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Emma It's about mid afternoon. The sun is high and the day is warm, people go about their business, lazily walking here and there. The many trees offer comforting and cooling shade, while the sounds of birds fill the air, and even the odd animal - be it squirrel or rabbit, hops around.

In a shady spot sits a redhead, wearing jean shorts and a off the shoulder top. Her hair is down, and to any who look upok her would see that she is tired, almost void within, that much speaks in her grey-green eyes in the odd and brief times she looks up.

Seated against the base of a tree Emma is holding her guitar, idly strumming some strings, Shaemus lays by her side, seemingly asleep.
Trixie Trixie moves from shade to shade as she works her way across the park, avoiding the sun as much as possible and swatting the occasional insect that mistakes her for a mobile buffet. "Stupid Bolivar..." she grumbles, brushing away a swatted mosquito.

Spying the guitarist seated under a tree, she frowns faintly as she notes the red hair. And then she sees the gigantic dog apparently snoozing nearby, and a hint of a smile comes to her lips.

Taking a roundabout approach to come up on the opposite side of the tree from Shaemus, she calls softly, "Do you know 'Smoke on the Water', busker?" as she gets close.
Emma Emma was lost in her strumming, it's an old tune, something of her homeland. Shaemus wakes a touch, lifting just his head to look at Trixie. As if in unison Emma looks up as well, her slightly void grey-green eyes fixed upon her too. After a second, a small, shy, managed smile is given. With a motion of her delicate hand, Trixie is given the offer to sit and join them, along with a nod to the request.

"I - if I - I had my electric, i - it would be better." After that, she goes into playing said song, with the same sort of ease as breathing.
Trixie Trixie grins, taking the offered seat next to Emma and leaning closer to give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "I was kidding, mostly. How are you? I don't think I've seen you since that first mud-and-mosquitoes relief effort. After I heard about your HQ getting bombed, I didn't have a clue where to find you. Today I just got lucky."
Emma Those delicate figers move over the strings with practiced ease. But they come to a slow hault, cheeks ending the last hum of the string with red cheeks as the kiss is placed on her freckled cheek.

"O - oh." Stammers the shy lass, looking down to the grass she sits upon. "I - I have been a - a busy." Her tone, briefly, echos deep turmoil that's within. Her tired slightly void eyes are fixed on the strings of her guitar, as the pair sit by a tree under the shade. "H - how have ya been?"
Maxim The park. Max has been to a couple, but not for leisure. This time he's still only partially there for leisure, since he's looking for a certain someone. Spotting the red hair, he makes his way over to her, and the woman she's with. He looks to them as he gets closer and offers a bow. "Greetings." His bronze coin makes his way into his hand, flipping over his fingers as he looks about.
Trixie "I can imagine, what with rebuilding HQ and making the world a safer place. And looking for Esa. We found him not too long ago... or more like the doctor who was helping him found /us/. I would've told you as soon as I could , but phone reception out there is total crap," Trixie replies, with a small smile. "This is the first time in weeks I've been in town. Getting real sick of Coro."

As Maxim approaches, she takes a long look at him, offering a fingertip wave and a slightly wary smile. "Um, hi! Guessing you're a friend of Emma's?" she asks, inwardly praying the answer is yes...
Emma "He - he is a friend." Emma says to Trixie, her tone reassuring. "M - Maxim, th - this is Trixie. Trixie th - this is one of my - my guards, an' friend, Maxim."

With introduction are made she lifts a brow and settles her eyes on Trixie. "I - I saw Esa." Her reply is strained, in a slightly regretful way she looks down, the topic is a painful one for her. "Ya - ya two wanna he - hear a song?"
Maxim A bow again from the man dressed in black, and he says, "Greetings Trixie." He looks to Emma and replies to her, "I would love to. I am sure it is lovely." His coin flips to his other hand and flips over those fingers now as he approaches more and crouches down to listen.
Trixie "Nice to meet you, Mr. Maxim. Emma and I were in Raccoon City during the outbreak. Though we weren't working together... with all the confusion, I never bumped into her. But we both made it out, which you can see since we are both here having this conversation," Trixie replies, smiling. It's a bit weaker than her usual smiles, but Bolivar has dimmed her smiles for the duration. Hopefully not permanently.

