Umbrella Surveillance System
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Emma Well, it's been a long day, Emma had to tend to a sudden patient, and it seems that said patient is off resting. Leaving her looking tired, sitting in her desk chair, in her scrubs, hair up in a messy bun. There is a cold, half ate plate of food - she never finishes a meal anymore. In front of her are a few viles of blood, which she just stares at.
Esa Esa sat next to Emma, hidden by her desk. His head rested against the table itself as he looks up to Emma with some concern; but says nothing.
Tabitha Tabitha pokes her head in the office, eyes wide. "What in the name of a wooly goat's left stone is going on? Did we get attacked or something?" She looks around, sees Esa, then eyes settle on Emma. Without saying a word, Tabitha closes the door and steps in. She moves over to the edge of the desk. "..what is it?" she asks quietly
Emma What pulls Emma from her thoughts is Tabitha walking in. She knew Esa was there, but her mind was turning and going so many different places. Blinking to clear her thoughts, there is a slow release of breath. "We - well," The lass begins, looking to Esa a moment and then to Tabitha. "H - had some excitment earlier, a man was runnin' from Umbrella, an' well, I guess he was shot, an' been tested on. This here be his - his blood samples, I am curious yet worried 'bout it, what we will find. What new creation they have made."
Esa Esa runs his hands through his hair before landing on the nape of his neck. It wasn't what was concerning the man, but he nods never the less and sighs. "We should hand it to the BSAA or FBC. Let them do the test results, Em's. This.. isn't something Terrasave should get involved in."
Tabitha Tabitha rakes her fingers back through her hair, eyes snapping to the blood samples. Tabitha takes an unconscious step back. "Holy ..shit..", is all she can say.. the implications of what might rest in those vials.

Is he in quarantine? is he Have done any tests?"

Tabitha knows know why Emma feels the way she does. She looks to Esa. "why them?"
Emma Emma looks to Tabitha, and then to Esa, blinking a few times. "Wh - what why?" She asks too. "Why sh - should we hand it over?"
Esa Esa looks to Emma quietly as he stands up and leans against the desk. "Emm's, Terrasave is designed to help people and expose what is really going on out there in terms of bioterrorism and biological modifications." He gestures to the evidence "You have it, now you should contact the BSAA and have hem process it, figure out what it is and let them work on the take down of whatever Umbrella is doing."
Tabitha Tabitha rakes her fingers through her hair. "Look. Why dont we just share it all around. give everyone a sample. You wanna share what we've found? What are the chances Umbrella is going to come looking for him? If we go down, then someone has to be left to spread the truth. Once we've done that, we're no more of a target then the other orgs."
Emma Emma sits back, and regards Esa quietly, then looks to the samples. She frowns, looking at the thickened blood within, and thinking of the knowledge that could be gathered. "The - the evidence needs processing." She remarks, softly, thoughtfully.

Looking up to Tabitha, it's a glance that suggests her curiosity over if the woman is reading her mind. "Th - that is the route I will take. We will analyze this information, th - then send it to tha others, more samples are easily gained." There is a look to ease with a sad smile. "I - I am not tryin' ta - ta put myself at risk again, but we need ta - ta know."
Esa Esa nods slightly as his eyes linger on Emma. A small smile is given alongside a nod of understanding. "Alright." He replies quietly.
Tabitha Tabitha pipes up. "I want to be on the research team. I'm not familiar with the t-virus, but thought about working for the CDC ages ago, and had an interest in pathogenic vectors and virology. I'm curious as hell, and if I can lend a hand, I want to."
Emma Emma relaxes as she sees Esa not fight it, he's given a nod and a smile, then looks to Tabitha.

"We'll work on - on it together. I've seen a'lota of stuff since Raccoon, and I wanna to see this for myself. We'll start soon, I wanna wait till later in the night ta go and start running the samples at the hospital, the less people see and poke their nose in, tha less likely we'll have issues."
Esa As Esa listens, a hand reaches down to touch hers and squeezes briefly. He doesn't let go after the squeeze though. He looks from her to Tabitha; listening.
Tabitha Tabitha moves over beside Emma. She rests two hands on the woman's shoulders, lowering her head to lightly rest against Emma's. She mumbles softly, "we're jumping in with both feet, aren't we. One way or other, we're 'in'.. right?"
Emma Emma blinks, eyes widen as Esa takes her hand and holds it. Cheeks flair red, and she is still, as if totally unsure how to react to such a move. But right after that, Tabitha has her shoulders, and if possible, there is more redness.

