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Emma It's late, super late. A time when most would be sleeping. But Emma is not. The hallway is a little dark, but, still she is trying to make her way to her room. Which is not working. There is a crash, then a curse.
Tabitha Tabitha , laid low with some virus over the last couple of weeks, now is hit with the sudden energy of Wellness once more. Footsteps, then her door opens, a paperback in her hand "Dresden Files" it seems. The light from within spills into the hallway. Tabitha gazes about, spotting the figure. The paperback bounces on the floor about the time Tabitha moves to the figures side. "Emma?", she asks softly
Emma Something is said in Gaelic, Emma stands and thunks against the wall. There is the smell of alcohol on her, her hair is a bit if a mess. "A - aye." She slurs in her Scottish accent. "Ju - just tryin' ta - ta get ta my room. It's l - lost? Di - did it run away?"
Tabitha Tabitha slips beneath Emma's arm, snuggling her waist and stands to give Emma some support. "They had to move it so they could mop. It's over here..", doing her best to guide Emma over to her room.." Tabitha struggles a bit with the door, pausing to lean against it. It takes her a bit to realize what she's feeling. At first, Tabitha thought for some reason she couldn't 'feel' Emma. Now she seems to realize her beacon of a lighthouse seems collapsed into rubble. Tabitha stiffens a bit, opening the door and tries to get Emma to her bed.
Emma Emma is pretty out of it, she is hurt, broken, lost. As Tabitha helps her to her room, and only to bed, the redhead flops onto the blankets, the glow of fairy lights behind her bed. For a second the lass lays there, face in the blanket until she puts her head to the side, looking at Tabitha. "W - why would th - tha movers do that?"
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to emma, a bit sadly, a finger moving to brush the woman's hair out of her face. "Ferret Infestation. Got under the floorboards", she says softly as if it were the most normal thing in the world. "..what happened, Emma? you?"
Emma A big, goofy grins is given to Tabitha as her hair is moved. But she blinks a few times. "T - tired of losing." Says the lass, for a second sadness seeping out.    
Tabitha Tabitha rests her palm against the side of Emma's head. "You've lost lots before. Whats different this time?", her voice soft yet holding a firm ground, as she had her feet planted, mentally.
Emma A delicate hand comes up, pushing away Tabitha's hand. After that ahe buries her face into her blankets, yet the reply can still be heard.

"I - I am a - a curse, be - best stay far away."
Tabitha Tabitha lets the hand be pushed away, but Tabitha takes that hand in hers, squeezing tightly. "You could say the whole World is cursed. You dont have a monopoly on that, at least. And, i'm not going anywhere", her hand squeezing again before letting Emma withdraw hers if wanted.
Emma Emma doesn't withdraw her hand. For a second she lays there, face in her blankets. Slowly her head lifts, and rests on its side, blank eyes staring forward.

"Y - ya ha - have no - no idea, wh - what I've seen, wh - what has happened ta me."
Tabitha Tabitha moves from her sitting position on the bed, moving to lay down next to Emma, facing her. Tabitha takes Emma's hand in both of hers. "I have no idea...", pulling Emma's hand to press a kiss against the back of her fingers. "..but you are still here. Despite it all, you still exit. You breathe. And you are loved. You are surrounded by people who care for you.
Emma Her head lifts, those grey-green eyes look up to her fairy lights, they seem to pull at her, draw her in, staring at them like the first time a child realizes the vastness of space and the stars within it.

"R - run." The lasa whispers, now as if she were looking beyond the lights. "Y - yer safer far away. I - I am tired o - of it all."
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head. "I did run. To you. I have no where else go. Everything I have is here. Nothing else seems to matter", turning to gaze up as well.

"I dont know how far", Tabitha says, voice barely above a whisper, " far I'd have to go to not be able to sense you. Not all the time.. more like a wind that blows.. but.. I don't know how far... even then, I would only use that feeling to get back to you. I dont know about the others, but I'm not going anywhere. Even if you kicked me out, i'd camp on your back door."
Emma Relaxed, because alcohol, Emma lays there for a moment her spinning head taking it all in. Slowly she turns, to lay on her back. "Y - yer crazy." Then there is laughter, at the idea of crazy. "B - but wh - what if I - I wan - want ta be dead?" Galzed over eyea then focus on Tabitha.
Tabitha Tabitha turns to look at Emma. "I say.. that it's inevitable", taking a deep breath. "But don't rush to it. You.. have stuff to do here, still. At least, I think you do."

Tabitha squeezes Emma's hand gently. "Don't go rushing off just yet. Stay and let us try to help you, okay?", she offers softly.
Emma "Th - there is - is nothing to help." Her tone sounds hopeless now. There is a pause, with a frown. "P - people can - can make do without me."
Tabitha Tabitha shakes her head, hand squeezing. "I cant help it, but I need you, Emma. It may not be fair, but I still need you. You didn't ask for it, and it's probably selfish as hell.."

She rolls onto her side. "I dont know if I could make do. And, i'm in no mood to try, either."
Emma A foot comes up, she goes to grab a boot she is wearing and tugs it off, with a few very uncoordinated jerks and grunts. The boot is tossed to the floor. The same process is repeated on the other foot. "W - why do - do ya - ya need me?"
Tabitha Tabitha watches the debooting with a warm smile. "for some silly reason, I got you in my head. Its like having a bright shining sun in your mind. Or sometimes the moon..", lifting up on an elbow. "that little beacon in my mind.. I've come to love that feeling. to Love that shining sun inside my head. Whatever shape it takes, it's something I dont wanna be without."

"I think I'm bonded to you in some way. Maybe. Sorta? I dunno. You are a part of my life. I need you to help keep me sane", she offers with a bit of a smile.
Emma While pulling off the boot Emma looks to Tabitha, glassy eyed and all, jaw dropped. Suddenly the boot slips from her hand and falls, smacking her in the face. Well wtf. There is sudden laughter, because that was funny! A hand comes out to pat Tabitha on the arm. "Ya - ya think I'm sane? I - I got bit - bitched slapped b - by my boot!"
Tabitha Tabitha giggles and brushes a hand across the mark where Emma booted herself in the face. "Yep. You're my sanity. We're all in trouble, I suppose", She moves to put the boots by the foot of the bed, toes pointed away from the bed "take that, you bloody faeries", she mutters as she does, no heat in her words.
Emma Emma may have a small bruise later, but after the brushing of the hand the remark of the faries makes her laugh more. "Th - tha fae folk a - are naughty creatures! De - devious bastards!"
Tabitha Tabitha nods and smiles. "Gotta make sure your shoes point away from the bed. Drives them off.", moving back up to lay on the bed once more. "When I was little, I'd put red ribbons on things to keep the faeries away. Then I got the idea of using red ribbons to make a trap to catch them in. I thought the faeries were dismantling my traps. The ribbons kept disappearing. Later, saw them in bird nests. Back then, I thought thats where the faeries had hidden them.",
Emma Emma had, sadly, passed out right there. Sleeping heavily, smelling of booze and hopefully dreaming happy dreams
Tabitha Tabitha pulls the covers up over the sleeping form, kissing the top of her head sweetly before slipping out.. and making sure Emma is resting on her side.. cuz, well, she's still a doctor.. The door closes quietly behind her.