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Rebecca Chambers Those on the scene - or around, may have heard the screams breaking through the otherwise quiet night.

They had come from the forest around - now - most of the people who lived in this area were taking shelter inside of the diner, nervous and fearful eyes staring out into the cold darkness of the evening. Men had shotguns, and pistols, and everything.

And inhuman growls ruled the darkness.

Maybe you barricaded elsewhere, maybe you were with the group, maybe you were blissfully ignorant. But /something/ was out there, and if people were telling the truth, it already killed four people.

RPD - overworked - and understaffed, rushed to the scene. Officers Bouy and Chambers were on the case, their police siren splitting the night as they arrive on the scene. Bouy glances to Rebecca, his middle-aged face broken by a still-black moustache. "You'd think they'd call animal control for something like this," he says, his tone of voice grouchy.

"Maybe... but last I heard, most of animal control was... um... missing," replies Rebecca.

Either way, the S.T.A.R.S. medic - her jacket showing a red cross prominent. She had raccoon eyes - lack of sleep, and she held a Steyr TMP at the ready, her eyes flickering this way and that.
Daryl Dixon Daryl had been at the auto-shop working on the final repairs to his truck when they heard screams. He'd told the couple of old mechanics he was with to go inside and lock the doors. His eyes had gone to the diner and truck stop, he could see some stuff going down but not much of it made much sense yet.

Going to his truck door, Daryl got inside the big 18-wheeler and pulled out a few items... a moment or two later and he was back outside and shutting his truck's door. He slung his crossbow over his shoulder and then pulled up his hefty .45 revolver, spun the chamber and clapped it shut. He started walking toward the diner to see what on earth was going on... but he didn't like it, nothing about this god damn city had made any sense since he'd gotten here... and he was so close to getting the hell out of here.

When the cops pulled up Daryl looked to the car that Becca was in and he recognized, but he didn't say nothing. He went for the diner to try to get more information.
Tobias Hunter     Barricaded? Indoors? You must be joking. Everybody knows that barricaded inside during zombie apocalypse is just like canning yourself and wearing the label, "SARDINES!" Even if that weren't the case, Tobias Hunter just isn't the type. He'd be more worried about what the people he was locked in with would do when the food ran out.
    The Blackfoot is outside, roaming back alleys in the twilight with a rifle in his hands. Stealthy, as bad or worse than some of the things hunting the human race tonight, he's creeping up on the gas station and diner from another angle. He kneels at the edge of the alley and squints at the little scene developing in the parking lot across the way. Maybe they don't need him here.
Elza Walker Despite being a Raccoon University student, that doesn't mean that Elza Walker is fully knowledgeable about Raccoon City yet. She finds herself getting lost easily sometimes, which is why the sound of someone running fast can be heard, followed by a blonde-haired woman in a motorcycle racing jumpsuit appearing seemingly out of nowhere. She makes her way to the truck stop where the others are gathered and stops to catch her breath, bent over with her hands on her knees.

As soon as she looks up and realizes there are other people there, Elza looks to them and says, " You're not one of 'them' are you?" The word 'them' referring to those strange creatures as part of the outbreak, since Elza is hesitant to use the word 'zombie.' "I don't know what's going on, but I'm trying to help in any way I can!"
Rebecca Chambers There's shapes in the darkness. Experience, or otherwise, might tell you they were wolves, or wild dogs - but they shouldn't be this far in. The numbers were hard to count - but they were circling - little inhuman yaps that sound like the cross between an animal and metal scraping against metal echoing throughout the night. They were acting unafraid, aggressive - and was that a flash of red eyes in the darkness?

Becca glances up towards the others, even as officer Buoy waves his shotgun at the darkness. "...what the hell kinda wolves are these? Is this what we're being called for?" he hisses out a breath sharply. He was under a lot of stress - all of the officers were.

Becca kinda trots over towards the others, Buoy following along after her. "Are we..." she pauses, glancing around. Her eyes look to Elza, then Tobias, then Daryl, the woman shouldering her weapon, but the barrel pointed downwards. " we know what's going on here? What /is/ that?" she asks.

