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Eve Eve is sat in front of the large television, huge bowl of popcorn in hand and several bottles of soda sitting beside her. She is dressed in ratty gray sweats and a large oversized t-shirt. She flips through the channels at random, stopping here or there to watch something for a few minutes before she's back to flipping. When a show starts, she sings along with the theme song before she changes the channel, giggling to herself. Must be her night off.
Maxim Maxim didn't have a night off. Well, he sort of has one off now that Esa has taken over caring for Emma. But Max heads by the living room as he hears the TV running, and slips in to look about. As he sees Eve he smiles and offers a bow. "Greetings."
Eve "Max!" Eve says, patting the couch beside her. "How are you doing tonight, did you think more on the problem you were having?" She scoops up some popcorn and shoves it in her mouth, not apparently worried about looking ladylike. "Do you watch television much?"
Maxim A slight shrug for the first question is followed by a shake of the head for the second. Max moves to sit by her, his shirt seems cleaner than the rest of his clothing, like he just changed it. "I do not. I never grew up watching it, so I usually draw instead." He looks at the screen though and asks, "What, do you like to watch?"
Eve "I used to watch my mother's television show, she's a chef." Eve says gesturing towards the set. "Right now though, anything I can get my hands on." She scoots closer to Maxim and sets down the popcorn bowl. "I made some popcorn, a little sweet and spicy. Anyway, right now I'm watching this show called ..Jeopardy. Where they answer questions that are hard and get paid for it. I would do horrible on one of these things."
Maxim Maxim looks at the popcorn. He reaches to have some and says, "A chef? Someone who cooks?" He starts to much on the popcorn, a pensive look as he does so. Looking at the show he says, "I do not know any of these questions. Why do they call them answers?"
Eve "Mostly because the way Americans do anything is strange." Eve confides in Maxim. She changes the channel to Law and Order and the theme music sets her to humming again. "My mother cooks on television, that's how I learned how to cook." She digs out another handful of the popcorn. "I really enjoy cooking, and I don't get to do it nearly often enough."
Maxim Maxim hmms as he listens to her talk about her mother and cooking. He watches the show, and eyes her as she hums the music, curious a bit. He asks after a bit, "What kind of things do you like to cook? I like lots of food since discovering how good it can be."
Eve Eve tilts her head to the side as she considers her answer carefully. "My favorite thing to cook is different version of american chinese food. It's so gooey and bad for you, but it tastes so good." She crosses a leg over the other and taps her fingers on her knee. "I like spanish foods, and I can cook swedish foods, but..I've been eating them all my life, I crave something new and different."
Maxim Maxim hmms and chews some more popcorn. He swallows and then says, "New is good. I try new stuff all the time. I like cinnamon rolls best still though." His coin slips out into his other hand, flipping over the fingers as he occasionally looks at the TV but keeps focusing his attention mostly on her.
Eve "Cinnamon rolls? I can make you some if you like." Eve apparently had a lot of soda because she bounces up on her knees and continues to bounce on the couch, sending some of the popcorn in the bowl flying. "Cinnamon has the best smell, and cinnamon buns's a pretty amazing thing."
Maxim Maxim nods in agreement at the baking. He smiles as she bounces, especially as she spills some of the popcorn. Max carefully works at picking pieces that fell in their lap off and eating those. "That would be wonderful Eve. I really enjoy them." He glances back at the TV and asks, "What is this show about?"
Eve Eve glances back at the television and slumps back down into a relaxed pose before she answers. "It's called Law and Order and it's about people who get in trouble, get arrested and what happens to them." She grins over at Maxim and shrugs. "My Dad wanted me to be a Lawyer before I went to school, I'm fairly certain I've disappointed him, but he doesn't show it."
Maxim Maxim blinks a bit at that. "Why would you disappoint him? You help people. That is important." He looks at the show and says, "They do a lot of talking about someone who kills someone." He finishes picking popcorn up between them, one piece on her leg, and then does something rather un-Max like. He lays back some upon the couch.
