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Emma It's getting late, and it's getting cold. There is some snow falling, leaving a wonderful sort of slick on the ground. Outside are two vehicles and a police card. Seems there was a fender bender, the lights of the police car light up the cafe a little, drawing attention from patrons. One of them is Emma, who has a spot by the window. There isn't much attention given to the accident outside, being an intern there is plenty of wounded that cross her path. Plus nobody was hurt, so she goes about her work, writing in her journal and slowly picking at some food.
Silent Night Archene seems a little tired as he comes into the cafe. Maybe the problem is with the work hours or he just isn't dealing well with the cold. With a small sigh he sits on a table by the window, by chance facing Emma. After a server offers him a menu, he quickly requests for some food and some water. He takes a look outside, looking rather distracted as he waits for his food.
Emma From her writing Emma looks up and pauses breifly, watching Archene a second, as if trying to place his face. Then her gaze turns to the windows, watching the police do their work while dealing with the fender bender. Frowning a little and sighing some eyes drift to her journal, not realizing that her pen ia going -thwap-thwap-thwap on the book rather loudly as she thinks.
Silent Night Archene sighs after looking out for some moments. He stops to think on his life for a moment, before being briefly intrrupted by the server... who brings him his water. He smiles at him lightly, before drinking some of the water. He shakes his head briefly before he notices a continuous thwapping of a certain pen, making him look Emma's way. He looks at her for a moment, quietly saying, "Oh.. that girl with that one big dog."
Emma "Oy lady stop that!" Blurts a voice behind her. This makes Emma jump and look over her shoulder, cheeks going red. It's an older gruff looking man. "I -- I am sorry." Quickly the pen is grabbed, she turns away totally embarassed and stares at the table a second. Hearing another voice eyes look up slowly to Archene. "So -- sorry what?" Asks the Scottish lass shyly.e
Silent Night Archene chuckles quietly before smiling at Emma, "Are you that girl with that nice Newfoundlander?" He hmms pondering on what the dog's name may have been as he looks at Emma. Just as he seems to have thought about something, the server come to his table with a plate of cheese sticks, nuggets and french fries. He briefly thanks the waiter before looking at Emma again with a warm smile.
Emma Emma had a bowl of stew. Idly the spoon is grabbed to stir it about. She nods to Archene some, grinning a little bit more at mention of her dog. "Aye. His name is -- is Shaemus." The dog seems to not be here, likely at home. Eyes watch as the food is brought, did he actually order food or did they just bring it? Maybe something was missed. "Please, come join me. Yer - yer face is a lil' familar, ta confess. But I can't place where from."
Silent Night Archene smiles quite warmly at Emma taking his water with a hand while he takes his plate with another. With a smooth movement, at least smooth for someone as tall as himself, he stands up and moves to sit on the opposite side of the table as yourself. He sets his plate and water down, before pushing his plate a bit forward, "You can have some if you want," and hmms, "And if I remember well, I met you while I was jogging. Can't quite recall if I even got a chance to introduce myself, you seemed busy and had to go after a few minutes." He smiles softly.
Emma There is a polite shake of her head, Emma motions to her stew. "Thank ya tho." Says the lass, going to close her journal and put it to the side. Though her own food is left half forgotten, perhaps she isn't all that hungry. Sipping from her tea an 'ahh-ha' moment crosses those silver eyes. "Aye, yes. That -- that was when. Twas breif, I recall. Had ta go about things." There is a nod as well, her red hair pulled back but sways around her. "Al -- always busy, buddin' doctor 'n all. What of you? By tha way, my name is Emma." She smiles again, in her shy sweet way.
Silent Night Archene pulls the plate back closer to him, giving a smile to Emma as she nods at him. "You're welcome," he replies briefly as he takes a cheese stick to his mouth, his eyes only barely noticing her half-eaten food or journal as he eats his stick. At her words, he nods, "It was, and I can imagine how hard it can be." He smiles at her saying, "I just work with security here and there, I'm Archene, a pleasure to see you again Emma."
