Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa Friday, April 15 2006


The raid was going down now. The rebels along with Esa Collins, Barns and Andrei's team had met up once more at the warehouse to prep the initial take down of the safe house.

It was a simple plan; the house was located in the rural slums of the city a small one story three-bedroom shack that had a front entrance and a back entrance. the team would split up, Andrei's taking the back while the rebels and Barns would head through the front door.

The drive inside the vans was quiet as the rebels, John, Barns and Andrei verified their weapons, rechecked ammo count and made sure cameras and mics were working.

Esa stood by as overwatch at the warehouse, eyes scanning quietly the various feeds being brought in by the units on the ground and the satellite in the air.

"I've got about an hour window time before the United States Military discovers a missing satellite. Should be plenty of time for the ready." Esa calls out quietly.

Then the teams were stacked, read for the breach. At any moment the raid was about to begin, only waiting one word:

"All units, go. go. GO." Comes the marching orders.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov ust shakes his head in response Esa's orders then before he moves to knock at his helmet and exhale slowly. "FUCK it.. fuck it fuck it fuck it!" He'll start mummbling even as he moves to try and open the door and get inside. "Don't wanna die. Not gonna die." He'll keep muttering uder his breath, exhaling softly under his breath as he moves along with panicked and nervous steps as he moves in through the BACK door that would no doubt result in them getting into a massive fight.
John Black John is rather calm, hopefully sober but dressed in his combat armor he is all business. He craddles the carbine comfortably in his arms, checking it twice to make sure that everything is working order and that there is a round in the chamber with the safety on. He speaks in a low tone to some of the rebel soldiers whom he has hand picked for this mission. They were seasoned, not the greenhorn kids that he's spent the majority of time training in his army, well except for one. Pedro is here as well, still holding onto that Ak-47 and he puts on a brave face but one can easily tell he's nervous but his loyalty to John is unquestioning. "You'll do fine, Pedro. Just stay behind me and listen when I give out commands." He pats the boy on the shoulder, then dons his helmet when they get close.

"Glad to have you as our eyes, Esa. Ready when you are. Lead us to that touchdown, coach." When the command is given to Go, he moves into action and takes point, since he's one of those leaders by example types it seems.
Esa The breaches were a success, the PITE members were surprised as shit as people busted through the door. Shouting in Spanish, a mix of cursing and alerting those in other rooms that a raid was being conducted can be heard from various PITE members.

Front Room:
As the Rebels bust in, one of the PITE members (PITE A) grabs a gun and takes aim at the entering rebels and John. His weapon discharges, hitting a rebel in the chest. A second PITE member (PITE B) moves for a shotgun. A third (PITE C), completely stoned out of his mind just laughs as the men break in.

As Andrei breaks in at the same time as the Rebels come through the front door, three men are scrambling. One is running for the hall shouting orders and alerts (PITE D); two others are moving for guns; one (PITE E) on a stove and another on the table (PITE F).
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov levels his gun out then before glancing aside as he steps into the room. A few bulelts are exchanged, with his companions unloading their own rounds into the room, and Andrei joining them.

The sheer volume of bullets leave most of the enemies dead, PITE is taken out and Andrei exhales sthen as he tries t osteady himself and resume clearing.. or..

"Fucking CREST! put that dude down!"" He'll shout out at the site of a PITE member still scrambling for their gun.
John Black One of the rebels behind John, but not Pedro gets blasted in the chest by one of the PITE soldiers and falls over dead since he wasn't wearing any armor. Pedro is stunned when one of his friends dies, the boy is frozen and can't fire his AK-47 but John doesn't freeze, reacting with the instinct of a seasoned vetran who has been in numerous fire fights.

He moves quickly to cover, brings his carbine up to his shoulder leaning forward a little while bracing his feet and quickly lets loose with automatic fire towards two of the PITE soldiers, first aiming for the one that killed one of his men and then sweeping the barrel towards the second PITE member who was grabbing for a shotgun. The bullets tear into both enemies, cutting them in half almost as his aim was true. "Take cover and return fire!" he yells out and the other rebel soldier behind John, pushes Pedro behind some cover and aims his weapon at the third PITE soldier in the room.
Esa PITE C continues to laugh in his chair as he watches John gun down two of his friends. Whatever he is on, he is of absolute no threat currently.

From the back room, PITE E throws up his hands after getting shot. He was in no way going to take on four heavily armed men.

