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Eve Eve is laying out on the sandy beaches, wearing her TerraSave bikini. It's a nice sunny day and the beach, being semi-private, is pretty empty. A glass of something green and orange sits next to her towel and an umbrella shades her face from the worst of the suns rays.
Maxim Making his way to the beach, Maxim is... well rather sticking out. He didn't dress in advance for the occasion at least. He makes his way about, looking out at the various people, and out at the water, and eventually notices the TerraSave bikini. As such he heads over towards it and discovers it's an Eve. She might feel the shadow from him befall her as he says, "Greetings."
Eve Eve opens her eyes and smiles up at Maxim. "Hey Max!" She sits up and dusts some sand from her legs and stomach. "I'm glad to see you made it, did you come alone?" She glances around looking for other TerraSave employees. "Well it doesn't matter, come on and sit down, how are you doing?"
Maxim Maxim crouches down next to her on the sand, then lightly sits with legs tucked under, nodding in answer to her questiion. "I did. I wanted to draw the water. It has been a long time since I have seen it." He thinks a moment and adds, "It has been several months since I have been swimming as well." Not that he's dressed for it, at least unless he's hiding a suit under his clothing. "I am... alright." From the pause it makes that debatable. "How are you?"
Eve "I'm doing well, and did you bring something to swim in? If you did, we can try to swim, together." Eve says, smiling over at Maxim. "So what have you seen in the resort so far?" She asks and then points briefly towards the resort. "There is a place over there where they make some interesting pizzas."
Maxim Maxim blinks and looks down at his attire. It's surprising he hasn't suffered heat stroke from it. "I could swim yes." At the mention of food his nose twitches slightly and he smiles. Seems the man is driven by his stomach. "I saw a few food places yes." Max stands and slips his trench off, then slips his gloves off. Then he starts to slip his shirt off, he'd better have trunks on underneath all that.
Eve Eve gets to her feet and slips her flip-flops off of her feet. "The food here is pretty amazing, I'd have come here for that alone." She gazes out at the water and points towards a point in the midst of the shallow water. "There is a stationary raft out there, it's no deeper than four feet, so why don't you try to doggy paddle your way out there?"
James Scott Where there's water and sun, there's at least one Scott. Today there happens to be two, but the only one on the beach is James. Unlike Maxim he's dressed for the beach, currently wearing nothing except for a pair of TerraSave board shorts and flip-flops. Up on one shoulder is a boombox, which is currently thumping out the intro of 'Who am I? (What's My Name)' as performed by Snoop Dogg.

Spotting Eve and Maxim the teen approaches and offers a wave, looking at them from behind his shades, "What's happening?"
Maxim Maxim blinks as Eve mentions dog paddling. "Dog..paddle?" His boots and pants go next, sliding them down yes, thank heavens he has black tight shorts on, not quite a speedo thank god. "I learned to swim when I was ten. Dive school at twelve, with two week refresher courses each year. You never know where you need to go to reach a target." But there's a James there. He smiles and bows to the man as he approaches. "Greetings." He raises a brow at the music but doesn't comment upon it.
Eve Eve blinks at the mention of a target and she glances slowly at James before she gazes back to Maxim. "What kind of targets?" She asks as she makes her way to the water. "James, we're going to swim out to the raft, want to come with us?" She asks, gesturing for him to come with them. She turns and jogs down the beach, wading into the water.
James Scott "The kind that needs to stop breathing." James takes a shot in the dark, setting the music box and his glasses down before he runs out to join Eve in the water. Leaping once it hits his knee he submerges himself, swimming out a bit before he surfaces, hair uncurling slightly as it falls down his back.
Maxim Maxim nods to James as he clarifies and blinks as Eve starts to run after, as James does as well. He runs until his legs hit the water at the calves and leaps high sliding into the water and starting to make his way to the raft under it most of the way.
Eve Eve swims quickly to the raft and climbs up atop it, getting to her feet and wrinking her hair out. The sun beats down on the raft and she sits down, letting her long legs and arms get some sun. "We should have come here a lot sooner."
James Scott James pulls himself atop the raft and lies back, looking up at the sky. "My sister works here, not sure if I told you. One of the bartenders, where I was at before I hit the beach." He lets out a bit of a sigh, "Found out my brother's alive too. So I guess Chad isn't as useless as I always assumed he was."
Maxim Maxim pulls himself onto the raft like the others. If they're bothering to notice him, that'll be the first view of his back, and all the scars upon it. They're light and faded, seems to have been from when he was younger. He listens to Eve, then James. "You have family. This is good."
Eve "I'm glad you got to see your family." Eve says to James, smiling as she pushes herself up to sit. She spots Maxim pulling himself up on the raft and she reaches out, not considering if it would be rude or not and touches one of the scars on his back. "What happened here?" She asks quietly, her eyes on Maxim's face.
James Scott "Looks like somebody took an extension cord to him." James says aside to Eve, which is oddly specific. Could explain some of the older scars hidden under his more recent ones. "But, I guess it's good. Glad my sister was out of Raccoon, but I'd of been fine if I was the only Scott there that got out. But then again, Chad didn't even notice when I died. It's not like it was covered up, was on the news and everything. They even held a vigil at the college we both went to." He gives his head an annoyed shake.
