Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Morning has come on this lightly rainy day. It's that type of spring rain that's perfect for greening everything up. The air has the smell of rain too.

This light pattering if rain doesn't seem to stop the local city folk, many are out getting their days going. Streets are lined with cars and people.

Within TerraSave - for with morning there is that casual getting started feeling, people are settling into work. Offices are full, phones ring, coffee fills the air. There is always work to do.

Emma had come into work, and stopped to talk to her receptionist. For she was the one who adopted Daisy, the child born in Cabimas. Luckily, the red head gets to feel the child, rocking the dozing baby back and forth as she speeks with her friend, the adoptive mother. All in all, it's a typical morning.
Stitch Stitch has a feeling of dread a he sniffs the air being a hellspont of umbrella gave him keen sences however he started running to find Esa "lad please tell me your boys are the ones carrying a ass ton of gunpowder with ya" stitch asked in a worried tone
Esa Esa heads inside the Terrasave office this morning have grabbing a coffee, tea and some breakfast tacos. He had offered his services to watch over the new person, Stitch and decided to put in a few hours at the facility before heading to work. stepping inside, he stops at the receptionist desk and hands the tea to Emma along with two tacos. When Stitich arrives, he blinks "Uh, no?" He says, backing up to look at the door, hand going to his gun. "where did you see them?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov just sits quietly in the breakroom, or more accuratley sprawled out upon that old futon that had been brought in to make sure the office had that more homey feel. The man doesn't actualyl do much in the offices except to hang out and make sure that nothing exactly is going wrong or the like He does such a good job of it too, being asleep on the job nintey percent of the time as he yawns softly, murrmuring at the sounds of people talking nearby. Is that Esa/ OH fuck who cares.
Thomas Thomas walks up to terra save with three other guys he conviced to come with him each oth them carrying a duffle of plastic explosive and a basic hunting rifle nodding to each other the walk into the front lobby as thomas fires a round into the air to get everyones attention
Thomas Thomas has two of the men watch the people in the lobby as the third gets started setting up the bomb after hes done with the first duffle he says "ok first package set give me the other two to witch one of the two uses his foot to scoot both duffles across to him while still keeping his eyes on the ocupants of the building
Emma Emma, who is sitting on the edge of the desk, rocking the nearly asleep baby seems blissfully unaware of the hell that's about to hit them on this rainy day. She laughs a little during the conversation, looking down to Daisy the sound of shots firing draws her attention. Screams ring through the air, people scatter, but can't get out. Daisy wails loudly, seemingly to sense fear, the loud noises scaring her. Due to this, one of the men let's out an array of shots into the ceiling, yelling to match that. "Calm the fuck down! I'll all be over soon no sense in running!" He sounds almost delighted knowing that they are going to bomb the place and kill everyone.

Scared out of her own mind, facing another bombing, yet another attempt to have her dead, for Emma it's like a horrible wave, like walls crushing her, the world unsteady and spinning. Those delicate hands hold onto Daisy as she screams in fear, another gunman breaking from position, letting out shots so people group together.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei just shifts up slightly onto his elbows as he looks out the doorway and just kind of flops down onto the ground, with a soft thump as he just starts to wiggle up on the ground, crawling as he looks out the doorway of the break room and urrmurs under his breath. "The the fuck is going on.." He'll note as he starts to look around. Gunfire? Screaming That isn't hard to keep trakc of.. and soon Andrei is trying to sneak his way through the building.
Esa Esa's eyes linger on Thomas. "You have a lot of gull to show up here, Thomas." He said flatly, hands moving up. His eyes fix on the man shout then to Thomas "Let the child and receptionist go.. And if possible, Emma. I'm worth a lot more to you then them."
Stitch Stitch lets out a animlistc growl twords the attackers his skin turning to that of a grotesc monster "leave them alone!!" he shouts  before tackling thomas out thefront door leaving the other three men speachless
Thomas Thomas steps back a bit seeing stitch turn and attempt to jump at him however he easily sidesteps it but thomas aims and shoots at stitch
Emma Oh god, it's happening again. And Emma can't run. She is trapped holding an innocent life in her arms, an innocent screaming in fear life. The redheads own eyes fill with water, close and then open, she at least manages to even out her breathing.

