Umbrella Surveillance System
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Owner Pose
Esa It was the day after tomorrow, you know the day after the ugly little incident in which bad juju was felt throughout the complex; except of course certain people, like Esa was not there for it. In that timespan, people have come and gone, and the Offices was mostly vacant once more.

It was early on a Wednesday, around nine in the morning and between the construction crews, volunteers and the like, the building was looking less like a Hollywood pyrotechnics set and more of a building with empty cavernous rooms that were singed and burnt; of course, major construction and demolition had yet to begin so the front door was still gone along with most of the front exterior of the building.

Outside, the wind had kicked up, blowing the clouds across the sky as a warm breeze could be felt inside the building and outside.
Stitch Stitch walks threw terrasave thankfull no one was around to see if new mug due to recent mutations hes becoming less and less of the man he was and looking more and more like the nemisis v1 at least he has kept his speech somewhat walking to find esa once he has he says "may....have problem....stitch....not....ooman"