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Kidd There are some things that people might come to expect seeing within the Terrasave offices and then there are things that likely are out of the ordinary. Today the latter comes through the doors in the form of Kidd, the man dressed more for the field and handling some form of threat than visiting a place of medicine and helping others. Though he is at least kind enough to remove the magazine and chambered round from the XM8 slung across his chest as he wanders through the doors looking the place over slowly.
Emma While not 'working', Emma had come into work to catch up on things and maybe try to refocus. It was well known by many, given that it was in the news and all, that her building had been blown up. To her it is all different now, her mind still struggling some to get used to it.

The shy redhead, head of this branch, comes out of her office with some papers in hand. Long red hair is down, clothing is simple. Fitted jeans and a nice off the shoulder sweater. At seeing Kidd though she stops, face turned into an expression of worry.
Kidd Kidd's brow furrows as he looks over the place that had been thrown through the grinder through the explosion, His eyes drifting slowly over those surroundings torn by war and so familiar to him in the destruction alone. When Emma comes in his eyes lift and he focuses upon her. That expression of worry has his hands lifting away from the weapon strapped across his chest, His left hand holding that clip from the emptied weapon up as he offers her with that midwestern accent of his. "Not here to cause trouble.."
Emma Emma, well she eyes Kidd, totally unsure and untrusting, which burns her soul some, as with time and pain that nature has developed. Even if the guy is lifting hids hands the lass walks to a desk and slides her hand under it, leaving it there, grey-green eyes unwavering from the stranger.

"Wh - what ua wantin'?" The woman asks, softly in her shy way and in her thick Scottish accent.
Kidd That accent and her words have Kidd smiling softly, a touch of warmth showing across his soft tiered lips and that smile that graces them curling the corners up just barely. The man's hands slowly lowering as he carefully places the magazine into a pouch with two more identical to it. "Heard about the trouble here, About your folk being attacked in a way with this explosion. And well thought i might come check out the damage for myself.. and see if I couldn't find someone in charge.. maybe offer my services." His shoulders giving a small shrug as he keeps his hands where she can clearly see them.
Emma When did Emma become so diatrustful? Her mind doesn't take this in as an offer, as someone seeking to aid. No, right away walls come up, with a frown. Still those grey-green eyes are fixed on him. With a sigh, the papers are put on the desk gently, movements smooth ans gentle.

"I - I am th - tha head here. Do - Doctor Emma O'Connal. I - I'll make it easy, if - if yer here ta kill me, do it quick please."
Kidd      The words from her have Kidd's brow lifting in question as he looks her over before bringing his gaze to her own. "Why the fuck would I want to kill you? Did just say I came to offer my services. But hell if you like having shit blown up and apparently someone trying to kill ya given what you just said.." His shoulders give a small shrug, "That's your business, And your choice. Guess I was wrong about that need for someone who knows how to deal with these kinda threats.."
Emma Her jaw tenses, but for a second Emma says nothing. More annoyed with herself than him, the bitter feelings are turned like a tornado inward, with destructive force.

"W - wait." The Scottish lass says, just loud enough for him to hear, she hopes. "Ya - ya can deal wi - with all this? See, hell surrounds me, n - no lie. Wo - workin' for me be a risk. An' not one t - ta be taken lightly."
Kidd "That's what brought me here again today, Stopped in a few times to look over what was done to the place.. And in the hopes of finding someone here so I could find out what happened and if my help might be needed." His shoulders giving a small shrug before Kidd adds, "Hell girl, Life is full of risk. Always been that way, More so for some than others. Nothing new for me.. Part of why I do this work, I am good at it. And the risk? Well don't mind that so much."
Emma There is an emergency button under the desk, that is where her hand had been. Moving that hand away she slowly crosses her arms, in a way hugging herself while quietly taking him in. After a time, Emma nods, accepting what he has said.