A sharper bark - they were getting closer - daring to dart across the lights of the parking lot in their trip from shadow to shadow.
Daryl Dixon Daryl didn't see Tobias as of yet, but Elza came up screaming like a crazy girl so she was spotted pretty easily. There were a few more faces in and around the diner at the truck stop and thats where the man with the crossbow over his shoulder started walking. He looked over at the cops though, Becca and the other one he didn't know.

"They're just a buncha damn dogs with some kinda advanced rabies. Its not that scary." He told them. "If ya'll got any flares. light'em and chuck'em into the dark around the diner here." He motioned to the diner. "Everyone get inside. If they're hungry enough to try to get intothe building, we'll just kill'em off one by one." That was his plan anyway, and if nobody listened to him, screw it, he'd go inside and have a cup of coffee and a donut.
Tobias Hunter     Maybe he could do some good here, after all, Tobias Hunter thinks as he eyes the canine forms moving in the darkness. Just inside the mouth of the alley he leans over against a dirty wall, slowly wraps his rifle's nylon strap around his forearm until it hugs his arm as tight as his hand grips the handle, and he snugs the stock up against his shoulder. There in the dark he stares down the barrel in front of him, using a faint gleam from distant light to find the fore and rear sights along the barrel, and breathing so slowly that his shoulders and chest barely move he draws a bead on a shadowy beast figure. Then he holds.
Elza Walker Elza stands up after catching her breath, fishing into her pocket to take out a small bottle of water and gulp it down quickly. "There's something going on in the city. I don't know what it is, but I knew I had to get help. I wanted to get my motorcycle, but the garage it's being repaired at is all locked up. So I had to come here on foot." A sigh as she looks around, then when she hears the mention of rabies and dogs, Elza scowls a little.

"Dogs with advanced rabies? This is more than just that I think..." She trails off as she looks around and spots the sight of the canine forms nearby, and she gasps. "Oh no, they're here. We have to get out of here! Is it safe in there?" Elza asks, pointing towards the diner entrance while fidgeting nervously.
Rebecca Chambers Needless to say, too many of the people inside of the diner didn't seem inclined to listen to what Daryl was saying. Wide, frightened eyes look towards him as the officers start edging towards the diner themselves. "...Chambers," says Buoy, his voice seeming torn between some kind of hysteria and anger.

And from the diner, there was the sound of breaking glass. And screams inside. They can no doubt see people lift their heads up and their weapons - one man fires his shotgun, striking another - blood lifts up to splatter across one of the windows.

And out of the darkness, a shape lunges out and grasps Officer Buoy by the leg, with a yank, pulling him off of his feet and onto his back, his shout releasing a bit of the hysteria he felt before. Dropping his weapon, he fires off into the darkness, but something was dragging him away.
Daryl Dixon Daryl was a nobody, so he was't shocked that no one around wanted to listen to him. When the screams inside the diner rang out though, he halted where he was and peered inside the building. He looked over to Elza to hear her say something was up in the city and that was enough for Daryl. "Fine. Screw it." He muttered, about to turn around to head back toward the auto-shop wher ehis truck and bike were.

When the Officer was 'taken' Daryl drew up his gun and aimed in the direction of whatever had just grabbed the guy. Daryl could see the Officer being drug and firing his gun off, he narrowed his eyes and would try to line up a shot with his revolver, but... it was damn dark tonight... he might just kill a cop. Risk worth taking? Sure why not
Tobias Hunter     Creepy, hiding out from other people even though they look safe enough if well-armed strangers can be considered safe, Tobias Hunter still does the right thing. He'd been sighting down on that beast as it crept up on the group in the parking lot and when the thing makes its move, his finger gently strokes the trigger. The report from his .44 rifle, even from a short distance, is a light SPANG more than the ringing bellow of most firearms.
Elza Walker As Tobias shoots at the dog which has the officer, Elza is reminded she has a firearm as well, which she purchased not long after coming into the city. She'd been to the firing range a few times, but this is going to be true practice for Elza here. She draws the firearm, remembering just how heavy it truly is, and deactivates the safety on it. "Get back, I'm going to shoot!" Elza says to the others, obviously not very well experienced with handling firearms in the open.

