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Eve The last few weeks have been slow. Things in South America are settling down into a routine that Eve got used to in Paris. Each day she gets up, she schedules and attends meetings for various different oraganizations with executives who are raising money and supplies for a large group of people who need them.

When she gets some time off, she makes ample use of it. This morning finds her in the nice cafe near the house. A bagel sits on a plate on her table, smeared with cream cheese and chives. A large steaming cup of coffee sits beside it, with a newspaper nearby. She is clad in a pair of casual blue jeans and a t-shirt, taking advantage of not having to be in an office.

Sunlight streams through the window, devoid of clouds and any of the moisture that has threatened the last few days, it truly is a glorious day to be alive.
Maxim Max is taking a brief jaunt from the house to follow his nose, as he always seems to do when it comes to free time. While coffee isn't his favorite, the smell of other sweets and pastries along with spotting a familiar face brings him to the cafe. "Greetings." Max makes his way toward Eve as he looks about at the people present, and the various things at the counter.
Eve Eve smiles up at Max and gets to her feet quickly giving him a squeezing hug. "Nice to see you out and about, c'mon and have a seat. I've got eggs and bacon coming, are you hungry for some of it?" She asks, a friendly smile on her face.
Yoko Suzuki The door opens, and in walks a girl who should be familiar to the other members of TerraSave. Their computer whiz, Yoko Suzuki, has also found her way here, and she seems to be a bit on the uneasy side for some reason. She does nod to her co-workers briefly, but there's not a lot more.
Maxim Maxim hugs Eve in turn, and blinks head turning as a server brings by eggs and chorizo, he truly does let himself be lead by his nose/stomach. At her mention of bacon and eggs he nods and is about to say something when Yoko walks in. His head tilts, like a curious bird would look at something almost and then says simply, "Greetings."
Eve Eve settles back down in her chair and starts to gather food on a plate. "How has work been treating you? I know when Emma out of commission for a bit, there hasnt' been much security work going on." She takes a bite of bacon and sighs. "Still just as many meetings and the like though, I'm actually a bit overwhelmed."
Yoko Suzuki Looking to Maxim, Yoko simply says, "Hi." The look on her face indicates there's definitely something on her mind. She looks to Eve and says, "Good morning," Although the tone indicates she's trying to keep emotion from setting in. She sits down and takes out some papers, slowly thumbing through them. A frown begins to form on her face.
Maxim Maxim blinks and mentions, "I still have to watch her. I worry about her." But then Yoko is having that look about her, so Max moves to have a seat on the edge of a chair, back straight and asks her, "What is wrong?" His bronze coin slips out into his hand, flipping over his fingers as he sits there, the food actually forgotten about a moment.
Eve Eve crosses her legs and smiles over at Yoko, her head canting slightly as she takes in the woman and her mood. "Is everything okay?" She asks, her brow furrowing slightly. "If you need some help, or something is wrong, perhaps we can help."
Yoko Suzuki Looking up, Yoko tries to smile, but she shakes her head simply and says, "Oh no, that's OK. It's just some business related stuff. Really, it's fine." The smile is genuinely forced, and the tone she's taking indicates there's something going on behind the scenes that Yoko doesn't want to talk about just yet.
Maxim Maxim listens to the exchange between Yoko and Eve, and flips the coin to his other hand, letting it traverse over those fingers as he goes to pull our his notepad. "I see." He doesn't press, though he does swipe a piece of bacon to chew on while he starts to scratch upon the pad with a pencil. Looking at Eve's bagel he swallows the piece of bacon and asks her, "What is that?"
Eve "It's cream cheese and chives." Eve answers, grinning over at Maxim. She pushes her plate towards him with a smile. "Why don't you try it, my appetite isn't what it used to be. I really wanted this when I got here and now I really don't" She eyes Yoko for another moment more before she opens her newspaper back up. "So how has Emma been the last few days?"
Yoko Suzuki After ordering a cup of tea, Yoko looks to Maxim and Eve. Realizing once again they're her colleagues, she sighs and runs a hand through her hair before shaking her head a little. "I'm sorry, I've just been overwhelmed recently. After what happened to our office recently, I've been trying to compile as much information as I can. It's just the more I get, the more bizarre it becomes."