"Wh - what are yer credentials?"
Kidd The question of his credentials has Kidd chuckling softly and he looks down over himself before his gaze lifts back to the woman, "Fuck ya think some cowboy with no background is gonna be able to afford this shit?" His brow lifting briefly only to fall back into place as he chuckles. A playful sort of smile showing across his soft tiered lips as he looks to the woman. "I served with Marsoc up until just a few years ago, Getting shot at and shooting back in more than a few shitholes.. So why not come to Bolivar and continue that trend eh?"
Maxim Someone new is in the building. Max witnessed them move in with some heavier toys, though he did clear them out so that lowered the threat level some. Still being his quiet self he makes his way in and to where Emma most likely is. After all, she's the boss, anyone showing up will most likely be there to speak with her. As he spots the man again he merely watches, until he's noticed by either him or Emma(more likely since she'd be facing him) and offers a bow to her when she does so.
Emma "Ya - ya'know, tha BFL has similar, an' others be gettin' su - such things fr - from stealin'." Now she isn't suggesting he has done this, Emma is mostly stating a point.

"M - Michio, go - good timin'. This is..." She realizes she never got thr strangers name, and gives him a quizzical look, asking that way what it may be.
Kidd      Kidd either doesn't notice or doesn't much care about the approach of Maxim, Likely the first though as he looks to Emma. The comment from her on stealing has his brow lifting slightly before he sighs and reaches down to tug up that vest and his shirt revealing pockmarked scarring across his side from an IED explosion looking to be a few years old. "Didn't steal it, And well there is a bit more of my resume you really wnat it.." His fingers releasing that hold allowing the vest and shirt to fall back into place before he is turning his head looking to Maxim. A small nod given to the man as he is looked over almost as if assessing if he might be a threat or risk.
Maxim A look to the person before him as well, perhaps the same. Someone can unload a firearm but keep an ace up their sleeve, as it were. Dressed in black, no readily apparent weapons show on Maxim, though one who knows what to look for might see the slightest of bulges here or there where some indeterminate weapon or other item might be tucked away. As the man doesn't seem ready to shoot up the place a bronze coin slips out to Max's hand and starts to flip over the fingers of his gloved hand while he answers Emma, "This is...?" He then looks to him again, yeah still hasn't mentioned his name in all that.
Emma Stepping forward a little, Emma looks to the scars. She nods and steps to a spot where she can lean agaist the desk, ankles crossing casually. A hand sweeps through her hair. "Th - then yer overqualified?" Is her question, said in that soft Scottish accent. "Mi - mind ya, we are prone ta - ta disaster."

She then looks to MAXIM - see I got the name right this time, and motions to Kidd. "Fe - feel like ha - havin' another on board? We - we could use an - an extra hand." Eyes move to Kidd again. "An - an yer name is sorry?"
Kidd Kidd does notice those bulges and the faint outline of a weapon beneath clothes here and there as he looks to Maxim but he doesn't say a thing about them. The question the man asks of Emma though has him chuckling as he offers up, "Hand't got that far yet.." His shoulders giving a quick shrug bringing them to roll back and lower.
     Soon enough his focus turns to Emma and he chuckles, "That depends on the type of troubles you have been having and might have with your folk in the field here. But given you have government forces and rebels going at it like a bunch of jocks on prom night trying to get off a bra for the first time.. well hell, Might be just the right kind of qualifications you need." His words holding a hint of amusement before he adds, "Well was until a few years ago Gunnery Sergeant William Kidd, Now.. most folks call me Kidd or Gunny."
Maxim Looking back and forth between Emma and Kidd, the normally quiet man answers her, "I have not spoken with James in some time. We could use all the help possible, especially after the last incidents. I am also concerned about what the government may eventually do." The coin continues to move, index to pinky. He offers a bow to Kidd as well at this point as he finally gives his name. "Greetings Kidd."
Emma A brow lifts, Emma eyebrow lifts at his summary of the situation. She looks down shyly quickly and eyes Maxim a moment then looks to Kidd.

