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Eve The long table is filled with different kinds of food. The people of the resort went overboard in pampering the TerraSave crew. Eve sits near the end of the table with Maxim, and she's currently piling her plate full of different kinds of food. She finally takes a seat, pulling her feet up and she grins at Maxim. "There is no way we're all going to be able to eat all of this. I hope the extras go to someone who can use them."
Maxim Looking like a kid in a candy store, Max has a plate practically overflowing with different foods. He has almost one of everything as he sits next to Eve and listens to her talk about the food going to someone. "What would they do with it otherwise?" He looks over his plate, almost not sure where to begin.
Eve "I'm not sure, but I should see if they'll donate it to one of the shelters around here or something." Eve murmurs, digging into her food. "Oh my goodness there is so much food here!" She grins over at Maxim. "Going to try a bit of everything?"
Maxim Maxim nods in agreement about the shelter. He also nods in answer to her question as he finally picks something to start with, a piece of shrimp. "I... I have not had much experience with different food, so it is a good time to see what like." with that he has a bite of one, and starts to chew. He's contemplative a moment, then smiles, saying with his mouth full, "Ith gwud."
Eve Eve reaches out and pats Maxim on the arm, laughing merrily. "I'm glad you like it, I heard they have a lot of different foods here, most of them made with coconut, for some reason."
Maxim Maxim hmms and nods, though he tilts his head. "Coconut. Is that, what is on these?" He picks up a piece of shrimp, looking like it was fried with coconut breading. "There is a smell all about this place, it smells like this tastes." Moving on he goes to try what looks like something potentially spicy, sniffing it first and eyes blinking, perhaps debating whether trying it is a good idea.
Eve Eve nods and she holds up her drink, a coconut shell with a milky liquid inside. "This is also coconut. Do you know that they make some stuff for you skin that has it too? It makes you smell very good. Try the shrimp!"
Maxim Maxim passes on the spicy food for the shrimp in question. He chews it for a bit, and nods. Swallowing, he replies, "It is good." A thoughtful moment, and he asks, "Is that why they add it to a lot of the alcohol? So that it tastes better? I have noticed that most alcohol does...not smell very good."
Eve "It really doesn't, I don't drink anything straight without something to make it taste better." Eve explains, chuckling softly. "Point in fact, I rarely drink in general." She gazes at Maxim as he tastes new things a small grin on her face. "What do you think?"
Maxim Maxim hmms at that. "I have never tried it. I do not think I would like it." He looks at the food and says, "It is very good. I think I will get more of those." He goes to try some of what looks like Jerk chicken though, and blinks a bit. He keeps chewing, but the way his jaw tenses and he keeps blinking it's definitely spicy for him.
Eve Eve watches Maxim a bit more and then she reaches out with a fork and takes a bite of what he just ate. She chews thoughtfully and then after a few minutes gives him a thumbs up. "You know, my mom used to make this all the time. This and teriyaki chicken, but I like the spicy better." She takes a long drink of her coconut and sighs. "Nice."
Eve It's evening again and another spread is out on the table. Eve is sitting on the patio where the food is set out. She is sat back into a comfortable chair with her feet up on another chair. The sun is going down so the light is muted, but plentiful. As she is trying to enjoy the sun she is clad in a bikini top with jeans on, her hair pulled up into a messy bun.
Maxim Making his way toward the smell of food, Maxim smiles as he spots Eve. "Greetings." He goes to grab a plate and start to load it up. It involves a lot of that coconut shrimp, but a few other things he liked, and a few he might not have tried. He's dressed like Max normally is, as he makes his way to find a seat by her.
Eve "Hey Max!" Eve says, her smile harge and her dimples showing. "How are you doing tonight?" She asks, gazing over at the man as he sits down. "It's so beautiful here, I'm going to be sad to go home." She sighs softly and lazily scratches her head. "We might have to take back some shrimp for you."
Maxim Maxim nods as he stuffs his face some. He chews as he listens, and swallows after a bit so he can speak. "It is a nice place. I drew a picture of the sunset today." He looks down at the shrimp that are left on his plate and smiles. "They are very tasty. We could?"