Squinting into the darkness, Elza makes out another canine shape coming closer. "I don't want to do this, but I can't help it. Besides, if they're rabid, they're going to die soon anyway!" She says to herself, before squeezing the trigger and shutting her eyes in anticipation of the loud bang.
Rebecca Chambers Daryl's shot goes wild, and so does officer Buoys - red starting to show around as the man screams, and brings his shotgun up towards the dog as if to strike it with the weapon, and then...

A bullet rips through the animal - the red in its eyes going dark as it slumps to the ground. Rebecca lunges forward to grab the fellow officer, picking him up a bit to drag him nearer to the diner. The shapes were beginning to move. Elza's shot strikes another, and that animal skids to the ground - dead.

Inside of the diner, there were more gunshots and growls - screaming - both male and female heard.

But there was another. Another dog, dashing through the night - on a course towards Daryl Dixon.

And Tobias might be surprised to hear, in the bushes far too near to him - a growling sound.
Daryl Dixon Daryl's leg was bitten, he didn't care for this. He shook the dog as it wildly shook him but the only real sollution was to try and end the creatures life. His free hand went to his sheathed knife and he took out and slammed the bladed toward the dog's eyeball.
Tobias Hunter     The Blackfoot is no stranger to dogs. Especially not the bitey kind, although usually they show up in squad cars and only come after Tobias Hunter because of what's in his pockets. It's why he wears that heavy leather biker's jacket when he wouldn't be caught dead on a motorcycle, but just being prepared for it doesn't make it any more fun being an angry mutt's new chew toy. When something comes out of the brush and straight at him he throws up his left arm in time to let it sink its teeth into the leather. The damn dog's mean - more vicious than a good leather jacket is made to stand up to - and by the time Tobias manages to work the lever action on his rifle with his other hand and bring the short-barreled rifle's muzzle up to stab against the dog's nose, he's feeling teeth and drool rubbing against his skin inside the sleeve.

    It's hard to say what makes him hesitate, staring into the snarling beast's eyes with his own cold black ones while it wriggles and chews and pulls and tries to rip his arm off - and certainly would have by now if it weren't for that jacket. He says, "If Apistotoke asks, you are for soup," before he pulls the trigger.
Elza Walker Elza opens her eyes and is shocked to find that the bullet actually hit the dog, and killed it. Elza feels a sense of sadness and shock as she realizes she just killed a living creature. Only, as she gets a better look at it, it's definitely not a dog anymore. Something happened to it, and it's more like a monster than an actual dog. But before Elza can look further, there's another scream from inside the diner, and then there's growling inside.

"Another one?!" Elza exclaims as she rushes to the doors of the diner and opens them. Sticking her head inside, Elza confirms there is another dog in there, and she attempts to shoot it, in hopes that her aim is still just as steady as it was last time.
Rebecca Chambers Daryl's weapon stabs through the dogs' eye before it can do much more than break the skin, the animal - its features twisted and otherwise mutated by an early stage of the virus. Inside of the diner, it quiets, except for quiet sobbing and people moving around. The dogs that got inside were taken care of.

Rebecca drags the other officer - who was releasing a barrage of curses - up the steps towards the diner entrance, and leaves him there without going in, shouldering her TMP and entering the diner proper. "Police! Police! Are there more?" she calls. It was in this moment that Elza spies the dog, and shoots it quickly and effortlessly.

Rebecca hops back with a little squeak - her eyes flickering from the dog to Elza, and back again.

Twisting around, she points her weapon out at the forest, chewing on her lower lip. To Daryl, she glances briefly down towards his bite, before looking up to his face. "...hey. You alright?" she asks. "Seems I always come around when you're getting banged up," she says. Spying someone else out there, she waves.

