Umbrella Surveillance System
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Esa Wednesday Apr 13, 2006

It had taken a lot longer that Esa though it would to decrypt the information and have things prepared. Well, truthfully, it didn't take but a few days after his initial contact with John to actually do the decryption, analyze the data and have it ready for him.

Things, however happened. refugees at the base, the bombing at TerraSave etc. etc. Thus, it was nearly two weeks since he saw John, which wasn't good. The attack was happening soon; very soon. A quick phone call to Andrei was given to have him meet him in Barquisimeto for a job. wouldn't pay a lot, but just enough to get him through a few months.

And thus once more Agent Collins pulls up to the building where he first met John, getting out of the truck and proceeds toward the door.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov is the sort who will be about the area, always seemingly showing up at the most random of times. The bombing? He was there. Attacks? There. It was almost as if luck and convinence had made him present in enarly every spot.. and this was seemingly a similiar situation as Andrei Kirov moves to step through the city, the rest of his men distrubuted out and around the city.

"The fuck did Esa want again?" He'll mutter under his breath as he makes his way towards the meeting point, clearly a man dressed for trouble.
John Black A few of the local rebel soldiers stands guard by the door, the one Esa met earlier is also present, the young man barely out of boyhood it seems is craddling an AK-47 assault rifle and nods when he spots Agent Collins approachihng. Saying something in Spanish to the other guard at the door as the man was about to raise his weapon. "Ahh, senor Esa. John is expect you." he says in broken english and then opens the door. At the sight of Andrei, however the young soldier gives the man a wary look, pointing towards Kirov and asks Esa. "He with you?" The other solider as well eyes's Andrei with suspicion.

The non-descript warehouse like building is the temporary home base of the Rebels for now and since it is still the same after two weeks is rather a miracle in and of itself, considering how things have been going lately.
Barns Barns move quickly and quitely threw the area to the undiscrptive wearhouse to meet with esa and the others "hey bossman am i late for the party?" Barns jokes as he walks up to esa
Esa Giving a simple nod, Esa replies "Yes, he is and so is Agent Barns." He tells the boy calmly as he walks past him, pausing and returns to him "Here." He says and idly helps the boy by adjusting the AK-47 to sit in his hands more comfortably. "This way it's comfortable, but at the same time you'll be able to aim and fire quickly and accurately.

Upon entering into the building with his case, Esa walks over to John nodding "John. I apologize for this, but.. we don't have much time until the attack."
PrestigeAndrei "No, He's with me. Who the fuck is this dude?" Andrei will call out then as he points aside to Black. "This dude looks real suspicious over here!" He'll note without a seconds hesitation before he glances aside to Black and looks at the man as he lifts is brow. "Whatever. Just need more bullets." He'll mutter before looking to Esa then as he crosses his arms to listen.

Andrei will follow direction and command of ourse.. walking along, listening and all that before humming softly. "Attack eh? I don't know if I'm gettbign paid enough to sit in a building and die."
Barns Barns looks at andrei "aww got sothing better to do merc?, if not stow it and pay attention the big boys are talking" barns never had patiants working with mercs always complaining about their paychecks gave him a awful taste in his mouth
John Black The young rebel soldier at first tenses up when Esa reaches over to help him fix his grip on the AK-47 but realizes that you are just trying to help. "Si, senor. Follow me." The young rebel soldier leads you all to John's office, which is the same one that Esa has been too before so he already knows the way.

John is seated behind his desk, head down just as you enter as he is looking at something on his laptop computer screen. The Rebel commander, then glances up when he hears the young Rebel Soldier clearing his throat. "They here to see you John."