From one of the bedrooms two more men enter, firing guns at John and Andrei.
John Black John gets shot in the chest by the PITE guy that comes out of the bedroom, but thankfully it hit him in the chest where his armor absorbed most of it. He quickly takes aim and fires back with two squeezes of the trigger, single shots each and it kills the combatant. "Cover that third guy sitting in the chair, if he reaches for a weapon shot him." He orders one of the rebels, which the soldier does do and points his firearm at him. Pedro is taking cover and also pointing his AK-47 at the PITE soldier who is just laughing.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov lifts his gun then to take a quick few shots around the room, knocking and filling the two new contacts full of bullet s before he shouts out. "Move. MOVE MOVE.." He'll mutter then before shaking his head and glancing aside to try and catch site of Black and his team before moving on. "Deal with problems as they show up. Got better things to do."
Esa The two men exiting the room go down quickly as weapons fire is exchanged. With one PITE person surrendering, the other so drugged out that he doesn't know what is going on, it leaves the team with one clear direction - the hallway with three bedrooms.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei moves quickly as he can, stepping through the hallways and moving through the building and barrelling his way through the hallway. He might take the time to check the doorways at first as he goes, but otherwise the goal is to clear the building quickly... secure any explosives and get out.
John Black John Black does the opposite of what Andrei does, clearing each room that he comes across with one of his rebel soldiers, then moving on to the next room in a systematic fashion and makes sure to clear those corners, sweeping the rooms quickly but efficiently and then moves down the corrider after all the rooms have been clear.
Esa Bedrooms one and two were clean and appeared to have been used as sleep quarters. several bunk beds were lined up to support the people.

Bedroom three on the other hand was a treasure trove of explosive materials and ordinance. Several of the bombs look semi-complete. One appeared completely built. The count was three semi-built ones and one fully built one. Along a wall were backpacks, 4 of them. They were aligned together with a gap in between two of them.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just shakes his head then as he goes through the room, each time taking careful stock of everything before moving to look at the explosives that hopefully have not been set up then aas he frowns and looks about. "The fuck.. Does anyone know how to use bombs? Are these armed" HE'll mutter as he looks through things and kneels down near the bombs
John Black John is in the third bedroom, staring at all the explosives that are in here and gives Andrei a glance. "Hey, you know what your doing? I don't want to get blown the hell up if you have no fucking clue." He motions for the other rebel soldiers to back away from the room and tells Pedro, to take one of the other rebels to guard the prisoners, one rebel to monitor the hallway in case more PITE soldiers show up and the rest of his troops can continue searching the rest of the building but let him know if they find anything.

"I've got a bit of experience with explosives myself." He takes a step closer to examine the bombs.
Esa As the pair begin to look over them, Esa pauses and counts. 4, though something seemed.. off. Stepping over to his laptop, he rewinds the feed for a moment, looking over something then back to live feed again. "Andrei, John. Something seems off. Look at the table again please."
PrestigeAndrei Andrei looks u pthen as he moves to stand before stepping back. "Oh Fuck no. No idea. I'm getting out of here." Andrei responds then quickly in response to John Black before glancing aside and muttering then. "Fuckin never took explosive lessons. I'm just.. gonna.." Andrei will exhale then as he taps at his helmet. "IF there is some sort of fucking voodoo.." He'll mutter then before glancing to look at the table and approach. "What the fuck am I looking for?"
John Black "Yeah, something doesn't seem right." John mutters after watching Andrei about to back out of the room, but Esa's voice over the comms makes both of them pan the camera back to the table. "What did you see, Esa?" He asks the FBC Agent.
Esa "Not a bomb expert, but.. I think were missing one." Esa replies "Can you confirm John?"
PrestigeAndrei "A missing bomb? OH come on." Andrei mutters before he shakes his head and steps back from the table then before glancing over to John then. "Just get what we can and get the fuck out. We might have to clear the rest of the building later yah?"
John Black John looks at the explosives and nods, "Yeah looks like there is one missing. There is a gap between these two, where one probably was. Fuck. We got a missing bomb and they could be heading to the target right now. Esa, any intel on other possible target locations? Shit!" He curses and examines the bombs more closely, trying to figure out the yield, the trigger and that sort of thing.
Esa In the kitchen and living room comes a sound of gunfire and a moment later Pedro enters. "Sir, the guy in the living room went insane, starting.. mauling on Miguel.. and the other guy tried to run and was killed."

"No, the data was clear.. Two targets, the research facility and Armory." Esa replies quietly, sighing as he hears Pedro speak. "John, your team has to make a decision on a target site. Armor or research facility?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just shakes his head then as he just exhales then. "Just fucking kill them." He'll mutter then as he shakes his head and moves towards the explosives and looks them over. "These things are not armed right?" He'll utter out before moving to poke at them. "Just get the explosives out of here. We'll talk about it on the way." Andrei willl note before turning to walk off.
John Black "Thanks, Pedro you did well. Are you hurt?" John asks the kid with a hint of concern in his voice but when Esa's voice goes over the comms again, his expression turns serious once more. "Fuck, both are important but I think we should head to the armory. I know weapons can kill people, not really that savvy about research unless you have more information for me Esa that would change my mind?" He then looks towards Andrei, nodding. "Yeah, good idea but these are explosives. We have to make sure they won't go off when we move them first." He inspects each of them first before handing them off to his rebel soldiers to take with them back to the transport. "Okay, lets do one more sweep of this place make sure we didn't miss anything and get the hell out of here." He tells Pedro to tell the rest of the Rebels in Spanish.
Esa The PITE members at the safe house, save for one who now has a bomb in play are dead. The call was made to head for the Armory. No other information could be gleamed from the safe house, though some of the rebels were left behind make sure nothing was over looked.