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Emma It's later in the evening now, a time when most would be resting. It's warm and humid, given that it is raining. The house is quiet in that, people are not around or asleep.

For herself, Emma is away, sitting in a chair, one that is big and comfy, legs over an arm and in her hand a violin. Her head is resting on the other arm, long red hair nearly touching the floor. A bottle of scotch - half gone, is on the floor beside her, yet she still plays that violin magically.
Maxim Not everyone is away, though those people are still quiet, quiet as a door mouse. Maxim however hears the playing and makes his way to the room, perhaps perplexed by the sound. He comes into the room and moves to crouch down by Emma, trying his best not to disturb her playing, part in awe, and part perplexed how she can even do it at such a weird position.
Emma Emma, as of yet, doesn't spot Maxim. But Shaemus does! He was on a dog bed relaxing. He gets up to greet Maxim with a wag of gis tail, as his master plays that beautiful music.
Maxim Maxim smiles as Shaemus comes over to him. He smiles and moves to scritch the puppy behind the ears. Yes puppy, Maxim doesn't look it but any dog that isn't trying to kill him is a puppy, no matter how big they are. He scritches and pats Shaemus and listens to the music, waiting for a lull to... clap? That's what people do right? He instead just says what comes to mind. "Beautiful."
Emma Slowly Emma sits up slowly and looks to Maxim, her eyes a little red from the booze. "Th - thank ya. Ho - how long ya b - been standin' there?" Her cheeks go red.
Maxim Maxim tilts his head to the side as she turns red, regarding her. "Not too long. It was beautiful music though." He shifts past Shaemus and crouches down beside her, eyes looking into hers. "Are you alright Emma?" He glances to the bottle, a pensive look as he looks back to her. "Does the alcohol help?" It's not in a judging way, more a curious tone as he speaks.
Emma Her grey-green focus on Maxim, the violin - which looks old and well loved, is rested against her. One arm wraps around it, the other grabs her bottle and brings it up to take a sip. "Th - tha alcohol helps." Replies the lass, ignoring the question of her well being.
Maxim Maxim hmms as the bronze coin slips to his hand, flipping over the fingers as he watches. His dark eyes take in hers, and her actions and he asks, "How? I have never known it to smell good. Does it taste better than it smells?" He thinks a moment and adds, "Someone once told me it helps people to forget."
Maxim Emma sat up from sprawling on a chair in the living room while she played the violin, as Maxim approached and crouched by her. The topic of alcohol came up, Emma reaffirming it helps. Maxim tilts his head, his bronze coin out flipping over his fingers in his left hand as he further asks, "How? I...have not known it to smell good. Does it taste better than it smells?" He thinks a moment and adds, "Someone once told me it helps people to forget."
Emma Red eyed Emma stares at Maxim a moment, then looks to the bottle in her hand. There is a laugh, nay, a fit of giggles, drunk giggles. "F - forgetting aye. Tr - try it!" The bottle is handed over to him.
Maxim Maxim blinks a bit as the bottle is handed over to him. He takes it, but sniffs it, his face scrunching up. "Are... are you sure?" He tentatively moves the bottle to his lips and tips it back, taking a sip. The look on his face as he swallows is probably similar to if you gave a lemon to small child and said here eat this orange. He finally replies after a moment, "It is... interesting." Yeah that's a word.
Emma Well now, Emma is laughing so hard she has tears in her eyes, and nearly falls out of her chair. A delicate hand comes to the bottle, pushing it his way again. Cheeks red with humour. "T - take another drink!"
Maxim Another drink! The first one was like FIRE. Max sighs, and shrugs. "As you wish." He moves to have another sip, tipping the bottle back and taking another sip, about the same amount as last time. Once again the face is made, and he covers his mouth as he forces himself to swallow. He finally is able to speak after and asks, "Can you even taste anything after having this?"
Emma After he takes his drink, Emma grabs the bottle and takes a good drink herself, making no face, and seemingly enjoying it. Restinf back, with a wobble of her head eyes fix on the bottle. "I - I am Sc - Scottish." She replies, as if that were the answer. The bottle is handed out, asking if he wants more, but in no way pushing either.
Maxim "What does being Scottish have to do with it?" He looks at the bottle, pensive. A sigh, and he takes it to have one more sip. Squeezing his eyes tight he shakes his head and moves to hand it back. "I do not like it." Also he looks at his hand, outstretched from handing it back, the gloved hand's fingers stretched apart some. "I feel... strange."