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Emma It's been a long day of work, not only have staff been here, but locals as well. They are giving a helping hand to the famed TerraSave group, for they are known for their good deeds, and so, people help those who help others.

Luckily the day was fine up until now, as dark clouds begin to roll in. Rain is coming, and it's unknown as to when it will start so people begin to work harder.

One working is Emma. She wears sweatpants covered in dirt, her hair is put back into a messy bun, her top - plaid, is dirty too. There are even a few bandaids on her hands, yet, she seems to not care. This isn't a fashion show, it's hard work. With shovel in hand she dumps scraps into a garbage can, stopping to pick up a piece of paper, reading it over she sighs some and tosses it into recycle, then continues to work again.
James Scott One working is James. He's been cleaning up and doing some of the heavier lifting, but it's obvious something is bothering the shit out of him. He's dressed in a pair of TerraSave sweats, a matching top, and his hair has been pulled back with an elastic. He'd almost look the hippie part, if he didn't look like a mercenary.
Aidan Aidan has also come by to help clean up, he's in some jogging sweats, and a tank top generic walmart brand most likely as he's helping move debris out pausing if he finds anything that looks salvagable for somebody from TerraSave to come take a look at.
Tabitha Tabitha coughs from in bask, wearing goggles and a face mask. A few boxes sit nearby as Tabitha collects the items that may have surived. Groaning as she stands from her courching position, hands go to her lower back as she stretches. a half-hearted kick to the mostly empty box that contains mostly office supplies. Even a bomb explosion has a rough time damaging an office stapler.
Esa Esa had joined the fray early one when Emma arrived. He was in sweatpants and a muscle shirt, digging away at the piles of dirt, debris and trash. Now and then he stops to assist Emma. Stopping for a brief moment, a small grin crosses his face as he looks to her and wipes his brow.
Maxim Max has arrived dressed as... Well.. Max. The man seriously must own a closet full of the exact same thing. Still he's there helping to clean up, doing whatever's asked of him be it shoveling or moving anything heavy.
Eve Eve walks in, late, but she was on the phone with the people who are sending the builders. She makes her way to Emma, clad in a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt and holds out some folders and a pen. "I've got some things for you to sign, hopefully we can get construction started soon." She glances around and frowns a bit and then shrugs. "We'll have to find something to do to keep out of the builders way."
Emma Sticking the shovel into some debris, Emma looks back to Esa with a smile, then leans against the tool and looks arounf, wiping her forehead, face showing some dirt from all the work. "Go - good work everyone." Says the lass, clearly proud of them all. She looks to Eve and takes the papers, looking down at them briefly. "We - we will figure it out." She replies, but sounds sad. "Ev - everyone wantin' ta order some pizza? I can call some in, beer too, or wh - whatever." The shy lass says.
James Scott "I could eat." James speaks up, gaze moving over to Emma nad Eve. "Also, I'm gonna need to talk to you guys later about some stuff I dug up. Just hasn't been a good time, with, well," he gestures around the office, "you know." The teen takes the items he's gathered up and moves them out of the way before leaning against a stable wall and catching his breath.
Aidan Aidan nods a bit as he's still moving debris, "Food and beer sounds good." He doesn't really slow down to talk no reason to he's just here to help not really part of the TerraSave crowd.
Tabitha Tabitha leaves her box of supplies where they sit and moves up towards emma. Panting, she peels the goggles off, mask tugged down past her chin. She wears a mask of dust and sweat over her cheek. "I'm in for pizza.. Beer too.." She steps over a few large blocks. She's wearing jeans in is doing a great job of distressing the hell out of them. A faded 'Duke University' T-shirt, soaked with sweat, wears a healthy coat of grime. Duke-haters should feel comfortable the shirt will most likely need to be destroyed.
Esa Walking over to Emma, Esa smiles back at her. As she turns to ask Eve about ordering pizzas, Esa bumps the side of his hip against hers, grins and slides his arm around her back, fingers touch her side gently. "Pizza sounds terrific." He replies warmly. "by the way, like the sweatpants." He says with a wink.
