Umbrella Surveillance System
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Flynn April 24, 2006

Clouds gathered in the sky over Maracaibo, darkening it as it threatens to rain. Even with the threat of rain hanging above the people, the temperature remains warm and yet rather pleasant. It was in the afternoon time and the general traffic could be seen outside.

Flynn's PI was a building located in what is considered the downtown district; though more located in the less than stellar section, toward old downtown. The building was an old concrete building, worn down due to age, windows stained from years of repeated abuse from the heat. Bars covered the outside of the window, protecting it from being broken into it. Even with the run-down look, the wooden door looks brand new; even the sign above it looked new.

Inside, the air was crisp and cool. Sitting at a desk is a young-looking lady whom appears to be working on a computer system. The main room was broken by a large floor to ceiling cubicle walls were constructed to separate the lobby from the back.
Emma The old door creeks open to admit a woman with long red hair, and freckles, and grey-green eyes. She closes the door gently, shifting the strap of the bag on her shoulder. After a quick glance around eyes befall the woman behind the desk. This lass looks tired, as if she has not slept. And those eyes, are slightly hollow, showing a hidden - or trying to be hidden, pain within.

"E - excuse me." Says the lass, approaching the woman behind the computer, her tone is soft, and warm, even against those eyes, revealing the kinder side of her that is slowly melting away. "I - I would like ta - ta speak ta a investigator."
Flynn Kathy looks up and smiles at Emma softly. "Oh, hello! Welcome to Flynn's investigations!" She says cheerfully, a smile on her face that shows off her dimples. "I see; well mister Dresden is here currently. if you have a moment, I can get him."
Emma A managed smile is given in return. "T - that would be fine, th - thank you." Says the redhead, and turns to a chair, going to sit, hands on her lap as she waits.
Flynn "I am Andrew Dresden." Flynn says, walking over to Emma with his hand extending out to her. "And your.. Emma O'Connell of the Terrasave office." He adds in recognition of the woman A pause "I'm sorry to hear about the bombing. Hope everything is okay there?" As he inquires
Emma She had taken to staring at the ground, lost in her thoughts as she waited. There is a slight jump as Andrew comes to greet her, pulling her from her thoughts. Moving to stand, a delicate hand extends to take his, her skin soft and warm, the grip perfectly balanced. "Ni - nice ta meet ya." Says the lass.

"Oh a - ah thank ya, all ar - are fine, we have had plently of - of community support too. We will prevail."
Flynn Lowering his hand after shaking hers, a small smile crosses his lips. "That is good news and a bit surprising. Community support is something lacking in Maracaibo lately. Glad to hear that it wasn't lost on you and your company." He tells her, folding his arms against his chest lightly "So, how can I help you miss O'Connell?"
Emma "We - we work for th - tha people, ta help them, people are more likely ta - ta help those that care 'bout helping them." Then she shrugs, a little.

"I - I need some help lookin' inta somethin', I can't myself, nor am I - I tried for such a - a thing. It could be dangerous."
Flynn Scratching his beard, Flynn nods ever so slightly. "Well, we cater to most needs. Cheating spouses; missing family or friends; lost animals; corporate espionage" A smile crosses his lips as he pauses, hmming and continues "And honestly? This is Bolivar. Every job is dangerous; even looking for a lost pet." A chuckle is given before adding "So, what do you need help with?"
Emma Emma does laugh, just a little, the smile half forced. "It - it is none of those." She says, softly.

Grabbing her bag she opens it and pulls out a folder. "I - I need help ta - ta find PITE. An extremist group, for - for earth. Th - they are willin' ta do whatever it takes, from bombing ta hurting innocents in th - tha name of savin' tha planet. They were once TerraSave, so th - they were once my people. I - I want ta find out who is runnin' it."
Flynn Taking the folder, Flynn nods his head. "Yes, I do recall PITE and what happened in Paris." He sifts through a few of the papers quietly. "I'll give you a steal. I'll investigate into them, and if I find anything, it will be a thousand US dollars. I've got contacts all over the place and might be able to come up with something." He says, closing the folder. "If I am unable to find anything, then it will be just two hundred US dollars."
Emma "Th - they have, without a doubt, b - been a menace." Emma replies, clasping her bag shut. "Th - that will be fine." She adds, about the cost. "I - I wrote down my contact information, m - my personal number an' - an' where I work. I of course, d - don't want ta have it tracked ta - ta me if possible. I - I am a danger magnet."
Flynn "It will stay locked up miss O'Connell." Flynn replies, hand extending back out. "It's a pleasure doing business. I'll get in touch with my contacts and we will go forward from there."
Emma Emma takes his hand and gives a quick shake. "Th - thank ya." She says, with a small nod and smile. "An - an' good luck."