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Emma Earlier, Emma and Maxim were in the tourist district talking. It was an emotional scene, one where she had been helping him through some things. But now they are here, Emma going through her own trauma that is leaving her distant and off, is at an arcade game. Least this seems to bring some fun. Maybe the few drinks she has had is helping too. More than likely. More tolkens are shoved into the machine as she curses in Gaelic, failing at the zombie shooting game, again.
Maxim Maxim makes his way through some of the other games. He flips his bronze coin as he goes over his fingers. Occasionally the younger child up later than they should be but getting a pass for vacation looks at the coin use and moves over to him, and he pulls a token out of their ear and hands it to them sending them on their way. While a magician Max is not, he's good with the sleight of hand. No drinks for him, he's semi on duty, though as she has trouble with the shooting game the silent man comes over to her and says, "It looks like if you were shooting regularly. You need to relax your stance slightly and adjust your grip." He steps up behind and reaches to touch her hand, pausing to make sure she doesn't mind as he offers to help her.
Elliott     Elliott has found a couple fun spots to hit when he's not working. He pushes a hand through his hair as he walks through the arcade, carrying a lidded coffee cup. As he drinks, he peers over top as he glances around at the games and the people about. Occasionally slowing to watch a game being played before moving on. As El walks, making mental notes on what's around, content to simply wander, he pauses when his gaze trails over a familiar face. Directing himself toward where Maxim is, as he moves closer he lifts a free hand as he says in a voice just above the din of the arcade. "Oi, hello, Max," he greets warmly just before his gaze passes over the redhead playing the game. His tongue pushing at his lips as his expression turns thoughtful, he offers a quiet, yet amiable, "Emma," without trying to distract her away from the game.
Emma Frustrated to say the least, the booze not helping, Emma stops and looks at Maxim as he offers help. There is a small smile in thanks. She looks yo Elliott too, and only gives him a nod before looking back to the zombie killing arcade game. "F - fuck, har - harder than real life." Mutters the lass, being half cut yet totally serious too. After another try, she fails badly.

Grabbing her phone from her purse, she turns to lean against the game and take a hopeless looking selfie, even with those dead eyes, of just how bad she is doing in the game.    
Eve Eve is walking through the Bazaar, her hands stuffed in her jeans and a hat on her head. She glances to her left and spots Maxim through the window of the arcade and it gives her pause as she sees him coaching Emma through a game. She takes a few steps closer and quietly steps into the arcade. She circles through, gazing at the different games that are offered before she stops to watch the game that her co-workers are playing.
Maxim Maxim offers a bow to Elliott as he approaches and announces himself. "Greetings." As Emma pauses he blinks, watching the selfie, perhaps unsure of what that's about. Still he moves to the player 2 spot and says, "If you like, I could try to help too?" Maybe he'll see how different the virtual guns are. He looks about, and looks by Eve, though aside from the slightest upturn of his lips in a brief smile he doesn't say anything yet as she hasn't announced herself. The hand with the bronze coin flipping over it suddenly has one, then two tokens flipping over his fingers there as well, as he holds said hand out for Emma to take them if she likes as she finishes her selfie.
Elliott     Elliott takes another drink from his coffee as he stands back, watching and not interrupting the game. "Been doing all right?" he asks this of Max, gaze briefly flicking to him. He regards Emma a little more thoroughly, one brow raised as he tilts his head a bit. His cup lifting to his mouth to take another sip. When Emma pauses for the selfie, El takes a moment to lean closer to the machine under the pretense of examining the screen. Gesturing with his coffee, one finger extends to point at the screen. "Oi, look at the top score. Bloody impressive, that." As he straightens, his sharp, pale blue eyes flick to Emma in a meaningful glance. He says nothing, but offers a faint smile before he turns his gaze to Max. About to say something to Maxim, El pauses as he catches sight of Eve, a toothy grin flashing across his face as he lifts his head to her. "Eve," he greets, a thrilled smile flicking against his lips. Whatever challenge he might have been thinking for Max is forgotten, simply patting a hand to the man's upper arm as he steps a bit closer to Eve. "Hellooo, good lookin'," he says with a grin.
Eve Eve goes pink at Elliott's greeting but she steps up to him as well, a smile on her face. "Good evening Elliott, and ..not good looking tonight. I haven't even made a bit of an effort." She gives a quick worried look to Emma before she continues to speak. "How are you all doing this evening? Enjoying the Bazaar here?" She slides her fingers against the game next to the one Emma is playing and keeps her eyes on the trio. "Looks like you're doing well with the game."
Emma The phone would be shoved into her purse. "I - I got tha lowest score." The lass says to Elliott. As he'd near, he'd of smelt alcohol on her. Not catching the worried look her way, there is eventually a nod to Eve. "Gl - glad ya got outta work some."

