Umbrella Surveillance System
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Stitch Stitch walks threw the terrasave building his new duds getting looks from everyoneas his heavy boots echo as they make contact with the floor he walks into Emma's office before casually removing his badass sunglasses and pulling several sheets of noted paper from his armord trench coat laying them on the table
Emma Emma comea walking in behind Stitch, she is dressed again, in some casual work clothes. Beside her Shaemus who, for whatever reason, is the biggest happiest dog on the entire planet. Maybe it's the giant bone in his mouth, all fresh and new and awaiting destruction. He wags his tail, the massive beast of a dog going to his bed while his master looks to Stitch. "H - how ya doin' there? N - nice glasses by tha way." A pause, his full outfit is taken in, eyes widen some at his outfit. "Ah - ah? Thi - this an invasion or somethin?"
Esa Walking in shortly thereafter is Esa, a small smile on his face as he walks over to Stitch and Emma. Sliding an arm around to give her a side hug, Esa looks to Stitch as Emma asks her question.
Tabitha Tabitha arrives from her office, a small box of assorted treasures rescued. Nothing to fancy, just small momentos. She spots the others, setting the box down for now..
James Scott "Yup. Looking good Neo." James says as he brushes past Stitch and Emma, stooping to give Shaemus a scritch behind the ears before he goes off to his bed. Though to be fair he can't really say anything about fashion though, because today he's dressed like the dopeman (which technically he is). Slim fitting jeans cling to his legs and a hooded vet thrown on over a v-neck, showing off his neck tattoos. The teen moves to lean against a partially intact storage room door, fetching a cigarette to pop between his lips.
Eve Eve walks in from downtown, glancing around at the assembled people. "Oh, is there something going on tonight?" She furrows her brow as she catches the end of what Emma said.
Stitch Stitch says "apreciate the complament one eyed willy" as he takes a device from a box that looks like a batton thats coverd in nobs and diles before putting it back on his person and putting a flash drive on the table "you need to have a look at this" he states gestering to the flash drive
Emma Emma goes red when Esa puts an arm around her, he's given a quick shy smile in return, looking quickly to the others, shrugging to Eve. "Se - seems so." Is the shy reply before the lasa takes the drive and goes to put it in the computer. "Im - important 'nough for ya ta - ta come in armoured?" She asks Stitch.
Esa Esa watches Emma quietly, then the drive and follows her to the computer.
Kitten The USB Drive brings up information on the Umbrella Corporation and it appears to be schematics and security details for a facility located right here in Bolivar in the Eastern part of the country below ground. The primary research the facility is conducting is on something called 'Nemesis Project Version 3'. More information continues to load up including basic schematics and floor plans.
Tabitha Tabithamoves over, being nosey. "How did you get this?..and who knows you have it?" once she spies a bit on the screen, asking of Stitch
James Scott "At least my willie gets some use. Hell, at least my willie isn't rotting off." James retorts, not bothered by the one-eyed jokes. He reaches into his vest to produce his sidearm, popping the clip to ensure everything is in working order. "This gonna explain why you eat fucking rats, or are we still guessing at that?" Clearly he's not too kind when it comes to other former Umbrella employees.

When the information comes up and he has a chance to read it, he nods once. "I'll be going there. I need to get an employee list."
Eve Eve walks over to the computer and she glances at the words and information that scrolls across the screen. "I think we should verifiy the information before anyone goes off on a wild goose chase. Umbrella isn't above tricking and trapping people." She mutters quietly.
Stitch Stitch says to tab "all previos nemisis projects are givin a copy of the info me being one of them" he looks around the room "as for who all knows i have it just ubrella however the dont know ive shared it with you" looking at everyone he continues "im going to stop this from happening i dont know how you feel about helping but i dont intend on this nemisis existing any longer"
Kitten Information pops up on the display showing the Nemesis Version 1 which had been encountered in Raccoon City and in Russia. Another set of information shows a more humanoid version called Nemesis Version 2, which also has information suggesting Umbrella scrapped the project in favor of Nemesis Version 3. There is no information on Version 3 though, whatever it was, it had to be bad.
Emma Emma reads over the info, standing slowly, crossing her arms in a thoughtful way. Shaemus doesn't care for anything beyond his bone. "E - Eve has a point." She says softly, looking to each and then to Stitch, then back to the computer. "I - I do want ta research tha Nemesis, but, well," She looks to Esa. "If we do this, we - we need backup."