Maxim Maxim sniffs toward the plate and the cream cheese and chives, though he seems curious about the whole thing in general. Still, he picks it up, and has a small bite. Chewing, he makes a bit of a face, though he swallows after a bit. He answers, "She is still... sad. And drinking. I do not know what I can do to help." At Yoko's mention of bizarre he raises a brow. "Bizarre? How so?"
Eve "Well being sad and drinking isn't going to fix any of the problems. Nor is her thinking or believing that she's cursed." Eve says, propping her chin on her palm. "We need to find a way to snap her out of it and get her moving again. It will be good for her to work more."
Yoko Suzuki Now paying attention to the conversation, Yoko raises an eyebrow. "Wait, something's been up with Emma? I hadn't really... noticed. Then again I've been working on this information. But it's strange though. The attack literally seemed to happen without any warning or provocation."
Elliott     Elliott has never really been a runner. But, wearing comfortable slacks and a simple grey shirt, he's trying it out. His chest rises and falls as he breathes heavily, mouth opened, his hair flopping over his forehead, damp with sweat. With earbuds in his ears, listening to music, outside sound is dampened. His eyes still dance around the area though, alert and looking around. Sucking in air and breathing deep, El slows as he comes up on the cafe. The smell of coffee draws him into the coffee, pulling out the earbuds and taking out his phone to shut off the music, when he catches the voices. Familiar ones. His head lifts, glancing towards the source as he gives a friendly smile. "Oi, Max, Eve, all right?" He pauses in his approach, his gaze flicking to Yoko as he dips his head in greeting. "Hello," he offers warmly, automatically extending a hand. "I'm Elliott."
Eve Eve pushes her plate away as she nods to Yoko. "She's been depressed, and nothing we seem to be able to say or do is drawing her out of it." She exhales softly and her eyes are drawn to the door as Elliott walks in. She smiles at his greeting and then takes a big drink of orange juice. "Eventually, we'll figure out a way to get through to her though."
Maxim Attacks have happened a few times now at Emma... Times I have not been there for her." His eye twitches almost imperceptibly at that, seems it's a sore spot for the man. He goes back to scratching lightly on his pad of paper with his pencil. The door opens, and a sniff at the air causes Max's head to turn toward it. As Elliott approaches and greets people he smiles and offers, "Greetings Elliott." At the mention of Emma from Eve again he nods and moves to take another bite of Eve's bagel. Regardless of his opinion on it he appears not ready to let it go to waste.
Yoko Suzuki Shaking the man's hand, Yoko nods a little. "Yoko Suzuki. I apologize if I haven't been very visible lately, but I've just been a very busy person." She smiles a little, but then looks to Eve. "Is that so? I wonder what causd this."
Eve "She thinks she's a curse." Eve's hands come up as she shrugs and she looks a bit upset as she frowns slightly. "She may need a leave of absence or something, I'm not sure this is something she can just get over. She may need professional help."
Elliott     Elliott dips his head as his lips curve in a welcoming smile at Yoko. "A pleasure to meet you," he states cordially. As his gaze shifts to Eve, his teeth flashes as his smile brightens, but as he looks around at the faces and catches the topic, his cheerfulness shrinks a bit. His head turns, following his gaze away from the trio as his brows wrinkle with concern, withdrawing some. "Er-" He lets out, lifting his chin as he hopes to appear more confident than he feels. "I'm just going to grab some coffee," he excuses himself politely, gesturing toward the counter. As he turns, El frowns as he gives a small shake of his head.
Maxim Maxim frowns and nods at that. "She has been upset ever since..." He lets that go, especially as he never heard all the details. Instead he says, "I am trying to be there for her, but..." But there's not much Max can do, being.. well.. Max. He nods to Elliott as the man goes for coffee.
Yoko Suzuki "I don't believe in curses personally," Yoko replies after sipping her tea. "There might be something going on mentally. I definitely think she should seek professional help."
Eve Eve reaches out to gently pat Maxim's hand a slight smile on her face. "I'm sure you're doing your best, and I'm sure it's helping in its own way." She takes another drink of her orange juice, her eyes on Elliott as he moves to get some coffee. "I don't believe in curses either, but something has to give. It has to give soon."
