Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa April 22 2006

Twenty-four hours has passed since the operation at the submarine. Twenty-four hours ago, Esa Collins should've been at the hospital receiving treatment for high exposure to radiation; but never arrived.

The agent was supposed to have been flown in by FBC's own medical staff and thus far, FBC's agents have been quiet. The briefest of conversations early on with Emma was that they were looking in to it and finding out what exactly happened.

Beyond that, nothing.
Emma The moment she was able, Emma had come to the hospital, changed into her scrubs and waited for Esa to arrive. Combined with the mind fuck of evil mirror images, well she was on edge. On top of that she had to wait, and wait, and wait. She had done everyting from pacing, to chugging coffee to even having a brief nap, laid out on some chairs in a waiting room.

That is her state now, and she looks a bit uncomfortable. Hair is a bit of a mess, a leg hangs to the floor, an arm is behind her head. It's a small nap while she waits for news.
Esa The pair eventually come to a stop as they look to Emma quietly. "Emma O'Connell?" One asks, a tall lengthy of a man with a thin frame, as he steps forward. His hand extends out "Sergeant Creger." He informs her.
Emma Jolted awake, Emma's eyes flash open. Realizing the manner in which she fell asleep the lass quickly stands, trying to smooth out hee red hair, which is fairly hopeless. A delicate hand would slowly come out to shake the agents her big grey-green eyes moving between the two. If they are here, there must be news, but her gut is telling her to not get her hopes up, even if her heart is.

"N - nice ta meet ya, Agent Creger. Wh - what c - can I do f - for ya?" Maybe they are in need of something and it's that simple? She hopes, anyway.
Esa They were not in fatigues, but standard military class uniforms. Creger fidgets with his hat as he sighs a little; saying "I'm sorry miss O'Connell but at this time, the Federal Bioterrorism Commission does not have an update. We've flown over the primary route that they would've taken and have not spotted them. Radios in that area have been choppy lately and they could have radioed in that they were heading to a different hospital and we never received. We are looking at the other local and remote hospitals to see if they may have gone that direction."

A pause

"I know it has been twenty-four hours, but were still looking at all angles to find him." He adds with a small smile.
Emma Emma now stands there, more like a statue as they deliver the news. The way he fidgets isn't lost on her, the words they say, the way they say them. It's the sense that they are just talking to talk almost. "Yer - yer FBC." Says the lass after a second. "Y - yer not slackers." She is smart enough to read between the lines, least she thinks there is something between the lines here.

"D - don't bullshit with me, ya - ya can't find him. He's missing? 24 hours, is missing." There is a growing edge to her tone, and tension in her jaw.
Esa "He could be missing, yes." Comes the quick reply of the Sergeant. "But at this time, he could also be at another hospital. Between the chaos that unfolded, the bad radios in the area ... He could've moved to any number of locations." He sighs "I promise that we'll keep you informed, miss O'Connell."
Emma Emma just manages a nod, stepping back and sinking into the chair. She stares forward, eyes unmoving, but showing that her mind is racing. It's like the walls of life have fallen upon her.

"Th - thank you." Is all she can muster through the hollow expression on her face.
Esa The solider nods ever so slightly as he steps back. Looking to his colleague, a Corporal, he gives a forlorn look and sighs. He knew of Agent Collins well and the news wasn't being taken well amongst his peers. Looking back to her again, he nods once more; saying "Your welcome. The minute we have an update, we'll let you know." He tells her before turning to head back the way they had come.