Eve "We certainly could, I can make them actually." Eve says, propping her chin on her palm. "You'll have to show me some of your drawings someday soon, I hear about you drawing a lot but never have seen any of them." She murmurs quietly.
Maxim At the mention of his drawings, Max wipes his gloved hand upon a napkin, then reaches into his inner coat pocket. He flips a few pages then passes the notepad over to her. It's smaller as the paper isn't that large but looking at it will show the beach, water, and what looks like the sunset. It's a little hard to make out finer detail as it's small, and looks like just a #2 pencil was used but that much can be made out.
Eve Eve gazes at the paper for a few moments and then her gaze settles on Maxim. "This is good, is this a settling hobby for you?" She asks, drawing her legs up underneath her. She passes the notepad back to Max and then picks up a few pieces of shrimp, tossing one in her mouth.
Maxim Maxim pops another shrimp into his mouth and starts to chew. A pencil appears in his hand though, and he flips to another page and starts to scratch at it with said pencil. Swallowing, he says, "When I would be in the sleep cubicle at night, the faint light from the heating element and a piece of charcoal would allow me to draw things. Sometimes it was moves I had to memorize to help learn them. Sometimes it was something pretty I saw. It... would help pass the time, or be something that could be truly mine, not what I had to do or learn."
Eve "I wish you could have shared my childhood." Eve says, watching the pencil in his hand. "I was spoiled, and I tried to deserve it, but it's not easy to..." She considers her words for a moment. "It's not easy to do nice things for people when you're young and you don't realize what other people don't have."
Maxim Maxim continues the scritch-scritch-scritching on the paper as he glances between it and her. "It can be difficult, even as an adult, to understand the world around us. I... I am often confused by things people do, or say. The important thing is that you now still do nice things for people."
Eve Eve nods at Maxim and she leans forward to eye what he's sketching. "You're not the only one confused by things that people do or say." She leans back again and folds her arms over her chest. "Everyone has different motivations, it's so hard to figure out what one person might want, or what they might do, you're right." She picks up another piece of shrimp and bites into it. "These are really good."
Maxim Sitting there with his small pad of paper and a plate of food, Max scritches away upon it with a pencil. As Eve tries to glance at it so far it looks like mostly random lines, though they're starting to take on shape as he starts working the pencil in another direction, maybe arms and a head. "Reading people was never my job. They had others for that. I sometimes wonder or think I have done something... not right. I think someone wants something a certain way, but then... THey do not. I can be confused."
Eve Eve chuckles softly and nods. "Reading people is kind of my job, you have to know what someone wants before they even want it." She picks up her drink and takes a sip, sighing softly. "I am looking forward to going back to work though." She taps her fingers on the table idly. "Hopefully we won't just get blown up again."
Maxim The pencil stops for a moment at that. Max chews on his bottom lip, then the pencil starts again. "I should have been there. Maybe... Maybe there would have been no explosion if I had been faster." He lets out a breath, and he switches the pencil to his other hand, continuing it's movement on the page as he goes to grab one of the last pieces of shrimp on his plate.
Eve "Maybe, but maybe you'd have gotten seriously hurt." Eve says, crossing her legs as she idly swishes the contents of her cup around. "I figure that everything happens for a reason." She finally takes a sip and sighs. "Just like us being here. It was for a reason, I'm sure."
Maxim Maxim frowns. "One of the Uchitel' told me once, there is no reason for things, there just is or there is not. Things are what you make of them" The pencil stops and slips back to his pocket, and he carefully tears the page out of the pad. "After how I managed to escape, I... I am not sure if he was right or not. I just know I was hired to protect Emma, and I have not been there for her more than once now." He sets the paper down for Eve and stands. "I think I will take a walk. Thank you Eve." The picture is of her sitting there, though more from the torso up to show more detail of her face.
Eve Eve takes the paper and she sits and gazes at it for a while after Maxim leaves. After a few moments she pulls out her paper journal and tucks the picture inside and goes back to gazing out at the now starry sky.