Emma " Security? Sounds interestin' tho, ever -- ever ran inta trouble before? When ya were running in that cold, ya must be tough." Because she wouldn't be out without a winter jacket like he was. "It's nice ta meet ya, Archene. I'm an intern myelf. Got a spot of time off for once myself."
Silent Night "I run in to trouble every now and then, but nothing I haven't been trained for at least." Archene chuckles quietly, "nd it wasn't that cold, the running kept me warm. And the hot chocolate helped me to stay warm afterwards." He gives her a light smile, "Glad you've been able to get some time off, everyone needs some." He drinks some water before continuing to eat his food.
Benny Benny is on patrol, does this guy ever get any days off? He spots the accident in front of the Cafe and turns on the red & blue emergency lights of his patrol cruiser, a black Ford Explorer with the S.T.A.R.S. symbol and RPD crest on the side. He beeps the siren a few times just to get people's attention, then calls dispatch on the radio. "Dispatch. This is Charlie 5. I'm out with two vehicles, in front of Cafe 13, looks like a minor motor vehicle collision. I'll update as soon as I speak to the driver's and any witnesses." Dispatch then radios back, "Copy that Charlie 5. You are without a partner today? There are no back up units avaiable at this time, but once one is free we will send them to your location. We require an update in 2 minutes." Benny then replies to dispatch. "Copy that dispatch." He runs the plates of the two vehicles on his computer, then steps out. He's got his MP7 secured in a cross strap over his shoulder. Since the city is in a state of emergency, he is able to carry more than just his standard pistol side arm. He's dressed in his full S.T.A.R.S. uniform and approaches the first vehicle.
James Scott The door swings open and teenager with a hat pulled down to cover his face enters. One of the cooks looks over and offers a wave, "Welcome t- Oh, James! Been a while."

         "Sure has." James shoots the woman a wink. "Y'all know what I want already." He turns to head further in, but does pause a moment to look at the accident through the window.
Emma "I was forced ta get time off." Admits Emma, frowning a little. A part of her would rather be back at work, helping. But that's not the case! Ah well! She sips from her tea, still ignoring her stew which is likely cold now. "Where ya workin' right now?" Asks the lass, attention pulled away when James walks in. "'El -- 'ello James." Is the greeting given, with a small smile and wave. Looking to Arch again to ask something from the corner of her eye Benny is spotted outside, and working. There is a small frown, but a tap on the glass, perhaps hoping he'd hear and if looked her way, would be given a smile amd wave.
Silent Night Archene sighs a bit and nods, "I know how that can be," the sigh or any other action doesn't stop him from eating his sticks, nuggets and chips. "I'm working for Umbrella, mostly at the big building in the city." He smiles a bit before glancing towards James, vaguely recognizing the man from a certain meeting he once he with both him and the lass he shares a table with.
Benny Benny deals with the two driver's of the accident, in a relatively short period of time and gets them on their way. It is a minor fender bender and he updates dispatch. "Dispatch. Charlie 5. I'm clear of the motor vehicle accident now. Everything is good. I'm just going to grab a quick coffee at Cafe 13. I'll be on my portable." Dispatch responds. "Copy that Charlie 5." Benny, then walks through the the front door of Cafe 13, glancing around the room and stands in line to place his order. He looks a bit tired, he is rubbing his eyes and adjusts his RPD baseball cap on his head. He turns his portable radio volume up, in case the espresso machine is too loud and he misses a call.
James Scott "Oh, hey there. What's happening?" James shoots Emma a warm smile and moves across the room to take a free seat close enough to the pair that he can talk. Archene gets a slight nod as well, though his gaze is hidden behind a pair of dark shades. "Hey, met you at the bar, right?"
