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Eve Food, drinks and video games. These are some things that make some people happy. The two people in the game room are prime examples of that. As Eve opens up a pizza box and chills some drinks, it's up to Elliott to find a game to play.

Strip poker is off the table for now, lets see what he comes up with?
Elliott     Elliott is currently admiring the television, standing back from it a little ways with his feet apart, shoulders relaxed and remote in his hand. Marvelling at the screen as he figures out the device, switching between modes, and giving some thought about what to do. Eventually, after finding out how to set it to music, he sets the remote down and glances over his shoulder towards Eve. "This," he states with a pleased quirk of his lips, "is perfect for unwinding." El moves towards where the pizza is to grab a slice, smiling over to Eve.
Eve "OH, we're going to dance?" Eve says, a pleased smile on her face. She gazes up at Elliott with an glint in her eye and she grabs a slice of pizza as well. "What dance shall we move about the floor to?" She says, taking a bite of her pizza and chewing on it thoughtfully. She gazes at the television and the music is varied, each time it changes. When she gets to the crust of the pizza she sets it down and dusts off her hands on her pale gray sweats. She pulls her t-shirt tight around her torso and ties a knot at the back, pulling the fabric tight across her chest.
Elliott     With the end of the pizza in his mouth, biting of a piece, Elliott's eyes widen as he gives Eve a look of surprise. A sound is made in the back of his throat, lowering his slice, but he swallows before he says, "Actually, I--" He starts, but cuts off as he regards her, wetting his lips as he sighs. "I did mention I'm not much of a dancer," he warns with a grimace, shaking his head. "Are you going to show me some moves?"
Eve Eve hasn't ever seen Elliott like this and it makes her go a bit soft somewhere. The devil of a man seemed to self assured that she wasn't sure he ever wasn't. She takes several measured steps towards him, the corner of her bottom lip caught in her teeth. "Yes, I'm going to show you some moves, you step on my feet and you'll simply have to rub them a bit later." She says with an easy shrug. She holds out a hand and if it's taken she'll pull him in and begin to lead in a simple waltz like dance to the music, modern as it is. After a few moments she'll twirl away and her eyes slide closed as she raises her arms slightly above her head, moving to the music.
Elliott     Sticking his tongue between his lips, tip to his upper lip, El watches Eve with a look of uncertainty, head tilted a bit. "Er- Yea." He rolls his shoulder, his lips twitching as he tries to appear more confident than he is, pushing a hand through his hair smoothly. His sharp blue eyes study her while he considers, and then drops to eye her hand, hesitating a fraction as he gives his head a tilt to the right. Relenting, he reaches out to clasp his hand around hers, but tugs her close so he can wrap a single arm around her waist, flicking out a toothy smile as his shoulder lift. "Well if I get to hold you in my arms..."

    Any actual admiring, confidence, or teasing remarks are forgotten, however, when Eve begins to take some steps. His head is lowered, his eyes sticking to the ground and, more importantly, his feet and hers, his lips puckered and brows furrowed as he concentrates /very/ deeply. His steps are taken carefully, not exactly managing to follow the same rhythm, and thus stumbles as he tries to match steps and keep up.

    "I'm afraid," he manages to break concentration enough to speak, "I'm not a very good partner." This is said just before he stumbles again, grimacing as he lifts his eyes to meet Eve's.
Eve "That simply isn't true Elliott." Eve says softly, the steps forgotten for the moment as she simply sways side to side, his arms around her. "A bad partner wouldn't have even made an effort." She exhales softly as she leans in and rests her head on the warm spot where neck and shoulder meet, her breath probably warm against Elliott's neck.

"Dancing should be a way for two people to be close to each other, a simple thing really. We stand here, and sway to the soft beat of the music. No real expectations or agenda." She gives him a squeeze then, not speaking her thoughts completely, a bit afraid of the truth that might come out after seeing him in this new light. She simply sways with him, counting time.
Elliott     Elliott's movements are stiff, barely any sway at all, tense and nervous. This is all new to him, he never really danced much, if at all, before. Slowly, he loses concentration on dancing and focuses more on Eve. And then she's resting her head on him, being close, and his arms tighten around her. "Well I like being close to you," he murmurs out quietly. Now that he's not in deep concentration of his steps, or trying to match her rhythm, he's actually swaying a little more naturally with her now that he isn't thinking about it. In the moment, dancing minimally with his arms around her, a roguish smile twists his lips, an amused spark in his eyes. Behind her, his hands lower below her waist.