Eve Eve reaches out to get another handful of popcorn as she watches Max relax. "Well, as he would say, he invested a lot into me and I should have at least given the thing that he wanted for me a chance. I did, in my eyes, I took several law classes and I didn't like it." She pulls her feet up on the couch and shrugs as she crunches on her popcorn. "To be honest with you, I always wanted to be a teacher. Or a policewoman."
Maxim There's a discernible shiver at the mention of a teacher. Still Max just nods and moves to have another piece of popcorn. "Protecting people is good. I enjoy protecting all of you... Even if I do not feel I have been very successful."
Eve Eve catches the shiver and her bottom lip catches between her teeth for a moment while she tries to figure out how to rectify her mistake. She reaches out to take Maxim's hand and squeezes it slightly. "I think you're doing a fine job, and you're a pleasure to be around. You're a very good person, Max." She grins slightly, and adds. "I'm going to make you cinnamon buns for breakfast tomorrow."
Maxim Maxim smiles at that and squeezes her hand. Then he does something very uncharacteristic. He slips his hand back a moment and then slips his glove off, returning it there so she can feel his hand without the glove. "I would like that. Thank you Eve." He thinks a moment and adds, "You are a pleasure to be around as well."
Eve "Thank you, I try really hard. All of these zombies and other scary things can be.." Eve stares off for a moment and then she sighs. "This is ..not an easy thing to work with." She squeezes his hand and then takes another handful of popcorn. "You should come out with Elliott and I sometime, we have fun and I think you'd enjoy it."
Maxim His hand is calloused, but only slightly, his glove keeping his hands much softer than they otherwise would be. His thumb brushes against her hand and he says, "That would be nice. What do you and Elliott like to do?" The zombies aren't mentioned, he doesn't seem to have anything constructive to add in that regard.
Eve "Lately? Kiss, I think." Eve says, her cheeks going pink. "We went to the theatre, and have done a few other things. He's a really nice guy, but I have a bit of a feeling that he's hiding something from me." She sighs and shakes her head. "Can't be that bad, I hope, I just wish he'd talk to me about it."
Maxim Maxim blinks a bit. "I see." He shrugs and goes back to looking at the TV. "Elliott seems nice. I am sure it will be alright." He grows a bit pensive at that.
Eve Eve gazes at her knees and finally the pink in her cheeks seems to go away a bit. "He is really nice, and if he turns out to be a bungler, I can get you to bodyguard me from him." She snorts and shakes her head. "I don't know, you think you're bad at relationships, I think I'm worse. I had a horrible time of it when I was younger."
Maxim Maxim hmms and shrugs. "If he hurt you I would end him." He says it matter-of-factly, like one was taking out the trash. At the mention of relationships he raises a brow. "How so? You seems confident, you are nice, you do things for people. How could that be bad?" He rubs her hand with his thumb some more, if he noticed the pink he doesn't comment and spares her any teasing.
Eve "I graduated from school early and I was in college with people five or six years older than I was." Eve says, a frown on her face. "I didn't have any boyfriends until after I graduated and I wouldn't tell them what level of Uni I was in." She shakes her head and squeezes Maxim's hand. "I was pretty awkward for a while."
Maxim A shrug is given and Max says, "I was with people three years older than I. And I did have Katya... she was over fifteen years my senior. But... I suppose that was different." He thinks a moment and adds, "I cannot imagine you awkward."
Eve Eve chuckles softly and shakes her head. "Braces, kinky hair and tall and gangly. I wasn't awkward, I was...horrible." She changes the channel again and an old movie is on the television. "I always wished to be pretty back then, and it seemed like it would never happen."
Elliott     Elliott has just gotten back into town tonight. Freshly cleaned up from the trip, he's out and walking, and thinking. Mind thinking about work on top of trying to think of something entertaining and relaxing to do. Of course, El has always been a social person, so the idea had already been on the mind even if it was only in the back of his head. A paper bag - smelling delicious - in hand, Elliott steps up to the front door to give a knock. Someone ought to be interested in hanging out...
Maxim Hearing the knock, Max slips his glove back on and goes to check. He turns back through and says to Eve, "Beauty is more than how you look. It is what you do, what you are completely. I do not think you had to worry too much." With that he's gone, replaced by the originator of that knock as perhaps he had to take care of something.