...and around Tobias, the dog leaps again at him, jaws and fangs slavering with viral rage...
Daryl Dixon Daryl yanked his knife out of the dog's head and then kicked the damn thing back a few feet. He looked down at his knife by the time Chambers approached him. "Fine." He exhaled the world in a grumpy tone of voice. "This city is fallin' down." He further muttered when he crouched and wiped his knife off on the dead dog's fur. Standing up again he jammed the knife back into its sheath on his hip and then slid his reolver away into the holster strapped on the small of his back.
Tobias Hunter     Over in the alleyway, Tobias steps back as the dog takes his .44 slug up the nose and just keeps coming. With a deft, practiced move he unslings the nylon strap from around his forearm, flips the rifle around to grab the barrel with both hands, and when that damn dog comes charging at him again he steps in and swings hard and low. The bone-crunching impact echoes down the alley and blood spatters on the Blackfoot's white t-shirt and up on his face. He hefts the rifle over his head again, rises up to his tiptoes, and brings the stock down on the dog's skull a second time like he's chopping cordwood. A third, a fourth, finally the dog's head lies in pieces chopped apart by blunt force and the stock end of Tobias Hunter's rifle is covered in a slick of black blood.

    He takes the bloody handle and works the lever to chamber a new round, then turns out of the alley mouth and heads across the street toward the little group of police and civilians in the diner parking lot. Looks like he wants to borrow a towel.
Elza Walker Once Elza realizes what she's done, she drops to one knee and shakes her head in disbelief. "No... It can't be... what have I done? What is going on here?" She looks like she's about to cry, but then she stops herself and looks around. "No, now is not the time to give up. I can still lend a hand to those in need." She begins to look around the diner for a possible first-aid kit, as well as items she could maybe use to assemble makeshift bandages and what not.
Rebecca Chambers     "Damn... dogs!" hisses Buoy, his voice pained - his leg looking terrible. Rebecca flicks her eyes over Daryl as he responds the way he does, something haunted in Rebecca's own. "You don't look so fine," she says. "Why, if I didn't know better, I'd think you caused all this today, right?" she says with a wink.

Breathing out, she reaches to the kit at her side, getting the first aid spray from her there.

Spraying it over the area, she uses a bottle of water to kinda wash it out - giving her head a shake. "It's just all..." Tobias enters, and Rebecca tenses. "Hey there. You alright? It's not safe out on the streets anymore."
Daryl Dixon Daryl watched Chambers with her precious spray and he shook his head. "You're obsessed with that shit." He tells her quietly. "Keep it away from me." Being that this is the first time he'd gotten a good look at one of these infected animals, the Tracker in him made him quite curious... He crouced down next to the dog and started to eye him over, looking at his mouth specifically and then down to his feet.

But when Chambers spoke to Tobias, Daryl looked up to eye the Native American man. But he didn't say nothing to him, he just stood up again and started to walk back toward his truck across the parking lot.
Tobias Hunter     "It's never been safe on the streets," Tobias answers Rebecca Chambers quietly, once he's close enough to talk that low and still be heard. The Blackfoot watches the truck driver walk away. "Now," he says, "it's just more obvious."

    He turns his attention back to Chambers and Buoy, and gestures at the injured officer. "He going to be okay?"
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca was holding it together a bit more than Buoy, at least. The other officer - Rebecca squeezes his shoulder as he manages to sit up. "It's this first aid spray - it's almost magic, right?" she says, lifting up the bottle. "You need a spray of it? I think..." she pauses, glancing from Tobias to Daryl...

"You both could use some. But I bet there's worse... in there.." she says.

"Hey," calls Rebecca after Daryl. "Where are you going? We could use your help in here!"
Elza Walker Luckily, Elza turns up a first-aid kit... with some first-aid spray left. Not much but it'll have to do. She attempts to gather what she's found and bring it to the center of the diner. "Can anyone administer first-aid? I've got some things here."
Daryl Dixon Daryl was about ten feet away when he heard Chambers' voice and he exhaled and stopped and looked back at her. "My truck's repairs are almost done. I'm gettin' the hell outta here." He glanced at the diner and Elza then back to Becca and Tobias and the hurt cop. "What do you want me to do? Hold people still while you spray'em with that shit thats probably the reason why these dogs are going blood thirsty?"
Tobias Hunter     The sharp words to the cop probably wouldn't tweak Tobias Hunter's nose most of the time, but something about standing there with a leather jacket in desperate need of duct tape and a rifle so covered in slick, black, oozing blood that he probably couldn't hold it steady if he had to shoot already has him on edge. "Me, me, all the time, is that it?" he asks. His free hand, speckled with dog blood and brain matter, rises and makes a circling motion in the air in front of him. "You got eyes in your head? See what's going on here? How can you crack jokes about what makes evil evil? It sure as shit isn't some painkiller and tissue glue in a fuckin' spray can, white-eyes."
Rebecca Chambers Rebecca pauses a few moments, glancing towards Elza as she reports that. Nodding her head gratefully, she draws her hand through her hair. "Do you guys mind - I mean... can you get everyone the most hurt on one side of the room? Anyone still breathing has priority, right?" she says.