The men let more shots rain, grabbing people, tossing them aside, overall being brutal. One man comes up to Emma, pointing his gun at her. "Make that kid shut up or I will." He growls.
Esa Stepping in front of Emma and the man pointing the gun, Esa's eyes narrow "Look. I'm worth more than her or the baby. Let them go." He states, then adds "I'm the Executive Officer to the Task force assigned by the Federal Bioterrorism Commission." He adds for extra measure.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov moves to slide up then, humming as he shifts around his reaper carbine and moves to line up a shot on one of the individuals holding people hostage, no doubt hidden underneath a desk as he looks the situation over from his vantage point far away from wherever the fuck this is going down as he carefully begins to weigh his options on what to do, tapping his finger agains the grip of the gun as he counts, recounts and again hesitates.
Stitch Stitch lets out a grunt as hes shot before turning around and punching thomas as hard as he can all that matters to him is saving the innocents in this building
Thomas Thomas doubles over in pain due to his already damaged state and semi broken arm he looks back up at stitch before swinging his fist attempting to hit him "i will not be killed by a monster"
Emma A group of people being held by a man with a gun turns, givinf Andrei a momemt to shoot.

Emma turns, handing Daisy off to the receptionist, hoping the baby will quiet, but the man is pointing his gun still. Until Esa steps in the way. A delicate hand grabs at his arm. "E - Esa, no." She whispers through some tears, brought on by fear. The gunman motions with his gun to a group of people. "Go, all of you, over there." He demands, keeping an eye on the FBC man.
Esa Esa nods, looking back to Emma with a loving smile "I will be okay." He replies before looking back to the gunman. "So, why are you doing this?"
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will then line up his shot then as he carefully aims down the sight of his carbine then and just bulls the trippes once in quick succession, unloading a single round then immeaditly trying to angle the gun towards anyone else that might be around as he tries to keep things under control. Stay relativly hidden and shoot whomever he can. That much is obvious.

"Fuck.. Er.. more than I expected. Don't likley have enough bullets? This is what you get for skimping on my paychecks, Terrasave. YOu can bet your ass I'm getting a payraise."
Stitch Stitch losses himself as he reels his fist back to punch thomas again his animilistic tendincys taking over as he attepmts to just lay into him
Thomas Thomas thomas gets hit hard again as he coughs up blood from that hit most likly breaking some ribs he attemps to crawl away from stitch as fast as he can
Emma Emma takes a shaking hand and dries her face, looking at Esa a moment. There is so much fear in her eyes. She can't mamage a smile, or much or reply, but a shaky hand grips his arm a momemt before she moves off to join a group.

The guy with the gun to Esa stares at him, with pure joy. "So you're the FBC guy eh? Well, tell me, are you a corrupt bastard as well? I bet. You all are."

Andrei's shot hit, but this draws the attention of another man, who tries to see who shot, and in doing so lets out some random shots, hitting a man in the leg.
PrestigeAndrei Well Andrei unfortunatley doesn't have much of a choice here besides going for the jugular now as he lifts up his reaper carbine and just starts taking shots into what he assumes are the badguys crowd. Trying to pick off gunman after gunman, growling under his breath even as he hears a gunshot into the civilians he'll keep working with taking more shots. "Just one two three. One. Two three." He'll continue to mutter.
Esa "Yeah I am." Esa replies "No, I am not corrupt.. I am actually fighting against corruption within the FBC itself." He tells the man truthfully.
Stitch Stitch continues to punch thomas who seems to be crawling closer and closer to the detinator " find a place to hide"
Thomas Thomas moves closer and closer to the detinator as he easily dodges the next punch "well i may die here but im taking you all with me "thomas laughs with a insain chuckle
Tabitha Tabitha heard the noises, she heard the sounds, the screams. The fan in her office does a wonderful job of blocking out noises. Too much of a good job. The sounds coming through could have been from some TV show or something. What roused Tabitha wasn't the noise. It was something else. One hal was a sudden tsunami of fear and panic, another was ...something else... Throwing on her jeans and hoodie, Tabitha does her best to open her office dore quietly, peeking out.
Maxim Making his way from the house, Max was heading toward the TerraSave offices when something just didn't feel right. That kind of feeling of dread that something is going on you just don't know what. It was then that he heard it in the distance. What sounded like gunfire. Hurrying up his steps, Maxim quickly but silently tries to make his way the rest of the way to the building to find he can't get in.
Emma It is complete and total chaos in the TerraSave building. Gunmen hold people hostage, there is the cry of a baby ? that baby being Daisy. Some people are hurt, beat or shot. Anyone can feel the panic and fear in the air. To make matters worse, a bomb is being readied to be set off.

Thomas and Stitch were fighting, but that come to an end when one of the other suicide bombers shouts out that it?s ready. That in mere seconds, this place is going to go up in smoke. To his delight Thomas is getting his wish, and now he stands there, taken up a bomb, holding it within his hands, the look of complete conquest upon his face. The counter is clearly seen, 5 - 4 - people scream, they try to run, they try to hide. 3 - 2 - the growing panic is like it?s own shock wave, the sense of approaching dead is deafening.