Eve Eve lets out a breath that shakes slightly and she wraps her arms around Elliott as well, happy to have him close. "There is the best benefit to dancing, even if you're bad at it, you can do this and keep someone just as close as you might want to." She lets the silence envelop them, the only noise in the place is the music coming from the television. This goes on for a few minutes, her swaying steps the only thing she's really paying attention to. Eventually though she speaks up. "Have you spoken to Emma? Is she okay?"
Elliott     "I guess I should have given it a chance before," Elliott murmurs out, his lips curving pleasantly. He turns his head so that he can kiss her on the head. Silent, he falls into thought so that his brows furrow, and when the question is asked, he 'hrms' as he takes a second to register the question. "Oh," he lets out on a sigh, shrugging his shoulders a little. "I... saw her," he answers, looking down regretfully as his movements slow. "I hope she's okay." He sighs again and shrugs. "I'm not sure me talking to her helps," he says worriedly.
Eve Eve doesn't nod, she just breathes silently as the swaying, on her part at least, comes to a stop. Her arms remain wrapped around him and after a brief pause she lets out a quiet sigh. "I ..don't know why I brought that up, I'd rather...I'd rather focus on us." She says, finally taking a step back slightly so she can look at Elliott. "I am kind of curious though, why do you beat yourself up and what does it have to do with Emma? I know there is something there."
Elliott     Elliott considers for a second, his eyebrows lowered, before he lifts his shoulders in a shrug. "Because you care about her?" he points out, offering a warm smile. "Emma will be all right," he says confidently. "She's got so many good people around her." His hands lift to Eve's shoulders when she steps back, his eyes focusing on her as he considers her question, his shoulders shifting uncomfortably as his expression drips with guilt. "The last time I saw Emma..." He lets out a sigh and turns away, moving over to the TV. He glances over his shoulder as he picks up the remote. "Well I was arrested." He exhales heavily as he turns back to the television, head lowered in the act of fidgeting with the buttons on the remote.

    After a moment of silence he says quietly in remorseful tone without turning to look at Eve. "I was /not/ a good person."
Eve Eve gazes after Elliott as he moves away, her eyes following his movements for a moment before she moves forward herself. She listens to him speak before she walks up behind him and she places both hands on his shoulders. She holds them there for a moment before her hands move slowly down his arms and then back up to his shoulders.

"Are you a bad person now, Elliott? I don't think so." Eve whispers, making an attempt to not invade his space too much. Her hands on his shoulders are there to support, to calm.
Elliott     Chest rising and falling as Elliott sighs again, the music is turned off leaving so that the silence fills the room before anything is said. He doesn't move away this time, but nor does he turn to face her. "She was twelve and I tried to get her involved in our operation." He gives his head a shake, flipping the remote over in his hands. "I spent so many nights in a cell." He brings a hand up to rest his fingers against closed eyes as he lets out a breath. Elliott eventually turns to face her, frowning and looking ashamed as he shrugs. "I changed, but I'm still responsible for how I acted."
Eve "I understand." Eve says, reaching up to gently cup the side of his jaw with her hand. "Whatever happened, you're here now and I see that you are genuinely worried for her and wanting to help. Whatever you were, you've changed now." She keeps her eyes locked on his so he can possibly see the sincerity in her words. "One day she'll forgive you, and then maybe you can forgive yourself."
Elliott     A faint smile flickers across his lips as El angles his head a little to one side. "I just want her to be all right. If she doesn't forgive me, well..." He shrugs. "I'll have to deal with it." Bringing a hand up to rest over hers, his smile grows a bit. "Thank you, though, for saying that. You're such a good person..." For several seconds his eyes remain on hers before he turns his head, looking away as he falls into silence, thinking.
Eve Eve follows his gaze and she sighs, her lidded eyes gazing down a bit. "A good person..but?" She asks, her brow furrowing a bit as she forces herself to look back up at Elliott. She slowly inhales a breath and lets it out slowly, her body tense as she stands and waits.
Elliott     Elliott gives a small shake of his head before turning it to bring his gaze back to Eve. A tilt of his head as he gives her a bewildered look, and then brings out a smile as he shakes his head. "You're a good person, period." He reaches out to wind an arm around behind her to pull her close, while he lifts his other hand to the back of her head. "And I think I like learning things like how to dance with you."
Eve Eve lets out an unsteady breath, which makes her slight form tremble a bit. "Oh..Elliott, I was waiting for you to say that you couldn't see me or something." Her eyes brim and she tries to blink away the moisture, her breath hitching a bit. "I don't know why, we've not spent a long time together, but I already ...well.." She lets out a weak chuckle before words can get her into trouble and when he pulls her close, she wraps her arms around him tightly, putting emotion into her hug.