Esa "Version three?" Esa says blankly, staring at the data flowing across the screen. "Version one took a lot of lives the last time. Something.. like this may require a lot of firepower.." He says as his face twists to a frown. A thought of using a tactical nuke came to mind; or lots and lots of tomhawk missiles. "FBC is busy with Coro and a few other projects. I can see if I can muster something.. maybe.." He adds with a sigh, fingers pinching his eyes. Glancing to Eve he nods agreement before turning back to Emma in though; Then looking to Eve, he says "I could use some assistance in remotely hacking a satellite. Up for the challenge?"
James Scott "Guess that explains the outfit." James reaches up to rub at his jaw. "Though not really useful if you aren't a tyrant." He pulls the slide back on his weapon before returning it to his holster. "We don't need much help. We march Spooky and a handful of mooks in to fight the tyrant. While they do that we check the security terminal. Once we get what I need, we blow the facility and seal the entrance up. Two birds, one bomb."

He looks back over at Eve and Emma, "And if it's a trap, be beat their asses and take them hostage. We've got ways to make people talk."
Eve "We're not a military outfit, we have security people but we're not paying them to march on an Umbrella facility." Eve says to James, a frown on her face. "I get that you want a piece of this, but.." She shakes her head wordlessly and then shrugs. "You're going to do what you want to, regardless of what is said." She pulls her laptotp from her cache and nods at Esa. "Sure, I'd rather have as much information as possible."
Tabitha Tabitha says, "This.. doesn't sound like the kind of thing that TerraSave normally does.. I mean", looking at the others, "didn't someone just suggest not long ago giving similar information to one of the other groups to have them go all Rambo?"
Stitch Stitch nods his head before looking at james "i may not agree with you on a large scale but do what you need to do to make sure that thing dosnt see the light of day" stitch says before saluting james
Esa Esa steps over to Eve as she pulls the laptop out and works with her in accessing a satellite system.
Emma Emma looks squarely to Stitch and James. "No - nobody does anythin' till we're confident in this, okay? I'm - I'm boss, my rules. Le - Let's see what info we get first."_r
James Scott "Emma. Unless we're going to start killing the people that bomb us, or help the rebels thin out government forces, I'm gonna need to go do this. Trap or no trap. There's only so much office work I can do." James explains, full attention on Emma. It was at times like these he regretted turning away from his drug dealing and gun shooting days.
Kitten Emma's phone rings even though nobody should be calling at this hour.
Tabitha Tabitha leans back against a wall, listening. Most of her objections are voiced, her concerns addressed..
Eve "We're not a military operation, we don't kill people who bomb or shoot people with rebels. We raise money and bring awareness to what is going on." Eve says, her eyes on James. "Are we suddenly going to start shooting at people and carrying out missions best left to the military sort? There are very few people here now who are actually trained to do such things."
Emma Emma frowns at James, but goes to answer her phone.
Stitch Stitch noting that the phone is ringing stitch goes to a window peering out it to see if there is anyone watching or calling here outside
Esa "I agree with Eve on this. Your in good standing with the UN and many nations because of your charity work and bringing awareness of what is going on in the world; specifically with Umbrella." Esa says calmly "Turning to combat is a dangerous line and could be frowned upon by many politicians and countries alike; especially if you end up in a conundrum like the FBC did." A pause "Even having your people roguishly head off to do this could look bad."
Kitten There is only breathing on the other end of the phone. Heavy breathing. Then the phone hangs up abruptly.
James Scott "Alright, point taken. I just got to the point I was used to going out on ops. I can't stand waltzing around pretending to be normal." James gives in, sighing around the cigarette between his teeth. His good eye turns to Emma, "So, who's that calling? If you don't mind me asking anyway."

Something seems to hit him and he looks back over at Stitch. "You lost your fucking handler, right? Like, you know for certain they haven't been tracking you around this entire time?" Annoyance creeps across his features, "Because the absolutely will kill people to prove a point. Let something happen to Emma, Eve, or Tabitha." A hand comes up to clutch at the dogtags around his neck.
Tabitha Tabitha looks to emma. Eyebrow lifting at her reaction to the phone call. She just watches quietly, getting the feeling this topic is old ground covered several times before between Emma and James.