Turning to Maxim she eyes the token and takes it in her delicate hand, going to put it in the machine after a drink from her glass of scotch. The game gun is taken up. "I - I am failing." Is her reply to her assistant, and it sounds like she fully expected to fail.
Maxim Maxim frowns as Emma is so hard on herself. At Eve's comment about her looks he says, "You are always beautiful Eve, regardless of what you do." He looks back and forth between Elliott, and her and his interactions and goes back to Emma, instead of taking the player 2 spot as she puts in a token he moves to stand behind her, his chest against her back and puts his hand over hers that holds the pistol, or at least he'll start to unless she pulls away or shows an indication for him to stop. "A pistol is an easy thing to pull a trigger on, but difficult to master. Relax, and allow yourself to feel the rhythm of it's use. You can improve, I promise."
Elliott     Flicking his tongue out briefly to wet his lips, Elliott arches a brow as he cranes his head a little, eying Eve up and down as his shoulders lift. "I don't think you need to make the effort," he states. He moves to step around beside Eve, while his gaze wanders towards Maxim briefly which brings out a quick grin to his response to Eve. "See, Max agrees." Leaning a little closer so he can lower his voice, he asks while also reaching out for her hand, "You doing all right?" And, with his head leaning, El turns his head in an attempt to sneak a quick kiss to her cheek only to flash a lopsided smile at her. His gaze glances back to Maxim and Emma, watchful of Emma as he considers, but silent, too, certainly not going to voice any concerns in a public place.
Eve "Doing all right thus far." Eve murmurs back, and she sees him looking at Emma which brings a small smile of relief out of her lips. She snakes an arm through Elliott's and tugs him closer to the game, a slender finger pointing to the thing Emma and Maxim are shooting at. "How do they come up with these games?" She wonders in a soft voice. She turns her head slightly when the man kisses her cheek and she quickly whispers. "You see what I phoned about?"
Emma Emma goes red, and not because of the drink. Because of Maxim. She doesn't stop or push him away, but due to being shy it tends to happen. With his help, the lass does manage to hit a few more.

The affection between Eve and Elliott gets a brief, strange look But it's fleeting. "Th - thank ya Maxim."
Maxim The exchange between Eve and Elliott goes ignored by Max. Or does it? It doesn't seem to show as he's focused on the game trying to help Emma. "The pistol should always be moving between shots, preparing the next. Even during the lull between waves that time is to reload and.. Well normally move. This game is not very accurate. You should be using more cover and be moving much quicker to avoid them building up on you." A pause and he adds, "The sensor also appears to hit two centimeters to the right on the screen." After a moment he does lean in and whisper something in Emma's ear.
Elliott     With his mind split between concern for Emma and his attraction toward Eve, Elliott's teeth flash as he smiles when he glances to Eve. His cup his lifted to take another drink, and lowered seconds before he lets himself lean toward the tug, bringing his head close to hers, nodding as he 'mms.' "Clearly they're just trying to train people how to handle an apocalypse," he says, his smile twitching with the joke. "One of my close mates back home got a score of fifty thousand. He was /just/ under the top score," he explains with a grimace. "Never made it to the top." He sighs, taking a second to reflect before giving his head a shake. To Eve's question, he nods and answers quietly while his gaze locks on Emma. "Aye, it's on my mind."