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Emma It's coming on sunset now. Today was warm and nice - spring being the stepping stone to winter, one can expect that. The bazaar is rather busy, but that is also normal. People are busy shopping, hanging out, all in all, enjoying themselves.

Sitting at an open air restaurant is Emma. The Scottish lass has a beer at her table, long red hair is put back, her grey-green eyes are focused on a book in front of her. It's a medical journal, as she ia a doctor and all, for her it's interesting. So every now and then? delicate fingers flip the pages, as she reads at a quick pace.
Diva I take a moment to yawn as I wipe down a table. Today was particularly hard, for the bazaar was busy today. I was used to that however and soon had finished the table quickly, glancing up to make sure my boss had not caught my yawn. I look over to see a customer I hadn't noticed before. Shoot. I needed to get her a drink and a menu. I hurry to put away the washcloth and cleaning spray I had bee using.
nWithin a minute I had dropped off te cleaning supplies and grabbed a menu, jogging over to the customer, my long red braid bouncing on my back as I grin. The girl seemed to be reading something, though I couldn't tell what. I clear my throat softly and adjust my name badge that read "Scarlett" in neat cursive. I smile at her and hand her the menu. "Hello, my name is Scarlett I'll be your waitress this evening. What can I get you as a drink?"
Emma Beside Emma - as this is an open air restaurant, is a massive beast of a dog. He sits beside his master, chewing a bone, seemingly content there.

Emma, reading her book, looks up to the waitress, grey-green eyes fix on her, in their shy way. The book is opening to a page of organs, or rather what seems like organs but they look sickly. She thinks a moment, bites her lower lip and looks down. "I - I will take a - a refill of my beer." The lass says in her thick Scottish accent. "A - an yer pulled pork tacos." The doctor looks up quick a quick shy smile.
Diva I nod at the girl, pulling a notepad and pen from my apron and scribbling some notes that probably nobody else would be able to read. Heck, I had to have my best friend read it back to me sometimes because I can't read it. The thing is, it's not that I have bad handwriting, it's just I get lazy and sloppy and don't bother to make it look good. I'm the only one seeing it but other things like my name badge are seen by everyone.

"That will be right out ma'am. Let me know if you need anything else." I grab her glass and turn to get her a refill. It doesn't take long before I'm back and setting the drink on the table. The dog then catches my eyes and they glitter in excitment.

"Oh what a beautiful dog! What's it's name?" I bend down to the big dog's levvel and smile at it, eyes sparkling. "Can I pet it," I ask, speaking to both the girl and the dog, holding my palm out for it to smell, but not touching it without permission.
Emma Emma pulls out a pair of sunglasses from her purse, a pair of reflective aviators. The sun peeks put from behind a cloud now, and it's rather bright. To Scarlett there is a small nod about the order, her head turns some to Shaemus. To her dog something is said in Gaelic, which only enhances her Scottish accent.

"O - of course." The lass says to the waitress with a shy smile, a delicate hand motions to her dog, Shaemus shuffles to stand and goes up to her, wagging his tail. He is a beast of a dog, massive in size, but equally as friendly. Really, the dog is a big pup at heart.
Diva I smile at the girl and turn to the dog. I scratch behind it's ears and run my hands over it's fur. I check and sure enough it's a boy. I love on him for a while before looking back up at the girl. "What's his name?" I wait for an answer before smiling and repeating his name aloud. "That's cute." I pat the dog's head again before going off to the kitchen to get the order in.

Less than thirty minutes later I come back with the girl's order. "Here you go ma'am. Enjoy. Is there anything else I could get you?" I smile sweetly at her and tilt my head.
Emma Sitting back in the chair - that medical journal still open, with the funky looking organs, Emma watches the pair with a small smile, enjoying the warm sun. "Sh - Shaemus." Says the lass, with her typical shy stutter.

While awaiting her order, the book is regarded again, the entry read through. Every now and then she checks her phone, but it rights suddenly. "A - aye, grade two, encapsulated. I - I'll assist f - for Tuesday when ta - tha CT results come ib, ju - just email then." Ever dedicated to her work, there is rarely a spare moment.
    "Th - thank you." Says the redhead to the waitress, looking up with a shy if not thankful smile. "I - I think I am good, now, oh, ah, some lime on th - tha side?"
Diva My eyes widen as I think back to her order before. "Oh. I'm so sorry. Did you say that already? Oh, I got distracted! I'll get that right away!" I hurry off to get the lime, silently cursing myself for not rembering.

I come back a moment later with a small plate, a couple slices of lime sitting on it. My green eyes are wide as I look at the girl apologetically and set the plate down. "Here you go, again I'm sorry."
Emma Before she can reply the waitress ia gone, so Emma looks to Shaemus - who was more than happy with the attemtion he had and had gone back to chewing on his bone. As she waits, the lass sips her beer, it's cool and refreshing as she sits in the sun.

"So - sorry, it was nat - nat yer fault, Scarlet. I - I remembered last minute, so my fault. Th - that is wonderful, th - thank ya."
Diva I blink, confused for a moment how she knew my name. "Oh of course my name tag!" Wait, did I just say that out loud? Oops. "Er," I blush at the mistake. "Sorry. I was trying to figure out how you knew my name then relized I was wearing my name tag. You see, I almost always leave it at home and yeah. I guess I also told you my name earlier..." I trail off, trying to rember and realized I had been rambling. "Oh, hehe sorry. I talk a lot when I get nervous." I chuckle slightly nervous. "Anyways.. enjoy." I walk away, feeling awkward and anti-social at this point. Why can't I just talk to people like a normal person?!
Emma So Emma sits there a moment watching the waitress go, and then looks to Shaemus who gives her an equally curious look before going back to his bone. This leaves his master to go about eating her pulled pork tacos, which she squeezes some lime on.

As she eats, there is some commotion a few tables over. A man and woman are sitting there, but suddenly another woman comes over and starts yelling at the man in Spanish, which is the native language here. Looking up from her food in time to see the man get a good slap, and as she speaks Spanish as well, the lass lifts a hand trying not to laugh as the drink is dumped on his head by the other woman sitting there. The two women leave in a huff, the mab left sitting there looking embarrassed.
Diva I walk over to a table that someone had just left and begin cleaning up. I wipe the same spot over again a couple times, simultaniously staring off into space and scrubbing a sticky spot. I finish the table and put away the cleaning supplies.

I am looking around, trying to figure out what to do next when I see the guy who was apparently dating two girls. My blood boils and I narrow my eyes before going to get my cleaning supplies once again. I then come over to the table, wiping up some of the drink that had spilt on the floor, with a sigh, not making eye contact with the man.