Eve "I can get some pizza and beer if you all would like it." Eve says, pulling her uPhone 2S from her pocket. She steps off to the side and dials, listens and speaks into the phone quietly for a few minutes. When the phone beeps she stows it back into her pocket and rejoins the group. "About twenty minutes, I got a few different kinds so everyone would have something to choose from."
Maxim Maxim stops whatever he is shoveling and props the shovel up into the debris pile. He looks at Emma as she offers food and gives a slight bow to her. "Food is wonderful. I... I should probably stick with water though." The coin sneaks to his hand briefly to flip over his fingers, then quickly disappears as he picks the shovel up to continue.
Emma Uhhh Emma goes -red- as Esa does this. The poor shy girl looks down, and tucks some red hair behind her ear. She bites her lower lip, looks up with a quick smile, hands fiddling with the end of the shovel. Looking to the others there is a nod. "Ev - Eve, as always, amazin'." She replies, and then looks back down. "Ya - ya all know, we can go - go sit in tha lounge, or what once was, it - it looks like it may rain." For a second her grey-green eyes look to the darkening sky
James Scott "How about we flirt and shit when we don't have the BLF creating more infected out here, yeah?" James speaks up, clearly at least partially back to his foul mood. "Those fuckers aren't getting any more of my help, I can tell you that much." He pushes up from the wall and takes a few steps away from everyone else.
Esa Esa shrugs, shifting a little to slide his arms around her from behind and gives a small smile. "Can't always be about work and issues in the world James. Sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy the company we have; enjoy our time with people; enjoy our friends. Working too much, worrying too much... is bad for the health and mental state."
Tabitha Tabitha almost winces at James' reaction. She rakes her hand back through her hair, knockinking off her goggles in the process. She has to turn and pick them up, feeling foolish. She glances between Esa and James, brushing some of the dust off her shirt..
Maxim Maxim biinks as James says what he does, then Esa. He looks to Emma and Esa, then slowly toward everyone else. The shovel goes back to standing in what's left of the debris in the area he was shoveling, and his coin comes out. He looks like he is about to say something, but then changes his mind and hops up on to a broken chair, perching and balancing on his toes on the edge of it as he watches everyone a moment.
Eve Eve gives the unfolding scenario about two seconds of attention before she turns and heads towards the door. She opens it and the pizza guy is there, and suddenly there are five steaming pizzas and a case of beer to be attended to. She moves off to the side, takes a seat on the floor, and opens her laptop. She powers it on and checks her emails, making sure any further information about the rebuilding efforts are up to date.
Emma Emma, if possible, goes even more red, between James and Esa her face is on fire. Shy eyes look to everyone, and as quick as could be, she gives the arms around her a squeeze before going to follow Eve, who has the pizza, and drinks. Alcohol is needed right now. So in her shy way, she digs into a box, grabbing at any pizza within.
James Scott James takes a fingertip and presses it against his left shoulder, the sharp nail pushing easily into the exposed flesh. From the wound comes an inky black tentacle that snakes out and snags a beer, before retracting and placing the can in the teen's hand. "Letting these rebels run around with t-virus and plaga is bad for our health and mental state. Going crazy with all this volunteer work, haven't been this long out of the field in a long time."
Esa "Neat trick." Esa said dismissively as he walks over to the pizza and beer. Looking to James, he says "And the Rebels are not the one with the T-virus or well, whatever the hell a Plaga is; less you are talking of the BLF which is more of a terrorist faction." He and then notes "And, if they have this ... maybe I can get the FBC involved with a strike." A roll of his shoulders is given as a shrug before he looks to the pizza again. "Looks good love." Looking to Eve, he smiles "Thanks Eve."
Tabitha Tabitha watches James, tilting her head at his display. She shakes her head a bit. She moves over to get a slice as well.. "Plaga?" She grabs the slice, folding it up to hold the toppings in and moves over to James. 'Whats Plaga?'
