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Eve Eve has been busy, there is a lot going on in the TerraSave offices in general. It's been stressful and she needed a day to decompress. After a short walk and a change of clothing she found her way to the arcade where she simply walks around, for now, watching others shove quarters into machines and drink beer. She was never really great at video games but maybe tonight she'd get a little better at them.
Trixie Trixie, on leave and dressed more or less well for the disgusting climate of Bolivar, had wandered into the arcade perhaps ten minutes ago, in search of air conditioning and possibly something to drink. Somewhat new to the idea of arcades of this size, she has been trying her luck at an ancient Skee-Ball machine that is likely almost twice her age. She seems to have gotten the hang of the game, if her occasional excited hops and exclamations are any indication. She has gathered a modest collection of tickets and onlookers as well; the former are generally gathered up, folded along their creases, and tucked into the waistband of her miniskirt, while the latter are generally ignored unless they draw attention to themselves.
Eve Eve spots Trixie and her coterie as she slowly meanders around the arcade and lets herself be drawn into the loud craziness for lack of anything else going on in the arcade. She has never tried Skee-Ball so she eyes the game and the player with interest while men and a few women shove each other to get space to watch. A shout comes from another part of the arcade when someone wins big and a few hoots can be heard from the dance game. Eve ignores all of that though as she watches the scene here.
Trixie Trixie stoops halfway, knees and back bent almost like a bowler, and gives the ball an underhand toss that sends it gliding up the felted alley toward the ramp with a muted rumble, unwittingly causing several onlookers to echo her stance, eyes wide and mouths slack, resembling nothing so much as goldfish. It's hard to tell whether they are paying more attention to the bowler or the ball. As the ball hits the ramp and arcs upward toward the target holes, Trixie's eyes get wider and wider... until it drops into the 50-point hole. A near-perfect throw!

"YESSS!!!" the girl cries, leaping in the air and kicking her feet up at the knees, one fist stabbing straight over her head in victory. Some of the onlookers join in with their own celebrations, while most of the goldfish-imitators keep right on staring.
Eve Eve fights the urge to jump up and down as well, but all that charm school training keeps her on solid ground (for now). She does clap though, and her dimples are showing from the smile on her face. She leans forward slightly and now that she understands the game, the claps are coming at the proper time. A lot of tickets are piling out of the machine and one of the inebrieated women on the other side of Trixie has a hand reaching out to snatch them. "Hey, keep your hands to yourself!" Eve calls out, her finger pointing to the woman in question.
Trixie Trixie glances over at the unexpected exclamation so close at hand, first noting the speaker (Eve), and then the would-be thief. "No! Non!" she snaps, dropping a hand to the string of tickets and tearing them off just a bare instant before the would-be thief can snatch them. Giving her a glare for a moment, she deftly folds the tickets into a packet and tucks them into the front waistband of her skirt, next to six or seven more such packets of tickets.

She gives Even an appreciative smile. "Thank you so much! Muchas gracias!" And then she gets a better look, and her eyes and smile grow wider. "Hey! What are /you/ doing so far from Paris?" she exclaims, and hugs Eve ecstatically.
Eve Eve returns the hug, a happy look on her face. "I go where the bigwigs in TerraSave send me." She gestures around with a slender hand and chuckles softly. "Apparently there is a lot of aid work to do down here, and people to look after." She gazes at the game and then back to Trixie. "How are you all doing down here, I heard that Mister Collins is missing, I've been trying to find traces of information in cyberspace with no real luck." She frowns and shakes her head. "Have any of you been having better luck?"
Trixie "I can believe that... this place is one big mudpie of murder, misery, and mosquitoes," Trixie says, her smile fading noticeably. She gives Eva another, tighter hug, trembling for a moment. It's a longer moment yet before she can release her. "Nothing. If the intel boys know anything, they're not telling us. What few sources I can scratch up don't seem to know anything. I just hope he's all right, wherever he is..."
