Umbrella Surveillance System
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Elliott     TerraSave is definitely stealing more of Elliott's time. Perhaps there's a reason why he's finding more chances to help them than anywhere else, but the British man has returned to the office, checking on the building. His gaze thoroughly scanning the building as he peeks in, looking around to the damage. Wetting his lips as he steps in, he shifts the strap of his book bag on his shoulder. "Hello?" lets out Elliott as he cranes his head, glancing around.
Esa Walking on in behind Elliott was Esa with a soft smile on his face, hands tuck in his pants. "Hey Elliott, how goes it." He asks.
Eve Eve peeks out from the shell of her office and offers a wave. "How is everyone doing this evening?" She asks, stepping out into the foyer of the building. "We're going to have to clear out in the next few days so that construction can begin. Anyone have an idea of what we can do for the next few days? Vacation anyone?"
Tabitha Tabitha pokes her head into the building.. sporting a bag of chinese takeout and a sixpack of soda. Looking at the folks in the foyers, she wishes she had gotten a bit more food. Oh, no matter. "Hey! anyone hungry?"
Elliott     Elliott's light blue eyes scan the inside of the offices as he moves in, one hand sliding into one of his pockets of his pants as he considers. He turns at the sound of someone entering behind him, both eyebrows lifting briefly as he lets out, "Oi, hello, mate. All right?" he asks in greeting, reaching out to clap Esa on the shoulder in a friendly manner. His eyes flick a little to Tabitha as she enters, offering her a nod and a pleasant smile. "Good to see you again, Tabitha," he says. "Hello, Eve," he adds as he turns to catch the woman coming out of the office. His smile brightens, flashing his teeth briefly as he lifts his head a fraction. "How're you?" His eyebrows lower as he shoots a quick, thoughtful glance around, mainly toward where Emma's offices. "Er- You know if Emma is in? I was hoping to grab her for a conversation."
Esa "Doing alright so far today." Esa replies calmly to Elliott. Glancing around, he gives a small shrug "I haven't seen here since this morning when we came in together. Might be in her office.. I had to step away to deal with something else where."
Eve Eve glances around and shakes her head. "I haven't seen Emma today yet." She walks out of her office and slings her cache to the ground gently. "I'm about to see how much it costs for a boat to the islands."
Tabitha Tabitha sets the food down amid the group of folks, drinks too. She plucks one off the six-pack ring and opens it. "Boat to the islands?", asking of Eve as she tilts the can back. After a small burp. "saw her earlier today.. but not for long.. she had to run out and do something.. "
Elliott     Elliott's gaze passes over the office once more as he nods, murmuring a light, "Damn," under his breath. He shrugs his shoulders simply, glancing towards the food Tabitha set down and draws in a deep breath. "Something smells /really/ good. What'd you bring?" His head turns to cast a glance around, slowly inching towards the damaged area before he halts and turns back. After a nod of thanks to Esa, he says, "I guess I should have check here sooner." He shrugs and gives a little sigh, lifting a hand to run his fingers through his hair. Glancing to Tabitha, after her question, Elliott chimes in as he looks toward Eve. "For business or pleasure?" One eyebrow arching inquisitively.
Esa "I just got back from Barquisimeto.." Esa replies kindly and apologetically to Elliott before glancing to Eve. "Take it your heading on over to Paradise Islands?" He inquires lightly, eyes shifting to the food and drink that Tabitha brought before looking back to Eve and Elliott quietly.
Eve "Yes, we have to vacate the offices so rebuilding can start and Paradise Islands are close so I figured..why not?" Eve says, offering everyone a smile, her dimples showing. "It's only a few hours away, and I think we could all use a little break."
Tabitha Tabitha nods, opening the containers.. "I agree. definitely could use some time off..", she opens containers of General's chicken, shrimp with snow peas, and a few other specialties that have names that dont go at all the dish. Tab disappears into her office, returning with paper plates.. She sets down a box of cheap plastic silverware.. (plasticware?) and excuses herself before vanishing into her office.
Elliott     A 'hrm' escapes Elliott as he cocks his head inquiringly to the side. Brows knitting expressively as he wonders, his shoulders giving a little twitch upwards. "I'm afraid, er, I'm not quite sure where that is," he admits on a chuckle, combing his fingernails through his hair. His eyes flick towards Eve, the warmth of the smile he flashes in his eyes as he watches her. With a small shake of his head, he glances between Esa and Eve before saying, "Paradise Islands?" A brow arches curiously. "Going to try and get Emma to go with you and have some fun?"
Esa "Would be nice to go to the Islands.. but a mission in Barquisimeto has my attention sadly." Esa says quietly as he looks between Elliott and Eve. "Hopefully Emma will be able to go and enjoy the island and everything it provides." There is a touch of sadness that resonates on his face, perhaps a longing to go than to be stuck on a mission.
Eve "I booked tickets for everyone and rented a large portion of the resort for our use." Eve explains, pulling out her laptop to pull up some pictures. "So I hope at least a few people come and enjoy the weather and the beach there. I hear there are a bunch of fun activities."
Elliott     Elliott nods slowly, glancing to Esa, letting out a small, "Hmm," as he considers. "Any mission that could use my help?" he asks automatically, arching a brow. As he draws his gaze away from Esa to glance back at Eve, his striking blue eyes lower from her to her laptop curiously before studying Eve again. "Where are the islands exactly? How far away?"