"Thank you, Pedro. Esa it is good to see you again and I'm sorry to hear about the Terrasave office. It was a shock to me as well and we've been scrambling to find out what happened, but we have also been tied up with training and preparation. Our supplies are dangerously low and we've been rationing the best we can just to scrape by." He motions for the three of you to take a seat. "I don't know these two." John then stands, he's not very tall just about average height but he's built like a brick shit house, broad shoulders and muscular arms as well as chest. "My name is John." He says to Andrei, then glances towards Barns as he speaks about the merc. "No apologizes are necessary. Any information you have is welcome." He then reaches into a desk drawer to take out a bottle of whiskey as well as three more glasses. Pouring a little into each and pushing them towards the three of you.
Esa "Barns, Andrei could put more lead inside your body in one given time before you are able to withdraw that pistol from your holster. Show a little respect, please." A beat, a look to Andrei "Your getting paid nearly double your asking price." He notes with a smirk and head shake. "Besides, you know you enjoy a good challenge." Another pause, then "And no, I'm not paying more for Barn's mouthing off." He gives a small grin to Andrei.

"The terrorist was a member of the BLF organization and we are considering reparations for what they have done." We actually being Esa for now, and possibly the FBC.

Opening the case, he pulls out a few devices - a laptop and a projector. Setting it up, he nods to the screen.

"PITE is planning to attack two locations - A research facility located on the outskirts of town, and the local Bolivarian Military's armory facility. As you were made aware, John and now everyone here as well, the government was planning on ignoring these attacks. We now know the reason - They had planned to use it as leverage to show that the Rebels held up here in the city carried out the attacks."

"Thankfully with the intelligence I was able to decrypt, we know where the PITE group is holding up inside the city. The plan is to use Andrei's mercenaries, Barns and some of your rebels to attack the hideout and hopefully head off the attacks by stopping them in there tracks. An attack at night will reduce chances of them escaping."
PrestigeAndrei "John? Bob, George. Whatever. I'll bother to remember if you survive long enough." Andrei mutters as he shakes his head. "Not getting attached to people who have a tendency to die." He'll offer before looking aside to Barns then. "Same goes to whomever you are." He'll mutter before lifting his shoulder then before glancing back to Esa.

"Double? OH.. er.. Right. Sir? yes sir?" Andrei offers trying to appear cheerful then before he just exhales then and resumes moping. "Gonna die or get shot then." Roman offers as he glances to the side. "Or die in an explosion. Thats how this shit works."
Barns Barns salutes Esa and apoligizes with "as i was sir" then lowering his hand looking to the other mercs he may dislike them but that dosnt mean hed let them die on his watch "no ones dieing today ill make sure if it even if i have to drag you body to the nearest feild hospital to prove it"
John Black "BLF? I know they are prone to extreme measures but I don't understand why they would carry out an attack against Terrasave. They should know they are allied with us and we have no beef with the BLF. Our fight is against the government, this makes no sense." John replies and clenches his fist, slamming it down on the table in a moment of frustration. "I will have to get in contact with their leader then to find out the truth. Just leave that to me." The Rebel Commander, then glances between Andrei and Barns as they seem to be at odds with one another. "Wait, FBC are hiring mercenaries? I thought you have more than enough soldiers and resources?"

But John's attention is drawn in when Esa talks about the PITE attacks, his mood getting more sour by second as he starts to frown now, then scowl. His beard is almost quivering, that is how angry he is starting to get. "Those, damn sonsofbitches. Always up to their dirty tricks as if hunting us down wasn't bad enough, now they are trying a smear campaign." He eye's Andrei up and down, then grins. "You've got some sense at least and that means you must have lived through some shit to have attitude like that. Good." He turns to Barns, "Noble but sometimes being a hero just gets you killed. This is a war and not some fair fight."

He then takes a seat, looking at Esa for a moment before saying. "Sounds like a good plan. Strike them before they get us. I don't have a lot of well men to spare but the good news for you is, that I'm planning on joining you for this mission." John didn't get put in charge because of his good looks.
Esa "We do. have enough soldiers and resources; however, the FBC is officially backing the Government. Andrei.. and his mercenaries have been known to frequently help the rebel cause and have no officially ties to FBC.. well, not anymore anyways."