Eve Eve leans in and takes a piece of pineapple and ham pizza and chews slowly as she works on a few things on her computer. Her attention is on the conversation but she's slightly distracted by what she is doing.
Maxim Maxim hops off his perch and moves toward the pizza. As they continue to talk though he pauses, looking at the door. Offering a bow to everyone he says, "I am going to check outside. I will get...How you say, leftovers." With that he silently pads to the door, heading out.
Aidan Aidan is still just cleaing up debris for now... Because who's got time for arguing about flirting when there's a freaking blown up office around ya? That and he just has nothing to say or care about the matter.
Emma Emma gives a small wave to Maxim, but does eye James a little, eyes moving between him and Esa. She takes a few more bites of her food, and turns to regard the others. "H - hopefully we - we can get inta a new buildin' soon. Plaga, a - a new weapon, c - creature thing." She then informa Tabitha and looks to Aidan. "Ya - ya doin' okay?"
James Scott "Useful. Killed a soldier with one when I helped the BLF kidnap those officials. And they don't just have that, they have two Umbrella members working with them. A scientist and a soldier. Both about useless, but still." James pops the top and turns his can up. "Haven't figured out what Plaga is exactly yet, but it's gotta be similar to the T-Virus. Should have stayed on with Umbrella a little longer until I found out."
Tabitha Tabitha nods to james, listening. She shoves a few bites of pizza in her mouth as she does, discovering only then she got the peperoni.. score! Around a mouthfull of pizza. "Whats got you so upset?", her voice not a whisper, but lowered enough that it's only heard by those nearby.
Esa Esa nods ever so slightly as he looks back to James "I see." He replies, scratching his chin with one hand, picking up a slice of pizza with the other. "Well, the FBC has not done a lot of research into the Plaga.. probably something we should look into further." He glances to Emma and gives a smile before eating a slice of the pizza and pulls it back; a large amount of cheese stretching as he does this until it breaks and falls against his face.
Aidan Aidan shrugs towards Emma as he continues working, "I'm doin well 'nuff. I'm not quite hungry or thirsty just yet so figured I'd keep working." He does listen as folks are talking glancing up to put faces with their words but not really wanting to intrude. And the tentacle thing did cause him a small double take.
Eve Eve closes her laptop and stows it before she grabs another slice of pizza. "Emma, you have a meeting tomorrow morning to meet with the contractors who will be working here. Let me know what time is best for you." She gets to her feet and dusts off the back of her legs. "They're going to be demolishing most of this so the cleaning up is good, but in the end it's just going to get messy again." She picks up her cache and slings it over her shoulder. "I'll be back at the house if something is needed on my end." She raises her hand to wave and makes for the exit.
Emma Eyes narrow some and peer at James. Did he just let that all out? She shakes her head, grabs a beer and takes a drink. She looks to Esa, goes red at the smile and manages a smile and then puts her beer down, giving a wave to Eve. Going back, she grabs her shovel and starts to work at digging again. Looking up when Tabitha asks James that question.
James Scott "All this just has me stressed out." James says with a tired sigh, moving over to wrap an arm around Tabitha's waist and give the woman a reassuring squeeze. "It's a pain in the ass." He turns his beer back up, nostril curling slightly as he lowers it. The teen always hated beer.
Tabitha Tabitha nods and looks to james. "and no more playing with your tentacles. No showing off..", she admonishes lightheartedly. "Save it for the Game.", leaning to bump against him." She takes another bite of pizza.. then seems to remember something. "Oh!", and stands up quickly. She stuffes the last of her pizza in her mouth, with absolutely no class what-soever. She then pick up one of the pizza boxes and takes it over to Aidan. She's swallowed enough by the time she gets there to actually speak. "Would you like a slice?" opening the box.
Esa Esa finishes the slice and moves back to help Emma with cleaning quietly; not saying much of anything as he works with her.