Casting a glance out into the night, she runs her tongue over her lips. "It isn't... the same thing. This stuff was made by Umbrella. This virus is from... I have no idea what." she says, looking back towards Daryl. "I sprayed you with it before - are you getting blood thirsty?" she accuses Daryl with a bit of a snap.

At what Tobias says - Rebecca pauses a handful of moments, and lets her eyes settle on him. "It's... nanos or something. It's totally safe, cleared by the FDA and everything, I promise," she says. "If you would rather... I have bandages. I've been trained in normal first aid as well..." she says, her tone of voice a bit subdued. But there was a hardness hiding in it. Hidden, a bit.
Daryl Dixon Daryl's eyes went darker and his expression turned crueler at Tobias' response. He turned then and started to walk back toward the man specifically. "Piss off, Tonto." He said to Tobias. "I'm not from here, this ain't my damn problem. I got stranded in this hell hole weeks ago and I've been doin' nothin' but losin' money each'n every damn day since I got here. This shit hole is bleedin' me dry, and by the look of it'..." He glanced around. "Its doin' the same to everyone who calls it home."

Since the pissing contest was clearly 'engaged', Rebecca's requests and words seemed to get ignored, at least for now.
Tobias Hunter     "Don't fuck with me, man," the Blackfoot answers, his voice even quieter, colder, his black-eyed stare locked on Daryl's face. His free hand snaps across his body to grip the wooden underhandle on the barrel of his rifle and his other hand slides right through the slimy blood with a scclllhhhock until his finger falls into the little loop over the trigger. It's an old lever action rifle, at least a hundred years. The safety is the hammer and the hammer's already back, which spares us the obligatory cocking of the gun that always accompanies such threats on the big screen.

    "I don't give a shit if you cowboy up and help these people out or not, but I've had it with your gas."
Rebecca Chambers     Buoy was groaning there at the ground, even if he was starting to rise to his feet. Glancing back towards the two, he looks to Becca. "Handle it," he tells her, before stepping inside of the diner, apparently to start dealing with the wounded.

Which Rebecca thought was stupid, as she was the medic, and technically, she outranked him, but... the older officers pushed her around sometimes. And she let that happen.

A long breath out, and she lets her eyes close.

"No weapons, alright? No one's going to shoot anyone else - there's plenty of..." she bites her lower lip. "...monsters out there to shoot instead," she says, lifting up her hands. "And I think it'd be easier to fight them if we weren't /fighting/," she says.

Maybe annoyingly, but she was young, and kinda dumb still.
Daryl Dixon Daryl hadn't reached for any weapons, but he saw Tobias' reaction to him and after a nice long stare-off he just snorted quietly and shook his head.

Turning to Rebecca then, Daryl stepped toward the diner and wherever the injured were. He reached back into his back pocket and pulled out the old oil rag that was hanging there, wiped his hands off on it and then jammed it back into the pocket.

At this point, Daryl would just go about helping to move people around and and see to it things were as in-order as possible.
Tobias Hunter     Since Daryl backs off, Tobias pretends he didn't just threaten to shoot the guy. He lays his bloody rifle over his shoulder and walks into the diner, where he first goes behind the service counter to collect a big dishtowel that cleans up his hands and face and rifle in short order. He has enough class to toss the ruined towel in the trash instead of leaving it on the floor when he's done, and then he leans his rifle in a corner and sets to helping move people around.

    How did it go? Living on this side, dead over there, somewhere in between somewhere else. He checks wounds, trying to help with the triage, but he's not very good. Anything short of seeping blood seems to be treated like a papercut.