Emma "I - I - that was strange." Emma says, looking up from her phone slowly. "So - someone breathin' heavily. Esa, Eve, can ya - ya track tha number?" The phone is handed over to them.
Eve Eve shakes her head and then slides her laptop back into her cache. "Did you recognize the caller?" She asks, giving Emma a brief glance. She looks tired as she slings the strap of her bag over her shoulder. She takes the phone that is handed to her and shrugs a shoulder. "I can find the number easily enough, it will be on the caller ID, but there is literally no way to trace much information besides that." She kneels down and taps at the phone, a frown on her face.
Stitch Stitch gribs his head with both hands "g-get out of my head" and just as it happend its over he looks back to the group fear presant in his eyes as he cocks his marksman fifle and looks threw the window "we may have a problem, dose Lisa trevor ring any alarms?"
Esa Esa goes to respond, but gets a text message from the base. "I've got to go deal with something." He says quietly as he turns to over to Emma. "See you later?" He says, sliding an arm around her to give a side hug and gives her a kiss on the cheek gently. Slipping away, he pauses, glancing to Stitch .. wondering if he should leave. A few hesitant seconds go by before he walks out.
James Scott "Son of a fucking bitch." James growls, tugging his piece back out from under his vest. "This is why we can't have any nice things." He moves to check out of windows as well. "Gonna need everyone on high alert. If you see something, say something."
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes unfocus and she wraps her arms around her, hugging herself closely. Her eyes dart around.. seeing nothing.. then lower again. Softly, her voice steady, soft, but carrying a certain iron-like solidness to it.. "Emma. Eve. There is something here. Something dark. I can feel it. I dont know where it's coming from, only that it is Here."
Eve "There isn't any number on the phone at all, it's as if nobody has actually called you." Eve says, handing the phone back to Emma. "I'm not completely sure what's going on here, but if something bad is going down, it's probably a good idea for us to get out of here."
Kitten Everyone in the room feels an icy chill creep up their spines and they get goosebumps, like someone walked over their grave. Then everything is back to normal. As normal as it ever was...
Stitch Stitch looks to james then looks back to the rest "ill take point, james help escort them out safly if shot start being fired run like hell and dont look back" he says to everyone
Emma Wow does Emma ever go red when Esa kisses her cheek. Yeah the poor shy lass, so poor when flirted with, she doesn't know what to do! He's given a small wave. The phone is taken back from Eve, frowning some, which only gets worse at Tab's comment. Then her skin pales, goosebumps line her skin, she shivers. "B - bloody'ell what was that." Whispers the lass, even Shaemus whimpered! "We - we're outta here, come on." Stitch and James have security handled, she goes to usher Eve and Tabitha out first, worried for their safety before her own.
James Scott "God dammit, they know." James hisses, moving to follow Emma and the others out. "This shit was a trap from the start." He sounds especially unhappy, but anything having to do with Umbrella tends to make the teen unhappy. As he exits the building he holsters his pistol so he doesn't draw unwanted attention, but he keeps his nails ready just in case.
Tabitha Tabitha moves to hurry out. She grabs Emma's arm, pretending to use it for support, but really she's trying to make sure Emma doesn't get too far behind. "I felt it before you did.. but.. if you felt it....", words trailing off. "James? Is this at all familiar to you? anything you've run into before?"
Eve Eve turns with the others to leave, her bag held close to her body. She leans in to speak quietly to Emma before she heads off.
Stitch Stitch moves quickly but effeicently as he checks his corners and keeps his rifle at the ready in case somthing wants to jump out and go boogidy boo "stick together but dont buch up" stitch cammands
Emma "So - someone wanna tell me what's going on!" Emma says quietly, while being dragged by Tabitha.
James Scott "No, just felt like my skin was crawling. But it was related to the data stick and the phone call, I can feel it." James replies in a whisper. "I'll let you know if I figure anything out."
Tabitha Tabitha speaks softly to emma. "Just before youfelt that, I did.. a really big darkness.. I've not felt anything like it before. Arriving in Calibas didn't feel like that. I.. I ..dunno if its another psychic or if its something.. ..worse. Either way, its a whole hell of a lot of coincidences"
Stitch Stitch gets outside he half turns to everyone else "im going to go find out some things dont risk yourself calling me ill find you when we dicide to hit umbrella"