Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Today is a sunny day, not to hot yet not to cold. For most, it would be perfect. The sky is blue with cotton like clouds, it holds this all simple innocence, the sky that can make most feel like nothing bad could happen in the world, ever. But alas, the world isn't filled with hippies.

Emma is standing by her window, looking out sipping at a cup of tea. She looks down to it briefly, and though the lass looks tired, worn, and as if her soul was ripped apart something about that mirky liquid makes her smile. It's brief, but done in way that suggests there is a sort of memory attached.

Laying on his bed, chewing on a rather large bone, Shaemus for the most part seems rather contenr, just doing what dogs do.
Tabitha Tabitha knocks at the door gently, then opens the door, poking her head in. "Emma?", slipping in quietly and closing it behind her. She almost knows what she'll find, but, she's been getting better and treating it like an old bruise, mentally
Emma Emma, lost in her thoughts while gazing into the tea jumps a little at hearing Tabitha. A hit of tea splashes on her sweatpants, but it isn't much to fuss over. Shaemus looks up quick giving a woof in greeting before going back to his bone.

"T - Tabitha." Mutters the lass, surprised to see her there. Remembering suddenly that her fellow doctor can sense things, there is an instant wave of panic, it's internal. And it may seem like a wall is put up, for this redhead wishes to ail nobody with her inner chaos.

"N - nice ta see ya again. H - how have ya - ya been?" The cup of tea is put down, a cloth grabbed to dry off some that had splashed on her hand.
Tabitha Tabitha makes her way over to give Shaemus a scritch in greeting before heading over to Emma. Tabitha blinks noticably as the wall is in place, but doesn't comment on it. "almost lost in Normal for a while. Like.. some places, none of this ever really has hit. still little nests of 'dont know, dont care'. Not entirely sure what to think of that."
Emma With her hand dry Emma looks up and lifts a brow, looking to Tabitha. Again, a faint smile breaks, along with a nod.

"L - let them have the - their innocence, they can truly live that way."

Leaning against the desk some, hands rested on the edge fingers drum against the wood, revealing a thoughtfulness. "No - normal must have - have been nice, aye? Better th - than this hell. Bu - but I am glad ta have ya back too."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "actually", she offers with a smile of her own, "couldn't wait to get back. Was nice, but something dragged me back. followed me? bad phase. More.. invaded my thoughts. Once that happened, was nothing for it but to run back fast as I could""
Emma Emma tilts her head, drawn in and curious. "W - what is it?" Asks the lass, in her shy, soft Scottish accent.    
Tabitha Tabitha leans a hip against the desk. "I had the same.. dream.. feeling.. something.. for about a week. Different parts of the whole thing.. but.. it sorta yanked me up by the scruff of my neck. I dont know what it means, but was hoping maybe you could help me make some sense out of it."
Emma A delicate hand moves to touch Tabitha on the shoulder, if she allows, in a way of support.

"I - I will help all I can." Emma says, with a nod.
Tabitha Tabitha says, "There's lots of death.. destruction.. and, concidering what we've seen already, that sorta stopped me in my tracks right there. I saw some kind of Golden King. No idea what it means. A Black Queen takes him down. The skies turn red, and the earth is swallowed whole", the last bit seeming almost to be quote. "I wake up and it's like i'm singing a nursery rhyme. The words fade, but seem so very familiar at the time""
Emma Putting weight onto her hands Emma easily lifts herself up ontop of the desk, to sit there, feet danging aimlessly as this tale is listened to. Though the lass does take it seriously, the expression on her face showing such.

"Di - did ya sense at all, when th - this is ta happen?"
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head. "No idea. I was afraid it had already happened before i got back."
Emma There is a slight nod, and the lass thinks all these details over. "Ya - ya saw images right? Di - did ya see faces? If we can - can figure out who they are, perhaps we can protect th - this gold king."
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head. "No faces. More a 'feeling'. Looking and knowing it was him. Any of this sound at least remotely familiar? Who's the big players, currently?
Emma "A - alas, no. Bu - but, well." Pausing there Emma stands and goes to a shelf, grabbing a book that looks rather nondescript. Once back at her desk she opens it, but everything within is written in Gaelic, which she can read and write fluently.

"I - I have been gently pokin' my nose inta things, an' - an' tha t-virus seems ta - ta be based off an old virus, for some reason, this strikes me as - as something tied ta legened. Umbrella is - is still a player, they are still hard a - at work." Another pause, she taps the book with her fingers. "We - we need James, he - he used ta - ta work there. An' also, ta see what we - we can get on PITE they are experimenting as well."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "PITE is still active? I was hoping they'd vanished for now." Fingers rake through her hair. "and.. what about you?", she says, matter-of-factly, as if discussing the weather."
Emma "I - I've re - reason ta think they are becomin' like Umbrella." Emma says, scowling at this. "Me?" As if blown aside she ia quiet, taking a moment to close her book, the front having no title, simply bound by dark green and aged. "I - I am, just am. Co - concern yerself not with me, but with th - this vision."
Tabitha Tabitha nods. Now, Tabitha doesn't look at the wall as a barrier to keep her out. If Emma wants a wall, why go suddenly adding windows. Could be it's just to keep her roof up. "The vision. As the sky hasn't turned read and the world swallowed up, I'm assuming it hasn't happened yet", she says with a bit a smirk. "So, now we gotta find out who's the king and queen. and why 'like that. Is that significat? Did they rule together? seperate from the start? Lots of questions