Umbrella Surveillance System
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Kitten Deep within the Bolivar Jungles a large task force consisting of FBC, BSAA, DSO, and even lowly TerraSave agents are attacking an Umbrella Research Complex located in the middle of the jungle. The problem was, the intelligence had not been as correct as it had been assumed to be; in part it was a trap.

The research complex turned out not to be the massive base the team thought they would be assaulting underground but a pre-cold war soviet nuclear submarine that was moored in the river that ran straight out into the ocean.

It was hell to deal with, B.O.W.S. had been released into the jungle and most of the force had been bogged down by a variety of Lickers and Hunters that had made life hell. Even as a small group of you stepped onto the deck of the submarine and began to climb inside, it began to shudder to life as the turbines began to activate.

As you descended into the depths of hell, you could hear the radio chatter; everyone else out there was being slaughtered.

The corridors of the submarine are filled with bloodstains, corpses line the floor. Someone else had beat you here or something...
Bob Climbing into the submarine Bob keeps his shotgun at the ready, awaiting contact with whatever might be waiting for the do-gooders. As his feet touch the deck inside he scans in both directions, trying to maintain situational awareness. The corpses are briefly looked over, the medic trying to see if they're going to be getting up, even going so far as to poke the nearest in the face with the muzzle of his weapon, "Well, this is fucked."
Esa Having made it aboard, Esa slowly took in the submarine deck they came in on. His SIG was out as they walked, a frown creasing his face. As the engines kicked out, he mutters a curse word, head nodding in agreement to Bob, before saying "Alright, looks like we've got ourselves a new problem to deal with. We need to find the bridge and stop this submarine from diving."
Stitch Stitch moves threw the submarine acwardly as he manages to catch up with the group his body and look about him screamed bow tyrant his speech seemed affected too "i ...go...look...bridge"
Rashaam Rashaam steps onto the submarine, his heavy SCAR battle rifle leveled in front him, at the ready. Being a mixed alphabet soup joint operation, Rashaam remained fairly quiet, only talking when spoken to, so far. There's no emotion in his features, just solemn content, ready to face whatever may come.
Emma Emma had come along, likely a bad idea but there was stuff she wanted to know. The horror of what was going on around them wasn't lost on her, in a way it's all to familar. The blood smears, the chaos.

She walks within the group, given that she is not combatant. Over her shoulder is her medkit, her hair is in a braid that's flung over her shoulder, grey-green eyes are ever watchful. As the sub makes sub noises and does sub things she pauses out of fear, briefly, simply looking to the others.
Kitten The way to the bridge is fairly clear and Stitch manages to lead you there, it's not because he's been here before it's because it's almost instinctual. He's being called there and he does not know it, the weakest will among the group being bent to something vastly superior.

When you reach the bridge you find the crew dead and the missiles, yes, the ship still had active missiles somehow; which is not a huge surprise given how many the soviets lost following the end of the Cold War.

The screens show those missiles are targeted at major cities across Bolivar..

A figure in a red dress with black hair covering half of her face stands amidst the carnage, not at all surprised by your arrival. She smiles, it's not pretty but wicked; the promise of death and torture yet to come rather than earthly pleasures or delights.

She says nothing, she just waves her hand towards each and every one of you.

You find yourselves no longer in the submarine, but somewhere else. It is your worst nightmare, your worst fear brought to life.

It is different for everyone, a personal hell but you can see the rest of the group there.

Standing opposite of each of you is your darkest reflection, the inner-depravities and darkness brought to the surface and given form. Was it real or was it fake? You did not know.
Bob "Roger," Bob says to Esa, nodding solidly before getting ready to head towards the front of the vessel. "We'll stop this sucker and turn her around," he says, not necessarily sounding too certain of himself. It's a hell of a thing to be stuck in a submarine, let alone stuck in a submarine with what are likely BOWs. Not to mention that the crew that can drive the thing might all be dead.

When the team gets into the bridge and there's a strange female there Bob levels his weapon at her. It's not long, however before he's suddenly confronted by himself! An evil, twisted version of himself! Having dealt with psychic bullshittery before he has little patience for it now and fires a double tap at his doppelganger, instantly cutting it down. Of course, he's not feeling pain running through his mind like a migraine on speed and his eyes squint in pain and he nearly goes down to his knees, grit being the only thing keeping him on his feet.
Stitch Stitch moves to the front of the ship but starts seeing shit as he sees the dopple ganger of himself shooting three rounds at ithe hits twise as his body feels like he himself got shot
Emma Emma lost her weapon - lets say that because it's better than its player being daft and realizing she didn't have it, it faced with her ultimate hell, the side of herself she never wanted to meet. Grey-green eyes are wide, and they are fixed on her evil mirror image.

Trembling her light easy steps bring her forward slowlu, eyes locked on her double. But, in the real Emma's eyes, there is something hard, almost begging with an unsaid question.
Rashaam Rashaam just blinks.. at everything. He'd seen some shit in his life, and in all honesty, nothing really seemed to phase him anymore. With the arrival of the shadow-squad, Rashaam double-blinks, specifically as shadow-Emma approaches, "I seen't this Zelda.." Reaching back with the might of two or three men, Rashaam unleashes an unrelenting open-handed pimp-slap, "Back she-devil! Back I say!" With the same amount of effort as before, Rashaam's massive hand delivers another powerful pimp slap. It was hard enough to kill the shadow creature, "Fear the pimp-hand, ho!"
Esa Esa was looking at himself; or rather a depraved image of himself. A man who was the polar opposite of the kind, gentle soul he was; a manic with weapons, blood on his chest and arms. A manic laugh escaping his lips as he whispers "Kill them all..All of them. You know you want to."