1 - the bomb goes off, in smoke and flame, taking Thomas with it as the building crumbles and shakes, bricks, tables, chairs, are thrown like rain, people scream in agony. Now there is fire and blood.

As for Emma, this is like repeating history, her soul rips away, feeling some debris slam into her stomach - even when protected. Luckily the blast wasn?t at full strength, one of the other bombs didn?t go off. But, a part of the building was blown off, and Daisy, well her adoptive mother did just fine, the two are safe under the desk they are hiding in.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov reachs a hand up to cover his headb efore he shouts. "THE FUCK just happened?" He'll mutter under his breath as he moves to press up then from the ground, glancing about then. No lnger even bothering to take cover or hide, Kirov just gazes with an awkward stare before he crouchs down and tries to duckwalk about the building.. the chaos making a perfect opportunity to take a few more shots as needbe to start trying to eliminate more of the terriosty forces around the building as he works his way to the exit.. and help guide folks out.
Esa After the bomb went off, Esa staggers, gaining composure as he looks around. Things were blur for him; but soon focus came back. In a heartbeat, he rushes toward Emma as his heart sunk. "Emma!" He shouts in his limp run to her side, falling into a slide next to her. His hands move building material off of her, hands cutting as he does so. "Talk to me love... are you okay?" He asks with fear and concern, eyes wide as he works.
Stitch Stitch uses his strength moving the rubble off of him and emma "shell be fine laddie" stitch says with splinters and debre stickingout of his back neer and around his newest gunshot wound before checking himself that his wait didnt crush her when he used his body to protect her
Tabitha Tabitha crawls out from behind her sofa, she'd never moved so fast. She crawls carefully past what is left of the door, poking her head out, astonished at the rubble. Her brows nit, eyes looking to where Esa is digging. Tabitha cant hear anything but a highpitched squeal. They say to open your mouth before a concussive blast. No one said you couldn't be screaming at the time. She 'felt' it, or when it was going to happen; or, she thought she did.
Maxim Explosion. Max feels and hears the heat and sound, scrambling for cover using a car, then an adjacent building for any stray debris as he watches in shock and horror as his new place of employ, almost an adoptive family, seems to go out like his last (though with much more loudness and flair with being explosions). One blink, then a second, and then he shoves all that aside a moment. The building isn't completely gone, and there's still hope. With that he tries to make his way into the building now, through any of the newly created access points from the blast, moving carefully but quickly as possible since he isn't sure how stable the building is and doesn't want to do something to send the rest of it on him.
Emma Emma can't hear anything but ringing, terrible ringing. She looks to Esa, trying to hear him, with fear in her eyes, then to Stitch. Her wounds aren't that bad, more cuts, but the whole thing has her wrecked some. The PTSD kicked up. So for now, she tries to sit up, covered in dirt and grime and some blood.
Esa Looking to Stitches, he says "Go.. Go check on the other people." He gives in a semi-order, eyes falling back on Emma. "Love look at me. Focus on my voice, focus on me." He whispers, hands taking hers and squeezes "I'm right here.. right next to you." He continues in a soothing tone of voice.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei Kirov continues to try and guide people out of the building, taking pot shots at stragglers or survivors he might not recognize, even as he is completley unaware of what is going on elsewhere. Not really his problem at the momment. Just take down the crazy terroists. Survive. Simple enough.
Tabitha Tabitha follows staggers over the rubble to where Esa and Emma are. "How bad is she?", Tabitha calls out, a bit too loud, as she cant hear herself. She moves to give Emma a once-over, provided Esa will let her.
Stitch Stitch nods and moves to assist other survivors out of the building after putting out some fires while doing so while walking out he hopes that the fbc dont shoot his sorry mug for how he looks while assisting survivors
Emma Dazed Emma looks at her taken hands, and then back up to Esa, narrowing her eyes as if that'd help her ear, it's like turning the volume down when driving to see things, not to useful There is a small nod, as if saying she is okay, but her dirty face is lined with tears. Looking at Stitch as she leaves she then looks to Tabitha, shaking her head and suddenly trying to stand.
Esa "whoa.. whoa love.. easy now." He says as he slowly helps her stand up "Any pain, any discomfort?" He asks as he lets go of her hand to wipe the tears and dirt from her face.
PrestigeAndrei Andrei will soon look between his associates and tries to help guide them down the stairs and away from danger for a bit longer before moving to try and save more people. It would be sometime before he might find Esa and Emma and Co, but for the time being Andrei is just doing waht he is paid to do. Protect Terrasave and the rebels. Good enough.