Umbrella Surveillance System
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Maxim Bolivar is hot, uncomfortable weather for most. There's bugs, and rebels, mad bombers and the like. But through all of that some people learn to get by. Maxim helps get by, mostly by trying to keep the people he cares about safe. How he manages to not die of heat stroke in that coat is a question in itself, but he makes his way down the stairs, having finished a sweep of the house, the man looks like he's between things to do.
Trixie Trixie is one of those aforementioned 'most'. Having endured the same heat in similar gear, namely service-issued body armor, in the jungle around Coro, she is somewhat adjusted to it. But she will clearly never like it, and would most likely jump at any chance to get out of Bolivar and never come back.

Today finds her tracking down the TerraSave address from a business card Emma had given her. Finding the house number, she wipes sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand as she approaches the door and touches the doorbell button. "Hope someone's home..." she murmurs. "I'm not walking another block in this soup."
Maxim The doorbell. With all the comings and goings of people it's a rarity its used. Maxim heads over to the door, pausing by a window to peek out and see who it might be. Upon seeing the familiar face his quiet footsteps bring him the rest of the way to the door, where he opens it. "Greetings. How are you doing Trixie?" He takes a step back to allow her inside.
Trixie "Hello again, Mr. Maxim, and thank you," Trixie replies, giving Maxim a smile as she steps inside. "Ohmigawd, /air conditioning/... air I can actually breathe," she murmurs, pausing out of the way of the door to spread her arms, roll her head back, and let the cool air dry the sweat. "You are a /lifesaver/."
Maxim A blink at the reaction to her hitting the cooler air. It's not full on AC, probably a lot of use of fans, but it probably feels divine compared to the sweltering outdoor heat. Still he tilts his head slightly and says, "A lifesaver? Are you concerned you were going to suffer heatstroke?" Max shuts the door behind her and adds, "It is quite warm here. It has taken some work to get used to the heat. I find I cannot be... as active as normal for as long in it."
Trixie "I'm /always/ concerned that I'm going to suffer a heatstroke here, unless I'm somewhere with a decent temperature," Trixie replies, without moving anything except her head, just to look at him. "This excludes at least 95 percent of Bolivar, but I'm sure that's being generous. I mean, I just made my way here in this soup they try to call air, and I'm about to drop."
Maxim Maxim nods at her words and says, "I could get you some water, if you like?" He motions to the kitchen at that and starts to take a few steps in that direction, ready to help in any way it seems. The bronze coin makes its way to his hand again as he does so, flipping over his fingers again as he converses with her.
Trixie Trixie moves to follow him, her eyes locking on to the coin repeatedly rolling over his fingers. "That is so totally distracting, in only the most awesome sense of the word... where did you learn to make a coin dance like that?" she asks.
Maxim A brief look to his hand as she mentions the coin. Perhaps he didn't even realize he was doing it. Max gets a glass from a cupboard and some water from the fridge, nice and cold. The coin slips away as he does, coming back from whatever hiding spot up his sleeve or wherever as he hands a glass to her. Max's reply is simple at first. "Training." After handing off a glass he expounds on the answer. "I was born with very dextrous hands, and so The Company had me train often to make them even more nimble and quick. One of the other tricks was to flip multiple coins in the air and catch them."
Trixie "Wow... I wish I could do something like that. The things we could've done on the cheer squad with big, shiny fake coins during the halftime shows... we could've totally blown our audiences away," Trixie muses, unable to keep back a smile at the thought. She accepts the water glass and drains half of it in one long drink, finishing with a ragged sigh of relief. "That totally hit the spot. Thank you."
Maxim Maxim bows his head slightly. "You are quite welcome." He raises a brow pensively however. "Cheer...squad?" It appears to be a concept foreign to him. He gets a glass for himself and adds, "I have not seen Emma about yet, if you were looking for her. I could try to find her if you like however." He takes a much smaller sip, but then again he either wasn't in the heat long, or isn't fully human, only having a slight sheen of sweat about him.
Trixie Trixie gives him a curious look. "You've never heard of cheerleaders?" she asks, genuinely surprised. "Not to be mean or anything, but I thought every corner of the world that had major sports teams had cheerleaders. Now I'm wondering where you're from, if you don't mind me asking." The comment is met with a shake of her head. "I was, but I can wait for her to come back if she's not here. I could use the rest away from this heat anyway."
Maxim A brief pensive look, and his body shifts slightly. Looking at her he says, "I was raised...differently." He takes another sip of his water. At the mention of her waiting he nods and adds, "I have finished my security check, so aside from training I am free for some time." He doesn't really elaborate on the how of how differently he was raised however. The coin reverses direction in his hand, the other moving to let him take another slight sip of water as he stands by her.
Trixie "You mean you were sequestered somehow? Like in the movies, with those big colonies underground, or on isolated mountaintops, or secret islands?" Trixie asks, giving him a thoughtful look. "It sounds really scary." Sehe takes a sip from her own water glass before continuing. "I'm glad Emma has real security professionals protecting her now. I always worried about her safety after she took over TerraSave."
Maxim Maxim gives a slight shrug when she talks about being sequestered. "Something, like that. It was very difficult." He chews on his lip slightly, then when she mentions security he nods. "She has has some close calls lately. I have not been able to be there for her. I hope to be able to change that." He has another sip and then asks, "How have things been, for your group here? Dangerous?"
Trixie "Very. The climate is our most persistent enemy, but we still have B.L.F. thugs and some other lunatics trying to kill us. We're stuck helping out the government forces, no thanks to the U.S. foreign policy. Which means their enemies are our enemies," Trixie replies gloomily. "Even the local media is taking verbal shots at us. If we have any friends here, I'd love to meet 'em."

