Umbrella Surveillance System
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Maxim It's been quiet. After the bombings and the sub incident it seems there hasn't been much activity from Rebels or Umbrella. Still, Max tries to stay vigilant, and part of that is staying in shape. And as such he's down in the basement workout area, training on the practice mat. He's dressed as normal, not in any special practice attire, but he's a flurry of movement. Circular movement, his body shifting direction constantly, his hands a blur as he moves through various kata of some type of martial art, something similar to krav maga perhaps, efficient, brutal, yet with an elegance of grace characteristic of the big man. Occasionally there's a flash of metal in his hand as he strikes out, then it's quickly gone again, hidden back upon his person before one can get a good look. Determination furrows upon his brow as he moves, along with the beading of sweat, the oppressive heat from outside only slightly abated indoors.
Eve Eve walks down into the basement, where she catches sight of Maxim. Hungry for company she walks over to where he is working out and takes a seat on the floor. "So tell me how you're doing?" She asks, a friendly smile on her face. "Hopefully fun adventures."
Maxim As he hears someone come down the steps, Maxim slows up, and as she sits down and asks her question he pauses his movements, and tilts his head, regarding her. He opens his mouth to answer her, then closes it. How is he indeed? "Confused. But... Overall I am alright." He lightly kneels down before Eve, back straight and asks, "And you?"
Eve "Confused?" Eve says, a slight frown on her face as she gazes at Maxim. "Is everything all right or did something happen?" She says, shifting to cross her legs indian style. "I'm glad you're all right otherwise, but can I help with your confusion?"
Maxim The coin makes it's way out to his hand, flipping over his fingers today on his right hand as he kneels there. "I... I have only loved one person. I am not always good with.. feelings. Something happened, and now, I do not know what to make of it." He shrugs slightly, his breathing remarkably calm for someone who was working out, the sweat still showing otherwise is the case.
Eve Eve gazes up at Maxim, a slight frown on her face. "You're in love with someone?" She asks, her head tilting slightly as she watches him with the coin. "Is that a bad thing? I thought it would be a good thing."
Maxim "No. Yes... No, not... It is not the same." Max flips the coin to his other hand, then takes the now free hand to run fingers through his hair, brushing some strands back, loose strands from where it's tied back sticking around the backs of his cheeks. It's in a tail instead of in a bun, the rest of it tied back but resting down his back. "Something happened recently. And I thought it might lead to those feelings. But... it feels they did not even wish to speak to me. Now I wonder if I did something wrong..." He is kneeling upon a practice mat, across from Eve, who's cross legged sitting opposite him. He's not breathing hard but from the sweat upon his brow he possibly was working out.
Eve "Why don't you tell me the story, about what happened, and maybe I can help you sort through it." Eve murmurs, getting to her feet and moving closer to her friend. She takes a seat near him and pats him gnetly on the arm. "I'd like to help you if I can, because that is what friends are for."
Esa Stepping down the set of stairs with barely a heard footfall is someone thought to be dead or missing or perhaps both. Favoring a black leather trench coat, black short sleeve shirt and jeans with black combat boots is none other than Esa Collins. He says nothing for now, his hands dug inside of his pant pockets, eyes taking in the pair quietly.
Maxim A sigh, and Max says, "It started with just giving someone a back rub." But then silent or not the steps, there's movement. Max's eyes track to someone dressed, eerily enough similar to himself, which brokers a wonder if there's a fashion trend that's started, if Max even knew what fashion was. The coin in his left hand stops, and stays held between index and middle finger as he says simply to Esa, "Greetings." His head tilts as he takes the man in, perhaps scrutinizing how he looks, and adds, matter of factly, "You have been missing." Whatever story he had planned for Eve is forgotten for the moment.
Eve Eve glances towaords the stairs and gets to her feet when she spots Esa. "Where did you come from, are you okay? What happened to you?" She fires off in rapid succession. She blinks, and turns to gaze at Maxim, wanting to hear more of his story, but wanting to know what happened to Esa as well."
