Umbrella Surveillance System
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Elliott     Can anyone be cheerful going into a militaristic camp? Not that Elliott is /cheerful/, just... keeping his spirits high. It's all about appearance, after all, especially when you want to keep other spirits high. Besides, Elliott is focused on assisting where ever he can, and he's ready to do that. The ride over has Elliott writing in his notebook, quiet, considering, thinking over exactly how conditions are and where to start. As Coro nears, the notebook is tucked away in his bag and he lets his gaze wander out of the helicopter. His smile is warm, all of his nerves beneath the surface, looking out over the land as it draws ever near.

    When El steps out, his gaze trails around the area as he takes everything in. Letting out a breath, he turns and decides, "I guess I better find who's in charge," by way of asking where that tent might be located.
Trixie Trixie had ridden the same helo to Coro as Elliott, though the best smile she can manage is both wry and brief. Her gaze is directed through the open side doors of the aircraft, her weapon resting across her lap, secured by its one-point sling, somehow both weary and alert for any potential danger.

As the aircraft flares for landing, she stands and slings on her pack, stepping down behind Elliott. "That'll be Major Stadler. Look for the most comms antennas and you'll probably find him," she advises, raising her voice to be heard over the dying engines of the helo. After a long moment of looking, she points toward the middle of the camp and beckons to him. "This way."
Elliott     Elliott nods as he looks around, glancing at Trixie as he smiles at her. "Right." His gaze scanning the tents, trying to pick out the Major's tent before they approach, he follows Trixie. Angling his head as he looks around curiously, El wonders aloud as he turns his gaze to Trixie again. "Has anyone been able to get into the town yet?"