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Eve The Bazaar is thumping and full of people. Music, food, bartering and some shady things go on in every corner. The darkness is split by colorful hanging lanterns and the night, while balmy, is not very humid.

Eve is in the middle of a crowd, dancing with a group of women. They're all laughing and plainly having a good time. The blonde stands out like a flower among weeds, her blonde hair almost singular in the crowd. The girls are dancing close, hips moving and laughter coming freely.

Men are gathered and dancing, and hooting and cheering. It's a good night!
Maxim One man has noticed said blonde, but also because she's a familiar face. Max is there, but he's just been people watching, and looking about at the various places that food is at. He weaves through the crowd, somehow navigating it without drawing too much attention, a difficult thing to do for the big man dressed in black. But eventually he pauses the food browsing to make his way by Eve. She seems to be having fun so instead of announcing his presence he just stays close and watches the dance until noticed, body swaying to the beat but not dancing along per se.
Eve Eve bends over laughing at something one of the women murmured close to her ear. When she comes up she spots Max right away. Most of the people here are dressed in bright colors so the black stands out. She offers him a rather large smile, dimples showing as she rests a hand on one of the women's shoulder and moves towards the large man. When she reaches him she pats him on the arm, a happy look on her face. "I bet you came for the food!" She says, a little louder than her usualy calm tones. The noise here requires one to speak up a bit. "You have to try these kebabs that some woman made, they're amazing!" She begins to gently tug at Max, pulling him towards the food she mentioned.
Maxim Maxim smiles as Eve smiles, the smile being infectious. As she tugs on his arm he follows along, not protesting at all. "Kebabs?" He speaks a little louder as well, but he looks to where they're headed, where she's leading him, sniffing the air some as he weaves through the people behind Eve, somehow moving a little left or right to the beat to get by without shoving or causing too much of a disturbance.
Eve They reach the stall and Eve digs in her pocket and purchases four kebabs, handing Maxim two. They're made with lamb and a quite a bit of veggies. She bites into hers as she pulls him towards some tables where people are settled down eating and conversing. It's a bit quieter away from the large speakers and the music. She settles into a seat and continues to nibble on her food as she gazes at Maxim. "So how are you doing today?"
Maxim Maxim looks at the kebabs, he almost doesn't know which one to eat first. After a bit he takes a bite, and mmms. Seems he approves, moreso than the cream cheese bagel from before. "I am well. These are good. And you? You seem to have picked up their dance fairly well." He goes back to eating though, indeed the man is led by his stomach.
Eve Eve leans forward, taking a break from nibbling on her food. "I love to dance." She says, her cheeks flushed still. She glances back towards the women dancing and she smiles as she turns back to study Maxim for a moment or two. "The community here is pretty welcoming, those women were so nice." She nibbles a bit on her kebab before she adds. "I hope this bazaar is open a lot, it will be nice to get out and about...fresh air, good company and decent food."
Maxim Maxim nods as he looks back to where she was dancing with the others. He swallows and pauses from stuffing his face to say, "It is good. We should come here more often, yes." He looks about at the various people moving around and adds, "It is... very busy. Maybe Emma would like to try it." He shrugs, maybe not too sure, but figured it would be worth a shot.
Eve "She would have to want to." Eve says, propping her chin in her palm. "What she is doing isn't healthy, she's closing herself off to love and understanding and wallowing." She taps the table with her fingers as she quietly considers things. "When one wants to be unhappy, they'll usually manage it."
Maxim A nod as she speaks about what's going on. Max eats some more of the tasty food that Eve found, and looks pensive. He finally says, "I want her to be well. I will do what I can for her, but... I do not know her as well as others. But I will try." He smiles weakly and looks back to the people dancing and singing, and adds, "For now though, it is a good evening."
Eve Eve pulls her feet up on the bench and gazes at Maxim as he speaks. "Yes, this is a good evening, and I think we should bring Emma down here sometime soon so she can get into the music, food and..the people. This is intoxicating, in the best of ways."
Maxim Maxim nods at that. His bronze coin slips out and starts to flip over his fingers. "Maybe I will be able to get her down here soon. I will try." He frowns briefly, but the energy of the people and the night doesn't let it stay long, his foot starting to tap as they sit there. Looking to Eve, he smiles, the coin as well as his foot moving along his hand to the beat as the people dance.
Eve Eve gets to her feet, walks over to sit next to Maxim. She reaches out and her hand covers his for a moment as she plucks the coin away. She gazes at him, and holds out her hand, placing the coin in between her fingers and tries to mimic what she sees him doing often.
Maxim There's the briefest of tenses to his arm as she moves to take the coin. Seems that's normally not a thing for him. But Max lets her take it. As she starts to try to move it across her fingers. "Stretch them some, let the fingers move relaxed, letting the coin and gravity help." He moves to slide his hand under hers, and moves his fingers under hers to help her get the timing down.
Eve Eve looks charmed, a smile on her face as she gazes at their hands when he tries to help her manipulate the coin. "Oh, I think I see.." She says quietly, gazing up into his face before she looks back to her fingers and the coin.
Maxim Maxim smiles and nods. "It will feel strange at first, but eventually it will feel like second nature." His other hand raises and there's another coin, not bronze like that one, but what looks like a dollar denomination of some country or another, larger than a U.S. quarter but not too large to make it difficult. It's followed by a second and a third. "It was one of the first things I learned after I was taken. I have been doing it now for... a very long time."
Eve Eve watches as Maxim explains and shows off the other coins. "You're a very talented person, Max. This and your sketching? I'm a bit jealous, I can admit." She says, still trying to make the coin move like she's seen Max do, and failing almost completely. "What kind of coin do you think I should get to practice, that smaller one like you've got?"
Maxim The bronze coin in her hand is slightly larger than those and heavier she'll find as he flips one of them toward her to catch, or land in her lap if she misses. The bronze coin is tarnished, and has the symbol of the Serpents of St. Patrick on one side, and the Deaths Head upon the other. Maxim moves to slip it to his fingers instead, and says, "Please, take the other one, they are a little smaller, so they will fit your smaller fingers easier." He starts to flip the others in the air and catching them. "When you get your reflexes quicker you can catch them like this as well."
Eve Eve takes the smaller coin and she runs her fingers over the smooth coin, a smile on her face. She moves the coin like he taught her and it's slow and clumsy but she manages to make it without dropping it. She clutches the coin in her hand and bounces on her seat, whooping with laughter. "Did you see that Max? Did you? That was bloody amazing!"
Maxim Maxim smiles as she does, perhaps it's infectious. "That is good. Practice as much as you like." He slips his coin away, and rests a hand upon her shoulder briefly. Offering a squeeze, he says, "You can do anything you set your mind too Eve."
Eve "So can you, I think you can be a product of your present instead of your past too." Eve says, smiling up at Maxim. "This will keep me busy for a bit, and less bored at work, so thank you Max."
Maxim Maxim nods and smiles again. He looks out at the crowd as she mentions his predicament. "I will try my best to move foward. I will still use what I have learned to protect all of you though." He brushes the backs of his fingers over her cheek briefly as she thanks him and then rests his hand upon the seat. "Thank you Eve. It... It is good to be treated as a person."