Eve Eve watches as Maxim goes to answer the door and after a few minutes of him not returning she gazes back at the television. She changes the channel again and digs into the popcorn, humming along to another theme song on the television.
Elliott     Elliott is thrilled when Maxim opens the door, greeting the man amiably, but disappointed when he has to go off. Now that he's let in, El cranes his head a little as he listens to the noise of the television, using that a guide as he steps in the direction of the living room. El is silent as he peeks into the room, but hangs back as he lifts to fingers to rap on the side of the threshold when he pauses. Just a brief moment of considering before he goes ahead and knocks on the side to announce his presence, the paper bag crinkling as he shifts it in his hand. "Doughnuts?"
Eve Eve perks and turns to gaze over the back of the couch where she spots Elliott. A happy smile brightens her face and she jumps up, moving to hug the other man warmly before she pulls him further into the room. "You brought doughnuts? You're a savior." She stands on her tiptoes for a moment, gazing out into the hall. "Where did Max go?" She asks , settling back down on the couch as a movie plays in the background.
Elliott     A grin crosses Elliott's face when Eve turns around to look over the couch. "Hello, gorgeous," he lets out, both eyebrows rising briefly. He moves his head to the side as he looks past Eve for a second, looking at the sofa to see if anyone else is there. "I figured," he responds as he brings his attention back onto Eve, "if I brought doughnuts it wouldn't go to waste." He grins and lets out a chuckle. His arm snakes around behind Eve as she guides him to the couch. "He had to duck out," El answers. The opening of the bag is tilted towards Eve as he offers it out to her. "How've you been?"
Eve "I've been well, for the most part. Busy a bit." Eve says, taking the bag from Elliott and digging out a doughnut. "I've been missing you a bit, how have you been?" She asks, turning to gaze at him while she nibbles on her doughnut. "Things have been a bit..crazy here, if we're being honest. Esa showing up out of the blue, Emma has been drinking..."
Elliott     "Keeping busy," is Elliott's own answer. The corner of his mouth twitches a little as he moves his shoulders. He frowns at the mention of Emma drinking, turning his head to look over the couch as he thinks on that. With a small shake of his head, he glances back with a sympathetic, "Sorry. Is Emma around?" he asks, arching a single brow. His smile grows a little as he tilts his head somewhat, his pale blue eyes locking on Eve. "Missed me, did you? Yea, I can have that effect on people," he says teasingly as his smile twists in his humour.
Eve Eve grins at Elliott and rolls her eyes teasingly. "I did miss you, thought about you for quite a few evenings." She says, pursing her lips slightly. "I think she's sleeping, and Esa is with her."
Elliott     Elliott's smile drops as he nods his head more solemnly at the answer about Emma. Nothing more is said on that, and his smile returns, the amusement flickering in his eyes as he leans his shoulder coolly against the back of the sofa, arm lifted to act as a pillow for his head. "Ohh, was I in your thoughts?" he says with a devilish smile. "What kind of thoughts exactly?" he says suggestively. "Do share." He winks, a chuckle escaping him as he shakes his head light-heartedly.
Eve Eve puts her face in her hands and her shoulders shake as she laughs silently. When she finally looks up she glances at Elliott and instead of giving him words, she simply winks at him. "If I told you what they were about, you'd think differently of me, so I'll keep that to myself for now." She rubs at her face for a moment, but her cheeks are still slightly pink. She pulls out another doughnut and takes a small bite.
Elliott     A fainter smile settles on Elliott's lips as his eyes lock on Eve, regarding her as she laughs. His smile tugs out a bit, widening when she looks up, but for a good moment El simply studies her silently. Then he lets out a sigh, shifts so that his back leans against the back of the couch. He shakes his head - back of his head rolling against the cushion - as he lets out a chuckle. "Blimey, I missed talking with you. " Head turned to the side as he looks to Eve, El gives her a charming little smile. He blinks a couple of times, slowly, his head resting against the back of the sofa reminding him about how tired he was. "So do you want to come out with me tomorrow? Find something fun to do?"