Umbrella Surveillance System
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Tabitha Tabitha enters the antechamber of the lab at the Hospital, one of the spare ones normally shut down at night due to reduced staff. Tabitha bribed some folks with booze to get exclusive use. Tabitha looks around, making sure no one is here, and goes back to hold the door open for Emma. "Yea. we're good", letting her friend in since she has the samples.
Emma Emma - dressed in her scrubs, dark teal as always, and wearing her sneakers, walks in after Tabitha, in her medkit is the samples, She'd pull off her coat and look around, then head to the counter and put the case down. "G - good job, Tabitha."
Tabitha Tabitha smiles. "Amazing what a few bottles of wine can get you", She moves over to the dressing area and begins pulling down a couple of biohazard suits. "No fixed air supply, but does have a n-95 level filter in them." She sets one aside for Emma before fetching one for herself
Emma She laughs a little. "C - can't say I've not been swayed by a - a bottle of booze before." Wait, that didn't come out right! Cheeks go red. "I - I didn't mean it like -that-." She adds to Tabitha, who could sense that she indeed, did not mean it like that.

Opening the kit she takes out the samples, handing two over to Tab. "I - I am curious ta see what is goin' on here, wonder why hi - his eyes he all black."
Tabitha Tabitha giggles, snickering just cuz she Know's she didn't mean it like that.. which is even worse. She wiggles into the suit, then takes the samples once she's sure she's sealed up.. She then opens the door to the lap, a rush of air inside ensures pathoens stay in the lab. A little chime goes off while the door is open, silencing once it closes. Tabitha heads over to the sample table and begins setting up for the tests while Emma gets outfitted.
Emma Emma would be a few more minutes, she makes sure everything is put together, and then goes to get into her suit, taking a second to make sure all is in order before following Tabitha inside.

"I - it has been a while since I - I did this." She remarks, her job at TerraSave having brought her away from this some. "A - are ya familar with t-virus again?"
Tabitha Tabitha says, "Markus sent over his files. T, R and something else. ", She doublechecks her suit again, the little air pack in back whirring away. She smile through the plastic window of the big white hood. With a silly grin "Hey, Stay-puff, I'm Stay-puff. Nice to meet you." She then starts setting out various test tubes for various tests. Different contents."