"We - well, we could u - use more help, if yer willin' Kidd. Ya'd be workin' with Maxim, an' - an' with myself."
Kidd      "Government will likely make this a bigger shit show in country than it already is, Tends to be how this shit works out in the end.. And then there is the fucking clean up." His head shaking slightly before he is looking back to Emma. "I can be of help to you and your people, No doubt about it. So long as I am paid and if I get shot one of those doctors you lot have is willing to patch me up."
Maxim Maxim looks to Kidd, then back to Emma, merely waiting for her final decision. The coin is flipped to his other hand, continuing it's motion upon that one now. He does say finally after a moment, "I have heard it is a tactic for the government to use rebel... How you say.. factions, to do work they do not wish to be caught for. I worry that is what caused the bomb here."
Emma Rubbing her head a little, Emma sighs. "Th - tha world is in chaos." A pause, she looks between the two, then to kidd. "We - we'll take ya on, tha - tha more protection th - tha better. Plus, I - I am one of those doctors."
Kidd Kidd gives a small nod as he glances to Maxim, "Hell man our own government did that a time or two, We trained more than a few groups to fight and do shit that wasn't exactly.. on the books but was still needed. Not glamourous work but hell, Can't abandon your oath or your duty." His shoulders give a small shrug before he is refocusing on Emma. "The world has always been in chaos, Just usually most folks didn't see it before. And well, be glad to help with whatever needs looked after or secured. Obviously got m'own gear."
Emma "I - I know." Emma says to Kidd.

Moving from the desk she lifts a finger as if to say 'one second' and disappears into her office, returning shortly after with some papers and a pen. Her light graceful steps being her to Kidd, the papers are handed over in her delicate hands.

"I - I will need ya ta - ta sign these forms, an' then I can, or Maxim, will give ya - ya a run through."
Kidd Those movements of Emma as she vanishes are followed briefly by Kidd before he is turning his focus towards Maxim. "I take it you are another one looking out for the doctors and that one then yeah?" His brow raising only a moment before falling back into place with Emma's return. KIdd reaching for the paperwork and pen before moving to the desk laying the papers out across the undamaged portions of it as he begins to fill things out and sign them.
Maxim Maxim offers a nod in response to Kidd, but doesn't say much else. After all Emma is back soon with paperwork and that's important stuff to do. For the most part he looks about the building while they converse and slips out to briefly check the entrances and make sure they're secure. He may be back in time to help show Kidd around, but maybe not.
Emma As Maxim leaves, he is given a nod. Emma then returns her attention to Kidd, watching him as he works. She would go to a chair, pull it out and slowly sit in it. If any took closer inspection of her, the lass appears tired and worn.

For a moment there is silence, simply listening to the sound of pen on paper, of creaking through the building. Idly she in her shy way fiddles with the hem of her sweater.

"I - I tend ta - ta, for some reason, need a lot of protection." A frown followed by a pause, grey-green eyes move to him slowly. "Wh - where are ya - ya from?"
Kidd Kidd glances towards Maxim as the man heads out a small wave given to him before he is turning his focus back to the paperwork. The former MARSOC marine making short work of signing the paperwork almost as if he was used to far more of such things in the past. With the last signature given he begins to gather the papers up as he lifts his gaze to Emma. "Well I will do what I can to keep you and your people safe. Wouldn't be the first time I been shot for another." A chuckle leaving him as he shrugs his shoulders. The man then motions down, "Originally from Minnesota, and well don't mind if I reload this do you? Not that I don't... well actually it is that. I don't much trust the locals especially when in a place that has been attacked already.."
Emma He is given a slow nod, accepting his statement on protecting everyone here. The lass can only hope that he means it, but 'old' her always believed the good in people, for a second Emma is reflective, thinking that maybe in this momemt the faintest spark of that had flickered.

Blinking away such thoughts as Kidd explains where he is from there is a slight tilt of her head, a rebuttal wants to be made but is held back. Scratching her freckled cheek she shrugs to the local comment and decides to focus on his origin. "N - never been th - there myself. Only R - Raccoon'n Denver, briefly."
Kidd Kidd's brow furrows when colorado is mentioned and he nods slowly, "That.. was a bloody bloody fucking mess.." His head shaking slightly as he moves to replace the clip into the weapon the man quickly chambering a round before returning the XM8 to be slung across his chest in the safe position. "Minnesota is a beautiful place. More lakes than most people could ever wish to count.. or want to for that matter. And plenty of nature to enjoy.."