Elliott     Elliott's got no desire to enter into that particular conversation. He orders his coffee and waits at the counter for it, stepping to the side as he pushes a hand through his hair. After receiving his cup and saying his thanks, he takes a drink right there, letting out an 'mmm' of delight. Slowly, hesitant, but trying to act casual, he leaves the counter and is once again nearing the table where Yoko, Eve, and Maxim are. He'll give a smile for his return, but he keeps his silence, staying out of the conversation and certainly not interrupting.
Maxim Maxim thinks a moment. "One of the Uchitel' said that curses are only effective if the target believes in it." He smiles at Eve as she squeezes his hand, the coin pausing for that, then continuing the movement after she stops. Looking at all the coffee, after a moment Maxim asks, "Do they have cocoa here?" A less depressing topic, and something much better tasting (at least for Max).
Yoko Suzuki Yoko is about to talk again when her cell phone rings. "Yoko Suzuki." A pause as she listens. "Yes." Then she widens her eyes. "What?" She stands up and puts her papers back into her folder, before putting them into her knapsack and zipping it shut. "I'm on my way now!" Yoko sets down money for her tea and a tip as well before looking to the others. "I have something to take care of, please excuse me!"
Elliott     Elliott takes another drink from his cup, his gaze passing over everyone's faces. Resting his hip against the table right next to theirs, El shifts a bit uncomfortably as he considers. While he's toying with what to say in his head, he hmms as he looks towards Maxim. Shooting a glance toward the counter, Elliott chuckles and clears his throat before speaking. "Oh, I'm sure you can get a hot cocoa," he voices. His gaze slips toward Yoko as her phone rings, studying her quietly and rising from the table immediately when she announces her dismissal. Bowing a head to her before she departs, he then returns to leaning on the edge of the second table.
Maxim Maxim excuses himself for a moment. He does grab the rest of that bagel he started to eat and munches on it as he heads up to the counter. Yes if anything Max doesn't waste food. Still as he's up to the counter speaking (or trying to) with the Barrista there he starts pointing to different things. Is the lady behind the counter flirting with him? Flirting is probably difficult with a language barrier, but the large plate of various sweets that accompanies the hot cocoa, which has the smell of cinnamon and maybe chili in it can be smelled as Max seems to be getting a variety of things like a kid in a candy store would.
Eve Eve gets to her feet, making her way to Elliott. "Are you okay?" She asks quietly, checking to make sure nobody is standing too close. "You look like you swallowed some bad eggs or something." She gently rubs her hand on his back, but stays back enough not to invade his personal space by much.
Elliott     When Maxim steps away to order, and with Yoko having departed, Elliott's gaze locks on Eve. His mouth curves into a pleasant smile, arching a single brow. With only them left at the table for the moment, El doesn't let the opportunity pass itself by. He stands from the edge of the table, noticing at that moment that Eve stands, as well. His lips twitch in amusement as he shakes his head, and meets her between the table and her seat. "Just worried as well for Emma," he answers openly. Sweeping an arm around her in a one armed hug, he tips his head and lowers his voice. "I'm going to do all I can to help her, but if I could have your help with that, I think that would go a long way." He turns his head to glance towards the counter and to Maxim, keeping his arm around Eve's waist unless she moves away.
Eve Eve stays close to Elliott, and she automatically fights the smile that threatens to surface when she's near him. She pitches her voice low and she quietly answers him. "I can help you with that, a bit. I'm not terribly sure what you want me to do though." She gazes at Maxim at the counter and then she gives Elliott a kiss on the cheek. "Maybe we can get her to meet with us in her office in the next day or two?"
Maxim And then Maxim is coming back....with food. With lots of food. Cup of cocoa in one hand, his other sets down a plate with Alafajores, Beijinho de Coco, Quindim ,and Tawa Tawas. Yes the man has an insufferable sweet tooth it seems. Amazing he can keep his figure. He looks at the two, head tilting slightly, brow raising he asks, "Am I.. interrupting?" The very astute might take note that the receipt on the plate has what looks like a phone number written upon it.
Elliott     The volume of his voice low, Elliott answers back, "I really just need you to talk with her." And then Maxim is walking over, cutting El off from elaborating further. Again, the subject of Emma isn't what he wants to be talking about with too many ears around. Hell, it kills him that he's pretty sure he's the worst person for the job, but at least he's going to try. Elliott's sharp gaze is on Maxim as he approaches, offering a, "Welcome back." Instead of removing his arm from Eve with Maxim's return however, instead he moves around behind her, his other arm joining the other to make a circle around her waist. "Have an admirer, Max?" he queries with an amused twist of his lips.