Elliott     "Crikey, no." Elliott just shakes his head. "That would not be pleasant." His teeth peek out as he flashes a smile at her. "Too ensnared by you to be able to pull out now." His fingers gently nudge her head closer to him, lowering his as he brings his mouth to hers. "Another round of dancing, or find another game?"
Eve Eve tilts her head up and when their lips meet she makes a happy sound in her throat. As the kiss breaks she steps back and glances back towards the television. "Let's find a game, something we can lose ourselves in for a little bit, yeah?" She reaches out and her fingers tangle with his as her cheeks turn pink. "It's mutual you know, I'm quite taken by you Elliott."
Elliott     Elliott tilts his head as his smile flicks against his lips, sparkle in his eyes. "Brilliant, then that part of my plan is working out perfectly," he jokes, one brow rising briefly as he gives Eve a teasing smile. His fingers close around hers and he lifts her hand to kiss the back of it. "I saw Marvel verses Capcom. How're you at fighting games?" he says challengingly, grinning at Eve before looking through the games and pulling out said game. "Or, blimey," he murmurs and pulls out another game, holding up Soul Calibur II.
Eve "Oh, honey, don't challenge me to Soul Calibur II. My Sophitia will make you weep, copiously." Eve says, squeezing his hand as she starts to giggle softly. "I love fighting games, Soul Calibur is one of my favorites, but the comic book nerd in me is pulling slightly towards the Marvel vs Capcom too." She dithers, glancing between them before she finally reaches out to tap Soul Calibur with a slender finger. "I've more confidence in ability to wreck your toosh in this game."
Elliott     Holding up the two games, Elliott arches a brow as he regards Eve with an amused twitch of his lips. Letting out a chuckle, he shakes his head and moves to kiss her on the cheek. "You are so fabulous, you know that?" And then he grins, putting the Marvel vs Capcom down and taking out Soul Calibur. "But I'm afraid Sophitia is no match for my Seung Mina." Grinning widely, his eyes shining with enthusiasm, El slides the game into the console to boot it up.
Eve Eve laughs as she plops herself down on a couch, pulling her feet up on the seat so that her chin rests on her knees. She holds the controller as if she is very familiar with it and her gaze shifts to Elliott, a grin on her lips. "Oh, you have no idea what you're in for, Mister." She scoots closer to him when he sits down as well, close enough to feel his body heat, but not quite touching.
Elliott     Elliott sits and takes a moment while the game comes up to familiarize himself with the buttons. "Then I guess you'll just have to show me." He turns his head to the side to glance at Eve, flashing a toothy smile before looking at the game. As the character selection comes up, it takes El a moment, despite his original choice, hovering out a few choices. "Hmmm. Seung Mina or Kilik?" He arches a brow, grins, and then hits the select button on Seung. "She has a better costume."
Eve "Happy to." Eve says, grinning as the game comes up on the screen. She immediately selects Sophitia and hunkers down a little bit. "This is going to be SO much fun!" She chirps, hitting the button to start.
Elliott     After scanning through the weapons, Elliott lets out a sound of mock-disappointment and shakes his head. "No broomstick? We need to play to get her joke weapon." He smirks in amusement as he chooses another weapon and gets ready to play. As the fight begins, his grin fades into a concentrated expression, mouth open and the tip of his tongue touching his upper lip.
Eve Eve taps the joystick like she's done this a hundred times before. She bounces as each hit connects and then growls softly when Elliott's character strikes back. She leans in, her hair falling in her face a bit, as a grin curves her lips. "Oh we will." She responds, giving Elliott a quick glance. "We'll play with them all!"
Elliott     Elliott's fingers move over the buttons quickly as he gets into the game, chuckling in his enjoyment. Shaking his head at his mistakes, murmuring, "All right, I think I got it," only to end in a grunt. "Ow," he says on a laugh as Seung's health bar drops to zero. With round two, El manages a success at special move and lifts an elbow to nudge Eve lightly. "You see that?" He grins at her.
Eve Eve laughs happily and she glances over at Elliott, a dimpled grin on her face. "Oh it's so on." She says, turning to gaze at the television, and setting another game to begin. She shifts on the couch and leans in, her eyes slightly narrowed.
Elliott     Elliott grins, controlling Seung and jabbing out with her weapon to follow with a knee or a sweeping kick. Shooting a glance at Eve, El grins, "Make a wager?" he asks, glancing back to the screen. "If I win..." He cuts off for a second as he exhales, jumping backward with his character and wincing at the strike. "Uh. I get to choose what we do next date," he decides.
