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Emma It's a warm evening now, and one would see the clear sky if it wasn't for the horrible thick fog that wraps around the city. You can barely see through it, and there is the added feeling of humidity in the air to, everything is damp, in a unkind sort of way.

The TerraSave house is a little quiet - in that, many aren't home. But for once Emma is. The lass is in the kitchen, rummaging through cupboards, pulling out boxes, looking for something to snack on.
    Stumbling back some, there is a curse, her half empty bottle of scotch nearly took a tumble off the counter! Lucky she saved herself from alcohol abuse, having caught the bottle. In cheers to herself for her amazing not so coherent snag a drink from the bottle is taken as she a delicate hand grabs for a bag of chips.
Maxim It's been tough keeping an eye on Emma. In a way though it's been easier since she's been drinking in that she's not as fast, but it's worse cause before normally she'd just always be at work. Still, Max is home, because Emma is. Crazy bombers, Umbrella, and others might be seemingly on hiatus, but Max has missed being there for her, and he refuses to not be there again. So home he is, though he makes his way to the kitchen. Maybe he heard the flub and cursing, or maybe he was hungry, but whatever reason he peeks in through the doorway.
Esa Stepping inside the house and heading through the from living room was a familiar face. A ghost perhaps would be the better term as he has been missing for two months and only a select few even knew he was back.

He gives a wave to Maxim and walks up alongside him, stopping at the entry way as he does. The sight he sees causes a frown to cross his lips; the drunken stupor that she was in. He sighs, head shaking.
Emma Her phone is on the counter, Emma stumbles back against the counter, ripping open the bag of chips. But first, another drink!

Putting the bottle down with a thunk she reaches into the bag and pulls out some chips, but while doing so senses eyes on her. Looking up to the doorway Maxim is seen, and then Esa. Her jaw drops, but so does the bag of chips, her hand left mid air with a handful of chips in them.
Maxim A frown is given. "You will crumble those." Maxim moves into the kitchen to carefully pick up the bag, unless she beats him too it. He's half expecting though she's still fixated on Esa. Setting the bag on the counter he says, "I should probably let you both speak." With that he starts to head back toward the door. Unless they need a mediator he's probably feeling like a third wheel at the moment.
Esa Esa was dress in a black trench coat that hung over a black shirt, pants and combat boot. It is a different look for the man that normally wore more color to his attire. His hands were sunk in his pant pockets, eyes affixed on Emma.

The facial features were still contorted in a frown, eyes glancing briefly to Maxim "So. This is how she's been since I went missing?" He questions as Maxim moves to grab the bag of chips. "No, no, stay Maxim. It's alright." He says warmly even as a frown still sits on his face.
Emma The chips are forgotten, And the ones in her hand get put on the counter with a crunch, small chip pieces now everywhere. With a stumble she goes to walk up to Esa, unsure on what to think. It's him, but, not? A hand lifts, he gets a poke to the chest. But feeling flesh and realizing it isn't some delusion eyes widen. "H - holy shit." Says the lass quietly, half drunkenly.
Maxim A look back and forth, made easier as she closes the gap. Max offers a bow and says simply in response to Esa, "As you wish." His coin slips out and starts its movement.
Esa The finger presses against cloth and flesh. His eyes look down at the finger, then to her eyes; gazing into them. "So, you've resorted to drinking." He finally says, eyes looking to the bottle. "Here I thought I would find the home, office and here turned into a war room. Posters, maps ..." He shrug "Instead, drinking." He repeats, eyes finally looking to hers.
Emma Cheeks go red, and not just because of the booze. "Wh - what?" Now the lass looks heartbroken, and steps back. "I - what?" What just happened, it's like he cut her open. "I - I was lookin', e - every trail went cold. An' - an' I am a - a doctor, I knew wh - what radiation does." Looking and shaking her head, a hand runs through her hair. "H - here I hear from my friend y - yer 'round instead of from - from ya." Her grey-green eyes look up to him, fixed on him. "N - nice ta - ta be tha las ta know that. Th - thank ya for makin' me so - so important."
Esa A brow quirks upward as she speaks. His hand reaches out from his pocket to her face, brushing the backend gently against her cheek as he steps closer. "All I could think about was you when I was there.. First person I sought out after being released yesterday from the FBC was you. I went to your office, the house and last place was here.. Where I ran into Maxim and Eve." He replies quietly. "Not sure who you heard from that said I was around, but they honestly should've waited."
Maxim Maxim blinks and raises a brow at Esa's comment. he seems a bit confused. "You told me to tell her I saw you. Someone else already had but I should have waited instead?" He looks back and forth to them both, and shifts uncomfortably putting weight on his back foot as he leans back against one of the counters.
Emma A delicate hand comes up to touch his hand. Briefly, there is a smile, until Maxim speaks up. That quick smile is gone, replaced by a frown, the not so sober lass looking to him, and then Esa, totally confused. Her stance even has a wobble to it. "Wh - where?" Asks the redhead, a hiccup following that. "H - how lon - long have yo - you been back?" It seems like everyone but her knew!
Esa "No, no Maxim. I didn't mind you saying something to her.. After all, I was unable to find her yesterday." He says, looking to him as he speaks. Looking back to Emma, he sighs "I've been detained for eight days at the FBC base; they ran a series of tests and I was not allowed to contact anyone." He tells her quietly. "I was released yesterday and spent the better part of the day searching for you. All my stuff is still detained. I ran into Maxim and Eve last night." He adds, his hand taking hers and interlaces his fingers with hers.
Maxim Another frown, but Max just flips his coin over his fingers. He shifts his weight to his other foot, starting to do it back and forth, the discomfort showing. He doesn't know what to feel really about it as he looks at Emma. And so he stays quiet, flipping his coin letting them speak.
Emma Emma, in her wobbily drunken state looks down to Esa's hand as it takes hers, staring at it. For a moment, eyes fix on Maxim then move back down to the hand. "I - I s - see." Another wobble, her free hand reaches for her bottle to take, nearly falling to the side whilee doing so.
Esa Esa looks from Emma to Maxim, then back "Is everything okay?" He asks. He gently lets her hand go, taking up the bottle quickly as he steps around her. He doesn't seem to limp as he does this. "You really do not need this." He says quietly as he steps back some.
Maxim Maxim tightens up as Emma starts to slip, though it'd be impressive for him to reach Emma if she were to fall before Esa he seemed ready to do so. A hand rests upon the counter though as it's nearly, and she doesn't actually fall, Esa seeming to have things in hand, at least where the booze is concerned. He takes a breath and finally says softly, "Perhaps she wished to forget." He says no further however, and goes back to the coin, this time flipping to the other hand to continue it's movements.
Emma Esa has snatched up the booze before she could get to it. And it makes Emma frown. Wobbling and leaning against the counter when Maxim speaks there is a frown, the lass proceeding to hang her head.