Emma Emma regards James curiously, the shades hide nothing to her. The lass knows those eyes are red. Yet the man seems normal. So there is a small shrug. "A break, for -- for once." She says, normally she is working. "How ya feelin'?" Seeing a tired Benny enter eyes follow him a moment and then turn to Archene. Teeth take hold of her lower lip, a delicate hand reaches for a chicken nugget, he did offer some food out. But instead of eating it, this sweet, shy Scottish lass turns and.. tosses it towards the officer, the nugget going to thunk him on the back of head. Turning away quick as to hide the fact that she did that, the most innocent expression lines her features, except there is to many hints of humour for it to really work. A hand even covers her mouth while looking out the window. Yes, the shy girl just harassed the fuzz!
Silent Night Archene nods back at James, his eyes equally shaded. "We did," he replies briefly after a few seconds of thought. He hmms before drinking some water, his brows furrowing slightly as Emma takes food... and tosses it at the officer. . . What kind of person does that to a poor chicken nugget. The poor nugget may perpetually remain un-eaten. With a brief sigh and a shake of his head, Archene proceeds to eat one of his nuggets.
Benny "I'll have a large dark roast coffee please, with room and a little bit of soy milk. Than...uh, what the?!" Benny says to the barista, when he feels something hit him on the bacak of the head. The barista's eyes go wide, as she puts her hand to her mouth and then points towards the table where Archene, Emma and James Scott are sitting. Benny quickly turns around, glancing down to the floor where he spots the poor nugget that should have been eaten but was used as a projectile instead. His eyes narrow, his brow furrows and he looks at Archene first - nope don't really recognize this guy, well a little familiar but nothing really jogs. Emma - he does know but she's an intern, nice, shy scottish lass, she wouldn't have thrown anything at him. James Scott - he also knows, but as a drug dealer he arrested a couple of years ago on a shop lifting charge and minor possession of narcotic paraphanellia. If anyone has motive to assault him with a nugget, it would be that man! He glares at James, walking over to the table with a very serious stride, "Who threw that?" he isn't taking his eyes off of James though, his hands are out in front of him but not balled into fists or anything just yet. He looks pissed!
James Scott "I'm here, so that's pretty positi-" James starts, but then Emma throws that damn nugget. "I knew I liked you for a reason" When Benny starts towards him he holds his hands up, motioning towards the empty table in front of him.

"Take it easy Benny, you know I'm a changed man. Besides, my food ain't here quite yet."
Emma Well, this did't turn out as planned! Trying to stifle a laugh it's quickly gone when Benny walks over, looking angry. First her face pales a bit, eyes moving between James and Benny with only a brief glance to Archene. Then her cheeks go red, first she eyes James a second and then looks to the officer, cheeks going more red. Shuffling forward on the seat a little, the shy girl feels an obvious crushing wave of guilt. "It -- it was me," Stammers the lass. "Ya -- ya looked tired, and I thought ya could -- could use a laugh. James had nathin' ta do with it. I'm -- I'm sorry." Eyes are focused on the ground, she is so embarassed over this, a massive fail on trying to bring some humour about.
Benny " was you, Emma? I uh...ummm, sorry about that James. I assumed and made an ass of myself." Benny blinks and glances from Emma, to James Scott, to Archene briefly, then back to James Scott. "Nah, it's all good...just a misunderstanding..." He see's that Emma is feeling quite embarassed and takes a deep breath, calming himself because he thought he got assaulted and he hasn't slept well either with all the craziness going on in Raccoon City. His cheeks flush a bit himself and he chuckles. "Oh had good intentions. I'm just tired and thought....well, it's okay now." He gives Emma an apologetic smile and then turns to James. "Been a while James. Glad you turned things around and your meal's on me." He nods politely to Arhene, "Say, you look kinda familiar but I don't remember where we've met before. I'm Benny."
Silent Night Archene looks back at Benny as he approaches, he eats a nugget and he looks for the moral off the story. As Benny adresses him, he smiles and says, "And I'm Archene, pleasure to meet you. I also think so... but I'm not that good with faces," he chuckles quietly, "Want some," He motions to the plate of french fries and nuggets. Yes, there are no more cheese sticks.