Emma Emma lifts a brow and looks up, sticking her shovel into the ground. "Game?" She asks the two.
Aidan Aidan glances over at Tabitha and nods, accepting the pizza, "Thanks." He takes a bite of the pizza and leans up against something to relax for a bit as he eats.
James Scott "That's a tall order to fill." James replies, flashing a small grin. His attention moves back over to Emma and he shrugs slightly, clearly not too sure which game she meant either. "Probably shouldn't show off around regular people though. Good way for them to try and lynch me. Poor bastards."
Esa Esa continues to quietly work, listening away as he does so.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to Aidan, nodding and takes the box back over to the others. She snags another slice, and sighs. "the Game.. You know.. whaver.. ", hand gesturing as the tries to manifest some words out of vaguenes.. "..whatever.. comes next.. Right? I mean.. we got blowed up a bit, but we're mostly okay. Mostly physically.. rest of it, well, we leaned a bit to the side before all this.. "
Emma Emma goes to get another piece of pizza, and sits on a box, covered in dirt. She listens for the time being, looking down sadly. "I - I think I'm tha problem." Admits the lass. "I - I am a bad luck charm, hell follows me fo - for some reason. It is likely best I - I go hide in a mountain some place."
James Scott "Yeah, sure you are." James says with a snort. "Considering you're pretty much my only friend from Raccoon that isn't dead, I'd say you're doing pretty good luck wise." When Tabitha walks by the teen reaches out to pat her back. "I get what you're saying. Keep 'em ready for when we need them next."
Tabitha Tabitha nods to james, offering a bit of a smile, but it is only a glimmer across the concern that otherwise masks her face. She looks to Emma. "It's because you're in charge", she offiers. "If Eve was in charge, they'd be after Her, I imagine. Comes with the territory, I imagine. I know that _I'm_ not going anywhere anytime soon, so dont start we'd be better off.
Aidan Aidan finishes his slice of pizza and gets back to work for a while before his phone beeps. Looking down at the screen he hrms, "Gotta head off to take care of some work." He finishes putting away with the debris he was working on before he waves to everybody as he heads out.
Emma Beer in hand, Emma eyes James. "Be - Benny, Archene, Markus, you an' - an' I have survived Raccoon. Na - nat ta mention many others I know of. N - not a valid point." She states with more edge that isn't normally hers. She looks down a second to the rubble under her feet, sighing and looking up to Tabitha, very much confused. "Ya - ya know, that isn't true. I - I had it happenin' since Raccoon, since tha - tha zombies came, since my first kidnappin'. It - It ain't bein' in charge, my first assassination attempt ha - had nothin' ta do with my job. It was about -me-." It's ended there, because it's true Moving to her feet she grabs a shovel and begins to work again.
James Scott James's jaw clenches and those nails of his dig into the tender flesh of his palm at the mention of the kidnapping. "It's my fault. I wasn't strong, then instead of being where I was needed I was out chasing modifications." The can in his hand is crushed and he pushes back up. "Suppose that's why in the end you chose the boy scout." Tabitha could feel the new change, that minor annoyance bubbling over into rage and self loathing. "I'll kill them, whoever tries anything else. Then I'll kill the people that sent them. I'm tired of being useless." With that he turns to leave as well.
Tabitha Tabitha winces, eyes narrowing at the feelings coming off James. It is almost as a wind blowing into her face. She moves back a few inches, subconsciously, Squinting as she watches James turn to leave.. She isn't sure what she can do to help him.. or what to say. Tabitha does go over to Emma, however.. One hand on her shoulder, the other on her wrist. "..that doesn't change anything.. For whatever reason, I'm still not leaving. For one, you're too cute. for another, you're the only one that's kept me sane over the last few weeks.. and third, well, I've not got a whole lot of other options open to me at the moment. You're stuck with me.
Emma The shovel hits rubble, tinging loudly, a sound reflecting her sudden anger.

