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Maxim Late afternoon is starting to move onto the evening as the sun starts to set. The tourist district is still somewhat busy, people shifting from daytime perusing of wears and dealing with peddlers slowly into more nighttime activities of the casino or the like. Still some people are exploring the various shops that haven't closed yet, though some have started. One person isn't really looking around at much of any of that. Max is there, weaving through the crowd, going largely unnoticed when possible. Hard to do when you're a big guy dressed in black, but he moves with the crowd not fighting against it, made easier as it thins some. Instead of looking through shops it's more like he's looking for someone.
Emma Emma needed hair, space, and time. It's likely no secret, she isn't in a good place. The lass comea out of a shop a few down from Maxim, her red hair making her stand out. It seems the lass is on the phone, she is speaking Gaelic to someone, and isn't paying much attention to her surroundings.    
Maxim Spotting her, Maxim frowns as he looks about. She might not be keeping track of her surroundings, but he's got that covered enough for them both. Perhaps it's a good thing he's there and spotted her, since the attacks on her and TerraSave of late. He weaves through the crowd, making his way up to her but doesn't announce himself unless she notices him. It's a fine line between giving space and protection, he... partly can empathize, but is at a loss what to do for her. His eyes keep looking about, making sure no one else might be taking more than a casual interest of either of them.
Emma Emma eventually gets off the phone, she shoves it into her purse and sighs. The lass looks tired, and worn. Considering where to go she looks around, at that time spotting Maxim. Her grey-green gaze fixes on him. "Fo - followin' me?" Asks the lass, because it is his job.    
Maxim His job or not, Maxim looks almost sheepish. He shrugs, and then bows his head to her. "Greetings. I... I know you wish to be left alone. I can keep my distance, but you... You should have someone near you at least." His eyes focus on her some, though they keep glancing quickly this way or that as he speaks with her, his body shifting slightly to the side to let a couple of tourists slip by him without touching him as he keeps himself somehow slightly insulated from the traffic with a slight step here or there.
Emma "Fine." Says Emma, she has no will to fight it, it seems. He can follow all he wants. "I - I be goin' ta tha arcade, though. If yer not mindin' watchin' me - me play arcade games all night?"
Maxim Maxim shakes his head in answer to her question. "I do not mind. Do... do whatever you need to do." He bows to her and then motions for her to lead the way. He looks like he might have wanted to say more, but just chews on his bottom lip lightly instead.
Emma Yeah Emma notices this, before she moves on the lass turns to face Maxim fully, crossing her arms, giving him the 'spill it' look.
Maxim Maxim frowns as she gives him that look. He shifts his weight from one foot to the other, an uncomfortable look. Moving up next to her he says finally, "I do not know what to say. What you are going through, it is different from what I have gone through. No one had kind words for me then really. It is better if I say nothing and let you be. I do not wish to say the wrong thing and make it worse. " He looks about, spotting the arcade at least, but still waiting for her too lead.
Emma "C - can I ask what happened ta - ta ya?" Emma asks him, a little curious.
Maxim Maxim nods and motions for her to walk if she chooses, moving along side her instead of staying behind. "I will tell you whatever you wish to hear. I will warn you that it is... not pleasant."
Emma Brows lift, Emma laughs some. Not in a degrading way, simply because she can't imagine a story that isn't like that. So the redhead nods, prompting him to go on with his tale.
Maxim And so he begins at the beginning. Max gets sort of a thousand yard stare as he speaks. "I was three when I was taken. I remember three candles on the cupcake mamma had gotten for me. I was brought to a place of metal and stone, no windows. We were given... caretakers, and the Uchitel' would train and instruct us every day, a grueling pace." He pauses a moment to look about, then focuses his attention back upon her.
Emma Sure Emma is going through her own hell, begun to wall herself off from the world. But, she can't help it, can't help feeling something. The reply to his tale is a look of sorrow, as she can only imagine his pain. Yet, the lass doesn't interrupt him, the silence there for him to continue, if he so wishes.
Maxim His gaze flicks about some more, making sure no one is lingering around them and continues. "We were placed in classes based upon our strengths. Because of my skill I was eventually placed in a class with some older children, with Araris, who was three years my senior. We were given the same caretaker, which was unusual as the ones for our field were usually given their own." The bronze coin slips to his hand, moving over his fingers as he continues to speak. "If you did poorly, you were whipped or beaten. If you did well, you were given more time with your caretaker. For years I trained, anatomy and poisons with Master Po, Combat, firearms, blades with Uchitel' Nasir, other skills with others... All for the purpose of cleaning...The name they would give for killing."
Emma Something does surprise Emma. Not much did anymore. And being surprised at how she is surprised, the lass is quite a second, her frown growing all the more. "I - I am sorry." She states, with meaning. "I - I can't imagine th - that awful life. An' wh - what did ya do? Di - did ya get outta it?"
Maxim "There were good times occasionally. Time with Katya, my-our caretaker. She would hug me, and sometimes get me paper and a pencil, so I would not have to just use coals from my heating unit at night to draw in my sleeping cubicle." At her question of getting out he says, "One day I came back from a mission and it was all gone, destroyed by someone. I took what I could and left never to return. But that was recent, before I found you. It was not before... A lot of bad things occured." Max chews on his bottom lip some more, not sure if he should continue or not. The coin reverses direction on his fingers.