James Scott "It's not a problem, and I appreciate the offer." James leans back in his seat slightly, reaching up to remove his glasses, almost like he wasn't in possession of a pair of viper's eyes. Those unnerving red eyes settle back onto Archene, "So, Archene, what is it you do for a living?"
Emma Emma manages a glance up to Benny, cheeks still red. "I -- I'm sorry." She mamages, sure if he accepted the apology there is that guilt. Nodding a little and letting them talk she turns away and grabs the spoon to her stew, forgetting that it was cold. Taking a bit there is a frown, the spoon slowly put down. Cold stew is never good.
Benny "Nice to meet ya, Mr. Archene." Benny replies in polite tone to the tall man who offered him nuggets and fries. "Thanks for the food. Can't say no to fries and I'll have a nugget too." He nods to James, "Next time I see ya, lunch is on me then." The Asian officer grabs some fries and one nugget from Archene's plate, scarfing them down and looks at Emma. "Oh, Miss Emma...apology accepted of course. Now please turn that frown upside down. It was a joke, no biggie and no harm was done. So how's the hospital?" He asks out of politeness and habit, even though he probably knows the answer is just as bad as the situation the RPD and S.T.A.R.S. is facing. The verge of complete chaos.
Silent Night As James asks that one question, Archene replies, "I work for security at Umbrella, nothing too fancy." He smiles, "Hope you like them," he says as he keeps his fries, noticing that the three probably know each other more than he knows any of them, he also drinks some water, but mostly just listens to them.
James Scott "Oh, they're great." James says with some small sarcasm. There would likely be more present if he knew about their involvement in making the virus flowing through his veins. "But I don't have much love for too many big corporations."

         About this time his food does arrive, a glass of tea and a chicken club sandwich. "Why thank you very much." The waitress is offered a smile, and for what it's worth, she doesn't say anything about his eyes, probably assuming they're contacts.
Emma Emma manages to look up to Benny, relaxing a little and smiling with a nod. "I'll-- I'll make sure ta throw something softer next time." Shyly looking away eyes flicker between the others but settle on Archene a moment. "Un -- Umbrella? Is that safe?"
Benny "Umbrella security, eh? That must be an interesting job. My dad works for Umbrella but he's in some sort of science division or something like that. Thanks again for the fries and nugget. I should probably just go order my own food now." Benny says to Archene when he mentions Umbrella. He then looks at James Scott as he gets his food from the waitress. "Looks pretty good, I might get that to go."

He turns his attention to Emma once more and is glad to see her smile, "That's much better. I'll be right back just going to grab my coffee and order some food for take out." He walks back to the counter, "I'll have a chicken club sandwich to go please and thanks for the coffee." He takes a small sip from the dark roast in a to go cup and seems to relish the taste.
Silent Night "I understand that," Archene shrugs at James' coment before nodding at Emma, "It is mostly safe, usually the most I get is some snippy VIP who thinks they own the office." He chuckles quietly before saying, "But it is quite an interesting job, usually just making sure executives and scientists can have a nice day however."
James Scott "Not quite so many rabid animals to worry about there." James takes a sip from his glass of tea before he starts working on the sandwich. Nobody is talking to him at the moment, so no better time to start putting a dent in the plate.
Emma Emma smiles a little to Benny before she looks to James. "Ya - ya could eat someone outta house 'n home." Then she regards Archene, frowning again. "Ya actually trust them?"
James Scott "Oh, you don't know the half of how much I like to eat." James shoots Emma a wink and wipes his face off. "But if you guys will excuse me, I need to go collect a few of my records." He pushes to his feet and covers those red eyes of his with glasses once more. "I'll see you guys around."