"O - oh for fucks sakes J - James will y - ya just bloody st - stop!" She snaps at him, tone having a clear edge. "G - get it in - inta yer h - head! I - I dun blame ya f - for any of my - my kidnappins' or - or assassination attempts! Nobody does! On - only you blame yerself! Th - they were incidents ya - ya, nor I, no - nor anyone had control over! Th - that nobody knew of ta - ta s - stop!" Her stutter always gets worse the more upset she is. "No - now calm th - tha fuck down!"

A saving grace to her anger is Tabitha, when she is touched grey-green eyes move to her fellow doctor, anger turning into a frown. "T - that is - is kind of - of ya Tabitha." She gives her hand a squeeze. "Tr - truly is, nice t - ta not be alone."
James Scott James stops when he hears what Tabitha has to say to Emma, the rage cools off but it somehow managed to depress him even more. Apparently nobody likes being the third or fourth choice.

And then Emma goes off. "You're goddamn right I blame myself. I was so fucking close to saving you, and that fucking Benny had to try and shove me back. If I was as strong then as I am now those zombies wouldn't have slowed me down. Then you wouldn't have had to have all that therapy, and I wouldn't have had to join Umbrella. I'd have been there to stop those other attempts. And now that I'm here and strong you're distant. I get it, I'm not Esa."

Now the teen storms out, not hanging around to hear any more.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks as James vents.. eyes a bit wider at his last comment. She turns back to Emma, hand squeezling her shoulder tighter. She doesn't say anything with James' comment. Instead, she just offers unwavering support.
Emma Emma's jaw is tense, even her fists are. She looks as if she is about to explode, yet again James in her mind, is twisting and turning things. Eyes bore into him until he is gone, Tabitha's support was just enough to stay her having a total rage of anger and turn green. Releasing a sigh she looks down to a dirty hand, opening it, her nails had dug into her skin, leaving four bloody marks on her palms.
Tabitha Tabitha doesn't say a word, reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a wrinkled if not still sealed alcohol wipe. she proceeds to take Emma's hand and clean off the little marks. she doesn't bother bandaging them. But for now, at, they're clean. "maybe Eve can hire some contractors to clear this place out. Not like there's folks that wouldn't mind the work. Contributing back to the community.. saving ourselves some stress?"
Emma It takes a good couple minutes for Emma to calm down, she looks to Tabitha as she cleans her hand, with a small, thankful smile. "M - maybe." She says softly, looking around them at what remains of their office. "So - so much work though, l - least never a - a dull moment, right?"
Tabitha Tabitha smiles and wraps Emma in a hug, squeezing. "Excitement. Adventure. Surprises Galore!", giggling as she squeezes. "and Pizza. Did you get enough? there's lots left."
Emma The hug is returned. "We - welcome ta my - my life." She whispers, then looks to the food and shakes her head. "I - I am not hungry anymore." She only had one piece, still not eating much.
Tabitha Tabitha nods.. pausing. "Plaga? is that new to you?", letting emma go. Tabitha looks at the mess, and the dent they've made, but just how much more is left. Spirit and willpower are awesome.. but this will take a team of men.
Emma "I - I don't know much of them." Emma replies to Tabitha, shrugging a touch. "I - I have information ta - ta encrypt. But there is also J - James sayin' they, bein' tha BLF kidnapped people, we - we need ta deal with that."
Tabitha Tabitha sits down on something nearby.. adding more scuffs to her jeans. "You think they're.. experimenting?", raking her fingers through her hair.. "and.. what was .. this..", gesturing, "..about? was this you or was this TerraSave they were after?"
Emma "Likely." Emma replies, sighing. "Wh - when it comes ta - ta Umbrella, expect tha worst. Always."
