorn." She snickers and then giggles as she plops back down on the couch. "Nothing to forgive, that was..interesting." She murmurs, her eyes on Trixie as she grins impishly.
Trixie Trixie gently clasps Eve's hand, retaking her seat next to the slightly taller blonde. "It was at that... especially the romantic parts," she says softly, with a little smile of her own. It's impish, though it seems colored by warm feelings as well.
Eve "Still want to stay, even though I spill popcorn?" Eve asks, her fingers pulling at the hem of her shirt as she eyes Trixie. "I promise, the spare room has nothing spillable on any of the surfaces currently."
Trixie "Oh, absolutely! Spills don't bother me much," Trixie replies, snuggling against Eve and resting her palms on the blonde girl's shoulders, pressing her back into the couch with an impish grin. "Especially when I'm repaid for the inconvenience in kisses..." She punctuates the remark with a swiftly-stolen kiss.
Eve Eve grins up at Trixie and she reaches up to tweak her nose. "Your terms are more than okay with me. I've never had to repay anything in kisses." She jokes, tilting her head up for another kiss.