Umbrella Surveillance System
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Elliott     Finding out what happened at the TerraSave offices, Elliott has gone to check it out. He's taking a leisure walk around the building, expression rather grim and set, focused as his eyes scan the area around him thoroughly. Maybe something was missed? Apparently he's decided to check for himself, his eyebrows furrowed in troubled, thoughtful look.
Eve Eve gazes at the building from where she stands, her arms folded over her chest. She usually is taking notes or typing on her laptop but she doesn't have any place for written words just now, just impressions and emotion. She is making a list in her head, things need to be done and people need to be contacted. It all seems to be too much for her at the moment, but she's not a quitter.
Elliott     "Bloody hell. Just, bloody hell..." El murmurs, giving his head a shake as he walks around. "What a mess." He barely notices anyone else, with his gaze looking toward the damage, so when his eyes shift, he's suddenly taking a double take. Gaze locking on Eve, he halts briefly as his pale blue eyes stare, piercingly, toward her, studying. "Eve," he lets out as he starts to approach.
Eve Eve hears her name called and she turns, seeing Elliott, and raises a hand in greeting. She walks slowly towards him, turning to gaze at the building a few times during her travel. When she reaches him she shakes her head. "This is going to be a disaster. Coming back from this won't be easy." Her voice is low and intense. "How are you holding up? Were you here when.." She trails off and gestures a slender hand towards the wrecked building.
Elliott     With Eve's presence, Elliott forgets the building to show the woman more attention. His gaze measuring, trying to gauge her while he shakes his head in response. "I wasn't, but you weren't...?" He gives his head a small shake, shifting to finally glance back a the building, shaking his head further before bringing his gaze back onto Eve. "Bloody hell, I'll help out where ever I can. We'll fix it," he says with perhaps more confidence than he has. "Are you all right?"
Eve "Just in shock a bit." Eve murmurs, rubbing her hand over her face. "I wasn't here when it happened, but now I'm dealing with insurance and the different companies that back us and's going to be a lot of paper work and time. Construction should begin soon though, and we can start planning things." She leans against Elliott a bit and sighs. "This is all a bit too much at the moment."
Elliott     Instinctively, Elliott reaches out for her, moving his hands to her shoulders. He can't help but let out a relieved sigh at her answer to not being there, but frowns with his brows creased. "I'm sorry," he murmurs out sympathetically. His chest heaves as he draws in a breath, shaking his head. "I'm sorry," he repeats. Brows crinkling, his hands drop when she leans against him, shifting on his feet slightly and wrapping his arms around her comfortingly. "What can I do to help you?" His eyes flick to take another glance at the building and another deep rise of his chest as he breathes, cursing quietly. "Let's get away from here, Eve," he suggests softly, already shifting and trying to guide her along the street.
Eve Eve follows Elliott and she stays close to him, frowning. "Where shall we go?" She asks, glancing over her shoulder at the building again. She smiles at the man as they walk and she takes a breath. "I'm glad that you weren't there either. I think..I think that I just need to make some phone calls, and it'll be okay." She pauses for a moment, both eyebrows raised. "Do you know anything about planning a fundraiser?"
Elliott     Elliott shakes his head as he says, "We'll just take a walk." As he moves down the street, his arm around Eve's shoulders, his head turned away as he grimaces, a hand to his stomach as if he were going to be sick, stomach muscles clenching tightly. Trying to keep the emotion from showing, trying to keep a cool, strong outer shell, El turns to her completely when she pauses, angling his head a little as he regards her. "Er-" He slowly shakes his head. "Not really my speciality, but I can do what I can." His brows lowered as his pale blue eyes study Eve for a second in silence. "Do you know how it happened yet?" he asks, stands for a couple more seconds before he's trying to draw her close again, arms embracing. "Blimey, it's some relief to know you haven't been harmed."
Eve "All I heard is that some man walked in with a bomb on him." Eve mentions, shuddering slightly as she says the words. When Elliott hugs her close it draws a smile from her and she rests her head against his shoulder briefly and murmurs. "I'm glad that you're all right too. Most of those injured were our office workers and security. I visited a man in the hospital today, he'll be fine but he was injured badly." She purses her lips and continues. "I need to plan a fundraiser for the cities that we've helped, and that's going to be quite a task."
Elliott     Elliott frowns at the mention of the man walking in with the bomb on him. Brows flicking downward, twitching as he thinks, mind asking questions first. He bobs his head in response to the injured, compassion on his face as he lets out a breath. "I'd like to see those who were injured." He angles his head as he draws back a little to look at Eve's face. "How is Emma doing?" he asks with a grimace. His hands move to Eve's face, intending to cup his hands on either side as he regards her, nodding his head. "All right, we'll work on a fundraiser together. You're such a strong woman, Eve," he adds in admiringly and encouragingly.
Eve "She's down, of course she is." Eve responds, her cheeks going pink as Elliott complements her. "If you help me with the fundraiser I'll do something nice for you in return." She says, tucking her arm in his as they walk. "Emma is going to need some love though, she's going to need us to be strong and help her out." She narrows her eyes and then adds. "You can certainly see the injured, I'll arrange for it tomorrow?"
Elliott     Elliott frowns and nods, planning out in his head how he'll approach Emma. Letting out a, "Hmm?" as he regards Eve, El shakes his head heavily. "You don't have to do any such thing. It'd be my pleasure to assist." As he turns to walk with her, his shoulders lift and his head tilts a fraction to one side, lips twitching a little. "Besides, if it means spending time with you, all the more pleasure." His smile fades as he nods, humming in agreement. "We'll see how tomorrow goes. I want a talk with Emma, also."
Eve "I don't blame you for that, she might need some time off." Eve murmurs, folding her arms around her torso. "I'm glad that you're willing to help." She says, smiling up at Elliott. "How are you going to approach Emma? You may need to just be a bit gentle with her now. I think she got injured during the bombing."
Elliott     Elliott nods slowly, humming. "Yea," he murmurs out simply about time off. He turns his head to glance at Eve, shaking his head. "I'll see what I can do to help her," he says quietly, worriedly as he twists his lips as a pensive look crosses his face. Then another glance at Eve as a faint smile twitches against his lips. "Of course I am." A sigh is let out as he wonders just how to approach Emma, fingers nervously curling and uncurling as he draws in a breath and exhales slowly. "All I need is a few seconds to see how she's holding up." Another sigh escapes him. "Her friends," he says, pausing there a moment as he swallows, "would be a better comfort though."
Eve "I'm doing my best, but she's not exactly receptive to ...she wants to be strong, I don't blame her." She stops and turns to Elliott, placing a hand on his chest to stop him as well. "Maybe we can urge her gently to take a bit of a vacation. We can handle the rebuilding aspect for the most part." She tilts her head as she regards Elliott. "Think that's a good idea?"
Elliott     Dipping his head as he thinks, El gives a couple bobs of his head as he takes a mental note. Ceasing his movement as Eve stops him, he glances down to her hand and lifts a hand to curl his fingers under hers as his head comes up, bringing his piercing blue eyes to lock on her. "It could be good for her to take a vacation," he lets out slowly before giving a shrug. "If there's some smaller job she can do, it might help more. Making her feel like she's not doing anything might not be the best idea." He hmms, giving his head a shake. "It's hard to know for sure without talking to her myself." He inhales deeply and his hand closes around her hand, light blue eyes focused on her. "Let's go grab something to eat and I'll walk you home."