Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Emma had come from the hospital, where she waited for Esa, for 24 hours to get bad news. Unable to stand it any long she left, and came to the office.

Why here she doesn't know. Emma's red hair is a bit of a mess, scrubs are wrinkled, and she looks tired. And mostly, broken. As there isn't many working she gets to her office door without distraction.
Eve Eve follows Emma into her office, several things folded in her arms. "Emma, I have absolutely every contact that I could scrounge up looking for Esa. Is there anything I can do for you while I wait to hear word?"
Emma Before she opens her door, Emma stops then enters, and then goes to sit in her chair, looking out the window, expression blank. "No." Says the redhead simply, emotionlessly.
Eve "We'll find him." Eve murmurs, moving to take a seat and opening her laptop. "There were several reports of someone who matches Esa's description being wheeled out of the hospital on a gurney. We're following that lead, and a few others that seem a bit more flimsy." She taps on her laptop and sighs. "There is so much information though, as if someone is trying to flood us with it unstead of wipe out signs."
Emma Unmoving, Emma sits there and listens, eyes fixed on the innocently moving outside world beyond that pane of glass.

"That is - isn't a sign?" Asks the lass cooly, only movement being seen is her breathing. "So - someone doesn't wa - want him found, or - or for us ta - ta know what happened. He was radiated. I'm a doctor, I - I know tha - tha odds of survival from that." Here at last there is a waver in her tone, a sign of the stirring broken soul within.
Eve "I think it's a sign that whomever took him is smart." Eve says, setting her laptop aside and folding her arms over her chest loosely. "So we just need to be smarter. I've got people following whatever leads are strongest."
Emma "Maybe." Then Emma stands and moves to the window and crosses her arms. "I think I'm done."
Eve "Done?" Eve asks, getting to her feet and walking towards the window. "Done with what?" She asks, placing a gentle hand on Emma's shoulder. "If you need some time Emma, we can shoulder the burden here. We can hire some people or ask the Rebels for help and you can go help them look for Esa, if you would like?"
Emma The hand on her shoulder draws enough attention for Emma to look to Eve briefly, and then back to the window. "Can - can ya name a time hell didn' rain down on me? I - I bet not. N - not since Raccoon. I tried, it failed. L - life has made its point."
Eve Eve spreads her hands apart and frowns. "We're only given what we can handle. You have to keep standing tall and walking forward, or you stop..and sometimes you stop in a place that isn't good for you." She taps her fingers on the desk. "We're going to find him, Emma."
Emma Looking to the sky, Emma says something in Gaelic, the feeling of it isn't good. She looks to Eve, disbelieving what she said. "An - an so - sometimes it's a lesson." She feels she learned hers. Her tone is distant, cooler. "Wh - when is my next meeting?"
Eve "Twenty minutes." Eve says, glancing at the book in her arms. "I can cancel it though, if you've need for me to do so." She glances out at the outer offices and then back to Emma. "There isn't anything that is pressing today."
Emma Emma turns to her one wall, with doors on the shelves and pulls out some clean clothes she had there. "No. I - I will meet them." She replies, turning to Eve. "Nothing else p - pressing?"
Eve "There isn't anything that can't be handled by others." Eve responds, taking a step or two back. She stands up straighter and her chin comes up a bit. "I'll let them know that you're ready, and get back to searching for Esa Collins."