Eve Eve eyes the number as well, an amused smile making her dimples show. "It sure looks like he does." She says, pressing her lips together to try to stifle a giggle. "Also, is this what a growing boy has to eat?" She asks, her head tilted slightly to the side as she reaches out to grab a piece of food from his tray.
Maxim A blink as the mention of an admirer is said. "Admirer? I do not understand. She just noticed I do not speak the language well, and offered to... tutor me." He Looks to Eve and Elliott, and as they got tight lipped he kind of fidgits.
Elliott     Elliott's gaze trails towards the counter as a single brow lifts, and then back to Maxim with a quirk of his lips. "Tutor," he says, amused. "Tutoring could be... fun." This is said in a very insinuating way. With the topic off of Emma, El's merriment has returned along with his humour. Giving a little shrug of his shoulders, he hmms as he thinks, and then says, "You have your eye on anyone, mate?"
Maxim Maxim blinks a bit as he mentions tutoring being fun, then the other question. "Instruction was not fun growing up. I do not know if I would like it. And I have my eyes on everyone, all the time. It is important to keep track of everyone in a room, you cannot be too careful one of them is there for purposes... you will not like." Yep, if there's one constant, it's that innuendo and double entendre are lost on the man.
Elliott     Elliott fights back a chuckle as he lets out a simple, 'hmm.' "Right," he lets out simply as he brushes it off. For now. He nods at the mention of keeping track of everyone, and El sobers, considering. "How long have you been security for TerraSave?" he asks curiously.
Maxim Maxim thinks about that a moment. "Not too long. I was signed on before we left Paris." He pops one of the sweet treats into his mouth, chewing. He slides the plate over in case Elliott wants one, and then sips some cocoa to wash it down. Whatever he was putting on his notepad before he goes back to with his other hand, something to occupy it instead of his bronze coin apparently. When he's done swallowing he asks, "Why do you ask?"
Elliott     Elliott nods as he considers, eyebrows wrinkling as he gives this some thought. A sigh escapes him, regarding Maxim coolly, and then glances around the cafe before looking back to Max. "I assume you'd notice if someone was behaving... peculiar around TerraSave?" he asks, his voice dipping low as he inches closer to Maxim. Then, with a gesture toward the food, says lightly, "You think you could get this to go so we could talk somewhere less public?" Said as he also plucks one of the desserts for himself.
Maxim Maxim blinks a bit at that. "I... might? I am perceptive on how people carry themselves, not as good with... What they are feeling always." He frowns at that, but then moves to pick up the plate. "I will see if they have a container." With that he moves back to the counter, and the woman at the counter is more than helpful with boxing those items up for him. He puts some money in her hand for a tip, which the amount must be met with surprise, perhaps it was overly generous. Regardless Max heads back with the boxes of treat and asks Elliott, "Where would you like to go?"
Elliott     Elliott lets out a breath as Maxim agrees and steps a way to get a container. Pocketing his hands into his slacks, El takes a moment of silence to contemplate, dipping his head. He's decided that Maxim would be a good person to let know though, and so he lifts his head and glances over to the man, gesturing at the door as he moves over to wait at the exit. Elliott's voice is low as Max returns, his expression focused. "It's rather important. Anywhere we can be sure we won't be overheard?"
Maxim Maxim hmms and taps his chin a moment with his free hand. He scoops up his notepad and tucks it in his coat, then says, "The house? The basement is padded some for sound. Or my room would have more privacy, but we would need to be more quiet I think." He moves to pick up his cocoa with his hand now that it's free of his notepad and gives a shrug. Apparently those are the only ideas that come to mind.
Elliott     Elliott considers these options as he opens the door, stepping out and holding the door open for Maxim to follow, glancing back at him. "The TerraSave house? Hrm." Letting out a sigh, he gives a shake of his head. "I think it better if we keep it away from TerraSave buildings. You'll understand," he adds. "I'm sure if we walk, we'll find some place suitable."
Maxim Maxim nods and moves to the door. He reaches out with the one holding the cocoa and manages to open it with two fingers, rather impressive that he didn't spill it all over, and holds it for him. "You are that worried someone would spy on my room?" He raises a brow at that, but shrugs and allows Elliott to depart first. "Wherever you think is suitable."