Benny Benny grabs his to go bag, with his chicken club sandwich and takes another sip of his coffee. "See ya later James." He nods to the man he almost thought had thrown a chicken nugget at him then blinks at his parting words as he gives Emma a wink. He glances to Emma then back to James again, sipping on his coffee and then turns his attention to Archene. "Am I missing something here?"
Silent Night "I know well enough how far I can trust some people and companies. As employers, I can say that Umbrella pays well enough, and that most of my co-workers are fine people. Some, certainly not as much." As james is about to leave, he waves at him, "Be well on your way," and to Benny he can only shrug, "Some people have some distrust for Umbrella, and others have a lot of it."
Emma "Aye," Emma says with a shake of her head to James. "Their lucky ya don' eat all their food here." Yeah the ginger didn't get it. So there is a wave to James as he goes, and a look to Benny with a blush at the wink follow by a shrug. "No?" She doesn't think something is missing. "Do -- do ya know Dr. Markus at all?" This is asked to Archene.
Benny "Yeah, big corporations tend to be like that I suppose and I hope that there is over sight and accountability at all levels to make sure that corporate corruption isn't rampant." Benny states after another big sip of his coffee. Ahh caffine! He is dressed in his full S.T.A.R.S. uniform, standing at a table occupied by Emma and Archene, who are seated. He has a take out bag with him, but he opens it and starts eating half the chicken club sandwich that he was going to save for later but realized he is super hungry. He glances between Emma and Archene as they talk about a Doctor Markus.
Silent Night "Oh, yes, I do know him. He is a good man." Archene nods briefly and rather seriously, "He should be working at the hospital currently," and hmms, "Do you know him?" He tilts his head slightly, "Big companies do try to do what they can to make sure there are as little complaints as possible, some just tend to choose ways that aren't very good." He sighs briefly before drinking some water.
Emma "Oy," Emma says to Benny, watching him dive into his food. The redhead Scottish lass shuffles down the seat a little and motions for the officer to sit. "Ta -- take a seat, relax while ya can. I owe ya a coffe at least to, or dinner or somethin' to make up for makin' ya mad." Then to Archene, a delictae hand reaches for her tea. "Aye, we - we run inta each other now and then. I work as an intern there."
Isabel The door opens, admitting a blast of freezing air as Isabel steps inside. The wind catches the door, whipping it out of her hand. With a startled yelp, she hurriedly grabs for it, straining for a couple seconds before finally pulling the thing shut and ending the arctic blast.
She turns, a slight figure in a worn red winter parka, equally worn jeans, and flocked tan fleece-lined boots, sighing in relief. "Um, sorry!" she calls to the room
Benny "Oh, sure. Sorry, didn't mean to be rude." Benny replies to Emma and sits down since he's starting to eat now. He pulls a napkin out of the bag to wipe away the crumbs that have fallen onto his body armor. It would be embarassing to have food stuck on your body armor when you go to calls, worse is pizza stains though. His cheeks go slightly red when Emma offers him coffee or dinner, "Oh...that is very nice of you, but you don't have to do that Emma and if anyone owes someone a dinner, that would be me treating you." He blinks, "Oh, that Markus...yeah, I know him too. Met him at the dinner the last time you invited us over." He then takes a few more bites from his sandwhich, then washes it down with some coffee. He looks up when the door opens and Isabel walks through. He nods politely to the lady, with a tip of his RPD baseball cap since he's a polite officer that way.
Emma Emma slowly lowers her tea and blinks a bit, turning to look at Benny blushing a little. "Ah - ah, if yer wantin'." She says about dinner. "But dun feel like ya have ta..." Feeling the blast of cold eyes drift over to Isabel a moment, with a shy yet kind smile given. Spotting the clock and sighing a little her coat and items are gathered. "I didn' realize tha time, I gotta walk home 'n get some sleep for work in tha mornin'." Because work is never done at the hospital!
Isabel Isabel manages an answering smile and nod for Benny, and then for Emma. Unzipping her coat, she steps over to the counter, waiting for the busy woman there to find some time to take orders. She pats her cheeks, trying to get the feeling back into them, and shuffles her feet.