Eve "If there is anything I can do to help Trixie, let me know. I may not be a soldier, but I've experience a bit of a limited capacity, but ..I can do *something*." Eve murmurs as she squeezes Trixie rubbing at her back to help ease the distress a little. "Did you finally get some time off to at least destress a bit?" She gestures at the game briefly and adds. "I was actually going to come to your base at some point, I had a few ideas to possibly get better press for your crew."
Trixie "Thank you. Thank you so much..." Trixie says, nearly in a whisper, soothed a little by the back rubbing. As Eve draws back, one of the packets of tickets falls out of Trixie's waistband and plops to the floor. Trixie doesn't seem to notice, at least for the moment. "I just don't know how you could help, except by talking to the intel people. This is their field, really."

She manages a hint of a smile. "That's why I'm here. We've been camped on the edge of a city the government's put under siege for half of forever. All we do is wait, swat mosquitoes, and watch the Bolivar Army try to sober up. And maybe shoot snipers the Army was too drunk to notice sneaking by. Any time away from that dump is a good time."
Eve Eve furrows her brow and after a moment she wraps an arm around Trixie's waist. "I imagine that your intel department is very good, but another pair of hands might be useful." She exhales softly and then continues. "We're planning a fundraiser for some of the cities that don't have the basic essentials. There will be media present, and if you all are involved, I'm sure it will be mentioned."
Trixie "Maybe I can get you in touch with them. I can't promise anything, though. This was Agent Collins' strong suit..." Trixie says, her voice trailing off as the arm is wrapped around her waist. It seems to restore her confidence a little. "I guess the good publicity can't hurt, but I really don't know how much it will help. Even the refugees we rescued think what happened to their city is all our fault. I'm so tired of being blamed for things we haven't done... or maybe just not knowing what the right hand is doing."

The would-be ticket thief of a moment before is eyeing the packet of tickets lying almost between Trixie's feet, as if evaluating how hard it would be to snatch them up...
Eve "It can't hurt. I can do whatever I can to give you guys a boost. I'm not a publicist but I'm pretty good at spinning something if it's necessary." Eve says softly, her eyes on the ticket thief. She gazes down at what the woman is staring at and she moves her foot to step on the tickets. "Go find your own bloody tickets you daft slag." She says, a fair amount of bite in her tone. She glances at Trixie and shakes her head, a slightly sheepish smile on her face. "I think you dropped something."
Trixie "Anything could help," Trixie begins to say, then winces at the retort aimed at the drunk woman, glancing at Eve in astonishment. Following her gaze, she blushes slightly, noting the tickets she'd inadvertently lost. "Looks like it," she admits softly. She starts to crouch to recover them, then remembers Eve's arm around her waist. "Um..."
Eve Eve releases Trixie and kneels, keeping her legs together like a lady and swipes the tickets off the floor. She holds them out for a moment and then an impish smile curves her lips up and instead she steps closer and tucks the tickets into Trixie's waistband with the others. "Don't mind my ..french.." That does elicit a giggle before she continues. "I have a bit of a pottymouth when I get peeved." She pauses for a moment and then glances around, realizing that they have an audience and the men are hooting now. "Oh dear.." She murmurs before she offers Trixie a wry grin. "Sorry."
Trixie "Trust me, it's no problem. Besides, I didn't understand half of it." Trixie watches Eve retrieve the tickets, blushing faintly as they are slipped into her waistband. At the hoots from the onlookers, she sticks her tongue out in their general direction, then impulsively kisses Eve's cheek. "No apology needed... I don't care what they think," she replies, with a reassuring smile. "Besides, you may be a little cheeky, but I like your kind of cheeky. Reminds me of me."
Eve Eve turns when Trixie kisses her cheek, causing her to give the woman a slight buss on the lips. She rolls her eyes at the hoots and shrugs a shoulder. "I stopped caring what others thought of me a very long time ago. You can't work in some businesses if you've thin skin." She gazes at the tickets for a few moments and then smiles at Trixie. "So what are you going to get with your treasure trove of tickets there?"