Esa Smiling gently to Eve, he shrugs "PITE kidnapped me. I was handed off by a someone to FBC." He tells her simply, walking further into the room toward the couch. It's to be noted there is no limp as he walks; despite the dire situation he was in medically (terminal by radiation), he appears to show no outward signs of radiation poisoning now. "Please, continue Maxim." He says with a smile.
Maxim A raise of his brow as he looks over Esa some more. He looks to Eve, to see if she has anymore questions for Esa before he continues.
Eve Eve opens her mouth to say more to Esa but after a moment her brow furrows and she turns back to Maxim. "Please go on, I can ..confer with Esa later about what happened to him. I'm sure I'll be needing to write out reports in any case."
Esa Esa smiles to Eve before looking back to Maxim calmly as he sits on the couch; leg propping up on a knee with ease.
Maxim A blink as he looks to Esa another moment. He probably has questions as well, but instead he looks to Eve, and continues. A breath, and he says, "She was feeling better, but then she started to...rub against me..." He swallows and looks away a moment, then adds, "It felt...good. And we kept making each other feel good." He fidgets some, the coin going back to it's path across his fingers, and he continues further. "But after the... several times that night and the next morning she seemed to avoid me, and we have not even spoken about it really." He furrows his brow. "I had never...not even with Katya... Perhaps I did something wrong?"
Eve "Well sweetheart, you might need to talk to her about it." Eve murmurs, rubbing Maxim's back gently as she speaks. "Maybe she's worried that you weren't happy or ..well it could be so many things. Girls don't always talk about why something upsets them or makes them nervous." She tilts her head and smiles at Maxim. "If she likes you's fixable, you know?"
Esa Eyes glance from Maxim as he speaks to Eve as she answers. He doesn't speak up at the moment, rather continues to listen; though curious as to whom the mystery girl was.
Maxim Maxim blinks as Eve mentions what might or might not be the case. He shrugs lightly. "I just... perhaps things like feelings and closeness are not good for me. The only person who really understood me was Katya. There are just some people that are better to be with others." He looks to Esa and asks at that, "Have you seen Emma yet?"
Eve "I think you just need to find someone who is willing to try to understand you, go slow, and build a connection." Eve says, leaning in to give Maxim a gentle hug. "I have faith that you might find someone else who will at least try, you know?"
Esa "No, I have not. She was not home or at the office." Esa replies to Maxim lightly after Eve spoke. "And Eve is right, you will find someone that you will connect with and build a lasting relationship with." He notes with a soft smile.
Maxim Maxim a hmm and a nod at Esa's statement. "If she is not at the office, she is probably at the arcade. I was going to go to her shortly after my practice." There's the briefest of frowns in regards to that but he quickly recovers. He looks to Eve and slips the coin back to wherever hiding spot it has. "Thank you Eve. I will... think about it."
Eve "You're welcome to talk to me anytime, Max, about anything." Eve murmurs, getting to her feet and holding out a hand to pull Maxim up. "I want to be here for you if you need me, we are friends, right?" She says with a smile.
Esa Standing up, Esa notes the frown and hmm quietly. Taking in a breath, he smiles to both, saying "I should head home for now. I suppose I'll either find her there, or perhaps that arcade I suppose." He notes before looking to Eve. "We can chat tomorrow about my ordeal? Over lunch perhaps?"
Maxim Weight shifting forward, Max's toes curl under, and leaning back lightly as he takes Eve's hand the man stands effortlessly. "Thank you Eve. I appreciate it. Of course we are friends." He smiles as Eve mentions that, and offers a bow of his head to Esa. "If I see her and you do not, do you wish for me to give her a message?"
Eve "If you've got time, sure." Eve replies, offering Esa a smile. "I have some information for you anyways, it's probably time sensitive." She pulls her jacket closer to her skin and sighs. "I'm going to go for a walk, I think." She pats Max on the arm and rests a hand on Esa's shoulder before she climbs the steps and leaves.
Esa "Just tell her that you saw me. I need to get a phone as I lost mine a while ago." He replies to Maxim. Looking to Eve, he nods "Tomorrow then, lunch. We'll talk and you can tell me about this information." Looking back to Maxim, he nods before turning and follows Eve up the stairs.