Esa smiles to John as he nods his head lightly. "Good to hear. We strike tomorrow night. the attack is in a few days, so tomorrow will have to do."
PrestigeAndrei "As long as the fight ends up with us actually getting something out of this." Andrei mutters as his lips twist into a visible frown and his eyes shift to watch Esa and John Black then for a second. "Sounds like we are just gonna get into shit and danger for a whole lot of nothing." He'll note as his arms cross over his chest. "Well. I'm getting paid I mean, you all.. well thas where I'm a bit more confused. I mean stopping PITE is always a decent idea. They tend to blow things up and hurt stuff. More than usual anyway."

"So what sort of resistence are we going to go up against there, bud?" Andrei will inquire of Esa then
John Black John nods to Esa. "Very well then. I will prepare and gather a few of my men." He looks towards Andrei, listening to the mercenaries comments and then back to Esa. "PITE, sounds more like some tree hugging pot smoking hippies than a terrorist group if you ask me." He smirks and then takes a swig of whiskey from his glass. "But yeah, I'm curious myself as to how many of them we will be up against, how well trained are they and what kind of weapons are they packing?"
Esa "I wish John." Esa replies quietly. "Terrasave was that way; all shouts with no one listening, especially after the Racoon City incident. Sure they got some validity, air time and what not.. But many within didn't feel it was enough; thus splintered off to for PITE." Looking to John, he hesitates before saying "The last time PITE was in the news, it was because they used a dirty bomb to level eight city blocks of Paris just to hit Umbrella's Corporate building." He lets that sink in before continuing.

"Light to medium resistance I think. Not really sure what to expect from PITE; including the bombs they would use to carry out the attack." Esa replies to everyone quietly. "I will not be in this mission, but rather your over watch. I will be listening and seeing what you're doing with these specialized cameras and mics." A half dozen of them are set on the table.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei dips his chin in response then to Esa before he lifts his hands over his head and gives a light exhalation then. "Right.. so just get the mission done.. I'm sure we can.. kill a bunch of suicidial terroists. They want to die anyway. Probably." He'll mutter then before glancing to stare at John then for a second.
Barns Barns nods his head taking it all in before saying "place me were you want me sir me and my rifle will get the job done" gesturing to his abature sniper rifle on his back
John Black "Huh, that does sound a bit more fearsome than tree hugging alright." John replies after Esa tells him what PITE is capable of and has done in Paris. He then puts a hand over his forehead, massaging his temples for a moment, squeezing his eyes shut but then seems to recover and takes a long swig from his whiskey. "Over watch? Well, it's better than going in blind and I don't really like wearing these things but I guess I can make an exception this one time for this particular mission." He looks at the nifty gear Esa has thrown on the table, then glances towards Andrei as he stares at him. "What?" He does grin at Andrei's comments about suicidal terrorists that want to do die anyways though. "I don't mind sending them to tree hugging hell sooner rather than later if they are helping the government out and bombing innocent people, just to get their stupid fucking point across about being vegans."

Glancing towards Barns. "A dedicated soldier who listens to orders, huh?" He looks into his glass, swirling it around a little and then finishes it off. "Well, Esa looks like you've got yourself quite the team here."
Esa "I try." Esa says with a grin then sighs "To be honest, John my days of combat are long behind me. After taking acidic damage to my leg, I can no longer perform at my peek.. so I provide over watch. I'll be hacking a satellite and also providing trackers.. Just encase." He notes "Lets meet here again, say 8 pm tomorrow?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will press up from wherever he has taken and settled down for the discussion as he waves slightly. "Yah yah. Meet up here. Get shot and killed. Sounds like a plan." He'll offer before walking away and lifting his shoulders, no doubt just as nonchalantly entering as he leaves, clearly the man not taking anything seriously.
John Black John stands as people start to leave, nodding his head and putting his hands on his desk. "It happens and at least you've found a new role that is just as important." he says to Esa and then adds after pausing for a moment. "I'll be here and I'll be ready, well as long as the government or anyone else doesn't stumble upon me until then." By the way this warehouse is set up and the equipment you've seen so far, they are more than capable of packing up then leaving quickly on short notice. Rebels are good at hiding under rocks since they don't have the teeth or claws of a predator, like the Government.
Esa Giving a nod, Esa packs everything up and gives a smile "I look forward to seeing you tomorrow John. Until then, have a great night."