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Elliott     Elliott has done some exploring, walking around and checking out places around the town. He's familiar to where the pub is located, arriving and taking a moment to look around the entrance as his eyebrows crinkle. A sniff of his nose as he turns his head around in his scans, his gaze eventually resting on the door as it opens to allow someone to exit. Trying for a subtly, his arm moves up to cover his mouth and nose, blocking out the strong smoke smell while giving a small cough as a pretense. It never would have bothered him before, it seems those senses are for more sensitive now. As his hand rests on the door, Elliott hesitates for a second before he steps, allowing his pale, piercing blue eyes to flick around as he surveys the inside. His black pants are fitting, his black, pull over shirt plain with the buttons at the neck left undone. His hair neatly combed, bangs styled to the side and falling over his forehead.

    While his gaze continues to wander, keeping a lookout, El approaches the bar to ask for a beer.
Eve Eve strides into the pub, her head down as she checks to make sure she hadn't suddenly grown a spot on her shirt. She steps into the bar, dark blue jeans riding low on her hips, and a floral embroidered tunic with lace sleeves on her torso. Her hair is pulled up in a bun and instead of glasses, she's actually wearing makeup. She glances around, smiles at a few people who give her a hello, and then she sees Elliott. She tip toes up behind him, the heels on her feet making that difficult but she may manage it. She reaches out a slender hand and taps him twice on his shoulder.
Elliott     It doesn't take long for El to decide on what he wants. His gaze slides to the right, along the bar, before he returns to the lad pouring beer from the taps. When the glass is set down on the counter, Elliott dips his head in appreciation with a murmured, "Thanks." His back to Eve, he doesn't turn until the tap on his shoulders, his head coming up suddenly and, with his glass in hand, eyebrows both arching up briefly as he turns to face Eve. His mouth breaks into a charming smile, teeth visible as his eyes settle on her, scanning down, and then up as one brow arches this time, expressively showing his pleasure. "Hiya," he greets cheerfully. He angles his head a little in a second of thought, looking over Eve, before he makes a quick decision. Holding his glass to the side so as not to spill it, El leans with the intention of kissing her cheek. Then asks, casually with a assured smile, "All right?"
Eve Eve doesn't move when Elliott leans in and a hand comes up when he kisses her cheek, to fondly brush her fingertips against his jaw. "Hello." She says, moving to settle next to him at the bar. Her gaze stays fixed on the man when the bartender approaches, and without looking she quietly speaks. "I'll have whatever he is having." Her hand indicating Elliott. "I'm glad you could make it, how are you doing tonight?"
Elliott     The glass is lifted to his mouth, eyes peering past the rim of the glass to keep them on Eve as he drinks. When El lowers the glass, one corner of his mouth twitches as he smiles, taking a seat on the bench coolly and setting the glass down upon the counter. "Fantastic," Elliott answers her, flashing his teeth. He turns his head marginally to glance at the bartender when Eve orders, nodding before he's looking back to her. With an amused flicker of his lips, he asks, "Are we going to just stick with beer tonight, or try anything else? Any particular interests?" His head lifts a fraction, his pale blue eyes shifting as he glances towards somebody rising from the stool nearby before his gaze is back on Eve.
Eve "Well Elliott, I think we best stick with beer because I don't want anyone saying I took advantage of you." Eve quips, taking a drink of her glass as it's delivered. She pulls a menu towards her and finally breaks eye contact with the man sitting near her to gaze down at the flimsy plastic thing. "I was actually considering getting something that could be ..sort of to-go. I want to show you something." She says, sliding the menu towards him. "So tell me, what do you want?"
Elliott     Both eyebrows wing upward as Elliott locks his gaze on Eve, and then one brow lowers as amusement plays across his lips, letting out a soft chuckle. His mouth opens to speak, but then instead he rests his tongue against his lip and considers. With a tiny shake of his head, he says, "Too late for that. But blimey, can't really hold your desirability against you unless you're doing it on purpose." He tilts his head, giving her a smile and a wink before drinking from glass again. Slowly giving a bob of his head as he listens to her, he murmurs out agreeably, "All right. Works for me." He doesn't give the menu that long of a look before he says, "Chicken strips and chips? Or... 'French fries'," he says slowly as if testing out the name, "I guess they're called here." A wondering, 'hmm' escapes him as he studies Eve curiously. "What's this you're wanting to show me?" he asks curiously.
Eve "I'm not going to ruin the surprise." Eve says, sliding the menu back where it belongs. When Elliott orders she asks for the same and then she turns to gaze at him for a few moments. "Oh, I'm desirable?" She asks, an impish smile on her face as she moves to lean against the bar. She sips slowly from her glass and then sets it down, fingers toying with the rim. "Anyhow, I have somewhere comfortable for us to eat dinner. So as soon as they pack it up, we'll go."
Elliott     Elliott eyes Eve curiously as he wonders, head tilting, thinking, clearly trying to guess. With a shake of his head, he smirks. "Well now that just makes me impatient to know what it is." His laugh is light-hearted, cutting off as he takes another drink. The question causes him to give her a look that silently says, 'Come on, you can't not know,' before he says aloud, "Very much so." He regards her, dismissively and agreeably nodding his head to eating elsewhere as he asks with a simple shrug, "You've had to have men lined up to date you, so what's one amusing story you can think of to tell?"
Eve "Men..lined up to.." Eve bursts out laughing, her shoulders shaking with mirth even when she goes quiet. "I've had a few women interested, but..if there was any men who were, they never showed me." She says, her cheeks going slightly pink as she gazes at her drink on the bar. "You know, a lot of men don't like a strong woman. A pushy woman, someone who has a very clear idea of what she wants." She shrugs a shoulder and takes a drink of her beer.
Elliott     In mid-drink when she laughs, the glass is pulled down suddenly as Elliott swallows hastily. Watching Eve and studying her as he flashes a bright smile. With a quick raise of his shoulders, he responds, "They were probably just too intimidated to ask." He shrugs again and shakes his head. "I think they're better qualities than some other ones I've... seen." His hand slides the glass over the counter an inch, but he doesn't lift it, keeping his eyes on Eve. When he shifts his gaze down to his glass, taking a moment to drink, lowering it again to the counter his lips curve as he glances back to her. "You're smashing, Eve." He leans his elbows over onto the counter, and then tilts a little closer to her as he regards her. "You want to push me around?" he lets out playfully with an arch of his brow and a lopsided smile.
Eve Eve gazes down at her lap for a moment and when she looks back up at Elliott she smiles. "I don't think that they're intimidated, really, I think it's just..some men aren't used to that." She considers for a few moments and then she adds. "I'm..not this big take charge person in all aspects. I like a partner sometimes, you know?" She slides to her feet as the food is delivered and she grins. "I'll push you to the surprise, and then we can push at each other for a bit and see what happens?"
Elliott     Elliott takes another drink, eyes sliding away only briefly before locking on Eve again. Eyes on her as she speaks, head a little tilted with an easy smile on his face. With a light shrug of his shoulders, he states, "They're loss. I find you..." Reaching out a hand to her, he intends to rest his hand lightly against her cheek and swipe a thumb delicately under an eye as if brushing away lash, whether there was anything there or not. "Outstanding," he finishes. And then the food arrives and Elliott shifts, turning to look at the packaged food before looking back at Eve with a slanted smile. "Yes, let's see this surprise," he lets out eagerly. He stands as he takes a long drink of beer.