She gives him a long, thoughtful look. "What's been happening to her lately? I don't know if I can help, but I'm willing to try." The mention of his past is met with a sympathetic look. "I'm sorry it was so hard for you. I only hope that this Company can never harm anyone again."
Maxim A nod at the mention of being dangerous. Max sips his water slowly, though when Emma is brought up he chews on his lip some more. "Things have not been good for her. With the bomb, and then Esa...." He sighs and shakes his head. "There has been drinking. She seems sad... lost. I do not know how to help her."

Pausing to finish his water quickly, he sets the glass in the sink and then adds in response her statement about his past, "They were eliminated some time ago, so hopefully they will not be able to." He doesn't get into the specifics, though his coin goes back to flipping over his fingers, this time index to pinky in path.
Trixie Trixie has to force her eyes away from the dancing coin. "Poor thing... sometimes I think she takes too much blame onto herself for things she has no part in," she muses. "She works so hard to help others, and the response is just... well, nothing seems to really change. Same wars, same diseases, same bioterrorists and weapons the government wants to believe are gone for good... same misery. It can't be good for her, seeing so much of her good-hearted work coming up nearly empty. Not to mention people working to sabotage her and hurt her people."
Maxim Flipping the coin to his other hand he continues it's motion on the other one. "Emma is a good person. I want to help her however I can. I feel bad that she is hurting and I cannot." He thinks a moment and then adds, "We have helped some villages though. Hopefully she can see more good, from those kinds of things." Frowning a bit as he thinks, Max suddenly asks her, "Do you think what she does ultimately does not work?"
Trixie "I don't know. But I do know that if this country doesn't somehow change for the better, what Emma is trying to do isn't going to last. It won't be allowed to," Trixie replies bitterly. "The government's tied down dealing with a rebellion, but once they've gotten free of that, TerraSave may be their next target... a closet dictator can't have anyone putting hope in people's hearts and ideas in their heads that things can change for the better."
Maxim Maxim furrows his brow and frowns at that. "That... is not good." The coin stops a moment. He presses his lips together into a thin line and adds, "Someone should stop him." He doesn't go into any of the whys, hows, or wherefores, just leaves the statement as is.
Trixie "The U.S. government wants him in power, probably to provide 'stability' to the region... I think they're making a huge mistake by backing this loser, but none of them asked me for my input. Point is, my hands are tied in that department, as long as I'm wearing that butt-ugly uniform... best I can hope for is that we get transferred out of here, so we can't help him anymore. And with that kind of support, he's going to be a hard target. I can't guarantee that he'll turn on TerraSave. But if I were an image-conscious murderer in a suit with a five-figure price tag and a whole population squirming under my thumb? That's what I would do."
Maxim Maxim presses the coin firmly between thumb and forefinger at that. "If he tries to harm Emma... It will go very badly for him." His voice is very cold and even at that, the look in his eyes something almost frigid. It's only a moment before it passes, him asking, "Would you like more water?"
Trixie "I hope it doesn't. But it won't be him you'll be watching for... it'll be his death squads, possibly disguised as other terrorists to deflect blame from his government. If he goes after you openly, he's got the international press to deal with. But if it looks like the B.L.F. did it..." Trixie lets the sentence trail off. The dots are impossible not to connect.

She smiles faintly, holding out her glass at the offer. "Please?"
Maxim Maxim frowns as he hears that. He takes her glass. "That group that set off the bomb. It.... It could have been that then." He moves to refill her water for her and hand it back to her. There's an almost predatory look in his eyes as he does so though. Yes Maxim does not appear to be a happy camper about that prospect.
Trixie Trixie shakes her head. "It wasn't... that man used to be one of ours. An F.B.C. man that went rogue. I guess the B.L.F. paid better," she says bitterly. "I'm not even sure he was acting for the B.L.F. when he did it, but it wouldn't surprise me," she adds bitterly. As she watches him, she can't help a shiver. "Remind me never to make you really, really mad at me."
Maxim Maxim shrugs slightly and shakes his head at that. "You would be fine. You are a good person Trixie. Thank you for your company. Hopefully Emma will be along soon, I am sorry to keep you waiting." He offers a slight bow to her at that.