Umbrella Surveillance System
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James Scott It's been some time since the B.L.F. took those two hostages, and James still seems a little bummed out by it. Learning you're an even bigger freak than you previously thought can have that effect on people. So the teen is in the kitchen while they're still home, grits, eggs, and sausage on the stove. He's dressed much like he usually is, a pair of worn sweatpants with his hair tied back out of his face.
Maxim Breakfast. Max must have a nose for it. He slowly makes his way to the kitchen from downstairs. Apparently someone was in the training room again. Dressed as he always is, he pauses by the doorway, perhaps at first expecting someone else there. But no, they don't make breakfast. That's the story. As such he steps in and to the side of the doorway, and offers a bow to the cooker of yummy breakfasts. "Greetings."
Tabitha Tabitha arrives from downstairs, wearing scrubs, but her hair is damp and smells of some floral conditioner. "Do I smell vittles, or does my poor nose decieve me", making a direct line over to the coffee maker. "mmm.. vittles.."
James Scott "Yo." James offers with a tired wave, both to Maxim and Tabitha. "Yeah, got some food fixing and the coffee's ready." He turns to lean against the countertop, looking back at the pair. "So, I miss anything while I was out?"
Maxim Tabitha is offered a similar bow in greeting. A hmm and a slight shrug in answer to James' question. "Emma is safe." That's about all he knows in that regard. The man doesn't really keeped that briefed on anything else. His coin slips out to his hand, flipping over his fingers as steps well out of the way of the coffee maker. No sense getting between Tabs and her coffee. No Max just stays back and takes in the pleasant aroma of food.
Tabitha Tabitha fills her coffee mug.. "What do either of you guys know about P.I.T.E?", adding some of the pink packets to the coffee. Not for dieting, just cuz it disolves faster.
James Scott "Extremist group. Kinda like us, but crazier." James says towards Tabitha with a slight nod. "Speaking of which, I went undercover to check out who stole our supplies. They've got Umbrella goons working for them." The teen shakes his head. "Piss poor goons at that. I'd have kicked them off my team the moment they showed up." Those nails of his cut into his palm and he turns his hand over, a black tentacle with a barbed end shoots out from the wound, curling slightly. "Poor fucks weren't even modified."
Maxim "I am not sure," Max replies, but then James is filling them in... and bleeding... And having tentacle issues. A brow is raised, and he merely looks over to Tabitha, perhaps to gauge if this is normal or not. The coin keeps moving, unaffected in it's movement at least.
Tabitha Tabitha 's eyes widen at the tentacle. She blinks, sets down her coffee mug and moves to get a closer look at it.. "Oh.. My...", clearly more than a little curious. She doesn't seem phased by it, as she's had to get unphased about a lot of things. "It seems P.I.T.E. is in down, and may have something planned. Well, thats what the current throughts are."
James Scott The tentacle moves around a bit before sinking back into the wound on James' palm. The teen turns to wash off the excess blood and go back to tending the food. He doesn't have to bandage it because not only the bleeding has stopped, but the wound appears to be mending already too. Definitely not normals. "They've been planning on striking the F.B.C., but those guys haven't done anything wrong. Those innocents people they killed were infected with something, I think from down here. I'm looking into that."
Maxim Maxim watches what transpires for a bit. He looks to Tabitha, then back to James. Another blink and he asks, "They killed people? People who were sick?" Max frowns at that. But James mentions he's looking into it, so he grows quiet as they both seem to know more about this topic. He moves over to a chair and hops up, perching on the edge by his boots as he crouches there quiet.
Tabitha Tabitha continues to watch fascinated. "Did you hear about the Umbrella guy at TerraSave?", she says, a hand moving to James's bare shoulder, giving it a squeeze before she retrieves her coffee mug, turning to Maxim.
James Scott "No, I feel like that's something they should have told me about." James says, looking over at Tabitha. The food gets switched off and the eggs get one last flip. "Well, I was Umbrella for a while. So I guess I can't be too quick to judge."
Maxim Back and forth he looks at Tabitha and James as they speak about things that he doesn't know. He looks to James and asks after a moment finally, "You feel because he was with them he is dangerous? Is that because you feel you can be dangerous?" True, the man has called himself a monster. Max flips the coin to his other hand, continuing it's movement over those fingers now, though his eyes break from James to look at Tabitha as she makes her way back over to the coffee, and even offers her the briefest of smiles before his face returns to it's impassive state.
Tabitha Tabitha nods and smiles back to Maxim, making room for him. "Well, he's got black eyes or something, and Emma and I are gonna do some bloodwork. See what we can find. I think whatever we find, the decision has been made to share it with the other groups
James Scott "Well, if it comes down to it, I'll kill him." James says with a simple shrug, moving over to wrap an arm loosely around Tabitha's waist. His gaze turns to Maxim. "I don't feel that I can be dangerous, I am dangerous. I've killed a pack of hunters with my bare hands, as well as a group of Umbrella mercenaries that were sent to kill me. I've been shot in the face," a hand comes up to point towards his eye, "I've had a creature open up on me with a minigun, I've been buried under a pile of zombies, and all sorts of other bullshit. There's not much left that scares me, and there's nothing that I don't believe I can kill." Sure he sounds cocky, but it's better than being afraid.
Maxim Maxim watches James as he moves over to Tabitha. His gaze stays fixed on them as James gives his list of the 'Very Bad Things' (tm) and the coin stops when he's finished. "I see." the slightest of hops and he's back with his feet on the floor, standing. "You can be dangerous. If you were dangerous all the time you would not be so close to someone you care about." He offers a brief bow to them both at that. "I need to take care of something." A glance past them to the food... that "If there is any leftovers I would like some if possible. If not.. it is okay." With that he does an about face and goes to make his way out.
Tabitha Tabitha leans against James as his arm goes around her waist. "James is Dangerous, but he's on our side." she smiles, hip-checking him a bit. She moves to gtart fixing something to eat, a to-go sandwich. "I gotta run myself. I'll be back later", tossing some eggs onto a piece of toast before folding it into a sandwich. "I hope we will have more news this evening"
James Scott "I've got some training to do, then more investigation to get out of the way." James says with a sigh, moving to fix himself an egg sandwich as well before turning to leave and get dressed for the day.