Umbrella Surveillance System
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Alejandro The shot up office in the Navy Base's headquarters is Alejandro's temporary base of operations. It is the most well appointed spot, despite bullet holes here and there and blood that doesn't want to leave the carpet. Not that the mercenary seems to mind it any as he sits behind the desk with his feet up on it, a cigar in his mouth and a bottle of scotch and a glass in front of him. It's good to be a bad guy sometimes. Of course, it's not all relaxation. There's a laptop precariously laying atop his legs that he's hunting and pecking at, obviously not really a techy kind of guy.
Natalya Natalya walks in, and she's not looking great. Somewhere between the last campaign and now she got into a fire fight and the results are still showing. A bandage is wrapped around her middle and it's still seeping blood, but not in an alarming way. She watches Al for a few minutes and then she knocks on the desk to get his attention before her hands come up to sign. 'Found something you might be interested in, Boss.'
Benny David stands by the door in Alejandro's office, wearing that hi-tech helmet of his and standing like a silent sentry. He tenses just slightly when Natalya walks in through the door, but seeing that she is one of their own he relaxes a bit but still keeps watch.

He's a rather mysterious person, doesn't talk much but he's a damn good driver and martial artist, not to mention very skilled with that Katana blade on his back.
Alejandro When he hears the noise Natalya makes Al looks up from his computer screen, then moves the whole laptop to the desk before pulling his feet off of it and sitting up straight. He returns her sign with one for 'hello' once his hands are free. The best thing about signing is that he can keep his cigar in his mouth while he does it. Though that doesn't last too long before he has to speak, "What you got for me, mi amiga?" He opens a desk drawer to grab another glass from it, starting to pour one. Looking up at David, Alejandro asks, "You want a drink, too? You've been standing there a while."
Natalya Natalya grins and she leans against the desk, she winces slightly but seems not to pay much mind to it. She holds up her hands again and begins to sign. 'Got some intel. Apparently the FBC is moving all of their forces to Coro. Their base in Maracaibo is undefended. I bet..they have some supplies that we could use.' A wicked grin curves her lips and she leans in slightly before she signs again. 'I think we should hit them hard and take as much as we can.'
Benny David nods at Alejandro's offer of a drink but pulls his own bottle of vodka out from a small pack that he's carrying and walks over towards the desk, where you are both are. "Vodka?" He says in that modulated voice from his helmet, offering it to both Alejandro and Natalya. What little is known about David, is that he does enjoy his Vodka every now and again, not to mention he always seems to have a bottle on him no matter where he is. Whether or not he knows sign language he doesn't comment about Natalya's signging either way.
Alejandro Alejandro has to stare at Natalya when she signs, so it's not too much of a stretch when he continues to stare at her for a few moments longer when she informs him that there's a military type installation that's not being properly guarded. It takes him a second to formulate what to say and a smile beats his words to the punch, "That is the best news I have heard all day! We should act on that as soon as possible." A little chuckle starts up as that smile turns into a full on grin, "You two have a moment to work on planning this out? I imagine we'll need some trucks and vans to carry our goods, a good escape route and place to cache what we take... We'll need explosives to get into where they keep the weapons and ammunition, medical supplies should be easier to access..." His brain is already processing all the possibilities. Looking up at David, Alejandro shakes his head, "No, gracias. I prefer brown liquor." He lifts his own glass in a sort of toast before taking a drink from it.
Natalya Natalya nods and she takes a seat, slowly. She reaches out for her glass and grins slowly, drinking it all back quickly. She sets the glass down and signs. 'I think the sooner we do it, the better.'
Benny "Sure thing boss." David says in that modulated voice and pours a glass of Vodka for Natalya since her's is now empty and then finds a glass for himself to pour himself a drink. He then reaches up and slowly removes his helmet. His long hair falling over his face, before he brushes it back, revealing the long scar across his face but letting the hair fall back over covering most of it again. Tucking the helmet under one arm, he picks up his glass of Vodka, raises it in a toast towards, Alejandro and Natalya then takes a long swig.

Finding a chair, he takes a seat himself beside Natalya and settles in for the discussion.
Alejandro "Si. The sooner the better, before they can return from their operations," Alejandro says, very excited by the prospects involved. He looks towards David and starts to speak, "So the FBC in Maracaibo have left their base mostly empty while they operate in Coro. This gives us the possibility to hit them for everything they've got there. There will be a number of issues involved in taking their materiel, but between us I feel we can come up with a decent plan of attack." He pauses to think for a few seconds. "They are close to the docks on the lake, so we might be able to use that to our advantage, but Maracaibo is so heavily patrolled it will be difficult to make that work. Have each vehicle that takes something go to a different location with it." Just in the nick of time he picks up his glass and joins in the toast.
Natalya Natalya nods in agreement and she gives David a slightly quizzical look, but shrugs. 'Lets plan something in the next few days?'
Benny "I see, well that does provide a very good opportunity indeed. We should strike while there is an opening, I agree." David says in a raspy, low voice which sounds strange since it isn't being modulated now. "We still have that box truck I stole from a while back, which should be able to transport a good number of supplies if we want to go by land." He offers his opinion on the matter and you've seen his driving skills at work.
Alejandro "Yes, yes," Alejandro says to Natalya, his excitement abating slightly. "Some time soon. We'll bring in the rest of the team so we can have greater input into things." And he nods a few times, mostly to himself. "We'll need to do more work to capture Puerto Cabello, too. According to intel I'm receiving there's going to be a relief effort sent by the government to try to break our blockades on the city and we must prepare for that also." Back to David there's a grin, "Excellent. That truck will be very useful in this situation. I feel that if we can manage to go by both land and the water we'd increase our chances of getting more gear out, but we'll need to be careful and do some more recon of the target area to make sure it's viable."
Natalya 'Will it be easy to get in touch with the others?' Natalya signs, glancing betweeen David and Al. 'If so, we should go as soon as we can gather supplies. We will get much from this.'
Benny "I agree, a two pronged approach would give us the element of surprise and cause enough confusion for us to make an escape if things get heated up." David says while taking a sip of vodka. He listens to Alejandro, looking over to Natalya politely while she signs but looks back to Alejandro for clarification on what she said. "Hmm...the government is sending troops eh? Well, the supplies will be needed more than ever then if we are going to make any headway at Puerto. I think we should strike to get those supplies sooner than later then."
Alejandro "I'll get to work on finding them immediately," Alejandro says to Natalya with a nod before bringing his cigar back to his lips for another puff. "Additionally, if you two could possibly work to gather intel on the FBC base it would be immensely beneficial," he tells his co-conspirators with a thoughtful look. "Natalya and you both agree that getting these supplies will aid us immensely. We'll try to gather the others for a strategy meeting, find out what we'll need to obtain everything we can from the FBC base and then secure the necessary items before the mission. But it should be doable."
Benny David nods, taking another swig of vodka and watches the two of you as Natalya converses in sign language to Alejandro. He's studying it as if trying to pick up some common gestures so that he may be able to better understand his fellow BLF soldier of fortune.
Benny David checks his watch, finishes his vodka and then stands up to excuse himself. Putting his helmet back on, "Gotta go check on some things and I'll meet Natalya soon so that we can go recon that FBC base. I'll be in touch shortly. Take care." The modulated voice more suited to him it seems. He leaves the bottle of vodka though for the two of you if you wish to drink from it. He's got plenty more where than came from.