Trixie "Makes me wonder how much longer I'll be able to take working for the F.B.C., honestly. Being blamed for things I've had no part of is really starting to get to me," Trixie murmurs, blushing at the brush of lips against hers. "Dunno... I'd have to see what they have. I think I've got a hundred or more here... I haven't counted them yet."
Eve "I heard they have interesting prizes, this being an adult arcade and all." Eve grins as she starts to walk, taking Trixie away from the crowd of slightly drunk men and women who were watching the game. As they get closer ot the prize counter, the blonde woman pauses and gazes at Trixie. "If you ever do get out, and you're looking for something to do. I'm certain we could find you work at TerraSave. There are many ways to save the world. Many ways to help people in need.
Trixie "Hmmmmm... sounds like the prize counter is going to be interesting, then," Trixie murmurs, with an impish little smile, following Eve away from the crowd. The invitation is met with a small, uncertain smile that somehow manages to be grateful as well. "I would definitely look you all up. I'm a better fighter than a talker, but I don't think I can keep fighting for these people much longer. Too much secrecy, too much abuse, and too much getting blamed for everything. I'm tired of getting kicked around for things other people did."
Eve Eve raises both eyebrows briefly as she gazes at Trixie. "It's a shame how people twist things in the media and blames a whole group for the actions of a few." She shakes her head slowly and lets out a soft sigh. "You know our reputation, right? A bunch of hippies trying to plant trees and spread love. Do I look like a hippy?" She chuckles and gestures with her hand. "I, and the rest of our crew, work hard to leave behind that reputation. I think we're managing it, and I think the FBC's reputation can be repaired as well. It will just take a lot of work." She smiles at Trixie and leans in slightly, her voice lowering. "You would find a place with us, and you would likely be a lot less stressed out."
Trixie "It's not wholly unfounded... just since I got here, I've learned that there may be other F.B.C. personnel here, doing things we know nothing about. Or maybe it was just that rogue jerk who tried to rob your aid station a while back," Trixie replies, in a lower voice. "We rescued some people from a town that had gone to the groaners a month or so back. I talked to one of the refugees and she totally accused me and my coworkers of turning her friends and family into zombies... she saw a man in F.B.C. uniform and carrying some kind of medical kit a few weeks or so before, giving injections to the townspeople and 'messing with the town's water supply', or so she said. I'm never going to forget the way she looked at me when she saw my F.B.C. patch... I mean /never, seriously/," she says, shaking her head and sweeping her long ponytails back behind her shoulders with her hands. "I believe you. I can't see how things can get any worse where I am... I just know they can, and I totally don't want to find out how, or how much."
Eve Eve nods as Trixie speaks, more than slightly concerend by what she was hearing. "I hadn't known how bad it has gotten." She says, rubbing along Trixie's back again. "I will ask around, see what I can find out to try to help you folk out, you deserve it because I know that most of you do good work." She comes to a stop near the prize center and adds. "Most people would realize that too, if they tried. Just because a group has a name and works as a group doesn't mean that the entire group is all working towards the same end. Some people do bad things, some others do all good. Sometimes we just do what we can. It's a hard life, military."
Trixie "I'd be very, very grateful for anything you can find. Esa was working on that angle, but he disappeared before he told me if he'd found out anything," Trixie says softly, idly eyeing the prize counter. "It's the kind of life I don't think I'm cut out for. I know we're not all drones committing atrocities and you know it, too... but most people just associate an organization as a whole with whatever scandal about them has just come up. It's amazingly frustrating. Not that the F.B.C. doesn't totally deserve some of it, since it tries to keep /everything/ secret, knowing damned well that a little misinformation about those secrets can cause them to blow up in their faces. And it totally has, repeatedly. You can't walk five feet without tripping over a F.B.C. scandal."
Eve "I'll talk to Emma when she's feeling better then." Eve says, offering Trixie a smile. "Maybe we can get down to business on finding Esa as well. I've had most of our security folks doing some digging. Some have a hacking background like I do, but we've come up completely empty so far. I can look into getting you out instead, maybe we'll have better luck with that." She taps the prize counter with two slender fingers. "See anything you like?"