Eve Eve gazes over at Elliott and her eyes narrow as she senses an easy victory. "You're on." She says, a grin on her face. "If I win though, we go for a short trip to Paradise Islands, and we take a real vacation, with bathing suits and good food."
Elliott     Arching a brow, Elliott glances over at Eve again, and then quickly back at the TV when Seung is knocked down. Grimacing, he pushes buttons to get back up, taking a hit and lashing out at Sophitia. "How far are these islands?" he asks curiously. He lifts his arms up as he turns move the joystick and presses the button, but winces as round one goes to Eve. "Fail," he lets out on a laugh as he shakes his head.
Eve Eve giggles and bounces on the couch, looking quite pleased with herself. "They're a few hours out from the coat." She says, mashing on the buttons like a madwoman as she tries to keep ahead. She *really* wants to go back to the islands. "C'mon Sophitia, help a girl out here!"
Elliott     Elliott lets out a hearty laugh as he moves Seung around, but while stealing glances at Eve. Flashing teeth as he gives an impish smile, he moves an arm to wrap around Eve and tickle her side, while setting the controller in his lap and trying to perform a jump dash single-handedly. "Would I be expected to swim?"
Eve "Not if you don't want to, but I'll wear a bikini..a skimpy one." Eve says, wiggling her eyebrows at Elliott for a second before she leans back into the game. When he tickles her she drops the controller and makes a panicky squeak before she reaches down to snag it. "Cheat!" She calls out, laughing as Sophitia bops Seung right on the head. "Hah!"
Elliott     Elliott simply laughs, amused as he sets the controller beside him. "You caught me," he says as he hangs his head playfully. "I cheated. Will you forgive me?" he says with the corner of his mouth twisting mirthfully. Keeping his arm around her, he shifts so that he's facing her complete with one leg tucked under him. "Honestly, the water makes me a little nervous, but if you promise not to let me drown?" he says playfully, his smile hiding the worry behind it.
Eve "I'll keep you safe." Eve promises, and to show her forgiveness she leans in, pressing her lips to his gently. "We won't go anywhere deeper than our knees, but we'll sit in the sand, have fancy umbrella drinks and resort food." She lets out a soft sigh and grins. "We'll also do a lot of shopping."
Elliott     Elliott lifts a hand to rest it against her cheek, thumb stroking her jaw as he leans into her kiss. His piercing blue eyes focus on her as he smiles, angling his head a little as his fingers trail behind one of her ears. "Aren't those drinks kind of fruity?" he comments, screwing up his nose and mouth as he shakes his head. "What about," he says, considering as his lips curve, "taking a dip in the water once the sun goes down."
Eve "Are you talking about skinny dipping?" Eve says, an impish look on her face. "Maybe we can arrange something." She says, scooting closer to Elliott until their legs are touching. She leans in for another kiss, her cheeks pink as she adds. "I mean, there are pools there as well, I think."
Elliott     Elliott arches a brow and inclines his head as he ponders. "Er-" His lips twitch and he lets out a quiet chuckle. "You said it, not me," he states with a grin. His mouth moves against hers as he moves into the kiss, simply murmuring a wordless, 'mhm,' in response to there being pools. There are more interesting things on his mind than pools and swimming at the moment, bringing both his hands around to frame her face, bringing his mouth to meet hers again.
Eve Eve nuzzles her cheek against Elliott's and then her eye catch the time on a clock. "Oh..I'm never going to be up in time for work!" She fusses, getting to her feet and gathering her things. "I can't believe I forgot the time!" She gazes at Elliott as she dithers, moving her weight from foot to foot. "I..uhm..can we go out again soon?"
Elliott     Elliott's head turns a fraction, his gaze flicking towards the clock as he lets out a sigh. Reaching out for Eve to bring her hand to his mouth, he kisses it before letting her go. "I think that's doable," he says, teeth flashing in a charming smile.
Eve "Good, I missed you while you were gone, and I want to make up for lost time." Eve says, darting forward to kiss Elliott on the cheek. "Be careful on your way home, these streets are a bit dangerous at night."
Elliott     "Sorry, I'll try not to be too easy to miss," Elliott says with an amused quirk of his lips. He reaches out, attempting to pull her close for one more kiss before he sighs. "No need to worry about me," he assures her. He ponders briefly before offering, "I'll take you out to lunch so we can spend some more time together," he suggests. He lifts his hands to traces fingers against her cheek. "Goodnight."