Emma "B - bad thigs?" Emma asks, still frowning. "O - only tell what ya want, that is."
Maxim A breath is taken, and he flips his coin to the hand further from Emma, the motion of the coin continuing over those fingers. His near hand moves to her shoulder and rests on it briefly, the gloved hand offering a gentle squeeze. "If... If I cannot tell you, who could I trust to tell? You have given me a second chance Emma. If anyone deserves to know, it is you." Still, he takes a breath and settles himself a moment before continuing.

"My caretaker, Katya... I loved her. She was my first love. She was my first kiss. I... I wanted her to be my first everything. But, it was not to be." The coin stops and slips between two fingers as he squeezes that hand into a fist a moment. "There was a reason Cleaners were normally only given one caretaker per. There is a reason caretakers were, I had heard, faceless no ones from the street, chosen because they were desperate for something, and would not be missed..."
Emma What can be said to that. Perhaps, in a good way, this beings a stirring of emotion to her, for now she doesn't feel like such a emotionless robot. And as words are not enough, all she can think of is a simple gesture. Which is a hug. If allowed, she'd step up to him, and just hug him.
Maxim His eyes are moist, but they don't shed tears. As she moves in though he blinks, and holds his arms out slightly, letting her hug him. Max brings his hands around and hugs her in turn. One hand rubs her back slightly. "I... It was not a good time. I was thirteen, and..." But he's getting hugged, and that takes precedence over his story. He grows quiet and just takes in the hug for now, holding her for as long as she hugs him.
Emma For however long he needs, Emma will be there, hugging. It's how she was taught, the way of her family. "G - go on." The lass says softly, but in no way demanding, she'll not push him further than he can go.    
Maxim The hugging stays for a bit. Maxim pulls back a little, mostly so he can look at her. He glances about some more, it's less crowded now. People are starting to get to evening meals, to the casino or arcade, but there's still some folks around. He makes sure none appear to be a threat and then continues. "I was very good at hiding, at not being noticed. It would sometimes allow me to hear things they would normally keep from us. It was from another cleaner, one of the ones who.. How you say, graduated. I... I did not know what to do. I wanted to help, but before I could try to work something out... Araris turned sixteen. I knew my time with Katya was at an end. Nasir took both of us, and brought us to a room where Katya was kept, bound sitting in a chair. A pistol, with one bullet was given to Araris. But he was selfish... He did not know, know what would happen to them if you refuse..." His eyes close and he looks to the ground, his breath quickening as he pauses a moment.
Emma Stepping back just a touch, Emma keeps her hands on his arms, as to give support while he talks. Her grey-green eyes are sad, for him, because of the pain that must be. "Wh - what happened?" The lass asks, but in a way that isn't pushy. "I - I am sorry ya - ya went through this."
Maxim "The men started to come. The Company wants you loyal to them and no one else. There is no room in your life for love. If you fail... I heard the screams down the hall from the one other who failed... Corwin. They beat you, and then take long knives and...other the caretaker. I could not allow that." Max's eyes wet now he continues. "I could not allow that to happen to her. I would do anything to prevent that. Before they could take her I... I took the pistol from Araris, and... " He takes a finger and touches his lower forehead between the eyes. "Right here. As painless as possible." He looks away on the verge of tears and says, "James says he is a monster, and it is true they have changed him. But he has yet to tell me he had to kill the only person in his life he ever loved."
Emma Yet again Emma wraps Maxim in a hug, just to be there, to support through the hell. "I'm- I'm sorry." She says, because what can you say? She can't say anything to fix the pain. But she can be there now, to support and totally and fully accept him through it.
Maxim Maxim returns the hug, and rubs her back, his other hand lightly rubbing the back of her neck, fingers teasing in her hair. After a moment he says, "I cannot imagine what you have been through lately. But if you need to talk, or just someone to be there for you, I... am here." He just holds her for another few long moments, until he notices they're starting to get some weird looks from passersby.
Emma "I - I have seen what love does, h - how it breaks. Y - yer okay, y - yer good." She feels he needs to hear that, for Emma believes that to be true.

After a minute or so the lass steps back, her own eyes wet some. There is a small shake of her head. "I - I am fine." Ever stubborn, her own woes are buried deep.    
Maxim Maxim shakes his head at that. "You are not. But it is a pain for you to share when you are ready. No one can tell you when that is but you." He brushes her cheek briefly with the backs of his fingers, the glove leather soft and worn. He blinks a few times blinking back any tears that might escape, he lost a few to his cheek through the ordeal. "You wished to visit the arcade though. We can still do that if you wish." After all, if she's not ready, she can beat virtual things on the games.
Emma Emma goes right good and red when he does that, in her shy way. There is a small nod, the lass looking up eventually. "A - aye, le - Lets go play so - some games."
Maxim Maxim and Emma, still there at the Tourist district, though closer to the arcade, where Emma had wanted to go, stand closely having been hugging it out due to Max opening up about some trauma he had suffered growing up. Having made her blush inadvertently by brushing her cheek with the backs of his fingers, Max looks briefly confused by said blushing. "Are you alright?" He does nod and agree to playing of games at the arcade however. giving her shoulder a supportive squeeze he prepares to enter the arcade, moving as far as to even get the door for her.
Emma Emma, who isn't to go with PDA in any fashion, just nods a touch. "Fine." She replies, and then turns, deciding to head into the arcade.