Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Raim gently patters down, casting a sickness to the city. The clouds are grey and heavy.

The afternoon is finally quiet, and Emma is sitting at her desk. She has some books opened, a cup of tea being sipped at, and a stack of papers that needs to be done. She however, is sitting back watching a movie on her computer, ignoring work.
Markus Berger The quiet is soon to be interrupted as the door slowly opens and Markus, who as usuall simply barged into the TerraSave building as is usuall for him, shoves himself halfway through the partially opened door and looks around briefly, before he fully focuses on Emma. "Do you have a moment or two Emma?"
Emma Shaemus- who was asleep on his bed, wakes to the sound of someone entering. He spots Markus and gets up, wagging his tail going to greet him.

Emma looks up from the movie, giving Markus a smile. She stands and motions to the chair across from her. "A - always got t - time for ya Markus, what's up?"
Markus Berger The doctor quickly enters the room fully as he closes the door behind him, but takes a moment to pet Shaemus before actually bothering to sit down on the indicated chair. "Well, I have a few pieces of information I needed to talk about and I need to ramble at someone about nearly having been eaten by BOW Dinosaur. A literal dinosaur, actually."
Emma About to sit, Emma is caught off guard with the dinosaur comment. Eyes stare at Markus, questioning. "So - sorry?" Says the Scot, slowly moving to sit, pausing her movie, which was Harry Potter. She puts her hands on her lap while sitting back.

"We - well ya know I'm always here, right. Ta - ta listen an' help. Talk away."
Markus Berger With a shrug Markus settles down on the chair and crosses his arms as he leans back into the chair. "That is going to take a while. One after another though. First, I have security footage showing that Lord Oswell Spencer has been in Maracaibo about a week and a bit ago and might still be in Bolivar. Where he is, Umbrella related trouble isn't far. Second, I'd like you to keep an ear open for anything called Ouroboros. A lab by that name is supposedly in the mountains and we at TRICELL want to find it since we suspect its one of those that were used for bioweapon-research by the renegade executives. If that turns out correct, I need to get there and both recover and destroy everything there. Preferably without TRICELL getting blamed for what the renegades did. Third... well, that is going to take a bit." He just pauses, shrugs again and gives Emma to digest the news so far.
Emma That is a lump sum of stuff, but Emma quietly listens, nodding as she does this, contemplating everything said. "I - I will keep an eye out." Yet her mind is turning already, maybe she can go and hike the mountains. "I - I know James is wantin' ta - ta get ta Spencer, I'll tell him that it may help. If ya - ya find it, I'd like ta go with ya." She says, softly. "What else?"    
Markus Berger Markus nods slightly waiting for Emma to finish before continuing to talk himself. "Well, Buck Rogers assembled a team with the help of the BSAA to investigate some rumor about a Umbrella research facility on an qurantined island of the Paradise Islands. Lets just say that we ran into a three mawed combination of a lot of T-Virus and a Tyrannosaurus Rex, fought it and then subsequently got nearly bombed back into the stone age by the nearby FBC air support along with that monstrosity as they fired on everyone present and not just the BOW. We I think we both can guess who we can thank for that bit. Oh, and Buck got eaten although he might have survived that... being the tough bastard he is."
Emma Putting her elbow on the arm of the chair, Emma rests her chin in the palm of her hand. Half this sounds unbelievable, like a dinisour? But well, so much unbelievable has happened that she can really only accept this, with a slow, thoughtful nod. "Th - that is, if it didn' come from ya, well, I may of disregarded it. Buck is tough, aye. Wh - who do ya think sent the air support?"
Markus Berger Markus smirks wrily, although that smirk is definitely fake and originates more from weariness than anything else. "Who knows. Someone far up high in the FBC apparently decided that the entire island needed to be firebombed while we were still on it and considering that we were shot at as well while also our helicopter left so we had to swim off the island it was whoever was in charge of the nearby ship. Likely in combination with that guy whose name starts with W. That guy. Its always him. What I do know now is that Umbrella went ahead and used the DNA of a dinosaur for an experiment. Likely cloning in combination with the use of the T-Virus instead of manipulation of a pre-existing organism and created a gigantic BOW that way. It boggles my mind, truly."
Emma "Wesker?" Emma asks suddenly, staring at Markus. "Ya - ya think tha guy is Albert Wesker who helped send in tha- tha air support?"
Markus Berger A moment of silence is the first best answer Markus has before he throws up his hands. "Considering that the entire mission went from investigate what is on the island to getting fired at I wouldn't be surprised. Not that I actually know anything except for hunches. I mean, if it involves the FBC he is most likely culprit for pretty much anything. Oh well, nothing to confirm there and I don't have anything else to say on the matter of what happened there since everything went up in smoke. So... now onwards to topic four."