He pauses, eyes closing as he takes in a breath, then another. "You are nothing more than a figment of caused by something. Like it was in the Catacombs." He states calmly as, raising his gun "So fuck you." He states, firing the gun.
Kitten The female can be heard laughing loudly. You recognized that laugh if you had encountered it before. Alice/Lisa Trevor. The dopplegangers continued their assault even if one of their number was down.
Emma What happened! Her evil clone is down, and good Emma is thrown from her trance eyes watching Rashaam pimp-slap the evil one into oblivion. That's that hand of doom there.

Thell laughter then hits her brain like an anvil, she turns in time to see Esa's evil half and grabbing some random hunk of something she hurls it at that shadow but misses.
Stitch Stitch runs full sprint at his shadow self when it tries to grab emma he colided with  it but seemed to have little affect
Bob This psychic crap has gone on long enough. Bob goes to end it, trying the best he can to finish off things quickly. His shotgun barks as he guns down the shadow version of Stitch, then he turns to try to nail the Esa's clone. He fires on it but doesn't seem able to bring it down all at once.
Stitch Stitch uses his sunglasses to gouge out srashes eyes showing how badass they are
Rashaam In Rashaam's fit of pimp-slaps, he just.. keeps on going, his famous pimp-slap being replaced with good ole fashioned punches. Esa's clone was already damaged, so the massive agent simply punches sideways, knocking the creature down. He continues forward, spotting the shadow version of himself, "I trained my whole life for this!" He says, somehow finding humor in it all. Reaching forward Rashaam punches himself square in the lip, his own lip splitting slightly form the impact, he then proceeds to watch everyone gang up on him.
Esa Raising his gun again, Esa turns it on Rashaam, discharing it twice; the first round missing while the second round finds a home. Lowering his gun, he looks around slowly, brow raising ever so slightly.
Kitten As the last of the Shadowy Mirror Images fade away from sight with the defeat of the penultimate Shadow Fighter; Rashaam you all find yourselves back inside of the bridge of the submarine with minor damage sustained in the real world.

You're on the floor or slumped over bridge stations and there is no sign of Lisa Trevor.

Whatever she had come here for was a mystery.

The timer for the nuclear missile launch ticked down with 20 seconds remaining...
Esa Esa looks over the counter information and frowns. "I cannot disarm it from here. I need to run down to the missile bay." He states, turning and bolts down to the bay. A screen next to the timer is alerting of high radiation levels within that missile bay room.

Nonetheless, Esa enters inside and stops the count down. He however is gravely wounded in the process as the radiation attacks his body and stumbles out to lean against the wall.
Bob Pushing himself up from the submarine thing he'd awoken to find himself draped over, Bob looks around for some means of turning off the nuclear launch. It's a big deal, after all, and the kind of thing that shouldn't be allowed to happen. Running around a bit like a headless chicken, Bob says, "Fuck submarines! Fuck psychic bullshit! Fuck nukes!" Where is the thing to mess with to turn off the bombs? When Esa seems to know what to do Bob starts to follow him down, ready to help out if he can. The irradiated co=worker that comes out isn't approached, however, due to not wanting to spread radioactive particle.
Rashaam After smacking half the shadow-people, Rashaam just shakes his head, "I feel like retirement might be on the schedule here soon.. I can't handle this shit. Nukes.. Zelda Shadow people. Sheesh. Lord, just take me now.." He's half-hoping the nuke would go off.
Kitten With the crisis averted, reinforcements begin to arrive to secure the submarine and the area itself. Whatever was being researched on the submarine? All of the data is gone, there was nothing to be found. Lisa Trevor/Alice had used all of you to further her own agenda.

This was only the beginning of something bigger.
Emma Emma is slapped ten ways to Sunday. That's how it feels. Having hit the floor she, with a small groan, makes her way up to her feet and wipes some blood from her nose, that red hair a mess. Eyes look up to Rashaam first, while balance is gained. "Good - good game." She stammers and then spots Bob, going to stumble-walk her way to him. "B - Bob are y - you okay?" A delicate hand would go to grab at his arm, in time to see Esa return from where the radiation was.

Hell, she knows better, but her mind doesn't go to knowing better. Without skipping a beat she moves to Esa, to help him sit. She says something in Gaelic, while looking deeply worried.
Esa "I'm.. fine." He lies, looking around. The sub, having sat for as long as it had, was leaking high amounts of radiation from prolong neglect. The missile room was a killing room for anyone who'd go inside.

To prove a point, he stands up and promptly staggers, eyes blinking. "Or not.." He mutters. The reinforcements included a medical group whom head down to assist Esa "We'll take it from here." He tells Bob and Emma. "He'll be in the hospital at Maracaibo." The tell them before heading out with him.