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Eve So much has been going on, but tonight isn't about the chaos and craziness. Oh no, it's about putting the seriousness of life aside and having some fun.

Eve is dressed in a floor length red sequined gown with thin spaghetti straps, her hair is gathered into an intricate series of braids that have been wrapped in a spiralling bun with a string of ruby crystals. A clutch purse is held in her slender hands. She gazes around the theater, clearly waiting for someone to join her, standing over most of the women in the crowd with her heels.

A poster on the wall has the words "Dancing Girls" in bright red letters, showing the Rockettes in dark red and blue outfits, top hats in hand. A hawker is selling specialty programs and opera glasses while several other waiters and waitresses move along the crowd offering champagne and canapes.
Elliott     Well this atmosphere brings back some memories. Elliott walks through the crowd distractedly, head angling as his piercing blue eyes trail after one of the waitresses as she hands out champagne. He walks backwards a couple steps, giving his head a small shake and a quiet chuckle in his throat. The corners of his mouth twitches, giving a small smile, and shakes his head as he politely declines when the waitress notices him looking. Saying thanks and dipping his head, he turns around with his mind drawn into old memories. Just a tad bit uncomfortable, El manages to appear relaxed, smiling, hands tucked into the pockets of his dress pants as he looks around, backing up until he turns at the last moment to have his gaze fall on Eve. "Crikey," he lets out as both eyebrows spring upward. "Eve," he lets out coolly after clearing his throat, pushing a hand through his hair.
Eve Eve gives Elliott a heavy stare for a few moments before she takes the several steps to meet him. "Evening Elliott, I'm glad you could join me." She says, a glass of champagne in her own hand. "Have you ever seen one of these shows before?" She asks as she tucks her arm in his. "It's pretty amazing." She doesn't notice the effect she has on him, but she has noticed the other women and a few of the waitresses giving him a lingering glance. It makes her giggle softly as she leans in a bit. "You look really nice tonight."
Elliott     Elliott blinks, tilting his head a little as he stares at Eve. "Show..." He lets out slowly before giving his head a small shake. "Oh, yes, yes. Of course, it's classic," he answers without really thinking, while his mind is off thinking of other things. "Heh," he lets out coolly with a roll of his shoulders, giving her a lopsided smile as his gaze drops marginally before coming back up to meet Eve's eyes. He flashes his teeth in a charming smile, shaking his head once as he says in turn, "I'm afraid I might miss the show tonight because I'll be too busy staring at you." His elbow gently tucks in against his side, gently giving her arm a squeeze as he smiles at her. "At least I'll have a reason to stay through this show this time."
Eve Eve shakes her head, a rosy blush coloring her cheeks. "Oh Elliott, sometimes the things you say make me feel like I'm in school again." She hugs his arm and lets out a happy sigh. "Well we'll both miss the show, likely, because you're no slouch in the looks department yourself, you know that right?" She gazes at the food being offered and gestures slowly. "Do we want something to nibble on while we watch, or are we just going to look at each other and ignore the need to eat?"
Elliott     A bright smile tugs out across his face, showing teeth as Elliott looks at Eve. "Well fantastic," he replies humourously, "because you make me feel like a schoolboy again." His return joke widens his smile into a grin briefly. His pale blue eyes slide away at the mention of food, trailing towards one of the trays. He bobs his head in response to Eve's compliment. "I know. That's why we make a brilliant pair. You and I should be up on stage, we'd have everyone's attention." He glances to her with a smile, a little twinkle in his eyes before nods towards the food. "Depends," he says with a smirk, and leans his head a little as he lowers his voice. "Do you want my hands busy holding something to eat," he says and pauses to take a quick breath. "Or on you?" As this is said, he reaches his free hand to hoop his fingers behind one of her ears as if there were a stray strand of hair, his eyes locking on hers.
Eve It's not often that Eve is at a loss for words, but now is that time. Her breath hitches as Elliott touches her ear and she lifts the shoulder, almost letting out a girlish giggle. She opens her mouth to speak and then it almost seems as if she is eyeing the food and Elliott weighing which one she wants to partake in more. She reaches up and takes his hand, and finally she seems to be able to speak. "I think we should skip on the food, if you don't mind." She murmurs quietly, pulling Elliott towards the box seats she reserved. Two solitary seats sit near the balcony with a bucket of champagne between it. Candles are the only source of illumination here, and save for the other box seats that are occupied, most of the people are down below.
Elliott     Elliott's fingers curl around hers when she takes his hand. He chuckles as he follows Eve, leaning close as he murmurs out softly, "Should I take that as an invitation?" He flashes a smile and follows her to the seats. Standing, his hand trails over the railing as he looks over, marvelling at the seats below and letting a few memories surface before he turns to look back towards Eve, smiling brightly at her. "Shall we sit and get comfortable?"
Eve Eve nods and moves forward to take her seat, the slit in the gown appearing as she crosses her legs demurely. "I think you know where the line in the sand is Elliott, feel free to fence with me." She quips, her voice pitched low as she aims a dimpled smile at Elliott. She doesn't release his hand as she sits, keeping hold of it while she watches the prep on the stage. After a few moments she glances back at him and holds his gaze. "Thank you for coming to the theatre with me, you've likely made my evening."