She nods at Emma's question. "Sure. doesn't matter what." She gently lays a hand on Emma's shoulder. "Are you okay, sweetie?" she asks softly, her concern sincere.
Emma Emma's reply to Trixie'@ question is silence, a soul cracking sort of silence. She looks to Maxim quick, then down, and goes to play her song.
Maxim Emma starts to play, and Maxim goes quiet, He waits, still as a statue for a bit, then the coin disappears back from wherever it's hiding spot is. He slips out a notepad from his backpack, and a pencil and starts to scratch upon it. He glances to Trixie, but focuses most of his attention upon Emma as she performs.
Trixie The last vestiges of Trixie's smile, already dim and guttering, vanish as she watches and listens to Emma play her song. The sound of Maxim's pencil on paper is enough to draw an occasional curious look at him, b ut she otherwise is as quiet as she can manage.
Emma Eventually her song comes to an end, there is a moment of silence, hand over the strings. The song seemed to have a deep meaning for her. She looks up to Trixie and then Maxim, eyes asking what he is doing.
Maxim Maxim looks over at her up from the paper eventually, the hand still moving the pencil across it. He blinks as she gives him that look, suddenly a look akin to 'what?' Then he looks down, and says, "I just... wanted to remember the moment well." He hands the notepad over to her, letting her see what he was up to, a picture of Emma as she plays, Trixie beside her. It's not complete, a little rough around the edges spots he hasn't finished yet but it's fairly easy to make out that it's them.
Trixie "Nice," Trixie murmurs, a hint of her smile returning. "What's it called?" As Maxim passes Emma the pad, the taller redhead leans closer to look at the sketch. She stares for a moment, then another, before her smile returns. "Oh, /wow/, that's... it's just so... wow," she says, wide-eyed, blinking in surprise. "Have you done any more portraits of Emma?"
Emma Shaemus remains rested by her side, Emma looks at Trixie, when asked what the song is there is a slow shrug. "Tha - Tha Song of Exile." Seems a fitting song, for her mood.

Looking then to the offered pad, her delicate hand takes it, eyes scanning over what was drawn. She goes a bit red, stunned at how he caught the moment and them. Slowly looking up, the question Trixie asks of Maxim if there are more, her grey-green gaze is just as questioning. "I - it is amazin'ly do - done, yer talented Ma - Maxim."
Maxim Maxim blinks once at the question. He looks to Emma, then Trixie. "There are others in there. You are welcome to look through them if you wish." The bronze coin makes it's way to his hand again, the left one this time, flipping over his fingers there as he stays crouched. If she chooses to flip through them there there are all sorts of pictures, people and shops in the tourist district, a sunset at the lake where they were helping people last, Emma playing the violin sitting in a chair, Eve eating breakfast, Tabitha's face, looking like she's asleep, Emma and Esa dancing, Elliott and Eve talking and smiling, along with others.
Trixie "Nice name," Trixie murmurs, her wry smile turning bittersweet as she remembers a few moments of her life, in a town that no longer exists. "Very appropriate. I'd forgotten how much I've missed music." She looks up at Maxim, her smile returning. "You totally are! I only /wish/ I could draw like that! I mean, this is museum-quality stuff. Clean it up a little and it would look at home hanging next to some of the old masters."
Emma "G - good ta know, so - so I can p - play more." Emma says to Trixie.

She then flips through the book, looking at all the pictures, stopping at one and tilting her head a little. "Wh - who is this?" She asks, of a picture near the back.
Maxim Emma's pictures were probably the most impressive toward the front, she seems to have been drawn the most. But the picture toward the back puts the rest of his work to shame. The raven haired woman looks like she might have Gypsy blood in her, the picture of her sitting in a beat up old chair wearing merely a robe. At Emma's question Maxim crawls forward slightly so he can have a look at the picture she's referring to, and a bittersweet look passes across his face. "That is-was... Katya." The coin flips to his other hand, flipping over the fingers of his right hand now, in reverse direction however. "I draw memories of her from time to time, so that I do not forget."
Trixie "I wouldn't stop you for a million dollars," Trixie replies to Emma with a grin. "Well, /maybe/ for a million dollars and a no-strings-attached plane ticket to the States. I've seen enough of this overheated mosquito farm to last a lifetime." But she looks at the sketches with Emma, deeply impressed at their quality. "Katya... who was she?" she asks softly, looking up at Maxim.
Emma "I - I w - will get ta - ta writin'." Emma says to Trixie, smiling to her some.

When Maxim mentions who it is she frowns. "O - oh. I - I am sorry."
Maxim A weak smile is given to Emma at her condolences. As Trixie asks about her, he says softly, "She was my caretaker when I was with The Company. She... She died." He doesn't say any more on it though, flipping the coin to his other hand and continuing it's reversed direction back on his left.
Trixie Trixie's cheer vanishes. "I'm so sorry. I mean, we've all lost people close to us... I think I can say that without any risk of being wrong. But it never gets any easier," she says softly, her head bowed. "Maybe that makes us human... I totally don't want it to get easier, 'cause... that means you've lost something of yourself you really need. Something that keeps you human."