"I - I am a - a black hole wh - where misery and disaster go - goes." When looking up, eyes are fixed on Esa. The lack of the limp isn't noticed, after all things are likely double and unsteady in her vision. "Y - yer n - not safe 'round me, I - I am bad - bad luck to all." At that, the lasa goes to grab for the bottle.
Esa Looking to Maxim, his brow raises "Forget what?" Esa asks before looking back to Emma. He dodges her grab, turning for the sink and pops open the bottle. The liquid is swiftly poured down the drain before looking back to her. "Bad luck, black hole of misery and disaster?" He states with a blink. "Not sure how you've come to those conclusions, nothing bad has happened to you since your arrival to Bolivar; except for that deranged lunatic that bombed the Terrasave office. And he wasn't even targeting you, just the building and company itself."
Maxim There's a tenseness that starts again as Esa grabs the drink and starts to pour it out. Maybe he's scenes like this play out before. Maybe he's worried of something else. Maybe he really has to take a pee. Whatever the reason the coin stops, held between two fingers as his eyes narrow and he watches the two closely.
Emma Not because she is weak but more because the room is spinning, and that's due to the booze. So Emma watches Esa do this with a frown, actually it's never left. More like the frown has become fixed to her. Holding her head up - barely at that, a heavy, weight bearing sigh escapes the redhead.

"Si - since Raccoon, th - there is hell. I - I try ta - ta run, it - it follows, n - never a break. P - people get hurt, I - I get hurt. N - nobody sh - should be 'round me, I'm a - a beacon of bad luck."
Esa Setting the bottle down, Esa rolls his eyes and sighs. "You are not bad luck, Emma." He states calmly as he walks back over to her. "What happened to me was my own doing; I chose to go into that room to save the day. But, I am better and healthier." He notes calmly. "And not ever incident that happens to your friends or to Terrasave is instantly your fault. That I'm aware of, you've only been targeted twice, and kidnapped once." He adds in thought, glancing to her before looking to the cupboard. "You should sober up; drink water and some food. No more alcohol." He adds, looking to Maxim before glancing back to Emma.
Maxim Looking between the two he frowns again, and moves over to her. As Esa mentions the no more booze he looks to Emma, not sure if she's on board with that. He says to her softly, "My nightmares were long before I met you Emma. They have been much better since meeting you. You judge yourself too harshly."
Emma "Y - yeah, right." Emma doesn't believe him. "H - hell breaks out around me, m - more than others." There seems to be little room for her mind to change, the young, beautiful Scottish lass has slipped into a depression, has turned inward and shoots herself down now. But after all that's happened, is it so crazy to think that at one point to repetitive hell wouldn't consume her?

For a second those grey-green eyes fix on Maxim, in disbelief, she then looks to Esa when he states her need of being sober. Lifting a hand to object, it stops mid way then goes to her stomach. Skin pales, the redhead lurches forward, suddenly hurling all over the agents shoes.
Esa As the puke is vomited up, Esa takes a few steps back and frowns. "All the more reason for you to sober up." He says with a sigh. "Lets get you upstairs to the shower and then you can sleep off this drunken state." He adds with some sympathy.
Maxim Missing the vomit, since he wasn't the one with the unfortunate task of being standing in front of her, Max blinks as he looks down. Muscle memory kept his boots from the same fate. As Esa speaks of cleaning her up he frowns and looks at her, then the floor. He says finally, "If... If you wish to help with her I will clean up here."
Emma This is -beyond- embarrassing. Emma's face is red, from hurling and doing it in front of them and being drunk and having ate little. To steady herself a hand goes to the counter, needs wobbling some. Refusing to look at them, that delicate hand on the counter slides to the paper towel, going to grab it but instead knocks it over so it rolls away some. Grabbing the end it's pulled, more rolling out as the lass, less than gracefully, goes to her knees.