Trixie "Another thing Esa offered to do. I may take you up on it. Just don't dig yourself into trouble for my sake. Please. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you over me," Trixie replies sadly, giving Eve a quick little hug. Her eyes roam to the counter, finally lingering on a brightly-colored plush parrot. "Hmm..." she murmurs, plucking a packet of tickets from her waistband and unfolding them to count them. "That parrot is cute... and I think I have enough."
Eve "I am pretty well protected." Eve murmurs, offering Trixie what she hopes is a reassuring smile. She gazes at the parrot and tilts her head slightly to the side as she takes in it's colors. "I think that will suit you." She finally responds, smiling at the woman standing near her. "Bright, and smart...and a bit flashy."
Trixie "If I was smart, I'd've gotten out of the Guard on a psych ticket when I had the chance instead of going regular Army and getting yanked into the F.B.C. by Lord-knows-who... didn't volunteer, wasn't even asked. Just got handed a set of orders one day and that was that," Trixie replies wryly, with a weary smirk to match. She continues to count tickets as she adds, "Given what happened to your building, that may not be enough. The best defense is for your enemy to never even notice you."
Eve "Emma thinks she's a curse." Eve says, shaking her head with a frown on her face. "I don't think she makes the best decisions all the time, but cursed? Likely not." She leans against the prize counter and sighs. "I don't think we're noticed very much, to be honest, and when we are it's not for ..strong things. They're for good things, but not strong things." She brings both shoulders up in a quick shrug. "I've seen the results though, and they're worth the shit talk and the occasional set backs." She glances at Trixie and grins. "I think you would be a fine addition to our team, I've seen you go into situations where most would scratch their head and come up with something brilliant."
Trixie "I couldn't call Emma curse even as a joke! That's just... it's totally ridiculous! Seriously! Name me even /one/ other woman in her position who has accomplished half so much in the same amount of time!" Trixie replies, exasperatedly. "I don't know if I could /begin/ to give her advice, but I've got an itch to talk to her. She /so/ needs her head set on straight, before she gives up and goes to work in a damned Denny's or something equally stupid."

She passes over all but a handful of her tickets and points to the parrot. "Maybe, but mostly I just make noise. Even my field solutions are just simple stuff anyone could do. I mean, how creative is using a grenade launcher to cook the car a goon's hiding behind 'cause he totally won't come out of cover? Not very."
Eve "Making noise can be useful, especially in a group where noise is one of the only weapons we have." Eve says, gazing at the parrot with interest. "So yeah, talk to Emma. She'll enjoy a visit from a friend, maybe you can get her out of this slump she's in. We don't seem to be having any impact."
Trixie "Maybe. If the noise is kickin' dance music and stadium cheers and chants, I'm your girl. If it's speeches and negotiating, you need someone smarter and less loud," Trixie replies wryly. Her smile returns as she notices Eve looking at the parrot plushie, and she gently hands it over to her. "They sure make these pretty, don't they?" she muses.
Eve Eve handles the parrot, turning it over and gazing at it. "It's very pretty." She says, her gaze moving to Trixie as a grin appears on her face. She hands the parrot back and leans in a bit. "I think you are a lot smarter than you think you are. If you decide you want to go TerraSave, you let me know."
Trixie "Believe me, you'll totally be the /first/ to know... unless it's Emma. But she's the /only/ exception to that," Trixie replies, with a grin. On a whim, she passes the parrot back to Eve, giving her a quick little hug in the process. "He's yours... take good care of him," she says warmly. "I can always go back to the Skee-Ball lanes and win me another one. And I plan to before the night's over. Want to watch? Maybe keep ticket thieves off my back?"
Eve "Sure." Eve says, a smile on her face as she hugs Trixie back. She tucks the parrot in her arm and follows the woman as she makes her way back to the games. "I honestly didn't think that this city would offer so much. I've been happily surprised."