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Natalya Natalya lay supine on the hospital bed, her hands folded over the wounds in her stomach. A doctor wrapped her up and kept her walking, but she needs treated to deal with the internal injuries. The pain bends her over at times, but she has managed to be as stoic as a person can attempt to be.
Emma Emma happens to be the doctor on call. She is wearing dark blue scrubs, her long red hair is straight, not its typical curly, and is put back into a nice yet messy ponytail. Being informed by a nurse that there was a patient she heads into the room chart in hand, reading it over. Looking up, grey-green eyes fix on Natalya.

"I - I am Dr. O'Connal." The redhead moves to her bedside. "I - I see yer injured here, do - don't worry I'll get ya patches up." Her tone is shy, if not kind.
Natalya Natalya nods at Emma, her attempt at a smile fails, but she manages a grimace. She holds up her hands and quickly signs. 'Thanks Doctor, I'll attempt to be a good patient.' Aware that not everyone knows sign language she waits for a spark of recognition before she elaborates further.
Emma For a second Emma stands there, regarding her. Brows come together some. There is a slow nod, delicate hands come up to give a reply, but it's a little choppy, as if the doctor were rusty. Trying her best, the redhead would in broken sign, explain what she will be doing, which is firstly, examining the wound.
Natalya 'Thank you.' Is all that Natalya signs, resting her head against her pillow, and staring at the ceiling. She clearly isn't wanting to watch what happens to her abdomen, but is happy to know she is going to be treated.
Emma Emma's touch is gentle, and light. Having so much training and experience, it doesn't take long for the assessment. Looking up, Natalya is given a soft assuring smile. "I - I need ta clean an' stitch th - tha holes up. We - we will take blood an' all, an' maybe give ya - ya a transfusion." She stops and realizes she didn't sign. So her gloved hands come up and she-tries- to sign what she just said.
Natalya Natalya nods once and then again, her hands moving as well. 'Just mute Doc, my ears work just fine.' She signs, a wry smile spreading across her lips. She takes a deep breath and nods again, her arms holding each side of the bed so she doesn't cross them over her torso.
Emma "A - ah." Emma says, relaxing a little. Given that she is rusty with sign, she likely signed something off like 'deer pig anus mashed potatoes" or something stupid like that. "F - first, I - I will get ya setup with an IV, an' - an' painkillers, yer g - gonna need some bed rest." She then turns to grab what's needes to start the IV. "An' - an' antibiotics ta make s - sure there be no infection."
Natalya Natalya offers Emma what she hopes is a stoic, strong smile but her eyes are wet as she shifts to get comfortable. She nods jerkily, once and again and clenches down on her teeth. Looks like painkillers are going to help a lot.
Emma This isn't lost on Emma. She puts a supportive hand on her shoulder. "The - tha meds will kick in quickly." The woman is given a smile, the IV finished.
Natalya Natalya stops squirming and rests, a look of profound relief on her face. She offers Emma a closed mouth smile and a groggy thumbs up.
Emma The medicine will kick in, which will make it easier for Natalya, and for Emma to work. She still numbs the area, and would go to clean it, checking every now and then to make sure it isn't hurting. She moves swiftly, but stitches will need to be done inside the wound.    
Natalya Natalya is senseless now, holding on to herself as she tries to pay attention to what is going on with her body. Not even when she was maimed was she this far out of it and her heart rate spikes slightly as panic sets in. She doesn't thrash about, but her eyes are wild as she takes in what is going on around her.
Emma Having hooked Natalya up, the rise of the heartbeats draws Emma's attention. She looks up, leaning over a little to look at her. "I - it's okay. Ye - yer fine, y - yer safe with me." Her tone is warm and reassuring. The redhead gives a matching smile. "I - I am nearly do - done, focus on my voice."

Going back to work, of all things, the lass begins to sing softly. A soothing, calming song, her voice smooth and angelic.
Natalya Natalya's eyes drift closed as Emma works, her body relaxing and her heart beat slowing. She allows herself to rest and focus on the music coming from Emma.
Emma Eventially Emma stops singing, the work done. She'd apply bandages and pull off her gloves, looking to Natalya. "H - how ya feelin'?"
Natalya Natalya brings up her hands and signs. 'I feel a lot better, thank you, Doctor.' She lets her hands flomp back to the bed and she sighs. 'I can rest here, right?'
Emma A hand comes to Natalya's shoulder. Emma gives her a small, warm smile and nod. "A - aye, ya can. Sleep'n rest, I'll - I'll be checkin' on ya personally."