Umbrella Surveillance System
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Tabitha Tabitha knocks at the door, poking her head in a moment later. She _know_ emma is here, just not exactly what her mood is.
Emma Emma is at her desk, working on some things, paperwork is a constant, and sometimes she seems to be drowning in it. Hearing the knock, the lass looks up, grey-green eyes peering at the door a second.

"Co - come in." The redhead calls out, sorting papers into a nice pile and putting them to the side.
Tabitha Tabitha closes the door behind her. "Emma.. I.. just ran across something ..strange.. I was hoping you could help me make some sense out of it. It's sorta weird too that it's come"
Emma Emma rests back in her chair, and tilt her head, arms crossing casually. Of course this has her interest, and so the lass simply gives Tabitha a nod to continue. She's pretty used to weird.
Tabitha Tabitha moves to sorta sit on the edge of Emma's desk, pulling up a small little notepad. "Okey.. Who is P.I.T.A.? and how were they connected to Terrasave?"
Emma Eyes widen, Emma wasn't expecting -that- to be the question. There is a pause, and it's drawn out for a moment, teeth take hold of her lower lip, but, it's there so, she'll answer.

"The - they are a branch off of us." She says, almost sadly. "An' - an' enviromental extremist group, if ya will. I'm not yet aware of who th - they are, but I know where they have so - some plans of attack, thus far, two locations. Why?"
Esa Walking in quietly, Esa smiles thoughtfully as he sees Emma. A plastic sack in hand, he steps inside, pausing as he sees Tabitha. Nodding to her, he walks over to the desk and sets it down and takes a box out.

Opening the box, he spins it around and places it in front of Emma. "lunch." He says, "Guacamole burger and fries." He says to her kindly.
Tabitha Tabitha looks at her notepad. "Well, I got a note from someone I was asking questions. just trying to find out stuff. Well, he happened to mention..that Members of P.I.T.E. originalally broke away from TerraSave because they wanted to take what they called 'real action' against the world for the injustices humanity perpetrated", her voice going a bit flat as she reads the quote verbatim. "So, what, they're the Millitant TerraSave?"
Emma Eyes light up some when she spots Esa, and he is bringing food. She'll likely do her typical eat half, but at least she is eating. "Th - thank you." Remarks the lass to him with a smile.

"Th - they are just that." Emma says to Tabitha, looking her way. "Th - they will use what they can ta - ta get their point across, like, bombin' an tha like."
Esa Giving a nod in agreeance, he looks to Tabitha and says "Like the Umbrella corporate building in Paris." he tells her quietly.
Tabitha Tabitha blinks, The smile from Esa surprising Emma with food fades. "They what?? I hadn't heard of this.." she looks to Emma questioningly and then back to Esa. "What do you know about them?"
Emma Emma lifts a brow, she looks to Esa a moment, and then Tabitha. "W - well, they claimed ta - ta be responsable for bombing tha Paris Umbrella buildings." That was the six or so block radius that got blown up. "Fo - for starters."
Esa "I have intelligence as well that they've also made Bolivar their home." Esa says but does not elaborate into it as his hands fold against his chest, eyes looking to Emma thoughtfully before looking to Tabitha. "Why the question regarding PITE?" He asks curiously.
Tabitha Tabitha shrugs. "I was asking around, This managed to get back to me. The fact that I heard anything about them at all is surprising. And yea, this was here in Bolivar. So, they are attracting attention of at least some here. What it means, i have no idea. but, It has to mean something
Emma Emma is quiet, mulling this all over. If they are here, well, things are a little more complicated now.

"Is - isn't an Umbrella buildin' here? In Eurpose?" She asks, but can't quite recall. "Ei - either way, they -are- here, so we'll ne - need ta deal with them."
Esa Esa looks to Emma, a small frown creasing his lips. "I don't think Terrasave should get involved with taking down PITE; especially if they are heavily armed. That would require assistance from someone else with equal capability in munitions and strength."