Maxim The touch doesn't seem to bother him, But he brings a hand up to meet Eve's and lets her help him." As James comments he says, "It was a switch once, then a bullwhip. But after that I did not make any more mistakes, so I did not get anymore." He looks to James as he explains, and frowns. "I... I am sorry James. I know my mother was sad when I was taken, but... I think my father sold me." He shrugs noncommittally at that and looks out over the water.
Eve Eve glances at James and then she pats Maxim on the shoulder. "Whatever happened in your past, I'm glad you're here in our present." She purses her lips and then sighs softly. "I'm also sorry that you were scarred like this, I can't even imagine something like that. I don't think I was ever struck once in my childhood."
James Scott "Shit had to suck." James offers Maxim, letting his good eye close. "I can't say anything would have been different if they hadn't of killed my father. But my mother didn't want me, know that much." When Eve says she doesn't think she was ever hit as a child he lets out a 'hnh'.

"Not once? No belts, paddles, switches, cables, fire pokers, frying pans, or bare hands? Weird."
Maxim Maxim raises a brow at James' comment, but then bows his head to Eve. "I do not remember such things with my parents. But the Uchitel' were very strict. Their strictness helped teach me to survive however." He moves the fingers of his hands a moment, almost like a ghost movement for a coin that isn't there. But then he looks out at the water toward the shore again. "It is a beautiful place. I think I will draw it later." He looks back to Eve and his lips curl up in a smile.
Eve "I think we all should have come here sooner." Eve agrees, glancing out at the water for a moment. She gazes at James and shakes her head. "I don't think anyone has ever raised a hand to me in my life, actually." She says, a slight smile on her face. "Except for that fellow at Cabimas, when he threatened to shoot us. Other than that.." She trails off and shrugs.
James Scott "Weird." James repeats, not bothering to open his eye. That probably explains a thing or two, in hindsight. "He was a tool. If you're going to rob a group you don't do it alone. That's like the first rule. Raccoon would've eaten people like him alive." His lips twist up as he thinks about what just came out of his mouth, "No pun intended."
Maxim Maxim nods and looks to James at that and raises a brow. "If you have proper intel you do not need someone else. His mistake was getting noticed." He looks to Eve and adds, "I am glad you did not have to go through... things I- We have had to go through." He includes James in that sentiment.
Eve Eve eyes Maxim for a few moments and responds with. "I wish none of us had to go through bad things, but they happen for a reason and that reason brought you here to us." She smiles at both of the men and leans back on her hands. "I am happy to know both of you."
James Scott "Not if you're trained for it, but he obviously wasn't. I'm not too stealthy, back in the day I always brought another gun with me. Today I Could handle it myself." James cracks his eye open and gestures vaguely with his hand. He pushes up to sit up and look over at Eve. "Yeah, the past is the past. Good to know you guys too."
Maxim Maxim looks over to the both of them. To Eve's comment and James' agreement he nods his head. "Same." He looks to her and then slips his hands down and rolls his body up onto them. He presses his hands down and stretches his body upwards, moving slowly to a handstand while the others sit there.
Eve "I didn't know you were an acrobat." Eve says with a soft giggle. She reaches out a hand and looks like she's about to push gently on Maxim in an attempt to push him over, an impish look on her face. She pulls her hand back though and behaves. "I always wanted to be able to do that."
James Scott "Just gotta work on it." James says, surprisingly not rocking the raft. "I couldn't do it back in college, how I do push ups now. But I guess I'm technically on the juice." Damn virus enhancements.
Maxim Maxim looks to the both of them, though not entirely as he seems to be concentrating. He moves to one hand, then slowly centers his gravity over it lowering his body until he lays back down. He looks to her and says, "I could help you practice if you like. I will be much kinder than the Uchitel' were with me."
Eve Eve nods at Maxim and then she impulsively reaches out to hug him. "I'd like that." She says quietly, before she leans back and folds her hands in her lap. "I probably could use the workout, in case you hadn't noticed I do a lot of..not working out."
James Scott "Well, you aren't a killer. Comes with the territory." James places his right hand on his shoulder, rolling his left arm a bit. "Seems like I do more working out than anything."
Maxim Maxim hmms and nods in agreement with James. "It is good to not have to. But it can be very useful. Still you look like you are in shape, even if you cannot lift your own weight yet. It should not take you long."
Eve Eve gets to her feet and stretches her arms over her head. She squints up at the sun briefly and then glances between the two men. "I got us all some rooms here, and I think I'm going to go take a siesta and get out of the heat for a bit. You two aren't going to run off, are you?"
James Scott "You'll see me around." James promises. "I'll be here or in my room. Should be anyway." Of course there's no way he'd go looking for the research facility here by himself.
Maxim Maxim hmms and nods as she says that. "I will stay for now." He bows his head to her. Looking up at the sky he adds, "Perhaps some time out of the sun would be good."