"I - I, c - can clean this." It's her mess, right? The rolls eventually drops to the floor, the thick unraveled part falling dead centre in the pile of vomit she made on the floor.
Esa Esa looks to Maxim slightly as the bodyguard frowns after he had talked about cleaning her up. He is pulled back to the moment as Emma attempts to clean her mess up and shakes his head.

Bending down, he smiles "Come on love, off to the shower. We'll get this cleaned up." He says, hand extending out to her.
Maxim Maxim is not allowing her the chance to argue. Crouching down, Max effortlessly reaches down to scoop her up into his arms and stand with her, unless there's fighting on her part he'll simply say, "It is alright Emma. First, we will get you clean, then you can help around here later. For now, to your room." Maxim has proclaimed it, thus it has been proclaimed! He'll let Esa follow but unless he's stopped he's ready to go with her.
Esa Esa wasn't too fond of the idea of Maxim taking her in his arms as he had done. Nonetheless, he follows Them to her bedroom. Upon entry, he pauses and looks to him "Just set her on the bed, and I will assist her from here." He replies quietly.
Maxim The trip to the bedroom is quick, Max moving quietly like normal. He glances down at her as he does, but as they get inside and Esa speaks he pauses from moving further. Looking back to him, he then looks back to her and says finally to him, "As you wish." He lays her down gently upon the bed. Fingers move to slip some strands of her hair off of her face, and he says softly to her, "I am here if you need me," before moving to stand.
Emma Laid on the bed, Emma gives Maxim a quick thankful smile, but then curls up into a ball a little. She has forgotten about that expensive bottle of scotch that Esa dumped down the drain. For a second she lays there letting the world spin and wibble-wobble, her stomach feeling much the same.

After a few minutes of staring into space she looks to Esa, managing a little focus. "H - how a - are ya - ya alive?" She isn't focused on herself at the moment.
Esa Taking a moment to adjust to the layout of the room, Esa finds her some clothes - sweat pants, a shirt he swears belongs to him and lingerie. Turning, he walks over to her bathroom and sets the items inside, turns on the water to a point of cold and warm before coming back out. "Come." He whispers, leaning forward with hand extended to help her up "Shower and talk." he adds, smiling.
Maxim Maxim offers a bow and heads to the door. "I will be near. Call out if you need me." Things seem well in hand so he moves to slip out and give them some privacy to speak.
Emma "Th - thank ya." Emma musters to Maxim, before he is gone.

As he is gone, she looks to Esa and then stands, falling back on the bed once and then getting back up, stumbing to the washroom, hearing the shower going. "O - ooh kay." The lass musters, leaning againat the wall a moment. "I - I th - thought you died."
Esa Esa helps her to the washroom slowly, yet steadily. "Me too." He replies casually, sighing. "But.. PITE saved me." He notes calmly as he continues to lead her. "Not sure how, but the symptoms went away. As for why they saved me.. I don't know, I just know that afterwards a doctor whisked me away, claiming I wasn't safe. Next thing I knew, I was with FBC."
Emma The water runs, but Emma for this moment is focused on the story. "PITE?" All the more confused- the being drunk part not helping, she stares at Esa a moment. "N - not safe?"
Esa "Yeah.. I don't know, but suddenly she was saying that PITE was hunting her and I. Why? Hell if I know." He sighs. "Alright, strip.. it'll be better that way instead of getting all the clothes wet." With him being so close, it's hard not to notice that he isn't limping or showing any signs of radiation burns or poisoning. He was in perfect health.
Emma "S - strip?" Confused a second, she blinks, then realizes, shower! So, a hand comes up to gently push him out of the washroom, but not without a ungraceful stumble. A girl needs some privacy, right? "I - c - can I r - run tests on - on you?"
Esa "Emm's, it's best I stay in here.. In case you slip. You are still pretty drunk." Esa replies as she tries to push him out. "You can I suppose; FBC has done the same."
Emma Emma nods a little, her mind is to mucked up to even think straight right now. Yeah she could fall, but that isn't on her mind. Still the idea of a shower is good, so she shrugs.

"St - step out wh - while I - I get in? Then ya - ya can come back." Maybe she also wants to throw up one more time but not in front or on anyone.
Esa Esa nods slowly and steps out, waiting on her to climb inside before heading back in.
Emma After he had left, Emma would have closed the door, after that, the turning stomch within her was delt with. After that, she had hopped into the shower, but not before opening the door just a crack to say she is in.
From behind the curtain, she'd call out. "A - are ya - ya still be - bein' hunted?"
Esa "No, not that I am aware of." Esa replies as he walks back inside the bathroom. "As far as I know, they aren't looking for us anymore. The good doctor is under the protection of the FBC." He notes with a sigh.