Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa April 26, 2006

The air outside was warm and pleasant, despite the threatening of rain from the gathering of darkening clouds.

Inside Eve's office, Eve and Emma talk quietly about recent events and the lack of information flowing from the Federal Bioterrorism Commission. One thing that is clear, Esa is listed as Missing In Action within the halls of the FBC; something told to them by a close friend of Esa inside the organization.

Additionally, work continues on the Terrasave office; gone is most of the structural damage and eyesore of the bombing attack. Construction works move swiftly as they rebuild the facility.
Emma Emma sits in a chair, Shaemus at her side - he seems to refuse to leave it. Her stare is a little blank, and the lass appears to be tired. Idly a hand pats her dog on the head. There is a heavy sigh, and all this time she has avoided eye contact with Eve. "E - eventually, th - they will be done here." Meaning, the building, which she says plainly.
Eve "It won't be more than a few more days." Eve replies, tapping on her laptop before she gets to her feet to make coffee and tea. She moves to give the big dog a treat and then pours some of the black liquid into her large cup. "I've recalled everyone, and we are already looking for staff options to replace those injured."
Emma Happily Shaemus takes the treat with a wage of his tail, going to lay on the floor and eat it, chewing in his large doggy way.

"Th - the work went fast." Emma says, softly, but without feeling. She watches Eve a second and then looks out the window.

"Th - thank god Daisy was okay, p - poor girl, was so - so frightened. I guess it - it took a few days ta get her to settle."
Eve "I'm glad she's doing okay." Eve says, settling back into her seat. "Has there been any word of any kind? Do you need anything?" She asks, her eyes on Emma as her crossed legs swing in a slow rhythm.
Emma "Me too." Emma says of Daisy, nodding along with that.

It is at that question that she finally looks to Eve, with that blank stare. For a momemt there is silence, and then a slow shake of her head, long red hair swaying around her some. "I - I need nothin'. But- but thank ya."
Esa A flicker of the power happens. It was brief as the lights goes out, bringing the room to darkness, save for what comes through the windows. Then the power is restored, a total of thirty-seconds goes by between the drop and coming back on.

Something, a feeling perhaps or the hair raising on her arms, tugs at Emma to look toward the hallway. In that moment, she sees someone walk by in a patient gown. The person was a male, tall, wavy hair and as he walks, he portrayed no limp. It looked like Esa; something was telling her it was Esa.

For Eve, there was no one passing by the door.
Eve Eve gazes up as the power goes off and she swears lightly under her breath, picking up the phone to make a quick call. When the light flicker back on, she sets the phone down, shakes her head and sighs. "I wish they'd get done with this construction so we can work, there is so much to do and no time to do it in."
Emma Emma looks up to the lights as they flicker, then feels drawn to the doorway. Eyes fix on the hallway, and sadly, Eve doesn't seem to be listened too. The lass -stares- at the hallway, almost like she had seen a ghost. There are even goosebumps on that fair freckled skin of hers.
Eve Eve reaches out and snaps her fingers near Emma. "Emma?" She asks, a slight frown on her face. "Emma!" She repeats, and then she furrows her brow and picks up the phone again, this time to call a doctor. Her voice is soft as she speaks into the headset.
Esa Something is nagging Emma to follow the person. Eve feels a slight coldness to the air; could be just the construction guys testing the air conditioning system was the A/C guys even here today?
Emma Emma continues to ignore Eve, she stands and heads to the hallway, Shaemus following right behind her.
Eve Eve watches Emma walk out of the office and she continues to speak into her headset as she gestures for one of the security personnel to follow Emma.
Esa Security was a bit busy watching over the construction crews at the moment as Emma heads out the door. The person continues forward, down the hall and enters a vacant office with no windows; one of the interior offices.
Emma Emma follows, down to the vacant office, steps taking her there slowly, cautiously, unsure as to what's going on, or hell, if she is sane any longer.
Esa As Emma enters the office, Esa is standing there, his back to her. The room has no light, save for what's coming through the door.
Emma Emma stands there, as if disbelieving what she is seeing. Slowly, a hand comes up to turn on the light.
Esa Turning around, Esa looks to her. He appears healthy, not sickly and he walks to her, there appears to be no limp involved. A powerful connection is made as his hand reaches up to touch her face saying "Find me." with a warm smile; she senses he is alive and somehow well. Then, the lights flicker again, going out and coming back on and he's gone.
Emma It's like it's happening in a flash. He is there then gone. Emma touches her cheek trying to make sure she felt it.

With water filled eyes she steps back, closes the door and goes to head back to Eve's office, stopping in the doorway, looking quite shook.
Eve Eve is still on the phone when Emma walks back to her office, and she says "Hold on." into the receiver before she sets the phone down and walks over to Emma. "Are you okay Emma?"
Emma A hand comes up, Emma motions over her shoulder, she is a bit speechless, still trying to figure it out. But, some tears come down her cheeks. "E - Esa. I - I fear I - I am goin' mad.." She manages before a sob.
Eve Eve moves towards Emma and wraps her friend in a hug. "Emma, I think you should talk to Elliott." She says quietly as she tries to comfort the woman. "You have too much on your plate, you need to rest."
Emma Emma stands there, sobbing some. Slowly she returns the hug, but shakes her head to the Elliott comment.

"I - I d - don't trust h - him - yet." Whispers the lass between sobs. "I - if he is a - alive I - I can't rest."
Eve "Are you any use to him right now? You're falling apart." Eve insists, a frown on her face. "You need to rest so we can coordinate efforts to find him, if we all work together there isn't any stone that will be left unturned."
Emma Emma shrugs some, so overcome, so overwhelmed, she defults to sobbing, as the weight of everything hits her like an avalanche of horror and pain.