Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma It's a fairly early morning, the sun has risen and luckily the day is nice. One can already feel the heat rising, the endless blue sky giving no reprieve from the bright hot sun.

Luckily the balcony is shaded some, and so the rays don't hit directly on any there. And the ever so slight breeze makes it a little more comfortable.

Sitting in a chair is Emma, she looks tired, as if she didn't sleep well. Wearing a baggy top, a mans top, and a pair of shorts, a hand idly runs through her long red hair, smoothing it out some. Sitting on his doggy bed is Shaemus. He seems content there, chewing on a bone enjoying the day while his master contemplates and sips some tea.
Elliott     So Elliott has wandered off onto his own to explore the house, looking around curiously and checking out the place. If he's hoping to find anything - or anyone - in particular, well... That would just be an added benefit to his explorations. Having made his way up the stairs, walking along the hall, his gaze curiously peeks past open doorways until his interest takes him to the balcony. Not passing on the opportunity to check it out, the door opens and El peeks his head outside before his gaze falls first on the dog, gaining a nervous look even as he flicks a faint smile out. "Hiya, big guy," Elliott murmurs out, drawing in a breath and venturing a little further out onto the balcony. His light blue eyes trail towards the owner of the dog, El hanging back a little as he lets out softly, "Emma," he greets.
Emma Her phone goes off, one of those fancy knew ones. Emma lifts it, reads over the message and then puts it down, ignoring it from there on out. Drawing forth some tea from her cup, the familar tastes bring her back, briefly, to an earlier time. It's a peaceful spot to be in, until one is yanked from it by a man who has been marked with displeasure. Shaemus woofs to Elliott, then goes back to chewing on the bone. Meanwhile his master looks over to him, hesitant to say anything, knowing full well whay his job is, and knowing her drinking binge is likely no secret it takes a moment to bring around a hesitant smile.

"E - Elliott, c - care t - to sit?" The lass offers with a motion to chair, she may not trust him but that doesn't meant she can be rude.
Elliott     Elliott hesitates a fraction, his gaze returning to the dog briefly as his lips twist uncertainly. When his gaze moves back to Emma, he offers out a warm smile. "Er-- Thank you," he replies with a dip of his head. He doesn't exactly sit, but he does move closer to her, hanging briefly on silence as he regards her thoughtfully. Then a sigh escapes from him, head bowing as he glances briefly down to the floor, wetting his lips with a flick of his tongue as he looks back up. He inches his way to the seat and sits so he's close by. "How're you holding up?" He offers out a faint, but warm smile.
Emma Gently her tea cup is put down, perhaps in anticipation. Knowing, or believing, that Elliott will likely try to get into her mind, Emma seems to just stare at the mirky liquid, contempating the question. How is she holding up? Slowly the redhead lifts her gaze and looks his way, there is plenty of reason to believe that if she said she was over the moon great that he'd not believe it. So there is a shrug, eyes looking away and this time over the view before them, seeing the rays of the hot sun against the trees.

"I - I am ge - gettin' on. Y - Yerself?" She asks mildly, keeping her reply as neutral as she can.
Elliott     Elliott lowers his head a fraction, his eyes shifting briefly away from her toward the railing. A quick thought runs through his head, but he smiles and looks back to Emma curiously as he tilts his head questioningly. With an arch of a brow, he lets out a thoughtful, 'hmm,' bobbing his head in acknowledgement. Considering for a second, El says commendably, "Well you've definitely proven you've got more strength than I do." He shrugs lightly as one corner of his lips curve, and then turns his head to look away while he takes a moment to just think. He speaks up all of a sudden when he abruptly glances back to Emma. "Emma, who have you talked to about how you're feeling?" He draws in a breath and adds in, "You know, to vent when things get tough?"
Emma That draws her attention, her grey-green gaze had moved to fix on Elliott when he commends her 'strength'. To Emma, drinking away pain isn't all to strong, it's an escape more then anything, a way to avoid. Her gaze suggests she doesn't believe him, with a lift of her brow the look is never less than questioning. "W - what a - all do ya - ya know?" Because she hasn't told him much, and to her it seems someone is talking.

Looking away then, to Shaemus, who just chews on his bone happily, the redhead nods to her faithful companion, saying that he has been her talking board. Then, a delicate hand grabs her teacup, lifting it for a small sip.
Elliott     Then there's El who, well, did /much/ worse for less. His sharp blue eyes study her as a brow arches, giving a tilt of his head as he shrugs lightly upon catching her look. "You /know/ I weak I was," he murmurs, turning his gaze to the dog. Then a look to Emma, another back to the dog as his eyebrows expressively knit together. The moment of confusion lasts until he understands, mimicking a silent, "Oh," with his mouth as he nods. "At least you always have a companion to keep you company," he says with a warm smile. He moves his gaze back to Emma, lets out a breath and shifts in his seat to find a more comfortable position, relaxing back, trying to appear cool. "Very little," he answers and falls silent while he thinks, uncomfortable and worried. A hand lifts as he flicks his wrist in a gesture and eventually he says, "Emma. There's better ways to deal with your emotions than drinking." There. He got that out. "There are people who care about you. If you could open up to just one of those people..." He frowns as he considers, and leans forward again with his forearms in his lap. Leaning a little further, he stretches out a welcoming hand to her with both brows lifting.