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Emma. "Well, if James is hinting at someone else getting involved, then we might have a poor-man's umbrella on our hands. with probably less stringent quarantine procedures. Probably blow up in their face day one
Stitch Stitch walked to Emmas area of terrasave whats left of a smoke still on his right hand his back half assed in bandiging hiself up after the bombing he looks up at Emma to say "if your looking for people to help clear this place out ill do it free of charge"
James Scott James might be in a bad mood, but he /is/ security. And nobody briefed him on Stitch. So he comes back in behind the man(?) with his sidearm drawn and half a cigarette hanging out the corner of his mouth. If he's smoking again he must be stressed. "Woah, you there, spooky! Back the fuck up!"
Emma "Ne - never doubt Umbrella, th - they hide." Emma says to Tabitha, looking to Stitch and giving a tired smile, but eyes James. "He - he is a friend, James. Ta - take it easy." Stitch is then handed a shovel.
Tabitha Tabitha smiles to Emma, giving a nod to Stitch. "I.. think I saw you for a second before all hell went to shit..", offered to Stitch. "Thanks for helping. Now.. ..and before."
Stitch Stitch turns around eyeing james up and down before saying "shoo fly dont bother me " then he turns back around to emma and tab "no problem you helped me and so im helping you, how you doing by the way anything brused" he asked emma
James Scott When Stitch opens his mouth, the wound on James' shoulder shifts and a stinger-tipped tentacle shoots out, making for the man. Though when Emma explains the situation it stops just short. "How about next time we let an edgy monster in, you brief me?" The ash on the end of his cigarette falls to the floor and his pistol gets tucked back into his sweats.
Emma "We - we owe Stitch a debt, ya'know, for helpin' us with tha bombin', more would have died." Emma says to James, giving a strange look at the testicle thing wiggling out. Looking to Tabitha, then Stitch she motions to the boxes of pizza."A - an help yerslf."
Tabitha Tabitha seems to wake up at Emma's direction.. moving to the boxes of pizza. She picks up one of them, opening the lid and offereing Stitch a slice.. She then offers him a can of Beer to go with it.. "Thanks for what you did..", she offers a bit sheepishly to Stitch.. "..really appreciate it."
Stitch Stitch take the offerd beer but shakes his head at the pizza "as much as I would like to have a slice i cant eat normal foods besides i just finished eating a few rats earlyer but thanks for the beer to wash the taste out of my mouth" he says befere using his teeth to pop the lid off the bottle easily
James Scott "Rats.." James tugs the pistol back from out of his sweats. "If it's not one stupid fucking thing it's another." He takes one last drag from his cigarette before withdrawing it and crushing what's left in his palm. Grumbling under his breath he moves over to take a piece of pizza as well, because espite working all day he hasn't eaten anything.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks at Stitch.. mouth opening.. then closing.. opening.. then closing.. "....okay.. um. we'll try to get some of those on the next pizza order...".. half seriousl half curious as fucking hell.. her scientific mind wants to know stuff...
Stitch Stitch mentaly slapped himself for relizing who james was so agenst his better judgment he asked "so hows charlie squad doing?" stitch asked between sips of his beer
James Scott Without looking back James raises the pistol in his hand, pointing it directly at Stitch's head, "I was just thinking to myself, self I said, the office could use a new paint job. Help liven things up a bit after the explosion." His gaze turns onto Stitch, and that one blue eyes is now a brilliant red.

Despite his newfound calm exterior, Tabitha could feel it, his murderous intent. "I'll be keeping my eye on you. And if I decide it's for the best, I'll put you down, and there won't be any getting back up."
Stitch Stitch pulls a old umbrella id out of his pocket "my past is behind me but her my name is Joe rombie"
James Scott "Our past is never behind us." James says quite simply. After a moment he lowers his gun and tucks it away again. "I'll be watching, I'm not as soft hearted as Emma. But I guess you know that better than she does." With that said the teen turns to walk back out, taking a bite out of his piece of pizza.
Tabitha Tabitha nod to james, grabbing a pizza box for the road. "I'll be back at the House later.. Dont let emma work to hard and I wont beat you with an IV pole. Deal?", she offers of James. She doesn't know Stitch enough yet to threaten physical violence