"I - I've jumped in since Raccoon." She replies, closing her eyes, briefly remembering the horrors. "Since they all came, I - I've only continued ta - ta fight, even past death." There eyes open, but only look to the samples.
Esa Giving her hand a squeeze again, He listens quietly. Esa looks to Tabitha with a raised brow but says nothing.
Tabitha Tabitha 's hands tighten on Emma's shoulders, her forehead reasting on the back of emma's head. Tabitha's eyes squeeze tightly, a look of anguish on her face. Eyes closed tight, a tear lands on the back of Emma's chair.

A heartbeat or two later, Tabitha stands, one hand moving to press a fist to her lips. the other squeezing Emma's shoulder tightly. Clearing her throat, "You want me to get one of the labs cleared out? clear us some space and keep non-essencials out? I think they have one we can seal off. negative pressure room for TB sample work. "
Emma Emma is broken from her thoughts, looking over to Tabitha, frowning, there is confusion but most of all worry, she looks to Esa and then back to Tabitha. "A - are you okay?" Asks the lass, softly, tone barely audible.

"Aye do - do that, we'll need ta - ta work together to get these samples." A pause, she puts a hand on her fellow doctors arm, in supoort. "Esa could ya - ya question Stitch?"
Esa Slipping his hand from hers, Esa stood up and nods, giving her a small warmth of a smile. "Sure." He looks to Tabitha with furrowed brows, a frown on his face before turning to walk out the door; possibly in search of Stitch.
Tabitha Tabitha nods to Emma, smiling softly. She watches Esa leave.. then turns to Emma.. Her eyes meet Emma's. She takes a deep breath, pausing. her heart racing in her chest. "....I know.. know.. about.. ", waving a hand in a dismissive gesture.. She folds her arms over her chest. "I dont know why, or how, or if I'd want to change anything, but", turning to look at Emma once more. "I can .. feel .. you.", the look of sadness crossing her face for a moment. "I know. Not all of it.. but I know.. enough.. "
Emma Emma is regarding Tabitha with compassion, she isn't quite understanding it all. Feeling her? But slowly, Emma stands, and goes to hug her. "I - I am sorry." She replies, feeling like maybe, she has hurt the doctor some how. "Wh - what can ya change? Tell me, more cl - clearly now, what are ya talkin' about? Feelin' me?"
Tabitha Tabitha hugs Emma close, squeezing. "Ever since i got to Paris, i've been able to feel things. When we got to the help station, i could 'feel' all the people there. I got lost in that sea of despiration and misery. You were there. A lighthouse in the storm. I could feel you. Feel you with Daisy. Eve can feel my 'try' on her. I cant feel everyone but you are a beacon to me. I don't know why. Maybe you were the first person I read, or I've spent more time with you or maybe there's some other reason. I dont know why.. but for some reason I have a connection to you. I'm.. i'm sorry if you dont want that." She doesn't move, doesn't pull away, and doesn't seem the least bit sorry for that connection she feels.
Emma Tabitha could sense that this, moves Emma, like to her core. But, at the same time, she is confused by it, yet simply, holds her, and accepts it for what it is, so many strange things have come across her path, why not believe this. Her eyes, fill with water. "N - never stop, never stop feelin' Tabitha, ever, and - an if ever ya need, I'm here, ta - ta ba that beacon."
Tabitha Tabitha squeezes Emma closer, holdint gith, pressing her cheek to Emma's. Contact breaks long enough for Tabitha to plant a kiss on that cheek, then press her cheek to the spot as she squeezes. "..thank you..", she says softly. Even Tabitha doesn't know completly 'for what', but it feels right and a part of her soul rejoices at the words. She holds for a bit longer, her own eyes overflowing with tears. There's ...something.. about holding the person she feels so strongly in her head. It feels a bit like holding onto a lighthouse, and at the same time, gently cradling a flower in your hands. "I admire you. you're so very strong, despite it all. I .. dont know how you do it."
Emma Emma just, holds onto Tabitha, she blushes at the kiss on her cheek though. "I - it's life." She says simply, because that's all she can think to say, because she never really thinks of herself before others that often. "Yer - yer good here, always though Tabitha. Always."
Tabitha Tabitha pulls back slowly, sniffling as she looks at Emma. "I dont want to be anywhere else. I dont know if I could be anywhere else." She still holds onto Emma, turning to look at the vials. "we have a long night ahead.."
Emma Emma would wipe away Tabitha's tears, if there are some, and then turn to the samples. "We - we do, lets get on the way." A delicate hand would snatch them up, with a sigh, to prepare for another day of work.