Benny "One of these days if I ever get a day off ever again...but yeah. Hopefully soon." Benny replies to Emma and little does he know, that Raccoon City may descend into complete and utter chaos much sooner than he realizes. "Oh, you are walking back in this weather? It is freezing outside. I can give you a lift if you want? I have to get back to patrols soon anyways. Your place isn't that far so even if a call comes in, I can still drop you off nearby." He looks towards Isabel, seeing how she is reacting from coming in from the cold and glances back to Archene, who has gone kinda silent at the table. "You still going to eat those fries and nuggets?" He smirks and finishes off his half chicken club sandwich.
Emma "Ya.. sure?" Emma asks Benny, then looks outside to the slick cold and then back. "That'd be -- be nice, drop me off wherever if ya need." Her jacket is slipped on, then gloves, and a toque. "Na no rush on dinner, Benny. Ya need ta take care of yer - yerself before feeding me." Making her way out, with that smooth dancers grace eyes move to Isabel quickly. "Their stew is great." It's a kind, shy suggestion.
Isabel Hearing that line, Isabel stifles a smile. Some things never change, and table banter is apparently on that list.
She glances up as someone speaks to her, turning to look at the graceful young woman. "Oh? Thank you. My aunt will appreciate something like that, I'm sure. She's working late. Who can I tell her suggested her dinner?" she asks, with another smile, though it's shaky from her own chilliness. Getting warm again is taking some time, with all that cloth between herself and the heat.
Benny "Yup, she's right the stew is really tasty, so is the chicken club sandwich, the fries and especially the chicken nuggets. They are so good in fact they can actually fly." Benny comments to Isabel, with a slight smirk on his face during the nuggets comment as he glances towards Emma, slyly. He turns to Archene. "I know, I know don't touch the fries. Well, catch ya around Archene. Nice to meet ya and have fun at Umbrella." He takes another sip of coffee, then stands and grabs his to go bag. He turns to Isabel once more and blinks, "Oh sorry. I'm Officer Chan, but everyone just calls me Benny. Less formal that way. Welcome to the Cafe 13 and the coffee is great too. Take care." He walks towards the door, holding it open for Emma. "Ready?"
Emma There is a double take as Benny makes his sly little comment. Playfully she rolls her big, grey eyes and shakes her head in a helpless manner. "I -- I shoulda thrown harder. Maybe knock some sense inta ya?" The sly smile is returned, becase she is kidding. "An I'm-- I'm Emma. Hopefully they like it." The quick introduction ia given to Isabel. "Have a good night 'n be safe." She says to her with a wave before turning to Benny, nodding and going to head out.
Isabel "Oh, hello, Officer Chan. Isabel Welsh," the dark-skinned waif replies, with another shaky smile and a respectful bow of her head. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Be safe out there," she adds quickly, realizing the man is leaving. Which is confirmed when another blast of cold air is admitted to the room. What a night out there!
Emma seems to be going with Officer Chan. "A pleasure to meet you too, Emma. I'm sure Aunt Lyndsey will love it. Stay warm!" she replies, her smile sympathetic for the two venturing out into that deep-freeze outside. She waves, shivering a little in the draft from the door.
Benny "Kids these formal." Benny shakes his head at Isabel calling him Officer Chan but he has a warm smile on his face. "Nice to meet you Isabel Welsh." He gives Emma a little glance pretending to look innocent and blinks, "Sense? This is me you are talking about and that is kinda mean." Not much sense when a guy smashes a car into another, causing a fuel leak, lighting the gas on fire to cause a big explosion and then nearly dislocates his shoulder on a grappling hook. But stuff like that never happens except in the movies...or does it? Maybe in near future even. He closes the door so that the cold doesn't keep blasting into the cafe. "Hey, don't you dare even think about throwing a snow ball at me, that really hurts." He teases Emma and walks her to the Patrol cruiser to take her home.